21 Cake Nail Designs That Look Good Enough to Eat

Are you in the mood for a sweet treat? Good, because we’ve come up with a few cake nail designs that we think look good enough to eat … Not that we’d suggest you do that, obviously.

Cake nails, and other sweet-treat designs on nails, seem to be a rather popular choice these days. New techniques have definitely make that easier, such as nail stamping, which can give you the opportunity to add lots of different layered designs over one another. If these sound clever and tasty designs sound like something you’d very much appreciate, grab yourself a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable …

1 – Pointed + Frosted Cream Cake Nail Designs

How do you like your cakes? We like ours pointed and frosted, just like these fabulous cake nail designs. We loved the little metallic baubles used in these cute designs, helping to add a little something to that fancy-lookin’ frosty. There’s a wide range of styles and designs featured in these talons, which can seem a little daunting at first. Just remember to work with one style to start with. You can always build your way up from there.

Cake Nail Designs 1

Source: naq57

2 – Punky Pink Cupcake Nail Designs

Do you want pink cake nail designs? Well, this one might just tickle your fancy, adding a very feminine edge to a very tasty nail look. Nail stamping has been used to make that patterned-effect nail much easier and faster to work with, with just the one nail saved for the cute cupcake design. You could even consider using nail decals if you’re not all that handy with a paintbrush … Like many of us here in the CherryCherryBeauty den.

Cake Nail Designs 2

Source: _cupcakenails_

3 – Long + Heart Stamped Cake Nails

When you come across cake nail designs or any other nail design for that matter, that calls for spots, there’s a very easy technique to help you get them. You don’t need a dotting tool, although it certainly does come in handy from time to time. A hair grip can provide you with everything you need, however, and it’s simply a case of dotting the hair grip into the polish and then dotting it onto your nail. You will often find that there are easy hacks to get around most nail and beauty related problems. We share them with you as soon as we find them, and that’s why we definitely think you should give us a cheeky like on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date!

Cake Nail Designs 4

Source: juhzinhah

4 – Pretty, Cute + Short Cupcake Nails

Feeling cute cupcake nails today? How about these pastel delights? They’re pretty, cute and adorable, and they’re very easy to achieve. Stripes will easily recreate those cupcake-wrapper shapes, and you could add whatever designs you wanted to the creamy, white frosting on the top. Finish things off with a cherry (or a silver heart) on top and you’ve got yourself a winning design.

Cake Nail Designs 7

Source: nailistayco

5 – Square-Tipped Frosted Cake Nails

A really good top coat is essential for keeping your cake nail designs looking super cute and chic for as long as you need them to. You must remember to add some to the very tips of your nails too. Haven’t you ever noticed that nail technicians always add a quick slick of topcoat right on the edges of your new talons? There’s a reason for that, you know … It helps to seal the deal, so to speak.

Cake Nail Designs 8

Source: banicured_

6 – Space Cake Nail Designs

If you’re looking for a super cool and unique way to rock those cake nail designs, how about space cakes … And, no, we’re not talking about the kinda cakes you’d find in Amsterdam. Galaxy nails (or space nails, alien nails, whatever you want to call them), are a huge trend right now. So much so, in fact, we’ve featured them in a post all of their very own, which you’ll find here > 31 Galaxy Nails That Are out of This World. Why wouldn’t you want to mix two hot trends together — cakes and galaxy themes? We LOVE it!

Cake Nail Designs 3

Source: _cupcakenails_

7 – Donuts + Sprinkles Dessert Nails

Did you know that over 10 billion doughnuts are made in America every year? That’s pretty staggering, right? We like doughnuts too, but we’re not sure we could eat that many … We are sure we could rock the hell out of these cake nail designs though, featuring one of our favourite kinds of cakey treat – doughnuts. What do you think? Could you rock doughnut nails?

Cake Nail Designs 6

Source: nailistayco

8 – Donut Cake Glitter Nails

Yep, we’re sticking with the doughnut theme because we love them THAT much. How super cute are these cake nail designs though? Glitter and sprinkles and doughnuts galore, and all on a pretty pink shade too. They’re simple enough to do yourself, leaving just one nail with all the hard work – those doughnut designs, or you could decorate them all with sweet treats if you really need a pick-me-up. What would you do?

Cake Nail Designs 9

Source: banicured_

9 – Cherry on Top Ice Cream Cake Nails

The very first reference to birthday cake (as we know it now) was apparently back in 1785 but, before then, a birthday cake wasn’t quite that. It was quite literally a cake that was given as a gift to someone on their birthday. Funnily enough, close to thirty percent of schools in American have actually banned birthday cake on a student’s birthday because of diabetes and obesity problems in the country. Don’t worry though, if your school won’t let you have your cake and eat it, rock cake nail designs instead, just like this tasty treats!

Cake Nail Designs 13

Source: kmyltdnails

10 – Cute + Pink Cupcake Nail Designs

We personally think that these nails have a million different uses, from anniversary festivities to Valentine’s Day, and much more besides! Cute and pink, perfect for the “Mean Girls” on Wednesdays, they’ve got everything you could possibly want from your nails. There are hearts and some embellishments, cake nail designs, and a whole host more. Sweet enough to satisfy those mid-afternoon cravings … ? We’ll let you make your own mind up.

Cake Nail Designs 14

Source: naailsbyjulia

11 – Baby Pink + Mint Green Ice Creams + Cookies

Did you know that the French have their own version of a doughnut, called “Pet de Nonne”. They are a little different to the doughnuts we know and love, being fried and airy fritters, rather than doughy circle-shapes, and the name translates to something you wouldn’t believe …

“Pet de Nonne” means “Nun’s Farts” in English. We bet you think about doughnuts a little differently now, right?

Cake Nail Designs 15

Source: Pinterest

12 -Piece of Cake Nail Designs

We have a very fun cake fact for you. In fact, we’re not sure it’s a fun fact, but it most definitely is one that’ll get you talking …

The world’s most expensive caked was apparently made in Jakarta, India, and was, quite literally, dripping with jewellery and gem stones. Worth a staggering £35 million, it contained one of the rarest “King Sapphires,” as well as a bunch of other gems belonging to the sapphire family. Not a cake you’d want to devour, obviously.

Cake Nail Designs 16

Source: nailstorming

13 – Cupcakes + Ice Cream Summer Nails

We know the end of summer has come and gone because it’s so damn cold now. We’re still dreaming of all things summer, however, and even more so with these cupcakes and ice cream nail designs. Swirly, pastel and adorned with a number of sweet treats, these cake nail designs could just be the perfect trick to brighten up your day.

Cake Nail Designs 10

Source: cassis_p

14 – Pastel Macaroon Glitter Nails

With their pastel shades and delicious flavours, macaroons have been a massive hit in the baking world, and now we’re seeing them appear in other places too. It started with clothing, then it was shoes and handbags, and now we’re rocking them on our nails. These do look pretty fab and fancy … Good enough to eat, some might say?

Cake Nail Designs 19

Source: nailstorming

15 – Piece of Cake + Cupcakes Nail Art

If you want nail art that really is a piece of cake, you seriously need to get your hands on a nail stamping kit. We’ve found a few as we’ve been shopping around, and it gives you the opportunity to add the basic framework of a design to your nails. From that point, you can then go ahead to paint over the top. That’s if you’re no good with the old hand-painting technique, which we are most definitely not.

Cake Nail Designs 17

Source: ladyandthe_stamp

16 – Glittertastic Cake Nail Designs

Glitter and pastels are our two favourite things right now, so these beautiful cake nail designs definitely had to make their way to the list. It’s such a simple design, using an ombre effect on the glitter. In order to do this, paint some of your glitter polish onto a sponge and then lightly dab at the base of the nails. The bulk of the glitter will be on the first press down, and as you continue dabbing around, little bits will be left towards the outskirts, giving you that ombre look. Cake or no cake, these glitter and pastel nails are pretty darn cute, don’t you think?

Cake Nail Designs 20

Source: kirstennailedit

17 – Pretty in Pastels Cake Nail Designs

Although we definitely wouldn’t recommend eating these cake nail designs, for obvious reasons, there is something to be said for being careful what you need to ensure your nails are well nourished. Protein is the building blocks of life, so eating more protein will mean that the cells in your body are starting to rejuvenate healthier and stronger. When it comes to things like hair and nails, it really does make sense to work from the inside out.

Cake Nail Designs 18

Source: nailstorming

18 – Birthday Cake Nail Designs

Don’t ever forget about nail stamping when you want to recreate patterned nail looks, just like these cake nail designs. Stamping is a great way of essentially printing a design or pattern onto your nails, and gives you the opportunity to play around with smaller and more fiddly designs than you’d otherwise be brave enough to try. As you can see from these fabulous cake nail designs, stamping sure does make life easier, as well as a truckload fancier.

Cake Nail Designs 21

Source: cloud_nails

19 – Sophisticated + Glam Cake Nail Designs

Do you want to keep your cake nail designs glam and sophisticated? Well … How about a look like this? They’re long and lovely, glammed up with beautiful nail embellishments and gems, and they’ve still got the cake feature to keep things sweet. Perfect, we say, but how about you?

Cake Nail Designs 19

Source: chicnails818

20 – Easy Cake Nail Transfers

Of course, if all else fails, cheat. We love to cheat. Anything that makes our job much easier is a good idea, and nail transfers definitely make decorating your talons much easier. It’s simply a case of stick on, top coat, dry, and go. No waiting around for hours int eh nail salon. No trying to find an open salon to help you at the last minute. And it’s cheaper too!

Cake Nail Designs 19

Source: sofinailstv

21 – Handpainted and Traditional Cake Nail Designs

Are you a nail artist? If you are, and you’ve completed some stunning nail designs that you think deserve to be shown off, send them in! We would LOVE to feature you in a future piece for CherryCherryBeauty, and we would also LOVE to see what fun and creative nail designs you come up with. If you’ve been playing around, let us know about it. Check us out with the social media links at the top of this page and get sharin’!

Cake Nail Designs 21

Source: isabelle_nails_iza_ch_

And now you know our favourite cake nail designs but are they yours too? We’d love to know your thoughts and opinions, so make sure you let us know your favourites before you go. Was it number 1? Number 21? Perhaps number 17?

Of course, if you’re a nail artist and you’ve done some incredible stuff, show us. Show off your work. We would love to feature you in a future piece for CherryCherryBeauty, so get in touch via social media. We can’t wait to see what you’ve created.

Thanks so much for reading and supporting CherryCherryBeauty. We feel your love and we’re sending happy and positive vibes right back. Have a great day!