21 Colourful Undercut Hair Designs for Women

Have you been considering an undercut lately? If you have been, you’re certainly not the only one. The trend has made a recent resurgence, but this time, it’s brought some colour along for the ride. We’ll warn you now, some of these hairstyles are so shiny-bright, you’ll need sunglasses for sure.

These colourful undercut hair designs for women offer something that very few other styles can — short locks and longer locks, all at the same time. With so many different ways to style them up and rock them, you’ll be kicking yourselves for not considering these haircuts sooner.

We hope you’re ready for them …

1 – Electric Neon Lava & Candy Undercut Hair

We’re absolutely obsessed with the electric shades in this stylish and modern undercut design. The simple lines work well with the bold colours, all brought neatly together with that natural, dark brown shade.

But what do you think? Is this look giving you all the good electric feels?

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 4

Source: doug_theo

2 – Ocean Green Mermaid Scales

It seems that having mermaid scales shaved into your head is a very big deal right now. In fact, we actually considered writing an entire piece, just on that one style of hair alone. (We might still do it yet, what do you think?)

It’s certainly a look that stands out in the crowd, but is ocean green the best you’ve seen?

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 5

Source: bottleblonde76

3 – Watermelon Undercut Design

Are you feeling fruity? Yes, we know the pun is bad, but this hairstyle most definitely isn’t. In fact, it’s giving us all those summer vibes. It’s just a shame that summer still seems oh so far away …

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 6

Source: serahdoeshairahh

4 – Work to Party Hidden Undercut Look

This fabulous style shows you how easy it is to go from a professional daytime work look to a sassy, edgy, and fun nighttime design. Get twisted, twirled, and braided to show off every part of your fabulous new design. Don’t forget to show us too … Obviously!

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 12

Source: detrashalee

5 – Rainbows + Love Hearts

If you’re filled with peace, love, and rainbows like us (on a good day), this fab undercut style might just tick all the right boxes for you. No primary shade has been left forgotten, and even the side shave and undercut has been given a little rainbow-love treatment.

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 13

Source: misheledimariadesigns

6 – Ocean Waves

We’re dreaming of lazy days by the ocean but, sadly, retirement by the sea seems light years away for us. This ocean waves inspired undercut style for women isn’t lightyears away, though, although it is most definitely outta this world!

(Did you see what we did there?)

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 10

Source: serahdoeshairahh

7 – Electric Blue + Glitter Roots

We’re sticking with those gorgeous blue tones but there are some lilac and lavender shades thrown in for good measure with these electric, glitter look. Oh, have you spotted the glitter yet? Sassy, right? Perfect for parties and festivals, if you were to ask us.

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 14

Source: misheledimariadesigns

8 – Pastel Panda

Although the name suggests the undercut happening around the underneath of the hair, it is actually quite common practice to include the sides and temples also. In fact, one of the very best things about these undercut hairstyles for women is that they are easily customised to suit you, your hair type, face shape, and even personality! What’s not to love about that?

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 18

Source: aliyousha

9 – Everything is Peachy Mermaid Scales Hair

Everything really will be peachy when you have hair this mermaid-tastic. This look reminds us a bit of those Fruit Salad sweets we would eat as a kid, does it remind you of that too? It’s definitely colourful, but does it tick all of your boxes? And would you be prepared to put up with the maintenance required to keep this stunning piece of hair art in check?

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 7

Source: bottleblonde76

10 – Rainbow Shaped and Coloured Undercut

You really will see rainbows on rainy, cloudy days when you have hair this colourful and fabulous. We love this rainbow coloured and shaped undercut, and although we love that it has been added to the very colourful hair over the top in this look, we can’t help but think it would also look damn fabulous hidden beneath a natural hair colour. You know, like brown or blonde over the top?

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 3

Source: doug_theo

11 – Prismatic Chandelier

The thing you need to remember with the undercut look is that when you take it around to the sides of the head, it will be noticeable most of the time. Those undercuts that are kept to the bottom part of the back of the head will not be seen when the hair is worn loose, long and down.

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 15

Source: misheledimariadesigns

12 – Poppin’ Purple

Purple is the colour of royalty, and you’ll definitely feel like a queen when you rock this edgy and modern undercut look. Those undercut waves are what first attracted our attention. They’re just slightly different from the regular straight lines, but it makes such a big impact, don’t you think?

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 11

Source: bottleblonde76

13 – Pastel Perfection

We love, love, love the love out of this love-hair style. We know, we’ve just said love more times in one sentence than anyone else has ever managed, but we really do love it. It’s rainbow and pastel and there are love hearts! It’s basically everything we love in life, all wrapped up in one crazy cool hairstyle.

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 16

Source: vanessashairaddiction

14 – Magical Hidden Moon

The good thing about undercut styles is that they can be shaped to suit EVERY face shape. It is the longer hair arranged around the undercut that makes the biggest impact. Unless you’re wearing your hair up, or you have it quite short, you won’t see most of these colourful, undercut looks.

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 19

Source: shiningspace

15 – Rainbow Colourful Undercut Hair Designs for Women + Braid

Have you recently cut your hair into a really cool, crazy and colourful undercut style like this one? We want to see it! If we’ve given you a little burst of inspiration with these, show us what you created. We would love to feature YOU in a future piece for CherryCherryBeauty!

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 2

Source: doug_theo

16 – Shine Bright Like a Diamond Festival Undercut Hair

There are plenty of ways to grow out an undercut look, just in case you were wondering about the afterwards-effect. Hair extensions can obviously be used when the shorter hair gets to a certain length, and you could also style your hair into a one-sided way with glam curls. Speak to your stylist BEFORE you opt for the chop to make sure you know what you’re going to do with your locks when the undercut is done.

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 9

Source: serahdoeshairahh

17 – Boldly Blue + Purple + Green Undercut

Thick hair works better with these undercut styles. In fact, it’s one of those classic cuts very well known for thinning out thick hair. With natural-coloured hair, a discreet and slight undercut can be used to remove bulk from really thick hair that is difficult to manage. With these brightly-coloured beauties, they can be used for the same reason, but with a beautiful, hidden little message.

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 17

Source: vanessashairaddiction

18 – Cute + Colourful Under Blonde

You could always look for something temporary, perfect for a festival-style event if you didn’t want to permanently dye your hair these bright and bold colours. This look, for example, is braided and space-bunned and colourful — everything you’ll need for a festival look. When you’re finished with it, ready to go back to work, you can simply wash it out and release your ‘do. It’s a shame to say goodbye to it when it looks this cute though.

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 20

Source: theodoraraptis

19 – Rainbow Fish

Mermaid scales are a massive deal right now. All of us in the CherryCherryBeauty den are obsessed with them, and we were all utterly obsessed with this mermaid-inspired colourful undercut look too. What’s not to love about it? It’s pretty in pink, rocks the pastels, and … well, the fish scales make it look mermaidy. Ticking all the boxes for us, but how about you?

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 21

Source: fedorinaanna

20 – Electric Feels Undercut Cool Style

This look is giving us all the bright, electric feels, although we do appreciate it’s probably a little too bright and gunky for some people. The colours in this are incredibly bright and vibrant, but it won’t take long for those pretty shades to fade and wash out. You’ll need to be prepared for the maintenance if you want a permanent look like this.

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 8

Source: serahdoeshairahh

21 – Muted Neon Side Shave

And now, we’re back to something with a natural tone to it. A bright blonde with muted neon red shades along the roots, and also the undercut and side-shave. It’s a stunning look and one that will surprise everyone when that peekaboo red shines through. Does it tick all the right boxes for you?

Colourful Undercut Hair Designs For Women 1

Source: doug_theo

And there you have them — 21 colourful undercut hair designs for women that we think are too crazy-cool for words. As always, we want to give massive thanks to all of these hair stylists, creating wonderful works of art that deserve to be loved and adored forever. You’ll find the links to their Instagram accounts beneath each image, so don’t forget to go and show them some love.

As always, thank you so much for reading! We here at the CherryCherryBeauty den really appreciate your support. Have a great day, and we hope we’ve given you plenty of colourful inspiration today!