21 Looks: Christmas Tree Inspiration

For many years, the humble Christmas tree has become a symbol of many things, goodwill and peace being just two of them. Commonly put up at the festive period (although we all know that one friend’s mum who puts the Christmas decorations up in, like, September), the tree is usually the first thing that makes people feel the festive spirit. It’s the centre of Christmas, when you think about it, a hub for everyone to stash their gifts and something to decorate with the whole family. Decorating the tree has been a family tradition across many cultures for years, and in every household, there’s always an argument over who gets to put the star right at the very top.

If you’re looking for some Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017, we’ve been doing some searching. We think we have found a few inspirational ideas to get the festivities kick-started, but don’t forget to click on the link beneath each image for more information. There are some DIY Christmas decorations in there, along with a whole host of other smart ideas. Some of them will even save you a few quid too!


Get yourself nice and cosy, ladies and gentlemen because things are about to get Christmassy. Are you ready for it?

1 – Copper & Blush Christmas Tree

Rose Gold, blush and copper tones have been a thing for, like, forever. There was rose gold hair, rose gold nails, rose gold accessories around our homes … And that’s before we talk about the actual rose gold jewellery.

We specifically want to point out the fluffy white tinsel that has been used to decorate this beautiful white and copper toned tree. We want fluffy tinsel. All of it. Everywhere. Decorating our entire homes.

And, just in case you want some fluffy glitter (and decorations) too, here are a few absolute delights we think you should take a peek at:

Christmas Tree Inspiration 5

Source: Craftberry Bush

2 – Light & Bright Christmas Theme

Fancy keeping things light and bright this year? We don’t blame you, especially when it comes to beautiful designs like this one which we’re totally using as inspiration for our own Christmas decorations. When you consider that the Christmas tree is meant to be a sign of peace, and white is also the colour of peace, it just makes perfect sense for the two to come together. Let’s be honest about this, the colour comb itself is just amazing to look at, don’t you think?

Christmas Tree Inspiration 6

Source: rachparcell

3 – Gold & Green Christmas Tree Ideas

Of course, if you don’t fancy light and bright, like white, you could always opt for a modern twist on more traditional colours. Did you know that the first ever Christmas trees were technically first created by the German? Believe it or not, back in the ‘old days’, the Germans would actually tie goose feathers together to create a tree formation, of sorts. Those goose feathers would be dyed too, giving them different colours. No need to pluck geese these days, obviously. We’ll stick to the plastic trees, mostly because they make less mess. What do you prefer? A real Christmas tree? Or is a plastic one just fine for you too?

Christmas Tree Inspiration 7

Source: mk_interiors_

4 – Rose-Pink & Romantic Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017

How do you feel about this romantic and rose-pink Christmas tree and decorations look? It’s outside the regular Christmas colours, of course, but that’s one reason why we love it so much. As much as the common green, gold, and red shades are fab for the festive period, it’s always so much fun to play around with different colours. We’re obsessed with this rosy look, but there are so many other colour options you could play around with too. Which ones would you choose for yours?

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 1

Source: Pinterest

Here are a few rose gold and pink Christmas decorations that we were utterly obsessed with:

5 – Frosted Christmas Tree Ideas

There are four main types of lights you can pick from when adorning your beautiful Christmas trees, ranging from bubble lights to traditional incandescent lights, and even globe lights and LED lights too. Each of them will have their pros and cons, but the traditional incandescent ones tend to be the most popular for the ease and availability. The best thing about using this type of lights is when you’re using them on a real, living tree. The lightbulbs heat up a little and, when this heat surrounds the tree and its branches, the scent of pine fills the air. If that’s not a benefit, we don’t know what is.

Christmas Tree Inspiration 8

Source: angelascozyhome

6 – Pre-Lit Blue Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017

There’s nothing wrong with getting a pre-lit tree if you’re not really sure what kind of lighting you want to buy. In fact, a pre-lit tree can save you so much time and money. Most of the hard work is done for you, especially when you consider that untangling the Christmas lights from last year normally takes weeks and is a job all in itself.

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 9

Source: bluegraygirl

7 – Grey & White Christmas Tree Ideas

Rather than focusing on just decorating the tree itself, why not devote a whole space to your Christmassy focal piece, just as you can see in this stunning look. If you can set aside an entire corner of the room to decorate in your festive styles, you could use many more pieces. The sleigh, cushions, candles, and even stockings on the wall have made this a wonderful Christmas look that would look perfect in any home. Oh, and if you love the snowflake on the top of this tree, you’ll love what we’ve found here > White Snowflake Light >

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 12

Source: Taryn Whiteaker

8 – Stunning Unique Floral Christmas Tree

Well, this one really goes outside the box, don’t you think? And why wouldn’t you want to use flowers to decorate your tree? These flowers are bright and quite summery, but you could always substitute them for Christmas-themed and seasonal flowers instead. It’s a great idea to take some inspiration from, and there are one hundred and one ways that you could make it entirely unique to you and your family.

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 16

Source: Sugar Bee Crafts

9 – Rustic & Simple Christmas Tree

Sometimes, rustic simplicity is key, as perfectly displayed by this wonderful Christmas tree. It’s such a simple idea, decorated, but without too much muss and fuss. It’s really personalised too, especially with the addition of those rustic, shabby-chic style photo frames that have been hung from the branches. What photos would you have in yours? Would you carry on with the theme and print those out in black and white too? We think the combination of elements on this tree makes it a great one to aim for this year. What do you think?

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 10

Source: Simple as That Blog

10 – Red, White & Gold Christmas Tree Inspiration

Of course, you could always take a step back and go back to something traditionally festive. Red, white and gold together seem to be really good combinations on a tree, although this one has used more neutral tones than gold ones. It’s a great trick to use – substituting the shimmering, metallics for a more muted version, especially if you don’t want something that stands out too much. You know, there is such a thing as ‘too much’ sometimes, right?

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2

Source: Pinterest

11 – Home Tweet Home Christmas Tree Inspo

Home, Tweet, Home … We know, it’s super cute, right? Little bird-themed decorations have been used on this adorable Christmas tree, all wrapped up with a big, gold bow on the top. You could really get the kids involved with this idea too if you wanted to make things super colourful and bright. Each of the tiny little birdhouses could be painted in their own individual ways. The kids would love that, and it would keep them quiet for a couple of hours too!

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 17

Source: Sugar Bee Crafts

Check out these cute decorations if you needed a little helping hand …

12 – Black and White Modern Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017

Don’t forget to incorporate your wrapping paper in with your Christmas tree and decorations theme too. You may find that your entire look is ruined when you have presents that don’t match the tree under the tree. We know it’s a weird thing to get annoyed about, but there’s something about it that just doesn’t look right … Or is it just us that thinks that? We’d love to know what you think, so don’t forget your leave your comments in the box below this blog post.

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 13

Source: Taryn Whiteaker

13 – Modern Turquoise, Red & Gold Xmas Tree Look

You really shouldn’t be afraid to play around with different colours schemes. In fact, if you’re going to do it all, we really think this year is the year you finally do it. You could match in beautiful pink tones, for example, in with your regular gold and white shimmering and festive shades. There’s nothing wrong with thinking outside the box. You never know, you might just create a wonderful festive masterpiece as you go.

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 18

Source: Craftberry Bush

14 – Chasing the Star

Overflow with all the good tidings and joy with a tree that looks as stunning as this delightful little number. In fact, as far as Christmas tree inspiration 2017 goes, this one might just make it to the top of the list for us. What do you think though? Which of these has been your favourite so far? Or will your tree always be your favourite tree?

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 19

Source: Hello Life Online

15 – Outdoor Adventure Themed Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017

The red commonly used in Christmas decorations and on the tree is meant to be representative of the blood of Jesus if you’re into the religious side of things. That doesn’t mean you need to stick with something traditional and red, however, This outdoor adventure-themed Christmas tree look has used red gingham ribbons, amongst other things, to bring a truly beautiful tree to life.

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 11

Source: Simple as That Blog

16 – Shimmering Silvers & Golds

Gold Christmas decorations are used because gold is the colour of all things wealthy, luxurious, and elegant. It’s a colour that has been worn by only the rich and famous for such a long time, that connection with royalty won’t ever really be forgotten.

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 4

Source: Pinterest

17 – Modern Turquoise Christmas Tree

The reason green is commonly associated with the Christmas season isn’t just because of the green in the trees used to celebrate and decorate, but also because the shade has long since been a symbol of rebirth and life. Christmas is meant to be the day of birth for the son of God, remember? There’s nothing to stop you from thinking outside the box for your Christmas tree colour palette, however. How about choosing a tree that isn’t green at all, but turquoise instead?

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 15

Source: Sugar Bee Crafts

18 – Black, White & Pastel Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017

Finding inspiration for Christmas decorations is hard work, especially when you already have a wide range of decorations left over from previous years that you can use. Don’t be so quick to run out and buy a brand new set of themed or coloured Christmas decorations. You don’t need to. You’ll often find that mixing and matching old with new is a great way to get a quirky and beautiful looking tree that contains plenty of happy and festive memories.

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 20

Source: Jaderbomb

19 – Black, White & Red Christmas Tree

We’ll be honest with you, we were sold on this red, white and black look from the very moment we clapped our eyes on the top hat that’s sat right at the top. Who said you needed to have a star up there anyway? In fact, the humble “tree topper” (as we know it as) can be anything you like. More often than not, it’s a star or an angel.

To some, this start or angel is said to represent the biblical character, Gabriel, the angel, and how he protected Jesus by looking over him. The star, if you have chosen to use that instead, is said to represent the Star of Bethlehem.

In less biblical and mythological terms, it was the Victorian era that apparently brought us the tree topper. Prince Albert and Queen Victoria had an image published around the tree with an angel sitting on the top.

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 21

Source: The Crafting Chicks

20 – Outdoor Christmas Tree Ideas

Do you have a great outdoor space that you can make use of? How about a front porch that you’ve been dying to do something with? If you can make sure that your neighbours (or someone’s naughty kids) won’t run off with half your stuff, this outdoor Christmas tree idea is a great one to take a little inspiration from. In fact, we have a nice space right out in the back garden that we could probably add some festive cheer too.

Mini backyard Christmas trees … What do we think about this?

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 14

Source: Kara’s Party Ideas

21 – Tiffany Blue Decorations Christmas Tree Inspiration

We know it’s not quite the same as an actual Tiffany box, but we do keep dropping bombshell hints and our significant others’ just aren’t getting the hint … We love the way that different shades have been used in this look. It combines the Tiffany blue tone in amongst frosted white and slightly gold-shaded baubles and decorations too. It’s a wonderful colour combo. It’s ticking all the right boxes for us.

Christmas Tree Inspiration 2017 3

Source: Pinterest

And there they are – a little bit of Christmas tree inspiration 2017 to (hopefully) brighten up your day. At the very least, we hope we’re spreading a little bit of festive cheer your way. We can’t wait for the festive season to hit us properly. In fact, we’re waiting eagerly for that Coca-Cola Christmas advert that signals the start of things. Who do you call when you hear it? We always call our mum!

Anyway, let us know how you’ll be decorating your Christmas tree this year. And what colours you’ve chosen to adorn your home. We can’t wait to see everyone’s Christmas decorations … especially yours. If it’s beautiful enough, we’d be honoured to feature you in a future piece for CherryCherryBeauty.