21 Bumblebee Nail Designs

It’s almost spring and you know what that means, don’t you? The flowers are going to bloom, and in turn, the bees are going to come out and play. With more of the CherryCherryBeauty den afraid of bees than not, it’s not always a good thing, but it’s always very comical. Have you ever seen a group of fully-grown female adults running around, flapping their arms like their lives depended on it?


Anyway, bees are really good for the earth and our ecosystems, and without them, we, as humans, would really be screwed. So we’re paying homage to the buzzy little bleeders with 21 bumblebee nail designs we think you’re going to love!

1 – Gold Queen Bees

Did you know that the typical hive is home to three different types of bees? There’ll be Queen Bee, and no, we’re talking about Beyonce. There will also be the worker bees. Then there will be the drone bees. They all have their part to play in keeping their little community safe and well, and the entire community works together really well. Humans might not have mastered that art quite yet, but at least you can look amazing with these bumblebee nail designs. And now you’ve got the fun facts to back them up too!

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @ocdnailart

2 – Black + Yellow

Within the hive of bees, it is actually only the Queen Bee that will lay eggs. That basically means all the babies in that hive are hers – she is literally the Mother / Queen Bee. Studies have shown that these queens can lay up to as many as 1,500 eggs in a single day, and she’ll do that continually. Using a scent-communication method, and pheromones, she will ensure the other types of bees in the hive are doing their job – protecting her and her babies, and also keeping them well-fed and homed too.

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @ladyb_13

3 – Blue Bee

For the record, all the worker bees within the hive are female. We also bet that those worker bees are rocking fabulous bumblebee nail designs like these too. Or at least, they would if they could. But going back to the female worker bees, they have some serious responsibility inside that hive. They’ll feed the youngsters of the Queen Bee, and take care of them, as well as all of that for the Queen also. They pack nectar and pollen into the cells to build those beautiful honeycomb structures, and they also guard the hive too. In the words of Queen Beyonce … Who run the world? GIRLS!

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @nails_2001

4 – Buzzy Blue Beauties

These are pretty impressive little blue beauties, aren’t they? If you’ve been waiting for spring for as long as we have, we bet you can’t wait to bust out those bright colours you’ve been hiding away all winter. The flowers are back out, and so are the bees – celebrate in style with these cute and blue bumblebee nail designs.

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @salleesnails

5 – Honeycomb + Bumblebee Nail Designs

We’ve found the easiest way to recreate these cute honeycomb and bumblebee nail designs is with the assistance of nail wraps. You could try your hand at hand-painting these, but if you’re anything like us you’re just going to end up getting really frustrated by the entire ordeal. The silver polish is easy enough to do yourself, but for a pattern as complex as that honeycomb structure, we’d definitely recommend using nail wraps, or a stencil.

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @urbanangelnailsliverpool

6 – Blue, Bees + Flower Nails

It’s the drones of the hive that are male, and they don’t’ actually have stingers. Of course, identifying a male from a female bee when it’s flying towards you is basically impossible, so running away is always the best form of defence. Or just show them these cool bumblebee nail designs obviously. You’re part of the save-the-bees gang!

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @louiseekroth

7 – Simple Bumblebee Nail Designs

If you want something short, sweet and simple, these bumblebee nail designs are it. With a little practice these freehand bee designs are relatively simple to replicate, and you could even use nail tape to achieve straight bee-lines, if that’s the look you’re going for. We like things simple, a little fuzzy around the edges if you like?

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @missrubynails

8 – Pastel Ladybugs + Bumblebees

What goes better with the humble bumblebee than the lovely ladybug? It’s another cute design that looks adorable on your nails, just as you can see from this cute pastel design. Opt for different coloured pastel tips for a real fun and spring-time effect, or just have those cute bugs over white tips. It could be as simple or as complicated as you like, that’s the beauty of them. You could even “cheat” and opt for bug-shaped decals if you’re no good at the whole hand-painting business … like us.

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @nails_by_tonya

9 – Yellow, Gold + Glitter Bumblebee Nail Designs

The bumblebee in this cute look is just that – too cute for words! We really like the yellow, gold and glittery tips used in this look though, and that’s what we want to bring your attention to. The colour just adds some sunshine into any occasion, and makes the perfect starting point for a summery manicure.

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @sparkleandfadenaildesign

10 – Neutral + Grown Up Bumblebee Nail Designs

If you wanted a slightly more serious and grown-up way to wear your bumblebee nail designs, this look might just be the look for you. We’re digging the stiletto shape used in this design, and that honeycomb feature has been jazzed up with the use of gold glitter. You could even consider substituting the gold glitter for gold leaf nail pieces if you wanted your talons to really stand out.

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @raisasnail_addictionz

11 – Springtime Fun Bumblebee Nail Designs

If you’re feeling flirty and fun for spring, how do you feel about these bright, pastel-coloured beauties? They’re cute, simple, and oh so much fun, and we can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t want to rock them whether the warmer weather starts rollin’ in. You could go crazy with nail stamps to achieve this buzzy look, or get creative with free-hand. Whatever you get up to, make sure you come back and show us! We want to feature your looks!

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @poobamonster

12 – Stung + Spiky

Bees are spiky little creatures with those stingers they have, but it’s only actually the female bees that have stingers at all. And, when they sting you, they die. That’s why a bee would rather buzz away than stay and fight you. It’s more frightened of you than you are of it. If you’re feeling particularly spiky, on the other hand, how do you feel about these bumblebee nail designs? They’re slightly different, but isn’t that why we love them?

Bumblebee Nail Designs
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13 – Black Honeycomb Nails

Honeycomb looks great on your nails, but honey actually has some pretty amazing qualities about it. That’s why it’s often used in skincare products and various other things. It’s said that bees have been on the earth for around thirty million years, and honey was even found in ancient Egyptian catacombs. Reports showed that it was even still in an edible condition. The reason for this is because the substance actually contains natural preservatives, and this means that bugs and bacteria just cannot grow. Some fabulous honey facts to go with your fabulous honey and bumblebee nail designs!

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @dibsonthatdesign

14 – Long Bee Talons

They’re not the most practical of nails, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find inspiration from these talon-like bumblebee nail designs. Opt for the brightest yellow you have in your collection, and go crazy with the buzzy-black designs. Just remember that this yellow shade is going to be a nightmare to get rid of. Lemon juice can help to get rid of the yellow staining you might encounter.

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @nailsbyadylene

15 – Floral + Fabulous

These yellow and black nails are a fabulous way of doing the bumblebee nail designs in a slightly different, and more grown-up way. We can’t help but be reminded of the Kylie Lip Kits when we look at that black drip-effect over the yellow backdrop too. What do you think? Would you be bold enough to rock a brave shade like this yellow one? We’re thinking it’s definitely one for the summer!

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Source: Nail Polish Society – Click for more details

16 – Yellow, Black + Embellished

Did you know that a honeybee’s heart beats at a rate of approximately 12,000 beats per minute. That’s insane, isn’t it? Just to give you a little more perspective, that’s 200 times every second that passes. That’s not the only speedy thing about the humble honeybee either – they can fly at a speed of 15 mph.

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @nailartbyjen

17 – Strawberries + Bees

The taste of the honey that is produced by the bees will depend on the flowers from which they are extracting their pollen. In order to get a honey to taste of a particular flavour, a bee farmer would need to ensure the right flowers were nearby, and in abundance, so that the bees could collect enough pollen from them to ensure the honey had that distinct flavour to it. That’s also why certain honey types and flavours are a lot more expensive than others!

Bumblebee Nail Designs 2
Source: One Nail to Rule Them All – Click for more details

18 – Bee Stripes + a Hint of Pink

Did you know that a single beehive can make as many as five products? It’s not all about the honey as these buzzy little creatures also make beeswax, royal jelly, pollen and propolis. All of these things are used in every day products, not just food. Royal jelly, for example, is often used in skin care products.

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @sweetandsavvynails

19 – Pretty in Pink

Do you remember we talked about royal jelly? Well, that’s what makes the queen of the hive the queen. If the right-now queen dies, for example, the worker ants would hunt through the old queen’s larvae to find the new queen. Once selected, they would feed her royal jelly, and she would be the only bee in the hive to eat that royal jelly. It will encourage to her to grow big and strong, and also to keep producing new larvae for new bees to keep the hive going. For the record, the average queen can live for around 4-5 years. When you consider that she can lay 1,500 and more eggs per day, that’s a lot of bees!

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @rachelmariesnails

20 – Pastel Honey Nails

It takes a lot to make a pound of honey, and I feel we’re all taking the good stuff for granted. Did you know, for example, that bees need to fly the equivalent of around the world at least once to get together the right ingredients to make a pound of honey. It also requires the use of over 550 worker bees to collect enough pollen to make a pound of honey. The pollen is also needed to be collected from over two million flowers to make a pound of honey. In short, a lot of work goes into making just that one pound of honey! Those bees deserve more respect than they’re getting, and we’re giving it to them with these fabulous bumblebee nail designs.

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @withlovekarissa

21 – Dotty Bee Love

Bees are actually coming quite close to being endangered, and we should respect them. These bumblebee nail designs are a great way to show your love, but there are actual things you can do in your own garden to ensure your local hives flourish. Firstly, don’t kill them. That’s bad. We’re running out of bees to do the pollination business, and we need more bees to keep us in both food and flowers. Secondly, respect them. Shoo the bee outside to let it go about its merry bee-way. They have work to do!

Bumblebee Nail Designs
Instagram / @jeealee

What do you think about these 21 bumblebee nail designs? Have any of them give you some inspiration to get buzzy and creative with your own talons? We can’t wait to see what you come up with, so if you send your pictures in to us, we’ll can feature you on our website!

If you’ve created a nail masterpiece, send it in to us. You can DM us on Instagram, send us a message on Facebook, or Tweet us. Get in touch, show off your work. We want to show it off too! Don’t forget to show the artists we featured today some love too. We wouldn’t have anything to show you at all if it weren’t for their fabulous creations!