21 Halloween Nails

How Halloweenie are you feeling today? Well, we hope that we’re going to put you well and truly in the mood with some of these Halloween nails. Because it would be a travesty to pay attention to your outfit, hair, and makeup, and then leave the nails out, don’t you think?

If you’re on the hunt for some Halloween nails inspiration, we have a few ideas that we would like to present to you. Are you ready? Sitting comfortably? We shall begin …

1 – Blue Boo Halloween Nails

It sounds like something cute and, in reality, these blue boo nails are actually pretty cute. A simple yet effective design, you could use a nail stamp to help you achieve those cute slogans across the royal blue background. Alternatively, nail transfers will work just as well. If you don’t have time to make it to the salon to get some killer Halloween nails this year, opt for a DIY look that’s cute and simple, just like this one.

Halloween Nails 2

Source: shannasnailadventures

2 – Spinning a Web

Let’s get busy, spinning a web, with this beautiful white-over-holographic silver look. Again, nail transfers and stamps will help you to design those white spiderweb looks at home, but you could go crazy as they’re an easy enough design to create freehand. Finish everything off with a teeny little black spider and you’re good to go. Halloweenie in moments, just what we like!

Halloween Nails 4

Source: fairytalesnails

3 – Pumpkins in a Line

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins, and these cute pumpkin nails are something to definitely take inspiration from. Black and orange — the traditional shades of Halloween, pumpkins are basically a circle with a sprout at the top, a face carved in for good measure. That means the design isn’t too difficult to freehand paint at home.

Halloween Nails 5

Source: sveta_sanders

4 – Pennywise It Nails

It’s the movie that everyone’s talking about this year, so Pennywise, IT-inspired nails most definitely had to be on the list. Have you seen it yet? We watched it recently, and the original version of it too. What did you think about it? We kinda liked it, although it definitely scared the pants off of us!

Halloween Nails 6

Source: sara_strange_art

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5 – Grown Up Marble Halloween Nails

If you were looking for something a little more grown-up and sophisticated for your Halloween nails this year, we would like to present to you these stunning marble, grey and black nails. They’re long and spiky — everything Halloween nails should be. But are they Halloweenie enough for you?

Halloween Nails 7

Source: nikkinails44

6 – Deep Red Spider Nails

We’ve shown you spider nails, yes, but we haven’t yet shown you red and black spider nails. It just goes to show how many different ways there are to rock that spider + spiderweb theme. We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with this year!

Halloween Nails 13

Source: frankievnails

7 – Bloody Battle Halloween Nails

It looks like an awful battle went down in the making of these fab Halloween nails, but, to be fair, we think that’s probably the point. Red splash marks over white nails is the perfect way to bring the killer theme to any nail look you want to rock this year.

Halloween Nails 16

Source: envynailsaustin

8 – Traditional Addams Family Halloween Nails

Where would Halloween be without the Addams family? That’s why we definitely needed to add these cute and spooky-themed nails to the list. We found a whole bunch of these scary nail transfers on Etsy and Amazon. Which ones would you go for?

Halloween Nails 16

Source: a_michellenails

9 – Holographic Halloween Nails

It’s holographic silver with spiderwebs again, but rather than white spiderwebs, we’ve gone with black spiderwebs because, why not? This look is adorable for short nails and just goes to show that you don’t need fierce and long talons to rock a spooky-themed look.

Halloween Nails 14

Source: veronica_nail_art

10 – Simple Spider Nail Stamping

Using a nail stamp once again, this spider printed Halloween nails look has been created, gold over red which isn’t the usual colour scheme that you would opt for at this spooky time of year. Sometimes, with the right patterns and theme of your design, you don’t even need to go down the route of following traditional colour trends. There’s not a hint of black and orange in this look, and that’s just one reason why we love it so!

Halloween Nails 3

Source: shannasnailadventures

11 – Spooky Boo Halloween Nails

Spooky boo nails — like blue boo, but much spookier! This hand painted design has everything that we love about Halloween in it, including our favourite colours — black and white. Well, blue really. A spooky blue!

Halloween Nails 12

Source: yagala

12 – Deep, Rich + Red Halloween Nails

We’re bringing textures into the mix with these deep, rich and red Halloween nails, encapsulating the theme perfectly. 3D and magnetic nail products will help you achieve those rippled effects, and they’re surprisingly easy to get the hang of.

Halloween Nails 15

Source: glossynails

13 – Slasher Nails

Where would Halloween be without slasher nails? It’s very Freddy-inspired and would make the perfect finishing touch to the Halloween costume you’re planning on wearing this year. Are you brave enough to get slashy?

Halloween Nails 19

Source: armstrongnails

14 – Disney Halloween Nails

Of course, for when you don’t want to take things down a scary, slasher route, you could always go the cute route instead. In fact, we think we might just love these Halloween nails even more than the rest. Why? Because Disney, that’s why.

Halloween Nails 20

Source: toxicvanityblog

15 – Black + Red Vampire Halloween Nails

Black and red — they’re just two colours that look pretty scary together, don’t you think? Red foil pieces have been used to create this half n’ half look, which we also think would make for perfect original black and red Harley Quinn nails, what do you think?

Halloween Nails 21

Source: nailsbyvikkik

16 – Ombre Halloween Nails

Where would we be without the ombre look? Such a classic look, but one that has been given a spooky revamp with this Halloween nails theme. The very simple addition of the moon and spiderweb has given these talons the Halloweenie feel.

Halloween Nails 18

Source: envynailsaustin

17 – Natural Halloween Nails

This is a cool idea, don’t you think? Leave your nails plain and unpainted, but just use a black pen, stencil or black transfers to give you the Halloween look over the top. Bats, cats, witches and more, it’s got everything you’d need for this year’s spooky dress-up.

Halloween Nails 11

Source: sveta_sanders

18 – Freddy vs Jason Halloween Nails

Freddy versus Jason is a classic Halloween movie, so it just makes sense that the idea would be turned into classic Halloween nails too. One on one hand, the other villain on the other. It just works perfectly, don’t you think?

Halloween Nails 10

Source: haha_nails_

19 – Ouija Board Nails

Our mother always told us never to play with Ouija boards so we never did. Mostly because we were too frightened to do it. If you’re willing to speak to the other dimension, do so with style in this fab ghoulish nail designs.

Halloween Nails 9

Source: getbuffednails

20 – Purple + Grey Halloween Nails

Purple and grey — a colour that you probably wouldn’t have associated with Halloween, but as you can see from this cool nails, it definitely works. Stripes, spiderwebs, and even a cool and pretty black design too. It has all the makings of some damn fine Halloween nails if you ask us!

Halloween Nails 8

Source: NailsIT

21 – Dancing Skeleton Halloween Nails

Last but certainly not least, how do dancing skeletons tickle your fancy? If you wanted something slightly cuter and definitely more fun, this is the way to do it. You could even switch the blue for a wide range of other shades to make it match your own Halloween costume a little better.

Halloween Nails 1

Source: shannasnailadventures

And there you have them — 21 Halloween nails that we think you’re going to absolutely love. Bright and bold, mean and moody, and everything else in between, but which one of these have given you all the Halloween inspiration? And, don’t forget to send them so that we can show off your work too. There’s a blank spot in a future Halloween themed article just waiting for a picture of your nails!