21 Cupcake Nail Designs

With summer almost over and many of us not quite getting to the beach body state we’d hoped, most of us are saying no to cupcakes and candies. We, on the other hand, in the CherryCherryBeauty den are saying yes … to cupcake nail designs at least! A sweet treat that you can rock and enjoy, without a single calorie? Admittedly, they’re not quite the same thing, but these cake inspired nails do look good enough to eat. We’ll let you make your own mind up whether or not they’d provide the perfect substitute …

1 – Bold + Beautifully Blue Cupcake Nail Designs

Before you apply any polish to your nails, you should always dab the surface of the nail with a cotton wool ball that has been soaked in nail polish remover. Even if you have cleaned your hands your nails will still have some surface and residual oil on them, and this can affect the way your finished product will look. Get the start right, and the rest will come much easier, especially when you’re looking at cute cupcake nail designs like these!

Cupcake Nail Designs 1

Source: tygrysowa_hibride

2 – Pastel over White Cake + Candy Nails

If you have harsh yellowing or staining of your nails, a bit of lemon juice might not do the trick. You’ll often find that red, yellow and orange polishes are the worst culprits for this staining action, but using lemon juice with baking soda in a paste is a good way to fight back. You should also make sure that you’re taking care of your nails properly, trimming them back and removing old polish before starting your new manicure.

Cupcake Nail Designs 2

Source: barsonybrigitta

3 – Cakes + Crowns Nail Designs

Did you know that you should always run the bottle of nail polish between your hands, warming it with your body heat, rather than shaking it? When you shake it, you’re encouraging bubbles and these will ruin your manicure before they’ve even had a chance to dry. This is the one time you want things rolled around, not stirred.

Simply add a few drops of nail polish remover to the bottle, give it a good shake, leave it to settle, rub in between your hands, and then paint your nails as you usually would. You’ll find that the polish is much easier to work with. The remover will have thinned it out a little, allowing you to get one or two extra uses out of it.

Cupcake Nail Designs 18

Source: Magically Polished

4 – Stripes + Cupcakes Nail Art

How often do you get your nails done at the salon? Can we make a little suggestion? You might wish to consider taking your own nail polish bottles with you, especially when you remember exactly how many people are likely to have been painted with the same bottle – and the same brush – as you. It’s the quickest way to spread a number of nasty nail conditions, including fungal infections. Probably not the kind of thing you were hoping for from your cupcake nail designs, right?

Cupcake Nail Designs 17

Source: paintedpolishbylexi at ink361

5 – Little Sweet Treats Nails

Have you ever checked out nail stamping? If you haven’t, we’d highly recommend it. It’s a great way of getting somewhat uniform designs and patterns, just like these super cute cupcake nail designs. Alternatively, nail wraps are another great way to ‘cheat’ your way to sweeter-than-sweet nail looks. Have you tried either? Which do you find easier?

Cupcake Nail Designs 1

Source: cottonconey

6 – Ombre Pink Cupcake Nail Designs

What’s the perfect way to glam up cupcake nail designs? Add an ombre-effect to the back, of course! What a splendid idea, and one that definitely helps to pack a powerful punch too. We can’t help but think that these nails are super-cute and perfect for summer, but what do you think? Are these cake nails your favourite? Leave your comments in the box below, as always.

Cupcake Nail Designs 12

Source: kiedysnails

7 – Short, Sweet + Pastel Cupcake Nail Art

Keep things short and sweet like these stunning cupcake nail designs, adding a side-to-side ombre fade of blue to pink, nail stamps (or decals) used to create the cakes on the one featured nail. We love the idea of using one featured nail when doing our own at-home manicures. It’s so much quicker to add all the detail to just the one nail, rather than them all, and you can get a little more creative too. Are you a fan of the one feature nail? Let us know.

Cupcake Nail Designs 13

Source: varvarakravetc

8 – Cupcakes + Polka Dots

Cupcakes and polka dots are giving us the sweetest feels right now, and in those pretty-in-pink and blue shades, they look good enough to eat! If you don’t have a dotting tool to get those polka dot spots, just grab a cocktail stick or even a hair grip. The plastic tips on kirby / hair grips are perfect for making uniform size and shape dots. Just a little hint from us to you.

Cupcake Nail Designs 16

Source: newlypolished

9 – Simple + Handpainted Cupcake Nail Designs

Keep things simple and hand-painted with cupcake nail designs like these, left on naturally short and rounded talons. The designs are simple enough, light and dark stripes used to create that cupcake look at the bottom. It’s a very simple idea, completed with some white frosting on the top, and perhaps a cherry too? They look good enough to eat, right?

Cupcake Nail Designs 19

Source: h3nna.does.nails

10 – Gems on Top Cupcake Nails

And, of course, you could always take things one step further, adding embellishments to really push your nail look home. The tiny baubles look great on these cupcake nail designs, making it look as though hundreds and thousands (or sprinkles) have been added for good measure. If you don’t have these cute baubles, you could always opt for rhinestones to add a touch more sparkle to the occasion, but the possibilities really are endless. Just remember that you can’t actually eat them …

Cupcake Nail Designs 15

Source: Pinterest

11 – Short, Sweet + Simple Cupcake Nail Art

If you want a super quick way to give your talons a cupcake nail makeover, stickers and decals are most definitely the way forward. The rest of your nails could be exactly as you’d want them, as complicated or as simple as you like, with the focus on that one featured nail, just as we recommended before. It’s a great idea, right? Check out the kids section in beauty and accessory stores too – you’ll often find much cuter designs than the ones you’ll find in the adult section. Alternatively, we’ve found Amazon and Etsy to be a wonderful place to source such nail-delights!

Cupcake Nail Designs 14

Source: varvarakravetc

12 – Pointed, White + Neon Cupcake Nail Designs

We’re opting for something bold and spiked this time around, and these cupcake nail designs, in all their bright glory, work perfectly against that bright white backdrop. Once again, nail stamping, decals and stickers are perfect for recreating a look like this one, but there’s nothing wrong with getting creative and giving the hand-painted effect a shot. At least then you’ll know that your new nails will be entirely unique. One of a kind. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Cupcake Nail Designs 11

Source: kiedysnails

13 – Cupcakes + Chocs Nails

Chocolate and cupcakes go together naturally in life, so it would make perfect sense that they’d go together perfectly on your nails also. We love the purple backdrop with all the glitter thrown in, but we also think that these cupcake nail designs would look perfectly bright and bold, or muted, subtle and pastel. What do you think? Which way would you go?

Cupcake Nail Designs 6

Source: killerwhalenails

14 – Love Cupcake Nail Designs

Didn’t we say something subtle and muted? Well, these nude nails top the lot, we reckon, perfectly accentuated with hints of cake, chocolate, and love. In fact, don’t you think that these would make perfect Valentine’s Day nails too? Or date night nails? Or … just whenever you feel like it?

Cupcake Nail Designs 7

Source: nailizz

15 – Birthdays + Cupcakes Nails

Is it your birthday? Celebrate with balloons and cupcake nail designs, just like these fabulous beauties. Of course, it doesn’t need to be a birthday to celebrate. We enjoy celebrating, just because it’s Friday some weeks. Sadly, not all of our Fridays include cupcakes. Damn the diet …

Cupcake Nail Designs 10

Source: getyournailsdone

16 – Smile + Cupcake Nail Art

Do cupcakes make you smile? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. They make us smile too, as well as chocolate, sweets, coffee, and oh-so-many cups of tea. When you think about it too, cupcakes are basically breakfast. I mean, they’re made up of milk, eggs and flour … You could just call them breakfast cakes instead!

Cupcake Nail Designs 9

Source: charm.nails

17 – Textured Cupcake Nail Designs

It’s actually been proven to be beneficial to have a little bit of what you fancy, so whether you’re on a diet or not, let yourself have that piece of cake every now and again. In between, of course, console yourself with cupcake nail designs like these. They’re perfect to look at when you’re sweating those calories off in the gym!

Cupcake Nail Designs 8

Source: vixennailsbyvicky

18 – Little Baby Cakes Nails

You know, chocolate isn’t all bad. There are many scientists and experts out there who suggest eating chocolate relatively regularly can actually help to make your heart healthier. There are lots of good things in chocolate, such as flavonoids, antioxidants, and more, but it’s only healthy when you eat it in moderation. So, eat some, leave the rest for your next manicure. It’s like the perfect compromise … Almost.

Cupcake Nail Designs 5

Source: killerwhalenails

19 – Bright + Retro Cupcake Nail Designs

Have you created cupcake nail designs that rival these? We would LOVE to see them. We would also LOVE for you to send them to us so that we can feature you in a future piece for CherryCherryBeauty. So, tag us, DM us, shout out to us, just let us know that you have some cute designs you wanna show off. We’ll do the rest!

Cupcake Nail Designs 4

Source: killerwhalenails

20 – Cute + White Cake + Ice Cream Nails

These are the cutest, aren’t they? We certainly thought so, and more for the bright and lightness about them. They certainly do stand out, if that’s what you want your next manicure to do. These are actually very simple to hand-paint too, using dark and light tones to bring the cake and ice creams to life.

Cupcake Nail Designs 3

Source: pkoceres

21 – Cherries + Cupcake Nail Designs

You know, if it makes life easier for you, don’t be afraid to paint your fabulous cupcake nail designs onto faux, stick-on nails to start with. You can pick them up pretty cheaply these days, and with the right nail glue, will stay on for at least the night. This makes them perfect for a special event or occasion. You could also just use the nails to practice on too. You know what they say … Practice makes perfect!

Cupcake Nail Designs 2

Source: angelnails_andi

What do you think? Do any of these 21 cupcake nail designs really stand out for you? Which ones do you think look good enough to eat? We’re struggling to pick a favourite for our next nail appointment, so your creative input would be gratefully received! And, as always, don’t forget to let us know if we’ve inspired any of your looks today. Show off your style – we want to show it off with you!

Enjoy the rest of your day, and thanks for reading and supporting CherryCherryBeauty! We are sure do appreciate it! xo

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