21 Hot Summer Looks

It’s that time of year again – the sun has popped its head out and the temperatures are getting well and truly hot! Well, warmer than they were, at least, and that’s good enough for us to be searching for the latest hot summer looks for 2017. Whether you’re looking for something smart or casual, bold or muted, long or short, we’ve got something to suit you. Every body shape, every body type, it doesn’t matter. These hot summer looks for 2017 can be worn by everyone, and we can’t wait to see you rocking them with STYLE!

If you do recreate any of the looks we have shown you today, please send them in to us. We would love to feature you, and we would also love more inspiration for future fashion, hair or beauty posts!

1 – Bright + Bold Seaside Stripes

Valentino and Banana Republic were a big fan of those bright and bold seaside stripes on the cat walks at the Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Week, New York. We actually featured nautical stripes more in 21 Ways to Wear Nautical Stripes, and it’s a fashion trend that seems to come and go quite regularly. This means that you should never throw your nautical stuff away. You’ll only be frustrated when it comes back in fashion as next summer comes back around …

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 4

Source: uncaro

We loved this casual look, pairing a simple red and white striped tee with some casual denims. Throwing a pair of Converse trainers on at the end is always a good idea, something that we have also discussed here > 21 Ways to Wear Converse. In short, everything about this look is an absolute winner, and we’ve managed to recreate it with these key pieces:

2 – Wall Street Stripes

We’ve had seaside stripes and now it’s time for Wall Street stripes. They’re almost the same except the latter is far more serious than the former, and it’s often more tailored too. There are so many ways in which you can rock this look these days. In fact, the high street stores are awash with these pin-striped style delights. We’ve found so many that we found it hard to whittle our way down to just a few looks to show you.

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 13

Source: traciemariep

You could use this trend to incorporate a number of other trends, which is probably what makes it so fabulous. You could go for the big wrapped waist look, for example, or even the cold shoulder look. There’s so many to pick from, it might take you a while. Which one is your favourite?

3 – Oriental Style

How do you feel about a taste of the oriental? You definitely need to inject some of this bright luxury into your life, and we think you should most definitely start with this beautiful two-piece from Pretty Little Thing. You could easily wear a simple white vest top with this skirt, if the two-piece was a little too much for you. Or that top with cute jeans and heels? What do you think? Would you wear them? How?

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 34

Source: Pretty Little Thing

4 – Ruffles

Marc Jacobs, Mulberry, and even Alexandra McQueen were displaying their best ruffles for spring and summer, and if you’re on the hunt for the hot summer looks for 2017, these ruffles are just what you should be searching for.

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 35

Source: hauteinstinct

They’re easy to wear – a ruffled body with jeans, for example, looks great with heels. You could swap the heels for a pair of Converse for during the day, or swap the jeans for a body con skirt. You could even take things one step further and actually look at ruffle dresses. Use it to your advantage to rock that off-the-shoulder or cold-shoulder trend too, and really embrace the trend with all the boho you have in you.

All we’re saying is, ruffles are a huge trend and they’re set to stay for a while yet …

5 – Slogans, Slogans, Slogans

Slogans are EVERYWHERE right now. We’re rocking them on our handbags, across our shoes, on our t-shirts … You name it, if there’s a space, there’ll be a slogan on it. T-shirts are so easy to wear too, whether you’re wearing one with some cute slogan across the front or not. You can dress the up by tucking them into an A-line skirt and throwing on some heels, and you could also add some strappy sandals and some turned-up jeans. They’re super simple, super on-trend, and you could even make your own at home with the help of some fabric paint. In fact, if you have done this, please send them into us! We’re desperate to do a post on hand-painted t-shirt designs!

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 39

Source: fashionablepassion1

Oh, and just in case you didn’t want to make your own, buying them instead, here’s a few that we think are so cute right now. Which ones are tempting you?

6 – Cute Playsuits

Playsuits are great for so many reasons, but we feel that the most important is because they help you to maintain your dignity when you’re out and about in the hot summer months. Skirts and dresses are okay, but only for so long. Playsuits give the best of a few worlds, and can still be dressed up or down, dependant on what you wear with them. Heels and accessories make for a great evening look, whereas cute trainers and loose hair make for a great and easy daytime look. For the record, this adorable red number is very much on trend, very much made for summer, and available at Boohoo. You’ll find it if you click on the image, or the link beneath it.

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 49

Source: Boohoo

7 – Sassy Swimwear

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a while now, you’ll probably know that swimwear is a big deal. Like, the biggest deal we’ve ever seen. We’re seeing all sorts of swimsuits on the market these days, for curvy girls, athletic girls, busty girls … More styles of swimwear means more styles to suit every woman out there. And when you find a bathing suit that rocks, your confidence goes through the roof.

This beautiful one piece rocks the cold shoulder trend as well as the brilliant bathing suit one. Didn’t you know that big floral prints were in right now? Plus, who doesn’t want to rock a tropical-coloured, floral swimsuit anyway?

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 43

Source: Topshop

Oh, and just to make life even easier, there are now bikinis and swimsuits to match everyone – to make every girl feel like a million bucks. Just take a look at some of these beauties if you don’t believe us:

8 – Pretty Pinafore Dresses

Pinafore dresses are adorable. They remind us of being kids, and nostalgic wardrobe choices are always great ones. We love to wear a denim pinafore with cute white and lace frilly socks and Converse trainers, and a white tee underneath, or a vest top. You could even pair them with a body, tights or leggings and boots for when the weather gets cold, and they are great for layering up even further.

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 44

Source: Miss Selfridge

In short, pinafore dresses are a great wardrobe investment, and they are showing signs of sticking around too. It might be worth shopping … Just in case you do feel like taking a closer look at the pinafore trend, here’s a few that we loved:

9 – One Arm Forward

Another day, another hot trend – the one-shoulder look is a great look for right now. And, if you opt for a beautiful little red playsuit like this one from Pretty Little Thing, you’re killing it with a whole bunch of different fashion trends in one. You’re rocking a playsuit with one shoulder and a ruffle … All you need to add is some killer liner, cool heels, and accessories that make you feel a million bucks. The sassy attitude will come naturally!

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 32

Source: Pretty Little Thing

10 – Marvellous Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses … We own about three million of them here in the CherryCherryBeauty den. Okay, that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration, but we do own an awful lot of them between us. There’s a reason for it too – they’re so easy to wear. For those days when you’re too lazy to find multiple items of clothing, you can just throw on a maxi dress. For the days when it’s too hot to wear jeans but you haven’t shaved your legs, there’s maxi dresses. They’re loose, pretty, bring out all the best in your curves, and are PERFECT for summer. They were MADE for summer.

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 53

Source: sheerstomping

There are so many maxi dresses out there right now, and you can dress these beauties up or down, dependant on the occasion you need them for. With so many positives and not very many negatives, we just have one question to ask you … How many maxi dresses do you own? And is it time you invested in one? (Or a few …?) We fell in love with these:

11 – Rose Gold Footwear

Rose gold footwear has been EVERYWHERE lately, particularly of the sneaker / trainers variety. With Adidas, Reebok, and plenty more big designer bringing out ranges of beautiful metallic pink beauties, we’re getting sneaker-envy every time one of our friends goes shopping! And they seem to go with everything too – jeans, skirts, playsuits, summer dresses, pinafores, basically everything on this list of hot summer looks for 2017 …

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 60

Source: kimblebee666

If you have shoe envy too, don’t worry. There are plenty of pretty shoes to pick from, and we’re going to start by pointing you in the direction of these:

12 – Fabulous Denim

If you wanted a new way to wear your denim favourites, you’ve found it. Fabulous denim is back in town, and you can celebrate in true style with sequins, painted designs, and all manner of patches. You can buy them, make them, or even encourage the most creative of your friends to create them for you … Just think of the possibilities! They are simply endless.

Oh, just in case you wanted to buy them rather than make your own, we found this fabulously sequinned jeans at Miss Selfridge and felt the need to shout about them … VERY LOUDLY!

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 45

Source: Miss Selfridge

13 – Yellow, Yellow, Yellow

It comes around every summer and it’s definitely one of the hot summer looks for 2017! Coach and Kate Spade New York were big fans of this look, mostly with beautiful ranges of long and flowing yellow maxi dresses. These are perfect for summer, of course, but maxi dresses aren’t the only kind of dresses you can use to rock this bright shade.

This beautiful fashion blogger totally has the right idea with this pretty, floral swing dress, also rocking that bright yellow shade. There are plenty of shades of yellow out there, and it’s just a case of finding the right yellow shade for your skin tone.

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 9

Source: thevagabondwayfarer

Yellows and oranges, particularly the brighter ones, are said to work really well on those with olive and yellowish complexions, as well as those with dark blonde to dark brown hair. The warmer shades are better – warmer and richer.

Yellows are also really great for those with porcelain skin, those with red hair, and also those with blue eyes. The reason for this is because the contrasting shades are often quite striking in comparison. Take a peek at this beautiful dresses for more inspiration, and remember to click on the image to be taken to where you can take a closer look.

14 – Statement Sleeves

Slits, wide-sleeves, ruffles, you name it, if it’s got a statement sleeve, it’s on trend for right now. In fact, these big puffy and statement sleeves were all over the Spring Summer 2017 catwalks, with Balmain being one of the designers to lead the trend. This entire look was taken from the high street, making it even easier for you to recreate the look for yourself. The top is from Zara, the skirt is from Missguided, and the shoes are from New Look. It’s time to go shopping …

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 31

Source: enny_oh

If you’re trying a new sleeve trend for the first time, keep everything else around it simple. If you opt for all statement everything, you will just look as if you have thrown everything on that you found in your closet that morning. Simple jeans or leggings and a statement sleeve is a great idea, and we’ve found a few outfit ideas that prove this theory perfectly …

15 – Stunning Summer Dresses

Summer was made for pretty summer dresses, and you won’t find much prettier than this halterneck beauty. If you don’t like a halterneck, don’t worry, there are plenty of other styles you can pick from. One of the easiest to wear, and the most flattering for all styles, is the A-line design, but if you’re feeling fun and sassy, a halterneck really does inject all of those things.

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 57

Source: Pink Boutique

16 – Sportswear

It’s a big look right now, and we’re super thankful for that because sportswear is often much easier to wear than 99% of what we have in our closet right now. The trend is very much on those items with words along the elasticated waistband, the waistband (and underhand of tops) being very much a feature of the whole look.

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 24

Source: florencia95

The Calvin Klein look of showing off your underwear is coming in as an actual trend, and it’s not only comfortable, but flattering and easy to wear too. This is even more so the case when you look at how many different looks and styles you can achieve!

We had a lot of love for these little beauties, for example:

17 – Nudes + Khaki

It was a look rocked by the likes of Yeezy, Carolina Herrera, and even Creatures of Comfort on the SS17 Fashion Week in New York. The colour trend was incorporated into a number of different looks, from feminine dresses to more masculine tailored wear. We loved this look, teaming a nude bodysuit with khaki coloured trousers. Some sandals with a bit of bling help to make the look less casual than it started out, and you could pile on the accessories too, with necklaces and bracelets galore. We quite like the idea of this simple bodysuit + khaki bottoms idea … Now we need to have a good ol’ rummage through our wardrobes!

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 5

Source: behindhermask

We’ve found three key pieces that we think will help you to put this look together, and some of them are even in the sale! Just click on the image to be taken to where you can buy them from, and don’t forget to let us know if you’ve found something that would work too.

18 – Peekaboo Sheer Lace

These sheer peekaboo panels are everywhere right now, and they were everywhere all over the Spring and Summer 2017 catwalk for New York Fashion Week too. Valentino rocked the look, Dior was a big fan too, and that’s before you start talking about Molly Goddard, Osman, and more …

Of course, those catwalk dresses are super expensive, but we’ve found a few high street versions that we definitely think you’ll need to take a peek at. There’s a look for every size, shape and style, and all you need to do is shop around a little. We would personally love to suggest this little delight, a bodysuit and a sheer lace panels all together. You could opt for dresses, tops, or even cardigans too!

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 29

Source: Very

19 – 80’s Relived

The 80’s are well and truly back, as if the unicorn everything and light-up shoe trend wasn’t a big enough reminder. There are plenty of 80’s trends coming back into the fashion world right now, particularly for the summer season. As well as super bright colours, such as canary yellow and Barbie pink, you will also find another of the biggest fashion features from the decade – shoulder pads, big bows and wrap-around waists, and structured, unusual hem and necklines. Moschino was a big fan for this season, as was Isabel Marant.

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 23

There are plenty of ways you can bring the 80’s back, starting with stirrup leggings and ending with shoulder pads, plus everything else in between. Here are a few of our top picks:

20 – White Man-Style Shirt Dresses

Banana Republic, Rag n’ Bone and DKNY were big fans of this look on the high street, wearing the white shirt dress on their own as well as with leggings and jeans underneath. You can wear these dressed up or down, with a belt and some heels or a nighttime look, or casual Converse and a rucksack with a denim jacket tied around your waist for the day.

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 17

Source: uptownstyleblog

There are so many style of these white shirts to play around with these days too, but just remember to make sure they’re long enough to cover if you want to wear them as a dress. Oh, and nude underwear works better than white underwear. We don’t understand why more people aren’t more aware of this unspoken fashion rule.

And, just in case you were looking for white shirt style dresses (or tops) for yourself, here are some that we’ve unearthed on our travels around the women’s fashion section of the internet:

21 – Super Bright Pink

There was a lot of pink all over the catwalks for the Spring Summer 2017 New York Fashion Week, and it was super bright pink too. Think of the kind of thing that Barbie would have worn in the 80’s and you’re on the right track. Valentino seemed to love the bright pink pops, and Balenciaga too. You’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of bright pink looks on the high street right now, and here’s just one item we have fallen in love with, available at New Look:

Hot Summer Looks For 2017 21

Source: New Look


And there you have them – 21 hot looks for summer 2017. We can’t wait for that sunny weather to hit so we can finally wear the clothes that we’ve been eagerly being for months now. Which outfit hasn’t taken your fancy? Are there any ideas here that you’re going to take away with you? We’d love to know, so don’t forget to let us know in the comments below! (Hey, that rhymed!)

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