21 Flamingo Nails

A bright pink bird that usually stands on one leg (although scientists don’t really know why), the humble flamingo has become somewhat of a retro fashion statement over recent months, and we decided it was time to pay the bright and fabulously bold bird a little bit of attention. Just in case you were in the market for some flamingo nails, we found 21 beautifully creative designs, all of which we think would be perfect to use as inspiration!

1 – Glitzy Gold & Pink Flamingo Nails

Did you know that a young flamingo will have more of a white/grey colour to their feathers, rather than the older birds with their brighter, pinker or more red tone. It is also worth mentioning that the food a flamingo eats will have a massive impact on the colour it ends of being. Who knew there would be so many factors that could change the traditionally thought of as bright pink bird? Also: now you have some trivia to go along with your fun flamingo nails. These ones are fab, aren’t they? Don’t worry though, if these one’s aren’t ticklin’ you pink, there’s plenty more to come.

Flamingo Nails 13

Source: jeealee

2 – Watermelon & Flamingo Nails

If you’re looking for the perfect summer holiday nails, these pointed pretties might just tick all of the right boxes for you. Flamingos mixed with watermelons make a great summber nail combo to die for, and it’s all very simple to recreate. Nail stamps in the shape of flamingos will make a uniform pattern or design much easier, but you could always use stencils, decals, transfers, and a wide range of other techniques.

Flamingo Nails 15

Source: naq57

3 – Geometric Blue & Pink Flamingo Nail Art

Speaking of uniform patterns, what are your views on these cool geometric designs, beautifully blue and prettily pink and, once again, featuring our famous friend — the flamingo? This look is definitely the kind of design that nails tamping would come in handy for, a great way of creating intricate and complex designs in mere moments. As long as you give all the layers plenty of time to try, this nail look will be easy to achieve, and it’ll certainly have everyone talking too.

Flamingo Nails 9

Source: modiddie

4 – Brilliant Blue Flamingo & Pineapple Nails

Although, as we’ve already discussed, not all flamingos are pink, the pink colour is often used to show off or symbolise femininity. We love the way that pink flamingo nail art has been popped on top of that pastel blue pop, the gold shimmer of the pineapple adding something extra and summery to the mix. If it’s sweet and summery you’re on the hunt for, these nails are definitely ticking all the right boxes. What do you think? Are these flamingo nails the right ones for you?

Flamingo Nails 1

Source: nailedforthegods

5 – Pretty Pastel Palm Trees & Flamingos

A hand-painted design that shimmers and makes perfect sense for your next summer vacay? Yep, this flamingo nail look is definitely fit for the occasion, palm trees added just in case you weren’t already feeling those vacation vibes already. And, a tip that we like to use a lot – the flamingo is only featured on one nail, making it much quicker than if you were to try and add the design to ALL of your nails.

Flamingo Nails 2

Source: nailedbyterry

6 – Almond-Shaped Pretty Flamingo Nail Design

The flamingo actually has a lot of history behind it, although you might not know of it. (We didn’t!) Ancient Egyptians once worshipped the bird, and it is also believed that it means something in your dreams too. If you see a flamingo when you’re sleeping, you’re apparently suffering with a case of pent-up emotions, and it’s probably about time that you let them break free. In case your emotions are just fine and it is inspiration you’re on the hunt for, how about these cute flamingo designs? We’re dreaming of them! (See what we did there?)

Flamingo Nails 5

Source: justinasnails

7 – Square-Tipped Pink Flamingo Nail Look

The word ‘flamingo’ actually comes from a Latin-Spanish word: flamenco. The Spanish word means fire, and was initially given to the birds because of their bright red, almost fire-like look. Flamingos can actually be other colours than red, however, including grey, white, pink, orange, and even bright or dull combinations of all the shades we mentioned. But, just in case you were looking for something traditionally red-tinged (or, rather, orange), we would like to recommend these cool flamingo nails, which we love, obviously.

Flamingo Nails 3

Source: sassyminxnails

8 – Summery Flamingo & Watermelon Nail Art

Not just a beautiful bird, the flamingo is a speedy one too, with a maximum flying speed of 35 mph, or 55 kmph. Flamboyant and fast, they’re also often used as a symbol of confidence. If you were looking for super-fly nails to feel super confident with this summer, these adorable flamingo nails might just be what you’re on the hunt for.

Flamingo Nails 14

Source: thecolorbar_nailstudio

9 – Short & Sweet Flamingo Glitter Nails

Lookin’ for something short and sweet? Featuring flamingos, of course. These nails are short and sweet, and bloomin’ adorable too, let’s face it. A simple flamingo design over a pastel backdrop is the perfect way to incorporate your pink bird theme, and it won’t take you a very long time either, especially if you practice your flamingo hand-painting first. You could just fake it, of course, just like we do. Using decals, stencils, and even transfers is a great way to add some really artistic finishes to your manicure.

Flamingo Nails 4

Source: flairnailsandlash

10 – Purple & Turquoise Flamingo Nail Design

Fun, colourful, and absolutely fabulous — just three of the things we can say about this fab flamingo nail art look. Tropical leaves make the perfect accessory for your tropical themed bird, a bird that is purple or white in this look, rather than the traditional pink flamingo shades. With a manicure like this one, you’ll be summer ready in no time.

Flamingo Nails 21

Source: thisiswhyhedied

11 – Flamingos, Tropical Leaves & Pineapples

Another summery look, this flamingo, tropical leaves and pineapples nail look is one that you could easily recreate at home, and you wouldn’t need too much in the form of tools in order to do it. The flamingo shape is a basic bird shape, with longer legs (obviously), and the pineapple shape is … well, just pineapple-shaped. Simple, yet effective. We love it. How about you?

Flamingo Nails 6

Source: gs_hairandnailstylist

12 – Tropical Themed Flamingo Nails

We’re sticking with the tropical theme for these flamingo nails, the birds standing on one leg in true flamingo fashion. Scientists don’t really know why flamingos have a habit of standing on just one leg, but it sure is a funny quirk, don’t you think? It also makes for cute nail art.

Flamingo Nails 20

Source: urbanangelnailsliverpool

13 – Five-Minute Featured Flamingo Nail

Another very simple design, these cute flamingo nails could easily be done in just a few minutes, adding a flamingo to your existing manicure. If you needed to give an older nail look a new lease of life, adding an additional feature is definitely a great way to go about it. And, when you’re bored of flamingos, you could replace the bird with any other animal you liked too.

Flamingo Nails 7

Source: youniquenailartistry

14 – Short n’ Sweet Pink Flamingo Nail Designs

Here’s a totally gruesome fact for you: the Ancient Romans were known for eating the tongues of flamingos, considering them to be a delicacy. We’re definitely not condoning this behaviour, preferring to look at them, rather than eat them. We prefer the Ancient Peru civilization, who often used flamingos in their art and were actually said to worship the usually-pink bird that stands on one leg.

Flamingo Nails 16

Source: hungry.squid

15 – Super Glossy & Square Black Flamingo Nails

How do you feel about adding some green to your adorable flamingo nails? We like the green pop of colour used in this pretty manicure design, using nail stamps or transfers/decals to achieve the flamingo silhouette over the top. We love a good silhouette, don’t you?

Flamingo Nails 8

Source: stylish.beauty.nails

16 – Pink n’ Glitter Flamingo Nail Art

Alternatively, lighten things up with some glitter and light green, tropical leaves, and you’ve got a nail look that would work well on both long nails and short nails alike. Here’s another fun fact about flamingoes for you: they’re the national bird of the Bahamas. Some consider them to be somewhat of a national bird for the United States of America too, with many households having plastic pink flamingos as garden ornaments.

Flamingo Nails 19

Source: nailsuponatime

17 – Simple Flamingo Shape Nail Art for Short Nails

Of course, you could always take things back to basics with this hand-drawn and rather rustic-looking flamingo manicure idea. A simple pink backdrop sets the perfect tone for the hand-drawn bird over the top. A black nail pen will help you to achieve this artistic look with ease.

Flamingo Nails 10

Source: nimynails

18 – Stars & Flamingo Nail Look

Fancy adding a little something else to your manicure? How about stars and flamingos? This cute and patterned look is definitely one to take inspiration from, and might just make it as one of the winners for our next summer nail look. Which one of these flamingo nail designs stands out the most for you? We’d love to know.

Flamingo Nails 17

Source: hungry.squid

19 – Tropical Flamingo Nails

Why not get up close and personal with your new flamingo friend, featuring only the head and neck of the bird in better detail? We love the glittery/shimmery tone used to bring those tropical leaves to life, a clever idea that could be used for a number of manicure ideas too, particularly over the summer. Longer nails gives you a little bit more surface area to play with, meaning that you can get super creative. We definitely appreciate the artistic flair that has gone into this look.

Flamingo Nails 11

Source: nails4cocktails

20 – Summer-Themed & Pink Flamingo Art Nails

Are you looking for new nails for summer? How about these pink flamingo art nails, featuring absolutely perfect shades of pink, purple, and that wonderful mint-green hue. With plam trees a’plenty and a few glitter sprinkles thrown in for good measure, it’s a fun and fabulous manicure idea that mathes the bird tone brilliantly.

Flamingo Nails 18

Source: thenailshacknewton

21 – Black & Red Flamingo Nails

If you were looking for someting a little out of the ordinary, you could always look at substituting the traditional flamingo colours — pink — with something a little darker, like black. It doesn’t take all of the nails to be black in order to make the contrasting diffrence, but it certainly packs a big punch.

Flamingo Nails 12

Source: nails4cocktails

What do you think? Are you feelin’ the flamingo frenzy yet? Do you think these adorable flamingo nails could just be in the running for your next summer vacay? We can’t wait to hear what you think, as always, so leave your comments and thoughts in the box below.

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