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21 Halloween Nail Ideas

Is it too soon to start getting excited about Halloween? We don’t think so. In fact, we wish it could be Halloween all year around. In case you’re having a hard time bringing together a costume, or the extra additions such as nails, makeup, hair, etc., here’s some nail inspiration with these Halloween nail ideas …

Did you know that the word “Halloween” is actually just short for “All Hallow’s Eve”, or in some places just “Hallow’s Evening”. What about the fact that black and orange was adopted as the ‘official’ colours for Halloween because orange is a symbol of endurance and strength, something necessary to get through a typical harvest, and because the colours are typical with the autumn / fall season.

And of course, black is the blackest colour around, a symbol of death and all things dark, just perfect for the horror-ific time of year. But in case black and orange were too Halloween for your liking, check out these colourful delights:

We love this combination of Halloween nail ideas and Pretty Little Liars which, let’s face it, most of us were obsessed with. Dead girls walking? Absolutely!

Halloween Nail Ideas 18
Instagram / @nailedbyceline

There are a lot of designs in this fabulous Halloween inspired look, but you don’t need to quite as out-there if you’re a beginner or just don’t have that much time on your hands. We love the white and red blood drip nails the most, and those are the ones we’d try to get right first. If the worst happens, you can always make all of your Halloween nails that way.

Blood and bats go together just as brilliantly as … well, blood and bats. That’s when you’re talking about Halloween nail ideas, of course. Both are essential for the average Halloween costume, and both are included in these short and sweet designs.

Halloween Nail Ideas 19
Instagram / @cottonconey

You should start with the white background. You can then use a straw to blow those blood spatters all over your nails, wiping the stuff that gets only our skin away once it’s all dried. The bats can either be decals or hand-painted, it all depends on how handy you think you are, and finish it all off with a good top coat to make sure there are no chips to ruin your talons before the big day.

Mirror nails are everywhere right now, and if you didn’t see the designs we featured, you can find them here:

Halloween Nail Ideas 19
Instagram / @phdnails

The look is actually a lot simpler than you’d think, and you actually need to start with that holographic, mirrored background first. There are nail wraps you can buy, or you can layer up hyper-pigmented powder to get that glossy, reflective finish. We prefer wraps though – much easier and less messy!

Once you decal is applied, you place a stencil design and go over the entire nail with a matte black. When it’s dried, pull away the stencil and you should have something that looks a little like this sugar-skull design. We love the look – how about you?

Another great Halloween inspired look involving bats, we love this look. It’s super simple too, and if you buy a sheet of bat decals, it’ll take just a minute to position them all rather than trying to hand-paint a bunch of them. That’s just our experience anyway. The decals always seem to look better because we’re rubbish at drawing them.

Halloween Nail Ideas 20
Instagram / @playfulpolishes

We found loads of bat nail decals on Etsy, and you can find them HERE.

Recreating these Halloween nails is simple – paint your base coat which, in this case, is that super shiny purple shade. When it’s dried, apply your bats wherever you want them on the nail, and then cover with a top coat to keep them in place and secure.

Admittedly it’s all about The Nightmare Before Christmas, but that doesn’t matter to us – we think Jack Frost is perfectly acceptable at Halloween, and these Jack Frost nails are super awesome. Not only that, they’re super simple to recreate at home too. We know that because we’ve tried it ourselves.

Halloween Nail Ideas
Spotted on Pinterest

Start with a white background – paint all of your nails with this white background. Make sure you use a decent quality one too – cheap ones will often mean too thick or too thin. In turn this will mean lots of coats or a lumpy finish, two things you definitely don’t want when you’re trying to design killer Halloween nails.

When the white has dried, freehand draw that Jack Frost face on – it’s simple enough for the even the most amateur of nail painters to get right after a couple of attempts. On the remainder of your nails, use tape to cover off stripes, and paint black to get that black and white look. Finish it all off with a top coat, of course.

It’s like a right horror scene in here, and we love these blood spatter Halloween nails. Perfect for when you’re feeling particularly murderous. It’s the only time of year you can get away with it.

Halloween Nail Ideas 10
Click for tutorial – Canadian Nail Fanatic

There’s a tutorial to these nails if you click on the image, but it’s pretty easy to get it right – you just flick the brush towards the direction of your nails to get that blood spattered look. Use a red nail pen, or a thinner brush, to get the handprint and drip look right, and you’re pretty much good to go!

This look covers two in one – you’ve got those fabulous mirror / chrome nails, plus Wednesday Addams who, let’s be frank about this, is a perfect representative not only of Halloween, but most of us on a day to day basis.

Halloween Nail Ideas 11
Instagram / @miathenailartistee

You’d need to be a pretty impressive freehand artist to get these nails spot on, but luckily you can get your hands on nail wraps to cheat a bit. It doesn’t matter that you faked it. What matters is that you have pretty damn fabulous Halloween nails and these are definitely that!

Halloween is the perfect time to let your inner Disney villain free, and what better way than with these Maleficent Halloween nail ideas, colourful, intricate, and beautiful all at once.

Halloween Nail Ideas 14
Instagram / @clairestelle8

These have been freehand painted fabulously, but most of us just aren’t born with that skill. Luckily you can buy decals in place of Maleficent herself, but the rest of the nails are simple enough. The background is just a mixed wash of green and purple, and the spiderweb design is easy enough to do with the help of a black nail pen. It’s actually quite simple for such an intricate design.

If you want nails that are both simple and effective, what about these glitter-tactic delights for Halloween nail ideas? The background is a simple red shimmer, and silver decals can be popped over the top in seconds. Five minute nails? We think so!

Halloween Nail Ideas 13
Instagram / clairestelle8

We don’t want all the most intricate of designs on our talons, and for those people, a look like this is simple. Even if this was a little too much for your liking, you could have just the one featured nail with a design on, keeping the red simple and red glitter alone.

Here’s a fun fact for you – Dracula in real life may not have drunk the actual blood of his victims like everyone said he did, but he did dunk his bread in blood from time to time, which still makes him too much of a blood-sucking vampire for our liking.

Halloween Nail Ideas 17
Instagram / @iamdeliasnails

Oh, and just in case you weren’t freaked out enough, the blood he dunked his bread into was the blood of the people he had killed.

But you totally still want Dracula nails this Halloween … right?

If you don’t want super scary nails this Halloween, what about these cute Halloween nail ideas instead? They can easily be adapted for short and square nails, and they’re super cute too so why wouldn’t you want them?

Halloween Nail Ideas 16
Instagram / @kawaiiklaws

We all make lanterns out of pumpkins these days, but back in the early days of Halloween, they didn’t use pumpkins at all. They used turnips. It just doesn’t have the same appeal, does it? A Halloween turnip?

Luckily, you won’t look like a right turnip with these nails … See what we did there?

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these Halloween nail ideas. Did we say love enough times? Well, we really do love them. We’ve never thought of using this idea but it works, and now we kinda want to dress up as Edward Scissorhands ourselves this year, just so that we can rock them.

Halloween Nail Ideas 12
Instagram / nailsbys0urpatch_zuly

The Edward Scissorhand pictures are actually decals, making your life even easier. They would be pretty hard to hand-paint, we think. The black striped lines are easily achieved over those nude nails with some tape, and gold decals and embellishments can act as the buckles on the strapping.

All in all we think it’s a brilliant idea!

Did you know that a phobia of all things Halloween was actually a thing? It’s called “samhainophobia” and we definitely don’t have it.

Halloween Nail Ideas 7
Instagram / @nailsbyjema

In fact, we love monsters, ghouls, witches, and all things frightening, and these cute monster inspired nails are perfect for those of you that want to celebrate the horror-holiday in adorable style.

Another thing that just goes great with Halloween is the whole witchy theme, and if we’re being honest, we’re glad Halloween just gives us a reason to be a right witch!

Halloween Nail Ideas 6
Spotted on Pinterest

These ones are easily achieved – start with pointed / stiletto nails, paint with black matte polish, or use a regular black polish and apply your matte top coat over the top, and then when it’s all dry, use white decals or a white nail pen to draw those moon and pentacle shapes. Or whatever witchy shapes you like really! Super simple and super awesome. Some might even say spell-binding!

What if you want to be cute and villainous at the same time? Well, that’s where these villainous Disney nails come into play, and what cuties they are!

Halloween Nail Ideas 3
Spotted on Pinterest

If you’re dressing up as one villain in particular, use that one on your nails. If you’re not dressing up at all and just fancy some appropriately themed nails for a few weeks, have all of the Disney villains. Make it as complicated or as simple as you like – that’s the beauty of them!

What Halloween would be complete without a pumpkin or two? And just in case you ever wondered where that ‘trick or treat’ tradition came from, it’s an old Celtic thing. Back in those days, people would place treats out to keep the wandering spirits happy and stop them from haunting them and making a general nuisance of themselves.

Halloween Nail Ideas 2
Spotted on Pinterest

It didn’t happen at Halloween either – it was Samhain, otherwise known as the end of the Celtic year. Sorry to spoil any illusions …

Speaking of pumpkins, which we were, what about these cute glitter pumpkin Halloween nail ideas? They’re cute and simple, won’t take up too much of your time, and will definitely go with any outfit you could pull out of your closet.

Halloween Nail Ideas 4
Instagram / @lifeisbetterpolished

They’re simple enough – there’s the one featured nail (which we love), and it’s just bee painted orange, using black nail pen (or decals) to recreate that pumpkin-carved look. It’s great, right?!

We love ghost nails, we love glow in the dark nails, so what should come next? Glow in the dark ghost nails obviously! These are fabulous, day or night.

Halloween Nail Ideas 9
Spotted on Pinterest

If you don’t have the luxury of finding nail wraps or decals to achieve this look, you can buy glow in the dark nail paint to recreate the look at home. Paint little ghosties on top of a black background, or use a glow in the dark background before applying stickers / decals and painting over them with black. Either way, they’ll look super cool when the lights go down!

Black cats go hand in hand with Halloween, so we think these adorable black cats Halloween nail ideas are awesome. They’re simple and won’t take too long, and they’re different – unique, you know?

Halloween Nail Ideas 5
Spotted on Pinterest

It’s a black tip with spikes for the ears, and once it’s dry, you’ll add a dot of white for each eye. A black nail pen will help to create that black stripe down the centre for the cat-eye look. Simple, effective, and super cute too. What’s not to love?

And for those of you who want something bright an bold, what about these bright pink, orange and yellow gradient nail, completely with Halloween style silhouette design? The gradient is easy enough to recreate by painting the three stripes of colour on a sponge, and then pressing that sponge against your nail.

Halloween Nail Ideas 15
Instagram / @clairestelle8

You could use decals, stencils, and even paper shapes to get that dark horror-look, and you could also play around with the background colours too. Green and blues with black, for example, or whatever colours and shades matches your outfit!

And for a super cute look, what about bats and glitter? In fact, you could even go glittery Batman style! We love the contrast of cute and girlie pastel shades for the background, and the glitter just adds to the look too.

Halloween Nail Ideas 8
Spotted on Pinterest

If you didn’t like bats, there are a number of other designs you could use – cats, graveyard silhouettes, monsters, you name it, you could use it. It’s a basic design, and one that can easily be changed should you want to, but one that packs a great punch. Isn’t that why we love it?

So … what did you think? Did any of these Halloween nail ideas take your fancy? Did any of them inspire your Halloween costume for 2016? Let us know what you decide to dress up as, and don’t forget to show us your horror-talons! We can’t wait to see them!


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