21 DIY Lighting Ideas You Should Recreate

Lighting is one of the most crucial features in your property, having the ability to either make or break a space. Along with the basic arrangement and placement of your furniture, the lights in your rooms are what defines how it looks. You might think that lighting choices are simple – just a matter of taste – but it might surprise you to learn a lot more goes into it than that. That’s just what we are about to go into for you right now, in these 21 DIY lighting ideas you should recreate …

1 – DIY Illuminated Chalkboard Movie Sign

How do you feel about a DIY illuminated chalkboard movie sign? We think it’s a totally brilliant idea, obviously, and if you want to learn how to make it for yourself, just click the link beneath the picture to be taken to the tutorial. If movies are your thing, this is definitely the right lighting choice for you. We reckon this would look great above the TV … How about you?

Diy Lighting Ideas 1

Source: brepea

2 – DIY Constellation Wall Art

But what about when movies aren’t quite your thing, and stars and constellations are? We would definitely recommend this DIY constellation canvas art, actually really easily recreated yourself at home. When you DIY it, you can customise it, and that means you can make it show any constellation that you like. You could even make two – one of your constellation and one for your boyfriend / husband / partner – to hang above your bed? We think it’s a genius idea. Again, check out the link beneath the picture for more details and a tutorial.

Diy Lighting Ideas 4

Source: Makezine

3 – Arrow Light

Okay, so we cheated a little with this – one of the cutest DIY lighting ideas. This one can be purchased on Etsy if you didn’t want to take the time to make your own. (It’s okay, we’re super lazy sometimes too!) You could very easily make this yourself at home with a little bit of patience and some research. What do you think? Are you up for the challenge?

Diy Lighting Ideas 5
£65 / Etsy – Click for more details

4 – Princess Sparkles DIY Lighting Ideas

What a beautiful idea? This would look amazing in any girl’s room, whether they’re a big girl or a small girl. If you’re looking for ideas for your daughter’s nursery, this is definitely an inexpensive one you should look towards. Using voile material, or netting, and fairy lights, your little girl’s bedroom could look like a twinkling wonderland in no time at all. And … let’s not forget that these would make for perfect night lights too. You know what kids are like!

Diy Lighting Ideas 2

Source: rouvajonesinkotona

5 – DIY Lighting Ideas for Old Lampshades

If you have an old lampshade, don’t throw it away. Give it a new lease of life, especially if it is a white / neutral shade. With the help of some fabric paint, or even a Sharpie, you could have a unique and one-of-a-kind lampshade with no expense necessary! If you have kids, why not let them decorate their own lampshades? It gives them something to do for a couple of hours over the weekend, and it’ll liven up their bedroom. Great idea? We think so! (Just make sure the kids know they’re ONLY allowed to paint that one lampshade … )

Diy Lighting Ideas 6
£65 / Etsy – Click for more details

6 – DIY Cloud Wall Light

How do you feel about a DIY cloud light? It’s cute, right? Don’t worry about the kids … we would quite like this in our bedroom. You could use an old wire coat hanger (if you have one) to help recreate this look, but if you click on the link beneath the picture, you’ll find a more detailed tutorial with step-by-step instructions. It’s cute, we love it.

Diy Lighting Ideas 7

Source: hearthandmade

7 – Beautiful Lit-Up Bed Canopy

Do you need some romance in your life? Whether you’re sharing your bed or in it alone, it needs to be dressed up the prettiest it can be. This beautiful DIY bed canopy idea is perfect, and you just need fairy lights and netting / material to make it happen. There’s a full tutorial if you check the link beneath the picture, but there are plenty of ways in which you could create this with just a few materials.

Diy Lighting Ideas 8

Source: messagenote

8 – Pastel String Lights

String lights are super easy to customise, as shown by these adorable pastel lovelies. You could get super creative with these, and they’re moveable which gives them extra brownie points. For a really warm and comfortable feel in your home, turn off that big overhead light that makes your skin look a weird colour, and turn to more unique forms of lighting. These DIY lighting ideas are great because you can make them your own – creating them to blend in with your existing decor choices.

Diy Lighting Ideas 3

Source: Heart Handmade UK

9 – DIY Lights + Photo Wall

This a genius way to do many things at once – it’s the ultimate space saver. You have a place to store those photos that you love so much but don’t have room to put in frames, and you also have a way to add a beautiful dull light to the room. Almost like a glow. If you have enough memories to last you a lifetime, or you just want a place to show off those amazing Instagram photos, this is definitely a great choice for a bedroom or living room space. It also takes the place of artwork. You really are killing a number of birds with one stone.

Diy Lighting Ideas 9
Spotted on Pinterest

10 – I Love You Lamp

This is another cheat, and we’re not even the slightest bit sorry for that. This is another delightful find from Etsy, but just goes to show how creative you really could get with your DIY lighting choices. This, for example, could be simple light fixture added to a carved wooden box, and you could carve out whatever you liked too. Hearts and flowers, or names and messages, it’s entirely up to you. Alternatively, if you didn’t want to go through the hard work of making it yourself, you could always just order one from Etsy … like we did!

Diy Lighting Ideas 10
£42.13 / Etsy – Click for more details

11 – Mason Jar Ceiling Light

What about those old mason jars you keep storing for projects that never seem to materialise? You could use them to create this interesting and unique lighting masterpiece. It’s definitely something that will get all your guests talking for all the right reasons, and if you check out the link beneath the image, you’ll find a full tutorial to recreate this for your very own home.

Diy Lighting Ideas 11

Source: diyprojects

12 – DIY Cork Light

Of course, you could start collecting all those corks from wine bottles … you might as well make a use for them if you’re starting to gather up quite a few. This is a really cool idea, and could easily be used to liven up a light in the porch, or even a bathroom. If you’re feeling those beachy vibes, we reckon this one is a definite winner, and once again you’ll find a tutorial on the link beneath the image.

Diy Lighting Ideas 12

Source: moxandfodder

13 – Upcycled Globe Light

Do you have an old globe that you’re not sure what to do with? Why not chop it in half (literally) and use one half of it as a super cool, travel-themed lampshade? If your travel is your thing, why not? Plus, that white coloured inner interior of the globe will brighten things up a treat in your kitchen or study. Or wherever else you decide to have it, of course.

Diy Lighting Ideas 17

Source: apartmenttherapy

14 – DIY Stone Candle Holders

Do you need something cute to put your tea light candles in? How about this? An interesting way to use old food jars? If you’re looking for DIY lighting ideas that you and the kids could do together, here’s one. It’s simple a case of hot glueing those gems to the outside of the glass, and then tying a ribbon to the top. Simple and effective – what more could you want?

Diy Lighting Ideas 18

Source: diyprojects

15 – Paint Swatch Light Fixture

If you’ve recently redecorated and seem to have more paint swatches than you know what to do with, don’t throw them away. Use in them in an artistic lampshade design that everyone will love. In these beautiful pastel shades, we think this DIY lighting idea would look great in a nursery, and you could use baby blue for … well, a boy. In fact, the possibilities for this are basically endless – let your imagination run riot!

Diy Lighting Ideas 16

Source: heygorg

Mother's Day

16 – DIY Sailor Jerry Bottle Lights

You’ve heard of a message in a bottle, but what about lights in a bottle? We’re a little bit obsessed with this Sailor Jerry bottle lamp design, and although we cheated a little with this design, found on Etsy, you could easily recreate something similar at home if you had the right tools.

Diy Lighting Ideas 19
£25 / Etsy – Click for more details

17 – Fish Bait Light Basket

Got a fisherman in your family? Would they love this fish bait lamp basket? We certainly did – it allows lots of light to penetrate the room whilst fitting the theme perfectly. There’s an easy-to-follow tutorial for this look, found through the link beneath the image, and if you recreate this for yourself, don’t forget to come back and let us know how it went. We can’t wait to see your beautiful designs!

Diy Lighting Ideas 15

Source: lisascreativedesigns

18 – Superhero Second Chance

This is one of the easiest ways to reinvent a light, and with the right materials could be done in just one day, especially if you ask the kids to help. You could modge-podge (or hot-glue) patterned fabric or paper to the exterior of the lampshade, and the base could be spray-painted also. The entire lamp could be given a new lease of life with a little TLC – are you up for the challenge?

Diy Lighting Ideas 20
£18 / Etsy – Click for more details

19 – Cheese Grater Light

What a bloody marvellous idea, don’t you think? Yes, they are cheese graters. And yes, that is a light. We think it would look amazing in our kitchen, and we actually fully intend to recreate this look for ourselves. Get rustic with plastic flower designs, or leave things bare with just beautiful reclaimed wood. Whatever you do, make sure you show us.

Diy Lighting Ideas 14

Source: recyclart

20 – Clever Peg Lamp

It’s a clever design, and you’d never believe it was entirely made out of wooden pegs. If you don’t believe us, check out the tutorial below the image. It’s such a great idea, and so simple too. Simple enough for me and you?

If you want to save money, the energy efficient lightbulbs are the way forward, but they generally offer much brighter light than regular lightbulbs. This is something you will need to take into consideration when coming up with your DIY lighting ideas and plans.

Diy Lighting Ideas 21

Source: diyprojects

21 – Honey Bear DIY Lamp

And last but not least, how do you feel about a Honey Bear bottle lamp? You could do this with a number of different bottles, but there’s something super cute about this one – almost Winnie the Pooh-esque, perhaps? Either way, we’re digging it.

For the record, when looking at inside lighting, you should ideally look at bulbs that are 40 watts and under for a more relaxed and cosy feel. Brighter lightbulbs are great for when you NEED light – the garage or shed, for example – but if you don’t need the light, dim things down.

Diy Lighting Ideas 13

Source: thepinkdoormat.blogspot

And there you have them – 21 DIY lighting ideas that we definitely think you need to check out. Which ones have tickled your fancy? Which ones are you eager to try? And how many of you will send us in the finished project? We’d love to feature you, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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