21 Christmas Mani Ideas

How’s your Christmas planning going? We’re not getting very much done at all in the way of Christmas gift-buying, outfit planning, or food-thinking. Despite saying each year that we’ll start things off earlier next year, we never do. Life just gets in the way. It’s such a pain!

How are your nails looking? Have you even started thinking about your festive manicure designs yet? Just in case you haven’t, and you’re in the market for some festive inspiration, we’ve got a few looks that you might want to take a quick peek at. Some of them are easily achieved at home, whereas others will more than likely require the booking of an appointment with a nail technician. There’s plenty of unique and wonderful designs, however, so we think that there’s bound to be one that ticks your boxes. Don’t forget to let us know what you think though. There’s a little comment box beneath this post, and we can’t wait to hear which of these festive looks are your favourite …

1 – Cute Pink Christmas Mani

Pastel pink for Christmas … What are your views on this? We love it, and that’s why these little delights have made their way on to this list. With the white reindeers and the silver glitter addition, it’s certainly ticking all the right festive boxes for us. There’s something terribly romantic about them, don’t you think? Plus, we’ve done red so many times, we were dying for a different colour to try out this year. We could probably say the same for green, gold, and maybe even purple and blue too if we’re being honest. Pink saves the day … (Just like it always does!)

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Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 1

Source: kandeenails

2 – Cute & Pastel Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas

Penguins in the North Pole … What a great idea for your Christmas 2017 mani ideas, right? It’s cute, pink and pastel, giving you another festive mani idea that goes outside the regular Christmas colours. Nails like this give you the perfect opportunity to get really creative too. We can’t wait to see what YOU come up with!

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 12

Source: zenpolish

3 – Festive Green & Tree Christmas Mani

We’re going back to the traditional colours in this Christmas manicure idea, but we’re giving it a slightly more modern edge. In this case, we’re talking about a white to green ombre effect, topped up with a super cute and super simple Christmas tree. Short, manageable, and easy to do at home … What more could you ask for?

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 14

Source: cloud_nails

4 – Gingerbread Men Festive Nail Art

Gingerbread men are normally reserved for eating, but why not add them to your Christmas 2017 mani ideas? Let’s face it, these nails are proper cute — they look good enough to eat! (And, yes, we did mean that pun.) What do you think? Going ga-ga for gingerbread men?

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 4

Source: nailexperiments

5 – Glam Red Festive Nail Art

Going back to the traditional shades of Christmas, we’re bringing red back into the equation. Teaming it up with white and silver, just to glam things up, this pointed festive manicure idea incorporates a lot of different themes. You could choose all of them, or just focus on one, but working the contrasting light and dark shades really help to make the talons stand out. Plus, this look is glam as heck and we LOVE it!

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 8

Source: bellissima_nails_by_laura

6 – Candy Cane Inspired Festive Manicure

Candy canes and Christmas go together just like … well, candy canes and Christmas. They’re just made for each other, aren’t they? Just like the bows that have also been added to this festive look, and the stars and swirls too. Everything about this look screams with all things Christmas, but they’re not so much that the entire look is over-the-top. That’s a winning combination for us.

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 17

Source: kims_nailpage

7 – Pretty Pink & Glittered Christmas Mani

Silver candy cane stripes – such a wonderfully smart idea, don’t you think? Candy canes just go brilliantly with the Christmas theme, something we’ve already discussed. (Probably in great detail.) Did you know that the first candy cane idea came about over 250 years ago? It was in Germany too, apparently. There’s something that we didn’t know before we went looking for the info! Did you know that fun fact about Christmas?

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 3

Source: babsnails

8 – Black & White Christmas Nail Inspo

We know we talk about nail stamping a lot, but it really is an amazing way to bring some creativity to your nails. And with minimal effort too. We would highly recommend checking out a couple of tutorials on Youtube and Instagram to start with. Once you understand the basics, you’d be amazed at how easy these beautiful looks can be brought together. Layering up different levels of stamping gives you an entirely different look to just one layer or level too. There are so many ways for you to get creative, and we’re super excited to see what happens …

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 5

Source: angelkiss.naildesigns

9 – Turquoise Festive Mani Inspiration

We don’t care what you say, turquoise “Tiffany” blue is perfect for every time of year. When you add silver Christmas trees to the package, you’ve got Christmas 2017 mani ideas that stand out for all of the right reasons.

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 9

Source: nailexperiments

10 – 3D ‘Ho Ho Ho’ Festive Nails

Literally, bring things to life with this ‘Ho Ho Ho’ design wire creation. In fact, wire nails are something we looked at in more detail here > 21 Wire Nail Art Designs. We would say this, of course, but we definitely think you should check it out. It’s such a cool thing to add to your nails, and it’s much easier to do than you’d think too.

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 11

Source: zingernail

11 – Black, Red & Purple Festive Delights

Red and black are two colours that you are probably quite used to see over the festive period. Well, the red mostly. The black, not so much. However, purple is less frequently used, or so we’ve seen on the ol’ Instagram, and that’s what made us love this luxurious-looking Christmas look so much.

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 6

Source: angelkiss.naildesigns

12 – Glitter Festive Tree Nails

For when you feel just adding a touch of the festive spirit to your nails, how about picking one and then creating a Christmas tree design solely using glitter. That’s whats going on here, and we think it’s super cool and unique. Separated lines of silver and gold give the tree some depth and help bring it to life too. Great idea! One to take a lot of inspiration from.

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 16

Source: ohmygoshpolish

13 – Blue Snowflake Christmas Mani

There’s no need to feel blue this Christmas, but we are loving the blue vibes that these fab Christmas-themed nails bring to the party. Layers upon layers of textured snowflakes have helped to bring this look to life, and they catch and reflect the light too, just to help them stand out a little more. Pretty much everything we’re looking for if we’re being honest.

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 2

Source: angelkiss.naildesigns

14 – All That Glitters Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas

Glitter is the perfect thing to bring that icy-cool style to life, and light shades of glitter have been wonderfully used to create a cool Christmas tree design. And that star on top — the blue star-shaped gem just adds the perfect finishing touch. Easy, sweet, and simple. We don’t know about you, but it ticks all the right boxes for us, that’s for sure.

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 10

Source: stylish_mom

15 – Christmas Pointed Santa Nails

Bring a little light into your Christmas-themed nail ideas with these Santa and festive-lights design. A lighter backdrop works well when you’re using darker or brighter lightbulb colours. (The lights have been added to almost entirely nude/neutral nails here.) If you want to go the other way, however, keep the backdrop dark and the lights light and bright. The aim of the game is to make them stand out, not fade in. Lining the lightbulb area with a white polish, before painting with colour will help to make them stand out a bit more.

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 20

Source: nailsbyly

16 – Knitted Sweater Effect Xmas Manis

Bring a boring white shade to life by adding a new texture to it. In this case, the polish has been built up to create a knitted effect, and what a cool effect it is too! You could add this knitted-effect nail to any kind of wintery or festive design too, not just the white, red, bauble look that you can see here.

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 15

Source: varvarakravetc

17 – Matte & Glam Xmas Nails

Some might call it the “ugly sweater” look, but we just call it a beautiful nail design. “Ugly” sweaters are in anyway, didn’t you hear? ail stamps, decals, and transfers are great tools for creating looks like these, and we’ve seen so many designs on Instagram that use them. With so many ways to make nail-creations easier than ever to come up with, there’s no wonder that more and more of us are coming up with something stunning from the comfort of our own homes. Regular nail appointments can be expensive!

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 19

Source: Pinterest

18 – Nude Mistletoe Manicure

Are you ready for a kiss under the mistletoe? It’s such a cute tradition, don’t you think? Well, unless you find yourself under the mistletoe with someone you’d rather not kiss, then things just get a little embarrassing …

But, just in case you find yourself standing next to someone you DO want to kiss, you’ll have the mistletoe at the ready with these clever Christmas nails. Best start puckering up!

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 7

Source: babsnails

19 – Black & White Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas

Black and white — it’s a classic combination, but not one that you can wear for Christmas, right?

Wrong. You can totally wear black and white nails for Christmas, and this festive nail look shows you how to do exactly that. Nail stamping can help you to recreate a uniform look like this one, or you could look at using nail wraps. That’s if you don’t trust your own hand-painting skills, of course. Don’t forget, you can always cover any slight mishaps with rhinestones … Such a great tip!

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 18

Source: riyathai87

20 – Santa Hats Xmas Mani

Why not just say ‘Merry Christmas’ with your talons, just like these smart Christmas inspired nails have done? Add a Santa hat or two, and perhaps even that classic Santa-belt design, and you have a nail look that is undeniably Christmassy, and super cute to boot!

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 13

Source: cloud_nails

21 – Christmas Garland Nails

Your Christmas decorations just wouldn’t be complete without a garland, and we think that garlands make for pretty cute Christmas themed nail art too. Just in case you were wondering what our opinion was, of course. It’s cute and simple, maximising the space you have across all of your talons, rather than trying to recreate something small and intricate on each of them.

Christmas 2017 Mani Ideas 21

Source: poobamonster

We hope that we’ve given you plenty of Christmas 2017 mani ideas so that you know what you want, walking into the salon. Or, doing them yourself at home, of course. If you’re doing this, please teach us to do it. And then show us your fabulous designs, whilst giving us permission to share them with the world on our little website … If you don’t ask, you don’t get, right?

(We know, we’re so cheeky!)

Anyway, we hope that you’re having a fabulous day and that you’ve been able to get plenty of inspo from these fab designs. The artists’ Instagram pages are listed beneath each image, so make sure you go and show them plenty o’ love while you’re browsing around. We love each and every one of them, and we can’t thank them enough for letting us use their images in this piece.

Thanks for reading & supporting us!