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21 Cute Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Let’s set the scene … You’ve been trying for a baby for a little while now, and you’ve finally got that little line on the stick that you’ve been dreaming of. You have waited the obligatory three months / twelve week period to pass – the first trimester – and now you’re excited to break the news to friends and loved ones. But how? We know just what you need, and we’ve got a few cute ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents and friends that we think might just supply you with some inspiration.

21 Cute Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

1 – Mama Bird

Make the ideas your own – make them individual to you by changing things here and there. It’s your big day, after all – your baby announcement. Make it worth your while. It’ll be nine months before you get your figure back, or maybe even less than that, and everyone knows how stressful having a newborn baby can be!

ways to announce your pregnancy on social media
Instagram / @emilyyhinn

2 – Poochy Little Brother

If your little bundle of joy already has a furry little sibling, it just makes sense to bring him or her along for the ride. That’s why we love cute ways to announce your pregnancy just like this one. It’s super simple too – you’ll just need your baby’s first bootees, and your furry friend’s little paws. If you get them to sit still for long enough to take the photo, well done to you! (We’ve learned that food and treats generally works quite well. We call it food bribery!)

cute ways to announce your pregnancy on social media
Source: Pinterest

3 – Triplets Announcement

What about when you’re not expecting just the one little bundle of joy? You’ll want each of your babies to have their own little moment of spotlight, and we thin that this knitted baby bootee announcement is one of the cutest yet. If you were feeling particularly hands-on, you could even knit these bootees yourself too. We’ve found knitting can be quite therapeutic. If you’re not a fan, just find someone’s grandmother to do it for you. We all know one knitting-nana, don’t we?

ways to announce your pregnancy with triplets
Source: frisianknitting

4 – Simply 2+2

All you really need to get this baby announcement done the right way, is a picture of you and him (your significant other), and a scan picture. It says everything you want to say, without any confusion, and in that black and white finish, is a classic pose. There’s nothing wrong the classics, by the way, and there’s nothing wrong with making things nice and simple. Your life is going to be far from simple from this point on!

ways to announce your pregnancy on facebook
Source: kapturedsmiles

5 – Baby #2

If this is not your first baby, get your first kid in on the action too. They can often feel jealous when a new baby is on the way, especially with all the new attention that mummy and mummy’s tummy is now getting. You could even persuade your first born that the photoshoot idea was all his idea … or hers. Either way, we think it’s a splendid idea.

ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents
Source: lisa_.marie

6 – Christmas Package

This is such a good idea, and is perfect for you if you can wait for *just* the right time. This cute way to announce your pregnancy was done on Christmas day -a baby announcement was the last present the kids were allowed to open, and a snap was taken of that very moment. They learned that mummy had a new bundle of joy on the way, and as long as neither of the kids are crying, you should get quite a cute photo out of it. The only question is, can you wait for *just* the right moment … ?

ways to announce your pregnancy to your kids
Source: iheartnaptime

7 – The Simple Things

How do you feel about the simple things? It’s back to that classic black and white finish again, something that seems to be favored if you’re trying to take an elegant and classic approach. All you need for this cute design is a calendar page, which you can easily print out if you have a laptop / computer and a printer, a pair of newborn baby shoes, or even a baby grow or other garment of clothing if you have them to hand, and your scan picture. It’s nice and simple, and nice and easy too. Those are things you’re going to love, being a new mum.

creative ways to announce your pregnancy on social media
Instagram / @ashleyvwhite

8 – Big Brother Woof

We’re going back to the pets again, and we definitely feel like this little guy is proud to be a big brother … well, soon. If you can get your pooch to run around in a t-shirt for enough time to take a cheeky snap like this, we definitely think it’s a winning way to announce your big news.

funny ways to announce your pregnancy
Source: Pinterest

9 – Eating For Two

Well, you are eating for two now, so we think this pregnancy announcement photoshoot certainly fits the bill. What’s your favorite food? Get them in for the afternoon, and get your partner to get snap happy. Your face is bound to break into a smile when you have all of your favorite foods in front of you, and getting to binge-eat them for the afternoon seems like as good a reason as any to announce your bundle of joy. Personally, we’re only doing it for the cakes. And the fact that, for a while at least, we can literally eat for two.

fun ways to announce your pregnancy on social media
Source: Eating for Two!

10 – Only Child Expiring

Your only child won’t be an only child for long if you’re expecting, and we think that’s a great idea to work into the cute ways of announcing your pregnancy. With just a simple t-shirt and some super cool shades, your big kid could be the perfect accessory for the announcement of your new little kid. What a great idea? And, once again, it gets them involved and stops them from becoming jealous. We know it’s a tough time – trying to announce your pregnancy to your children. By taking part in these photoshoots, you could make the entire process much more fun. They’ll be more likely to get on board when things are fun. (Add some candy too – we always find it helps!)

ways to announce your pregnancy to your kid
Source: Only child expiring

11 – Getting Them All Involved

Let’s face it, when there’s more than a few members of your family already, the announcement of a new one might not even be great news anymore. Make it great news by getting the entire family together for a photoshoot just like this one. As far as cute ways to announce your pregnancy go, this one is definitely a beautiful one. You just need the great outdoors, some chairs (which you could paint to match each individual family member’s favourite colour), and a camera. Get someone else to push the button, or just use a tripod and a timer. There are plenty of ways of doing it, and you could even go one step further and announce the sex of your baby using this photo too. Have the boys sit in blue chairs, and the girls sit in pink chairs, and the empty chair would be either pink or blue, depending on what you were told to expect.

Great idea, right? You should give us a like on Facebook – we’re full of good ideas!

ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents and family
Source: ashleyannphotography

12 – Hastaggin’

We love a good hashtag here in the CherryCherryBeauty den, and we think a hashtag is the perfect way to announce your news. How about a simple white babygrow, with the #2017 hashtag, adding the scan picture and the baby bootees so that everyone *definitely* knows what’s going on. Not that we think there could be any misunderstandings, but you know what social media is like … Someone always gets the wrong end of the stick!

unique ways to announce your pregnancy on facebook
Instagram / @marianne_dp

13 – Said with Specs

Do you and your significant other wear glasses? Well, how about using glasses / spectacles as a way to announce your bundle of joy? Add a third, smaller pair of glasses, and you have a baby announcement in the making. Not just any ol’ baby announcement though – one that you won’t see everywhere. Everyone will be talking about it.

creative ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents
Source: Pinterest

14 – Knocked Up

Do you want to take a somewhat comical approach to announcing your great news? Well, this is definitely one way of doing it! You are literally proclaiming to the entire world that you are “knocked up”. We must admit, we did chuckle a little when we saw this picture, and we think that baby news should be a happy time, filled with laughter. This is probably not quite what they were talking about though …

fun and unique ways to announce your pregnancy on facebook
Source: joyeverafter

15 -Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3

Got a thing for … the Thing? Well, how about incorporating the Thing into your cute ways to announce your pregnancy? We love the way it’s been used in this one, and you could use a bunch of other trios, duos, foursomes, whatever else you can think of, and that matches your family number. Is it time to get creative? We think so! They say you shouldn’t announce anything until twelve weeks have passed, so you’ll have plenty of time to think about it and gain some inspiration!

announce pregnancy to your parents with tshirts
Source: Pinterest

16 – Getting a Round In

If you’re going for coffee with your significant other anyway, why not make it the perfect time to snap that cheeky photo that you’ll later use to announce your big news to the world? A Daddy cup, a Mummy cup, and a baby’s bottle with … well, baby / bubba / bean / whatever you choose to call your growing bump until he or she is born and you can give them a name to last them a lifetime. Speaking of which, what do you plan to call your growing bump? We’d love to know the cutest names you’ve given yours!

You know what to do – leave your comments in the space below this post.

unique ways to announce your pregnancy on facebook using mugs
Instagram / @itsababyboygirl

17 – Safety Pin Pregnancy Announcement

Got a few safety pins to hand? How about a safety pin pregnancy announcement? It’s cute and simple, and surely everyone has these safety pins lying around their home? We have enough of them, that’s for sure! Another simple way to show off all the family members you have under one roof, we think it’s utterly adorable.

unique ways to announce your pregnancy on facebook and instagram
Source: Pinterest

18 – Puzzle Piece

You’ll be happy to know that you can actually but personalised baby announcements just like this one, and if you click on the link below the image, you’ll be taken to Etsy. That’s where we found this particular very cute ways of announcing your pregnancy, and it’s only £15 too! Definitely one that packs great value for money. All you need now is the camera or your phone to take that beautiful picture.

creative ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents using etsy
Source: Etsy

19 – Coming Soon …

You’d send out save the date cards if you were getting married, so why wouldn’t you want to do a similar thing for your new baby announcement? All it takes is three little baby outfits hanging on the line, cleverly adorned with the predicted birth date, and you have the cutest baby announcement in the making. All you need to do now is work out which cute pose you plan on pulling with your significant other in the background!

announce pregnancy to your parents with a photograph
Instagram / @requenaphotography

20 – Drink This For Me

This is another little beauty that we found on Etsy, and one that we also think comes with a great personality and sense of humor about it. Let’s face it, you’re not going to be able to drink for the next nine months or so, and if you’re a regular glass of wine drinker with friends, they’ll soon pick up on the fact that you’re not enjoying a tipple. For just £6.50, you could add these adorable labels to any bottle of wine you like. Just for the record, that means that no one will know what’s in the bottle. You could get away with picking up a seriously cheap bottle of plonk! Just saying …

Click on the link below the image to be taken to Etsy, where you can find this and more adorable ways of announcing your pregnancy.

announce pregnancy to your parents with a gift
Source: Etsy

21 – Big Sis Thing

Do you have a baby girl? Is she about to become a big sis? Well, we think you should shout about it with big balloons. We actually think the fact that she’s crying actually makes the snapshot that much cuter too, don’t you?

Of course, if you have a boy already, “big bro” works just as well as “big sis”, and you can even change the color of the balloons to better suit your tastes and / or sex of your child and the new baby. Once again, you could even have a “hidden” gender reveal in the balloon colours if you wanted to. Blue balloons if you’re having a boy, even if they say “big sis”, or perhaps pink balloons for a baby girl?

announce pregnancy to your parents with balloons
Instagram / @jessbcrockett

And there you have them – 21 cute ways to announce your pregnancy. We can’t wait to hear the stories about how you announced your pregnancies to the world, so make sure you send us in your stories. And if you pictures to go with them, just like the ones you’ve seen on this page, feel free to send them in. We would love to feature you in a future post on

Make sure you give us a like on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and get chatty with us! We can’t wait to hear about your favourites, which you didn’t like, and what you ended up doing yourself. Use these as inspiration – it’s time to get creative with your baby announcements.


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