21 Grey Hair Designs You’ll Love!

Grey hair designs were a massive trend throughout the summer of 2015 and it seems to be continuing right through till winter with more and more celebrities rocking this frosty look. Rihanna had it for a while, Little Mix’s Perrie Edward’s rocked it, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jourdan Dunn, Lourdes Leon…

We could list celebs who have gone ga-ga for grey all day long!

If you think silver or grey hair is too ‘out there’ for you to give it a shot, think again. From subtle hints to a full-on head of frosty locks, there is a silver / grey hair look out there for everyone.

1 – Blue Steel

Instagram / Bescene
Instagram / bescene

To steal Zoolander’s most famous phrase, this Blue Steel look is beautifully breathtaking. A great frosty grey to almost-blue look for the winter, it doesn’t matter if your dark roots start to show through as you can see here. It’s a great way to experiment with a few different looks at once and to add more depth to lacklustre hair.

2 – The Subtle Fade

Instagram / Bescene
Instagram / bescene

At first glance this looks to be a one-toned grey style but as you look a little closer you’ll see that’s not the case. It has the slightest fade of silvery-grey to an almost blue tinge to bring it to life.

3 – Almost Naturally Grey

Instagram / Lourayworth_Hair
Instagram / lourayworth_hair

A great way to achieve the silver / grey look without making too much of a drastic change, there has been a slight silvery tinge added to random strands of these locks. It’s discreet and very natural looking. If you’re a beginner to the world of dying your hair, why not go for this classic look to start with?

4 – Boldly Grey Boho

Instagram / Beautybyshannonle
Instagram / beautybyshannonle

You might not think that grey was the right backdrop for a boho-babe look but as you can see from these long locks, it provides the perfect setting for the neutral shades in the feathered headpiece. Team with a fringed bag for the ultimate feel-free look – perfect for festivals!

5 – Denim Acid Wash Grey

Instagram / Bescene
Instagram / bescene

Acid wash jeans are in and so is acid wash hair. Leave your roots dark and work from a deep, dark blue to a barely-there hint of silvery tones to give you a great way to experiment with ombre on shorter hair.

6 – Frozen Silver + Blue

Instagram / Pastelocks
Instagram / pastelocks

Winter is coming which means you now have the perfect time to try this frosty Frozen-inspired silver and blue look. Go crazy with your colours and mix and match all shades of baby blues and greys or silvers to achieve this, and show it off by pulling strands back and pinning into place. This is a look that everyone needs to see and marvel at. This is one of my favourites out of all the grey hair designs!

7 – Lavender Ice

Instagram / Bescene
Instagram / bescene

Grey and lilac / purple shades go perfectly together as you can see from this lavender look. Sticking with pale shades of purple will help the look from being too obvious or out-there whilst adding depth with the two-toned hues.

8 – Lunar Purple

Instagram / Bescene
Instagram / bescene

If pale lilacs are a little too discreet for you, opt for a brighter purple to achieve this lunar purple look. Out of this world it might be but this dip-dye trick is a great way to experiment with temporary colour if you’re not quite yet brave enough to go for a full head of crazy hair.

9 – Plum + Grey

Instagram / Bescene
Instagram / bescene

Taking things to a slightly different level and this plum and dark, almost gunmetal grey look is out of this world. It’s a simple enough one to achieve – the top half of your hair is dyed with a rick purple / plum colour whilst the bottom half is toned into a really beautiful deep grey. Grey hair designs like this could be customised with a lot of different shades too – plum / purple, blue, pink, green, in fact, any colour you could think of!

10 – Silver + Aquamarine

Instagram / Bescene
Instagram / bescene

This look really shows you how simple and versatile these grey hair designs really could be. There’s very few colours or shades you couldn’t team with a grey backdrop and this silver to aquamarine delight is another classic example of how you can liven things up quickly and easily. Once again, the fishtail braid helps to jazz things up.

11 – Silver Lavender

Instagram / Bescene
Instagram / bescene

Silver or grey with a slight dusky lavender hue is a great way to revamp your style and even switch in between colours too! If you already have silver or grey hair, just add a diluted, powdered purple hue over the top to liven it up. You could also use this shade as an in-between for blue and pink!*

*Speaking from personal experience!

12 – Smoky Grey Ombre

Instagram / Bescene
Instagram / bescene

The ombre look is still very much in style and you can combine two trends in one with this smoke grey ombre. Simple yet effective, you start dark at the top and go lighter towards the end.

13 – Titanium Locks

Instagram / Beautybyshannonle
Instagram / beautybyshannonle

Keeping your bleached locks is vitally important when you want to experiment with styles like these titanium locks. Conditioning treatments are vital with your grey hair designs but you can kill two birds with one stone by using a conditioner plus product deposit such as Bleach London’s Silver Shampoo and Conditioner. It helps to keep the look fresh and silvery-grey whilst at the same time nourishing it to keep it hydrated and well nourished.

What’s the point in having a cool colour in your hair when it’s frizzy and un-loved?

14 – Icy Cool Silver

Icy Cool Silver
Instagram / swetlanapetuhova

Follow the likes of Jean-Paul Gaultier in the winter 2015 catwalk and head for an ice-cold blonde before using a silver toner to achieve that icy shine. You’ll need to make sure you keep up to date with routine and maintenance as this isn’t the softest of treatments to put your hair through.

15 – Grey Mermaid Magic

Instagram / Ssssamanthaa
Instagram / ssssamanthaa

Curls instantly revamp any hair-do and this is definitely the case for this pretty platinum metal look. Getting the right colour can be hard work if you’ve never tried this kind of look before, and all that bleaching and pre-lightening can have a seriously bad effect on your hair. To get this right first time and to prevent any unnecessary damage, visit a hairstylist.

16 – Blue Rinse

Instagram / Norvina
Instagram / norvina

Blue rinses are no longer something rocked by the elderly, it’s a very in-trend style for the winter. It’s almost inspired by the Frozen look again – it’s frosty and fabulous… Festive too!

17 – Cosmic Grey

Instagram / Jaymz.marsters
Instagram / jaymz.marsters

Are you looking for something a little more obvious than the frosty blue tones in the grey hair designs we showed you before? Check out this cosmic creation – bright pops or blue and purple throw in with the dark grey. There are very few colours you can’t pair with silver or grey so it gives you the perfect opportunity to start experimenting with colours you wouldn’t have thought of before.

18 – Those Lilac Tinges

Instagram / Parlourhairlounge
Instagram / parlourhairlounge

When you try to go silver or grey for the first time at home, you’ll probably notice your hair ends up more purple or lilac than the beautiful grey you had envisaged. If this happens to you it could be because of a couple of reasons – your hair is in poor condition and is absorbing too much of the purple present in silvery toners OR you’re leaving it on for too long. If you’re trying to achieve a beautiful grey colour, try applying little and often rather than pouring a whole tub of the stuff on your hair and leaving it for a couple of hours.

If you do happen to find yourself with shades of lilac, don’t try to hide it. Rock it! That’s bang on trend for right now too!

19 – Purple + Silver Ombre

Instagram / Sammiwang
Instagram / sammiwang

You’ve probably seen ombre featuring grey’s fading to purple or lavender shades but have you seen it the other way around? This look is great for when you can’t keep re-bleaching your roots and helps to give your locks a break and time to rejuvenate. Rather than rushing to your hairdressers to get them to touch up your silver locks, ask for a contrasting colour on your roots instead. Get creative!

20 – Grey with a Hint of Pink

Instagram / Wifeofastylist
Instagram / wifeofastylist

Bored of purple? Why not try pink? This great grey and pink look shows you have versatile a creation of two colours can be, especially when you fishtail braid them like you can see here. This is also a great look for when you don’t have time to wash your hair…


21 – Baby Blue Dip Dye

Baby Blue Dip Dye
Instagram / sammiwang

The dip dye is the perfect way to play around with colour. If you’ve been silver or grey for a while and you’re looking for a way to liven things up again, don’t automatically assume you need to change the whole of your locks. Add a slightly different colour to the ends of the hair for a look that is both different and fun.

Silver / grey hair is the most versatile colour you can try this year. There are so many shades and hues you can pick from, and so many contrasting colours you could pair it with as well. Why not get creative and show us what you come up with? Tag #CherryCherryBeauty in your hair fashion pics and remember to like us on Twitter & Facebook!

Go ga-ga for grey hair!