21 Chocolate Brown and Lilac Hair Looks

Are you on the hunt for a hair colour that is both sophisticated and smart, but with just the right amount of unique and edginess about it to call it your own? You should look at chocolate brown and lilac hair looks – subtle, stunning, and easy to wear. More than that, you can even allow for your own natural hair colour, meaning your hair will be given a much-needed break from constant bleaching and dyeing.

1 – Subtle Chocolate Brown and Lilac Blend

Balayage hair is a great idea because it lets you blend together two shades of hair that you wouldn’t usually consider blending. Purple and brown just sounds like a combination that shouldn’t go together, but as you’ll see from the chocolate brown and lilac hair looks we’re about to show you, it really does. You don’t need much to add a big difference, and the lilac in this hairstyle is barely even noticeable. As the light changes, however, so will the colour of your ‘do, and you’ll be amazed by how many compliments you get because of it.

Instagram / @guy_tang

2 – Subtle Purple Incorporation

If you wanted a subtle way to wear a different shade to your usual colour, why not just add it to the underneath of your hair? No one needs some to know about it until you show them, arranging your hair in this cute and easy updo, and that means your boss can’t moan about it. Sounds tempting, right? A slightly more plummy shade of purple / lilac has been used here, but it just goes to show that just because you have dark hair, doesn’t mean you can’t still play around with colour.

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3 – Dusky Chocolate and Lilac Hair Looks

How do you feel about slightly more dusky chocolate and lilac hair looks? We’re head over heels in love with this one, a whirly mix of hair that literally looks good enough to eat. Curly hair is perfect for showing off all the shades in your hair, and we’ve also found that it can hide a multitude of sins better than straight hair can. Here’s a helpful tip for you – when you need a hair wash but don’t have time, some dry shampoo and your straightening irons can help to make for great waves once you learn how to master them.

Instagram / @bescene

4 – Lilac + Chocolate Colour Melt

A colour melt is a smart way of mixing two shades together so you can’t tell where one ends and the other shade begins. The lilac and chocolate shades just melt into each other here, and that’s exactly the look we’d want. How do you feel about it? If you have hair that reaches to just your shoulder, and you need a look that’ll be easy and low maintenance for a while, this might just be one you should go for.

Instagram / @kellymassiashair

5 – Mauve, Lilac + Chocolate Hair

When you have long hair, you have plenty of room to play around with a blend of colours. We really love this chocolate and lilac blend, a hint of mauve thrown in for good measure. A blend of shades like this makes for a really low-maintenance ‘do, especially if you go lighter at the ends, and darker / more natural at the roots. It allows for more time in between those salon appointments, and that means cheaper hair upkeep and maintenance too.

Instagram / @caroline.anythingbutbasic

6 – Copper Bronde + Dusky Purples

Just because the colour has been kept to the ends of your hair, doesn’t mean that caring for your new shade isn’t important. You will still need to change up your routine if you want your hair to look great for longer. You will need to switch up your products to better match your new coloured hair, and you may even need to consider adding a touch of your lilac or purple shade to your shampoo and conditioner. This helps to “top up” your colour, and works particularly well when you’ve had an all-over wash rather than precise lilac strands.

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7 – Pop of Purple + Chocolate Hair Looks

The pop of purple in these looks are so under the radar, they’re almost not there at all, and that’s one of the things that makes chocolate brown and lilac hair looks so wearable for everyone. The blended shades are quite strong, but the finished effect is rather soft. More than that, it’s a style that actually allows for mistakes, and you can get away with longer root regrowth between salon appointments.

Instagram / @kellieh_hair

8 – Burgundy + Brown Balayage

If you’re nervous about the idea of lilac, darken the purple shade up and opt for a burgundy tone instead. It’s much more subtle, still easy to wear, and gives you that hint of colour to make your locks pop. There are so many shades or purple to pick from that there is guaranteed to be one that suits your skin tone and existing hair shade. With the exception of lightening treatments to help incorporate those slightly more colourful tones, the work required is actually rather minimal. It’s definitely an easier choice than one tone all over.

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9 – Chocolate Chunks + Lilac

If you want your hair to look as good as a freshly made and ready-to-eat chocolate dessert, this is one of the chocolate brown and lilac hair looks you should opt for – bold, beautiful and with just the right amount of bright. If you just want a touch of purple to pick up the light every now and again, this is a good picture to show your hairstylist to help create hair inspiration.

Instagram / @hannahthepainter

10 – Face Framing Purple Highlights over Chocolate Brown

For maximum impact, keep the purple shades and highlights so that they frame your face. When you wear your hair down, the colour will have the most impact. It will also be easier to hide in ponytails and other looks when you want to. You can always add more colour ‘around the back’ later on, but you can’t take it out once you have put too much in. You need to wash that out or wait for it to fade. Or use bleach to reverse what you have done, which can reverse the hair-saving effects in going dark in the first place.

Instagram / @guy_tang

11 – Lilac + Chocolate Brown Waves

Even when you have quite short hair, you can still play around with colour. Those waves certainly help, and this look shows you how to put everything together for a finished look that is both feminine and cute. Play around with your colours and shades – think outside the box. Just have a chat with a hair colourist before you take any action. You won’t want to ruin your hair in the process of trying to achieve something beautiful. These darker tones are meant to save your hair, not make it dryer or more damaged.

Instagram / @hannahthepainter

12 – Lilac + Warm Caramel Hair

Don’t be afraid to show your roots off with half n’ half styles. You can clearly see the roots in chocolate brown and lilac hair looks like this one, but she doesn’t care and neither should you. Wear that space bun with pride. The 90’s are back, and this time the dark roots are most definitely in!

Instagram / @glamiris

13 – Shimmering Lilac + Pink Over Brown Hair

The whole idea behind these beautiful hair designs is that they look natural. You are not looking to see huge chunks and separations of colour. In order to pull this kind of colour combination off in the right way, you’ll need to find a hair stylist that knows his or her stuff when it comes to colour blending, melting and mixing. A balayage style, for example, is often the easiest way to create a more natural look, and this is done using more natural, hand-painting techniques.

Instagram / @hannahthepainter

14 – Multi-Tone Chocolate Brown and Lilac Hair Looks

Letting the darker roots of you hair shine through does have some advantages. If your natural hair is darker than the dyed hair, the dyed hair will look lighter and brighter the more the roots grow through.

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15 – Dark + Barely-There Purple Hue

Movement is what helps bring the colour out in these stunning chocolate brown and lilac hair looks. When you move around, various sections of the hair will reflect the light, and this will make the brighter pink and purple shades really come through. Curls help to bounce the hair around and reflect the light more, and these waves also help to show off every colour you have used to create the entire look.

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16 – Three-Dimensional Brown + Lilac Hair Styles

Consider blending natural tones of chocolate and caramel together with purples and lilacs to achieve a really well-blended mix of shades that looks stunning and natural, all in one. Adding a combination of shades really helps to bring a 3D effect to your hair. This is great for when you have thin, limp or lifeless hair.

Instagram / @olivianoelle_styles

17 – Chocolate + Purple Short Bob

If you want to give your hair a well-earned break from all that lightening, bleaching, and heating styling, these chocolate brown and lilac hair looks are a really good option. This is even more so the case as we come into autumn when the natural, earthy tones change. Cutting your hair short will also work in the same way, allowing new and healthy hair to grow back. Time for shorter styles such as this one?

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18 – Bouncing, Natural Brown + Lilac Looks

Another great trick to give these chocolate brown and lilac hair looks some oomph when you need it the most, is to use big, bouncing waves to bring it to life. You’ve got highlighted sections to help make the hair appear thicker, and when you add curls or waves to the occasion, you get an all-round plumper finish. No hair extensions are necessary!

Instagram / @dadahawaii

19 – Dark to Purple to Dusky Rose Gold

If you have quite naturally dark hair, these chocolate brown and lilac hair looks are ideal because they allow you to go ‘back to your roots’ … quite literally. You can let your natural colour grow through, working with what you have, rather than relying on lightening and brightening treatments which are well known to dry your hair out.

Instagram / @rrreggad

20 – Naturally Blended Chocolate Browns + Purple

These stunning chocolate brown and lilac hair looks are perfect if you want to be seen as ‘professional’, whilst still having a little fun with your colour scheme. The shades of lilac and purple are peeking through in such a subtle way, you might not notice they were there. In office lighting, your boss might not even notice the purple pops at all. Winning all round, don’t you think?

Instagram / @larisadoll

21 – Darker Roots to Lighter Lilac

Think like you’re mixing a strawberry milkshake with a chocolate milkshake, and that’s about the right colour palette you’re playing with stunning hair designs like this one. Another look that works really well when it’s catching the light, you could add more or less of the brighter and lighter shades to work with what you want. It’s entirely customisable, as are most of the looks you’ll see on this page.

Instagram / @evalam_

And there you have them – 21 rose gold hair colour looks that we are definitely obsessed with right now. Which ones have rocked your boat? Are there any you’re tempted to try yourselves? Which picture will you be frog-marching into the hair salon to copy on your own locks? We can’t wait to find out, and we’d love for you to send us in your beautiful hair snaps. If we’ve inspired you, shout about it. We would love to feature you and your locks on CherryCherryBeauty.

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