21 Halloween 2019 Mani Ideas

Can you believe how fast the year is zooming by? It seems like just five minutes ago we were moaning that the summer temperatures were “too hot”, and yet here we are, staring winter in the face, looking at Halloween 2019 mani ideas to go with that costume we’re totally going to rock …

We need to find a way to slow down time, folks. We here at the CherryCherryBeauty den are getting older by the day!

Age concerns aside, what are you planning on dressing up as this Halloween? Or do you – like us – still have no clue what you’re going to wear? Maybe these mani inspiration pics will give you a boost in the right direction. We can’t wait to see what you’re all going to be wearing, that’s for sure.

1 – Zombie Cute Betty Boo Halloween Nails

These are hella cute, don’t you think? We would never have thought of putting something as cute as Betty Boo on Halloween nails, but the zombie version of her just works so well. We’d also like to draw your attention to those amazing spider and spiderweb detail nails too … There’s some very impressive artistic flair going on here, kids.

21 Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 5

Source: home_of_deva

2 – Trick or Treat Nails for Halloween

We’re lightening things up with these adorable trick or treat nails for Halloween. You can just give us all of the treats, though. We’re not sure we’re in the right frame of mind for a trick …

(Nor do we want to ruin these amazing nails during the tricking!)

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 9

Source: evy.novoa

3 – Square-Tipped Black Halloween Nails

Back to dark, we’re opting for black nails here, but this time we’re adding simple blood drops and a sweet spiderweb, combined with rhinestone spider body. We’d be much less fearful of spiders if they had rhinestone bodies too.

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 10

Source: sarahnelsonnaildesigns

4 – Long & Pointed Nails for Halloween 2019

What nail shape or type is your favourite? If you like to keep things long and pointed, these spooky-themed talons might just do the trick. There’s brains, blood drops, and some serious style here … What more could you want?

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 12

Source: glossynails

5 – Holographic & Black Skull Nails for Halloween

We can’t get enough of the holographic trend, although we must admit we’d never thought of incorporating the light-reflective detail in with dark, Halloween nails. Complete with spooky skills, this nail look shows you just how to do it … and my, what a look it is!

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 19

Source: naq57

6 – Cute Little Boo Halloween 2019 Mani Ideas

How about something sweet, rather than something spooky? How about a cute little boo? We’re loving how adorable these pointed Halloween nails are, and it just goes to show that you don’t have to spooky, blood-spattered, or even dark to get the look.

21 Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 6

Source: home_of_deva

7 – Cute Black & Orange Pumpkin Nails

Pumpkins and Halloween go together like … well, pumpkins and Halloween. But what goes together with both of those? Black, pointed talons, that’s what. Oh, and a bit of silver sparkle too. These nails definitely caught our eyes … But will they capture you?

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 18

Source: sarahnelsonnaildesigns

8 – Bad Black & Skull Halloween Nails

If it’s not a pumpkin at Halloween, it’ll be a skeleton or a skull, and it’s the latter that this classic black design is rocking. We’re obsessed with that little silver embellishment there … Anyone else rushing to Amazon to try and find something similar??

21 Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 8

Source: classyclaws

9 – Do Not Cross Nails

Okay, if you’re bringing Halloween candy, we might just let you cross. No candy, no cross, though. If it’s a bright and bold look you’re hunting for, this one’s got pretty much everything you might need. We’re especially loving those colourful ghouls. It makes a change from the typical white ghosts, right?

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 17

Source: evy.novoa

10 – Skull Detail & Pointed Nail Inspo

Just when you think you’ve seen everything skull-like you’re ever going to possibly see on a nail, a talented artist goes out there and pulls another fabulous look out of the bag. Not that these skull detail nails deserve to be in a bag, of course. We’ll get a friend to reach in for our phones to ensure our nails don’t get messed up! ?

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 16

Source: jessedoesnails

11 – Halloween Blood Splatter Effect Nails

These blood spatter effect Halloween 2019 mani ideas (the white and red ones, obviously) are so simple to do, but we love the negative effect version that’s been thrown in — black background with a red sparkle-effect blood look. Which way around do you prefer? Or would you opt for something like this look and go for both?

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 15

Source: modiddie

12 – Orange & Skeleton Nails for Halloween

Orange and purple — they go together so well, especially at this spooky time of year, and we love the way they’ve been used in a cute and feminine, yet spooky way in this nail look.

21 Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 7

Source: home_of_deva

13 – Red Spiderweb Nails

We hope you don’t suffer from arachnophobia! (I’m literally trying not to look at the screen as I write this!) These red and white spiderweb nails, complete with black spiders, are not only relatively easy to achieve with some hand-painting patience but are also perfect for Halloween.

If you like spiders, you could wear these any time of year, we guess? ??‍♀️

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 3

Source: kandeenails

14 – Happy Halloween Skull Ombre Nails

With an ombré looking as tasty as candy corn, these ‘Happy Halloween’ nails have got the elements you’d want in Halloween-themed nails. Candy corn, skull and crossbones, and a spider web? The look is basically complete!

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 14

Source: shannasnailadventures

15 – All Things Halloweenie Nails

If you’re anything like we are, then you won’t be able to make your actual costume decision until right at the last minute. And that process makes finding the right nail design a really difficult process. Nails like this make life a little easier — a little bit of everything “Halloweenie” thrown together for a look that is all together spooky and scary.

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 21

Source: kiachain

16 – Spooky Black Matte Halloween Nails for 2019

We love the matte nail trend, so you imagine how happy we were to come across these gorgeous spooky black matte nails, which we’re totally adding to our list of Halloween 2019 mani ideas on Pinterest.

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 20

Source: majesticstephanie

17 – Trick or Treat Halloween Manicure

Trick or treat! It’s the ‘cat nail’ that we love in this look – a great way to bring your pampered pet into the equation. And remember, kids, a black cat is for life; not just for Halloween.

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 2

Source: kandeenails

18 – Black n’ Purple Trick or Treat Nails

Black and purple is a great combo of colours for Halloween, and we love the way that they’ve been used in these cute Halloween talons. Decals are your friend for a quick text look, and we’ve found loads of Halloween-inspired decals and transfers on Amazon, Etsy, and similar places. Is it time that you took a closer look for yourself … ?

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 13

Source: naq57

19 – Vampire Inspired Halloween Nails

How about a different spooky scene on each nail? This kind of thing is made a lot easier when a nail artist does it all for you, of course, but who would really know if you were to go crazy-creative on stick-on nails? No one. And you could simply take them off the next day if you needed to much easier than with acrylic or gel extensions.

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 11

Source: nevertoomuchglitternailart

20 – Blood n’ Gore Nails

What kind of horror is your type of horror? If you like a bit of blood n’ gore, you might just find that these nails give you all the Halloween inspiration you could need. We think those short, pointed tips are KILLER. How about you?

21 Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 4

Source: sparkleandfadenaildesign

21 – Matte Grey Stars + Bats Halloween 2019 Mani Ideas

Looking for matte finish Halloween nails? These cute, grey beauties are up for the challenge, stars and moon thrown in to bring in that spooky middle-of-the-night effect. You can buy these in sticker or decal format from a number of places, for pretty cheap, and we can’t wait to see what different designs everyone comes up with. Don’t forget to come back and show us if you get creative so that we can feature you!

Halloween 2018 Mani Ideas 1

Source: kandeenails

Sooooooo which one of these fabulous nails looks was YOUR favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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