21 Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

Layers are the perfect way to rock long hair, especially if you want to inject some volume, style or elegance into the mix. We’ve come up with a few layered haircuts for long hair that really show off the drastic variety of layers you can choose from. We hope you’re sitting comfortably. Some of these styles are so stunning, they’ll knock you clean off your feet!

1 – Really Long, Blonde & Lovely Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

If you want longer locks, you’ll need to learn how to stimulate your own hair growth. Everyone knows that there is no magic pill that will grow your hair instantly overnight. You can use hair pieces and extensions for an immediate and temporary effect though. You must start by taking care of yourself on the inside before you notice any kind of positive impact on the outside. Good nutrition will help with this. Vitamin B and fish oils are a great place to start.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 5

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2 – Sunkissed Highlights with Laidback Layers

Adding layers to the top of your hair and then working its way down is the best way to make sure you get the maximum amount of time possible out of your style. Layers left towards the bottom will look great when they are first done, but as with any cut, over a few weeks, the quality will start to fade. The ends will split and tangle easily. Starting those layers higher up will allow for easy thinning out of thicker hair that lasts for longer.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 17

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3 – Flicked Out With Light Layers

When was the last time you had a haircut? If you have long hair, getting it cut is probably the very last thing on your mind, especially if you have been trying to grow it out for a long time. These light layers at the end help to get a trim in, without losing too much of the bulk. You can still get rid of dead and split ends without losing any of the length, you know?

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 11

Source: glosschicago

4 – Bronde Waves & Layers

If you don’t know what bronde is, you don’t know what you’re missing. A beautiful blend of brown and blonde tones, it’s a colour combo that works really well with roughed up layers. These waves have been given an ashy finish, almost matte, and we won’t lie, we totally love it.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 18

Source: salsalhair

5 – Light Layers of Auburn for Fall

You must stimulate the hair cells on your scalp if you want your locks to go long, thick and healthy. Using a soft bristle brush, give your scalp a good massage once per week. This helps to get rid of old and dead skin cells, and also make sure that nothing is filling up your hair follicles. Dirt and grime naturally get in there, and that massage is a great way to get it all out. There are also various products you can use, such as scalp oil treatments, to give you extra benefits.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 2

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6 – Pretty, Centre-Parted Waves with Loose Layers

Do you have an oval face shape? In case you don’t know, oval face shapes are those that are, overall, quite long and narrow to look at. If you are one of those lovely ladies, this look is absolutely perfect for you, starting those longer layers beneath the chin and working them right through to the ends of those long locks.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 16

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7 – Teeny-Tiny Snipped & Layered Ends

When you’ve walked out the salon with your new long layered haircuts, make sure you’re armed with the right tools to keep it looking as fabulous as it does right now. You will need to make sure the shampoo you’re using is a nourishing one, adding nutrients, hydration, and moisture into the mix. Plenty of conditioning treatments will also ensure your hair is in tip-top condition.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 19

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8 – Long & Red Licked Layers

A good trim is a great way to keep your hair looking good, although we do appreciate it is a pain in the backside to make it to the salon that regularly. Also, if you have long hair, the maintenance is often much more urgent than with shorter locks, and with more expense involved too. If you’re finding these longer locks are too much for you, you could also cut things back to a medium length and then rely on using hair extensions to give you that length when you need it the most.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 20

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9 – Straw to Sunkissed Blonde with Layers

If your hair is being a real pain in the backside, refusing to sit in any style that you try to twist it into, it might be time to get it cut. Or, at the very least, trimmed a bit. In fact, not doing what you want it to is a big sign of your hair needing a cut, especially if you don’t usually have too much of a problem getting it to stay.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 21

Source: hairbysea

10 – Long & Lifeless to Layered Haircuts for Long Hair With Bangs

It is recommended that you head to the salon every eight to ten weeks after having these long layered haircuts to make sure they look as good as they should. This is more so the case when you have longer bangs, as leaving them to grow will require a parting of some sort (usually). Getting a trim is time-consuming but totally worth it.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 10

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11 – Long & Platinum Blonde with Loose Layers

Loose layers right at the bottom of your long locks will give you some movement at the bottom, while still leaving the top nice and sleek. Drying your hair upside down is a great way to give the roots some volume, without too much, and a round brush with your dryer will easily recreate those rolling, almost-natural waves towards the bottom.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 15

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12 – Flyaway Layers in Long, Blonde Locks

If you have a round face, long hair works so well for you and we really are very jealous about that! This look is perfect for round-faced ladies, the longer length pulling the face downward and making it appear slimmer and more flattering. Start those layers from beneath the chin to add some structure to your look, and add choppier, shorter layers when you want to give off the impression of model-worthy killer cheekbones.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 9

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13 – Long, Dark to Light Brown & Relaxed Layers

A heart-shaped face will work really well with flicked-out layers like you can see here. If you curl these layers in so that they hug the face, as such, you may find that you take shape away from your jawline, quite the opposite of what you’re probably trying to achieve.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 14

Source: salsalhair

14 – Super Long, Luscious & Layered Blonde Look

If you seem to be losing much-needed volume in your hair, it might be time to get it cut. Flat and lifeless hair is given an extra volume boost by the addition of some well-placed layers in a good trim or cut. If you’re having hair troubles, it might just be time to give your stylist a call.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 8

Source: glosschicago

15 – Layers upon Layers upon Layers

These long and layered styles were made for the ladies with oval faces, and it is actually considered one-length hair is actually rather unflattering for that kind of face shape. Shorter layers should be avoided, instead focusing your attention to where the hair falls at your jawline.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 1

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16 – Natural, Long & Blonde Layers

Heart-shape faces can enhance their own natural facial structures with jawline-grazing layers such as these. As far as long layered haircuts go, this could be one of the best for those lovely ladies with faces shaped like hearts.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 7

Source: stephaniesherry

17 – Honey & Caramel Coloured Highlights With Little Layers

The honey and caramel coloured highlights in this look work so well with those lovely layers towards the ends of the hair. In fact, this combo is a great one for when you want to give your longer locks some oomph. It’s a well-known fact that longer hair is heavier, and usually, therefore, more limp-hanging.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 13

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18 – Sultry & Side Swept Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

A side-swept look is always sultry and sassy, and with this bold, blonde shades, really leave you with a fierce, I-mean-business look that any woman would be proud to rock. Working the longer, wispy bangs into longer layers around your face is very flattering on this longer face shape.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 4

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19 – Honey & Caramel Balayage with Light Layers

Long layered haircuts are the perfect choice for ladies who really don’t want to be running to the salon every few weeks. This is even more so the case when you add a good, dark-rooted ombre or balayage look into the mix. The two combined will allow for much longer between hair appointments, saving you both time and money.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 6

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20 – Fabulous & Glam Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

Layers really help to bring a feminine edge to a one-length style. Without the layers in this look, for example, it would be sleek and gorgeous, but it would also be quite flat and boxy-looking. It’s the layers that often make the biggest impact with your cut. You should definitely invest some more time in working out the next type of layers to add your locks.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 3

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21 – Lightly Layered, Beige Blondes

If you have a square face shape, square layers that frame your face are a very bad idea. In fact, these layers can leave your face looking much broader than it is, something we’re sure most square-faced women don’t really want. When you’re looking at long layered haircuts for square faces, opt for really light and feather layers, not obviously defined, complete with soft and wispy, side-swept bangs. A lot like this look, in fact.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 12

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And there you have them – 21 layered haircuts for long hair that we are definitely obsessed with right now. Which ones have rocked your boat? Are there any you’re tempted to try yourselves? Which picture will you be frog-marching into the hair salon to copy on your own locks? We can’t wait to find out, and we’d love for you to send us in your beautiful hair snaps. If we’ve inspired you, shout about it. We would love to feature you and your locks on CherryCherryBeauty.

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