21 Looks: Palm Tree Nails

Summer is coming. It’s so close, we can almost feel it. And you know what summer means, don’t you? It means that summer holidays are coming — it’s time to get stuff ready! Hair, nails, bathing suits, the perfect hair colour … With so many things to think about, let us make your nail choice a lot easier. These palm tree nails are going to have all of your bases sorted, no matter what colour palette you’re looking to work with, what length of nails you’d like, or what shape is your absolute favourite.

Grab yourself a cocktail, ladies; we’re about to feel very summery indeed.

1 – Blue & Pinky-Nude Palm Tree Nails

We expected every palm tree look we came across to be filled with the colours traditionally associated with them — reds, oranges, yellows, etc. Imagine our surprise when we found a vast array of colour palettes out there, including these gorgeous blue and pinky-nude palm tree nails. We’re loving the black silhouette style of these, but it might just be the gold flecks over that stunning nude-pink tone that puts the cherry on the top. Or maybe it’s those little black gems? We just can’t choose our favourite feature — we love it all!

Palm Tree Nails 1

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2 – Simple Shades + Palm Tree Embellishments

We know that switching up your mani is super fun, but make sure you aren’t picking or peeling your nail varnish, particularly if you have a gel polish mani. You shouldn’t peel anything away from your nails, in fact, and this is because, in doing so, you could accidentally peel off some of the top layers of your actual nail without realising. This creates little dips and divots that could become home to bacteria and, in some cases, can take months to grow out, ruining every mani you have. Do yourself a favour and stop the peeling. You’ll soon notice that your nails are in a much better state.

Palm Tree Nails 2

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3 – Sunny-Sunny Palm Trees

It just wouldn’t be a palm tree-related post if there wasn’t a hint of sunny-sunshine in there somewhere, but that’s not the only reason we’re adding these amazing and bright talons to the mix. They instantly made us feel sunnier when we saw them. Isn’t that what your summer holiday nails are meant to do?

Palm Tree Nails 3

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4 – Galaxy + Palm Tree Nails

And another gorgeous design that we didn’t expect to see — palm trees against a gorgeous, galaxy-backed beach. This nail look is our absolute favourite vacay idea, and we love that the bold blue and purple shades have been used. They almost add an air of drama to the combination. This nail look definitely gets the double thumbs up from us. What do you think?

Palm Tree Nails 4

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5 – Mint-Tipped French Palm Tree Nails

It’s like a classic French manicure, but with a minty-coloured tip, rather than a white one. And with those black silhouettes of palm trees thrown in for good measure, of course, with a wonderfully glittery outline. Think of all the different ways you could get really imaginative with them too. If you weren’t a fan of that mint-green shade (although, we can’t think why not), you could always substitute it for any number of others. You could even go for something bright and bold, rather than pastel and somewhat muted.

Tell us what colour combos you’d throw in with this quirky, summer theme!

Palm Tree Nails 5

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6 – Classic Rounded Palm Tree Nails

There is something very elegant about the classic round shaped nail look, and we think it fits perfectly with the style of palm tree silhouette seen here. The colours are bright and bold but don’t overtake the palm tree look in any way, and they work so well together! We’d never have thought of throwing this many colours into one summer nail look, and not in this way, but we’re glad we came across this gorgeous style.

Palm Tree Nails 6

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7 – Easy Featured Nail

You could handprint these black palm trees over ANY shade or design of background colour for nails like these, or you could cheat. (The shock and horror!) Nail decals were invented for a reason, people. And they’re easy to apply, as well as switch around. You could feel the palm tree vibes one day, and completely change the featured nail for a different design the next. By only having one nail featured in this way, it doesn’t take a long time to change things up.

Palm Tree Nails 7

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8 – Black + Pink Palm Tree Nails

Although it’s a universally recognised tip to put nail varnish remover into your bottles of nail polish when they’re starting to go clumpy, there can be a few side effects that you weren’t prepared for, as a result. It will definitely dull down the nail polish, which isn’t great when you want a super glossy and bright finish. You can combat this by using a good glossy top coat, of course, but it won’t always be able to get the original colour or brightness back. You can actually buy a product that is specially designed to thin nail polish that has become thick and clumpy, however, and this will do the job much better. Palm Tree Nails 8

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9 – Ombré Palm Tree Nails

Did you know that some types of palm tree can grow to heights in excess of 70 feet tall?! That’s pretty incredible, don’t you think? Almost as incredible as these ombré palm tree nails, which we’re utterly in love with. We’re a big fan of an ombré nail. What’s your favourite nail look?

Palm Tree Nails 9

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10 – Tropical Mish-Mash

For when you can’t decide on what kind of summer vacay nails you want, go with the whole lot. It’s time to let your hair down, let your creativity go wild, and really get creative with your colours and designs. We love that this palm tree nail design has been used in with a variety of others — tropical leaves and that pineapple featured nail. What would you include in your summer holiday mani?

Palm Tree Nails 10

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11 – Glittering Palm Trees

Mix your palm trees in with some glitter, a few pineapples, and whatever bright colours you like, and you’ve got a look that was MADE for holidays. Or, you know, just when you’re feeling in that happy, summery mood.

Palm Tree Nails 11

Follow the artist: majesticstephanie

12 – Unicorn Palm Tree Nail Designs

Okay, there’s no unicorn in sight, but those pearly white-lilac-pink hues are giving us total unicorn vibes, so that’s what we’re sticking with. The simple addition of that palm tree adds the summer vacay-theme to this look, but we’re so obsessed with the pearlescent shades behind it, we wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t there at all!

Palm Tree Nails 12

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13 – Summer Sunset Nights

This look pretty much sums up what we want from a tropical sunset on the beach, and then some. The orange to purple to blue gradient replicates all of the gorgeous shades of a tropical sunset perfectly, and that’s before the addition of that simple palm tree scene. The silhouette look is the easiest way to add them in — as shown by many of the designs on this page.

Palm Tree Nails 13

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14 – Flamingo + Palm Tree Vibes

Flamingos and palm trees work so well together, perfectly proved by this tropical pink and red nail look. Note the silver flip flop details on the darker nails, and the shells on the other nail too. There are a lot of features in this design, but you don’t need to choose all of them to make an impact.

Palm Tree Nails 14

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15 – Scorching Summer Nights Nails

We’ve got another fun fact about palm trees for you: if you plant one in the garden, there’s a pretty good chance that it will outlive you and some of your family members. It has been noted that certain species of palm tree can carry on growing for more than one hundred years!

Now, if only we could find a tropical vacation that lasted that long …

Palm Tree Nails 15

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16 – Palm Trees in Pink + Glitter

We want them long, we want them pink, and we want them with glitter. If those were your three specifications, these palm tree nails might just tick all of the right boxes for you. We’d probably add more glitter, though. We’re all about the glitter!

Palm Tree Nails 16

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17 – Monochrome Palm Tree Madness

Well, aren’t these the cutest little palm tree nails? Monochrome, but with just a hint of colour. It is your summer holiday after all. We’re actually really feeling the black and white look. It means your nails would go with pretty much every outfit you had in your suitcase. That’s the worst thing about bright colours in your mani — they don’t always go with every outfit you planned!

Palm Tree Nails 17

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18 – Short n’ Square Sunset + Palm Tree Nails

Keep things short n’ sweet — and also to the point — with these adorable nails. They’re perfect for a summer holiday that you don’t want to be interrupted… and you know how those long talons like to interrupt the party every time. what’s your preference when you go on vacation Do you prefer long or short nails? Answers in the comments below!

Palm Tree Nails 18

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19 – Summer Nights

What does the perfect summer night look like to you? Is it a delicious cocktail on the beach, watching the sun go down with a loved one? Is it raving at the most awesome pool party? Reading a good book by the sea as you listen to the waves lap on the shore?

Whatever you do, do it in style. These nails are perfect for the job!

Palm Tree Nails 19

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20 – Pretty Pastel Palm Tree Nails

These nails might be our favourite nails … of the summer. Or ever. That pastel rainbow in the background captured our attention, and then we saw those delicate foils of palm trees and chevrons. These are the nails that we’ll be going on holiday with this year, and we can’t wait to show them all off on social media. Don’t forget to let us know which of these designs is your favourite in the comments below.

Palm Tree Nails 21

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21 – Palm Trees & Starfish

How cute are the starfishes on these pretty palm tree nails? 10/10 cute, that’s how cute. You could consider a range of other ocean-themed critters too — seahorses, tropical fish, crabs, turtles, etc. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with, and don’t forget to tag us in your design on social media so that we can feature you in a future post for CherryCherryBeauty! We LOVE seeing all of your work.

Palm Tree Nails

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So … what do you think? Have we provided you with enough palm tree nails inspo or are you still looking for something else? We’d love to know! Feel free to leave your comments in the box below. Which design was your favourite? Have you created palm tree nails that deserve to be shown off too? Get in touch with us – we’d love to feature *YOU*!

Thanks for stopping by today, have a damn fabulous day! ✨