21 Looks: Spring Outfit Inspiration

There was one thing that rang true throughout all of the fashion trends set by the looks seen in fashion shows for the spring and summer 2018 collections — this season is going to be all about the biggest and boldest colours you can muster up. For some women, this bright colours idea can be too much of a scary one to pull off. In fact, many of us in the CherryCherryBeauty den shy away from bright and bold shades, mostly because we don’t really know how to wear them. It would appear, however, that we are missing out on an entire colourful slice of the spring outfit inspiration pie. It was most definitely time for us to find out how to wear this season’s hottest shades, and we’re sharing everything we’ve learned …

From some of the coolest fashionistas on instagram:

1 – Spring Yellow

Bright, almost neon shades were huge across New York Fashion Week, for the Spring and Summer 2018 collections. Marc Jacobs rocked bright orange, Tom Ford had a thing for flashy pink pops, and Carolina Herrera loved a canary-yellow hue. We’re carrying on the yellow theme with this cute look for spring, pairing a simple on-trend coloured shirt with a pair of jeans and some flats or trainers. It’s a great look for running around town in, and you could even switch the jeans for a denim skirt, adding trainers and ankle socks to bring some cute-factor to it all.

In the words of Coldplay, “It was all yellow.” And what a great colour for spring it is!

Spring Outfit Inspiration 1

Source: mel_lamacraft

2 – Warm & Tailored

As much as we love to see spring bringing all of the sunshine, we know that there are probably going to be one or two colder days in there. Or, if you’re living in good ol’ Great Britain (which we are), more than a few colder days. When that’s the case, you’ll need something that you can easily add layers to, to add extra warmth when you need it.

This look is a great one for that; cute cropped and tailored trousers teamed with a simple black t-shirt and a glamorous (and warm) winter jacket. When the weather warms up, which it inevitably will, you can take off the jacket, leaving a cool office-worthy outfit below. It’s all about the layering. It’s the only way you’ll survive the spring! (A tad dramatic, but we’re not even kidding.)

Spring Outfit Inspiration 10

Source: sassyinthecityblog

3 – Dusky Pink Vibes

It was London who brought the pastel vibes to the spring and summer collections for 2018, with New York fashion week being the place to go for bold, bright, and vibrant shades that really pop. If you wanted to err on the side of pastel, this is a definitely a cute look, and one that could be customised to suit a number of occasions too.

This look is adorable, perfect for a date or other romantic occasion, we think. We also think the dress could double up as a shirt-style garment with jeans or other bottoms, and the jacket … Well, we’re dying for an excuse to wear that dusky pink prettiness with everything else we got hanging up in our closet. The textured, faux-fur bag adds some extra cuteness to the mix as if this look wasn’t adorable enough already. What do you think? Spring vibes all round?

Spring Outfit Inspiration 2

Source: lefashionaire


4 – Vertical Stripes

These vertically-striped pants are perfect if you want to make your legs look longer. In fact, vertical stripes are the most flattering pattern variation of the two, making you look more elongated and slimmer. If that’s what you wanted, of course. We don’t see anything wrong with embracing all of your curves, personally, but it’s fun to liven things up from day to day, right?

Horizontal stripes are well-known for making you seem wider or broader than you actually are. Just in case you didn’t that fashion intel already. Although, we must admit; we’re loving the vertical stripes on that designer tee. In fact, there wasn’t much we didn’t love about this cute French-inspired spring outfit inspiration.

Spring Outfit Inspiration 11

Source: lenadailyblog

5 – Peachy Floral Two-Piece

Let’s kick things up a notch, with an outfit that is both sweet and sassy in equal measures. Those coral tones are perfect for spring, a colour known for accentuating your tan, and that two-piece is too cute to miss too. You could slide a white vest in underneath that matching blazer, rather than a white bra or bralette-style top. Then you can take it down a layer or two when the temperature rises. (Which we’re hoping will happen, clearly.)

Spring Outfit Inspiration 3

Source: amrezy

6 – Mellow Yellow

Bright, canary yellow is often a colour too daunting for many women to wear, but we’ve been researching the best tips to make sure that you get the right shade for you. That’s the aim of the game, and it applies to finding colours in your makeup and hair, not just your fashion. This work looks because of those bold, statement trousers. Yellow is a very big and bright colour, and it requires a strong structure to go with it. It’s easier than you thought, right?

Spring Outfit Inspiration 13

Source: alexandra_fish


7 – Country & White Lace

Mix it up with some country style, by pairing your darker denim with your best cowboy boots and a lacy top cover-up. It’s a cute style, and those boots would look just as adorable with a summer dress or denim skirt too. For those days when you feel the country coming out in you, rock it with the country vibes. It’s perfect for spring and easily layered-up.

Spring Outfit Inspiration 4

Source: daleystaggs

8 – Flirty Pastels

Summer dresses are a very underestimated garment of clothing in many a wardrobe, but if only you knew EXACTLY how many ways you could wear them, we’re sure you’d be pulling them a lot more often. You could team a pastel pink number, just like this one, with flirty heels and a pashmina, perfect for date nights, romantic occasions, and even the odd wedding or two, particularly with the right accessories. At the same time, you could just as easily wear this cute dress with some Converse trainers, opting for casual, rather than romantically cute. We love this look, and we have so, so much love for the cute pastel dress too.

Spring Outfit Inspiration 14

Source: alamocitysara

9 – Tailored Floral Shorts

Shorts aren’t just great for summer; these tailored delights are perfect for spring, especially with those floral embellishments. In fact, if you have older garments of clothing that you no longer wear, such as a pair of older, black shorts, you could always customise them yourself. These patches can be sewn on or ironed on, in many cases, and you have a brand new pair of shorts that are perfect for spring, easily worn with a white shirt that you could even steal from your significant other if you don’t have one of your own. It’s a great spring fashion idea.

Spring Outfit Inspiration 5

Source: j_make_up


10 – Striped Blazer Style

Every closet needs a black and white striped blazer, a jacket that would look just as awesome with drainpipe jeans and Converse trainers as it would with this amazing skirt and cami combo. Another look that would be perfect for a summer wedding, this also has date night written all over it. Or, you know, for those days when you just feel like letting your feminine side flow free. The green sandals add just the right pop of colour into the mix. We love the whole getup!

Spring Outfit Inspiration 16

Source: alerobuttercup

11 – Cute & Casual Style

Of course, we can’t possibly forget about those days when casual and comfortable is more important than sassy and sweet. You could always do things like this Fashionista does, rocking the casual, comfortable, sassy and sweet look, all in one. There’s a chance you could be going to the gym. You could also just be heading to Starbucks for a coffee. It doesn’t matter, the outfit is Insta-ready either way.

Spring Outfit Inspiration 6

Source: markiemeghan

12 – Muted Pink Travelling Tones

We are dying for an excuse to go travelling just to that we can wear this cute and muted pink fashion look for spring. Those cropped and dusty trousers are not too restrictive, something you definitely don’t want in cramped travelling. They are still super cool, on the other hand, particularly with those slip-on booties. Now all that we need to do is decide where we’d like to visit first … and save up for it!

Spring Outfit Inspiration 17

Source: christineswang

13 – Mint Green Scene

Those pastel shades are a big hit for their and coming season, and you can use a mint green shade in your spring outfit inspiration by mixing it in with your favourite jeans. It’s an idea taken on by this fierce fashionista, who pairs hers with nude and scrappy sandals and the most fabulous hair we’ve ever seen. Kinda casual, but still hella cute. It’s ticking every box for us, but what do you think?

Spring Outfit Inspiration 7

Source: pslovetashh

14 – Lady in Red (& Houndstooth)

We do love a bit of houndstooth, especially when it comes in the form of these cropped and frilly-edged trousers. It can be quite a tough pattern to wear, but as well as teaming yours with a simple white blouse and red blazer combo, you could also try some of the outfits you can find here. We love the houndstooth pattern so much, we’ve done a whole blog post on it. How do you wear yours?

Spring Outfit Inspiration 18

Source: blameitonthestyle

15 – Denim & Faux Fur Vibes

Casual is cool as far as we are concerned. We’ve spent too many spring days running around in heels that make our feet hurt. We’re happy to don flats and trainers and go kickin’ it around town, and this is the perfect spring outfit inspiration to go kickin’ it around town in! Pair your favourite jeans with your cutest trainers, and add some faux-fur for when the temperature doesn’t turn out quite as warm as you might have hoped. Cute, simple, and just perfect for all the kickin’ around. What more could you ask for? We’ve got nothing else on the list!

Spring Outfit Inspiration 8

Source: sevastiana_k


16 – Mood Mash-Up

Look; there’s nothing wrong with NOT knowing what kind of look you want to piece together, first thing in the morning, and that’s why we loved, loved, loved this look. You’ve got the flirtatious and feminine skirt, the punky and edgy tee, which could either be a cropped one, or a full-sized one, tucked into the skirt and some light-catching silver boots. Why stick with one theme when you can play with lots of different ones? Cool, chic, yet grungy, we also think we’d love this look with trainers too, what d’ya reckon?

Spring Outfit Inspiration 19

Source: alygepz

17 – Red Striped Style

There are those vertical stripes again, this time in passionate and fiery red. Hey, you want to stand out from the crowd, right? Paired with some killer heels, this simple, yet flattering look is definitely one to consider, particularly for summer events and vacations. That’s just what we think, anyway, but we’re just dying for an excuse to rock this amazing look.

Spring Outfit Inspiration 9

Source: thattorifrenchlife

18 – Unforgettable Person Spring Outfit Inspiration

We love a slogan tee, and when that slogan tells the entire world how much of a damn fabulous person you are, even better! The best thing about cute tees like this one is that you can wear them in so many ways. A skirt and trainers for spring and summer, tights thrown on underneath when the weather is more cloudy than sunny. You could also wear the tee with denim shorts or mum jeans, as well as dressing it up with smart, tailored trousers and heels. It’s a statement piece for a reason, but what would you want YOURS to say?

Spring Outfit Inspiration 20

Source: stwfblog


19 – Pastel & Off-the-Shoulder

Spring was made for pastel shades and this look keeps that theme incorporated perfectly, whilst still baring a bit of flesh. Not too much, of course; just the right amount, in an off-the-shoulder tailored-style shirt that adds business and sass, all at the same time. Livening up the top half is a great way of giving a new lease of life to some of your old faithful denim items, and this look is definitely one that we’ll be adding to the list for this spring. Do you agree?

Spring Outfit Inspiration 12

Source: crystalngumezi

20 – Clueless Vibes

If Clueless is one of your favourite films too, you’re going to love this next spring outfit inspiration idea, mixing school-girl smart with patterns for a look that is so totally Clueless, Alicia Silverstone couldn’t handle it. Sometimes, the skirt + shirt combo is the perfect look of the day, and those knee-high boots slide in well, where warmer weather footwear just couldn’t take the pace.

Spring Outfit Inspiration 21

Source: talesofjude

21 – Designed Denim & Ruffles

Fabulous denim was a big hit in the Spring/Summer 2018 fashion shows, with the likes of Alexander Wang and Brandon Maxwell embellishing their jeans and smart tailoring with some pretty cool features. It’s time to bring that embellished denim straight out of hiding, and this is one cute way to wear them. Pair yours with some cute flats or court heels and a ruffled shirt, and you’ll have a look that’s cute for both daytime and smart-casual date occasions.

Of course, you could always get a little experimental, adding your own sparkling features to an old pair of denim. We’ve seen so many YouTube tutorials, customising jeans (and a wide range of other items), with very little sewing knowledge required, in many cases. What do you think? Is it time to get creative with the old denim?

Spring Outfit Inspiration 15

Source: midolcevita

So, what did you think of our spring outfit inspiration? Are there a few looks here that you think you might take a few elements from when piecing together your next look? We hope so, but we can’t wait to see what you’re all wearing too. If you have a spring/summer look that you think deserves to be shown off, show it off. We would love to see it and shout about it too. Get in touch or leave your Instagram link in the comments below. We’ll come take a peek at what you’re offering.

Thanks for reading today, and thanks to each of these gorgeous dolls for allowing us to use their images for our spring outfit inspiration. We hope that spring is wonderful for you all!