21 Makeup Looks for Spring

Do you need a hand with your makeup? Are you on the hunt for some new makeup looks for the warmer weather (hopefully) coming soon? We’ve found 21 makeup looks for spring 2017 that we think you should definitely take a look at. From the big, bright and bold, to the muted, nudes and pastels, there’s something for everyone, but we can’t wait to see what you come up with. We’d love to feature your work, so if you’ve created a spring masterpiece of your own, get in touch. Our social media details are at the top (and bottom) of this page!

1 – Rainy Day Red Lips

When it comes to beautiful makeup looks for spring 2017, you can’t get much more beautiful than this one, or simpler. It’s one of those looks that will take you just five minutes once you’ve got the right products and tools at your disposal. For example, a good foundation or BB cream will mean that you can give your face a quick once over, without the need for lots of other products on the days where you can’t find the time to do a full face. Add some lashes and concealer, or just mascara if you’re seriously scrimping on the beauty regime for the day. Then glam things up with a good cover of red lipstick. Red lips help to glam any look up, even when you literally can’t be bothered to do up your eyes! (Or the rest of your face!)

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 1

Source: baileysarian

2 – On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink …

Right, let’s get down to business, Wednesdays are the perfect day to wear pink because … well, Mean Girls said so. And we are just dying for the perfect excuse to rock this beautiful look. One of the prettiest on this list of makeup looks for spring 2017, it must be said. If you’re particularly girlie today, or you just feel like using some of those pink shades you haven’t touched in a while, we’d definitely recommend checking out this makeup artist’s Youtube channel! There are some AMAZING looks on there!

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 4

Source: emilysusanah

3 – Green with Envy

In order to get a flawless base just like this, just perfect for your makeup looks for spring 2017, you’ll need to learn how the professionals put their makeup on. Or rather, in which order. It is suggested that you apply things in this order – color correctors, foundation and then concealer. The concealer is meant to just that – conceal. It is not meant to cover-up your entire face, which is a mistake we often make. By applying things in this order, you’re doing them in the order you need to, to use the minimal amount of product. The color corrector and your foundation will do the majority of the hard work for you. Then it’s just down to you to prepare the rest of the masterpiece. Just like this little look here.

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 5

Source: makayladoesmakeup

4 – Green Lipped for Spring

Spring is the season for greenery – flowers blooming for the first time since the year before. We think it’s the perfect time to try out some greenery for ourselves. Even Pantone said that “greenery” was the color and tone for 2017, so we can’t think of a better reason to start experimenting with some seriously cool shades of lip makeup.

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 6

Source: norvina

5 – Red Lips + Green Eyes

Here’s a quick tip we think you should know – learning what kind of eye shape you have is really great for learning the right kind of blending and shading techniques for you. Different shades of eyes need different types of eyeshadow placement to achieve certain looks. If you don’t know how to do this, you may find that you end up looking more clown-like than perfectly made up. At least by knowing the basics like this, you can start off simple and work your way up to more interesting and unique looks. It’s always good to get a handle on the basics first!

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 7

Source: _missbo

6 – Messy, Grungy, Glossy

If you’re having a hard time trying to figure out which eyeshadow / makeup brush is used for what, we’re going to try and make life a little easier for you right now. A large eyeshadow brush can be used for blending / shading eyeshadow, as well as applying highlighter. You’ll apply this to areas such as your upper cheekbones, the brow bone, and also down the length of your nose, as well as on the tip. Precision shadow brushes, on the other hand, have more compact bristles, and this helps you to pack on powder when you need to blend it up and build up the color.

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 10

Source: ssssamanthaa

7 – Metallic Lip

Metallic lips are another huge trend, and when it comes to makeup looks for spring 2017, everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon. That sounds like the perfect excuse for us to get experimental with these stunning lip shades too. We learned a few things in our journey to achieve the perfect metallic lip. One of the first things we think you should know is that they can dry your lips out if you don’t get the right one for you. It’s a trial and error situation – what we liked, our friend didn’t, and vice versa. There are plenty out there to make your choice from, of course, and here are a few that we’re totally loving right now:

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 12

Source: kaushalbeauty

8 – Nude Lips + Simple Bright Eyes

When you’re working with a high-coverage or full-coverage foundation, in order to get the right kind of look, it’s advisable that you work from the center of your face outwards. That means applying the foundation in a line down your face, with a little across your cheeks, using your beauty blender or a brush to smooth things out towards the edges of your face. By doing this, you can prevent that “tan-line” around your jawline that often ruins those stunning selfies.

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 13

Source: chrisspy

9 – Gold + Stars

Carrying on with understanding those makeup brushes, a blending shadow brush can be used to soften harsher eyeshadows, and can often help to blend things out when you’ve applied a little too much. That’s a perfect tip to know when you’re playing around with colorful makeup looks for spring 2017 like these ones.

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 14

Source: desiperkins

10 – Poppin’ Purple

If you’re harding a hard time understanding the idea of color correction, which is one of the latest trends in makeup, we must add, we’ve been investigating to try and make things a little simpler for you. If you want to sort out those blue-toned sections on really pale skin, you’ll need to use a pale pink color correcting product. The peach shades will help to neutralize any purple and blue shadows on medium skin. The pink / orange shades will help to sort out the dark spots that appear on darker and deeper skin tones.

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 16

Source: lustrelux

11 – Seductive Spring Eyes

Yellow, on the other hand, helps with tanned and live skin. It gets rid of the darker blue and purple tones, the green helps to get rid of any redness on all skin tones. Finally, if you have yellow tones to your skin that you’d rather not have, the lavender color correcting shades is the right one. Did you get all that?

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 17

Source: ctilburymakeup

12 – Bold Blue + Gold Eyeliner

Here’s an idea that isn’t new, but seems to be coming back around again. It’s the double eyeliner look, this time doubling up with a pop of gold over a deep, royal blue. If you’re bored of using only the black liner in your makeup box, use spring as the perfect opportunity to take things to a more colorful level. You don’t need to go bright – even this hint of blue is perfect for spicing things up from time to time.

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 18

Source: shivangi.11

13 – Unicorn Eyes + Pink Lips

Here’s a really great trick if you have dark under-eye circles and you really struggle to get rid of them – use your concealer and double it up. Find the right color correcting concealer for your skin tone and problem. Then apply that before your foundation. It should give you the perfect base to then apply your regular concealer on to.

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 20

Source: makeupbybrooke

14 – Dusky Pink + Nudes

If you have a hard time getting all of your makeup to stay exactly where you want it to for the entire duration of the day, you definitely need to find the right primer. This is a great product, and although there are so many out there to choose from, they all essentially do the same thing. They help to mattify your skin, and also to prime it. When you do this, your makeup has something to cling on to, much like when you use a primer before paint wooden furniture. You’ll find that you have less of a need to reapply and touch up your makeup throughout the day.

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 21

Source: luxymakeupby_anna

15 – A Hint of Glitter

If you want to add just the tiniest bit of glitz and glam to your makeup looks for spring 2017, here’s a great one to try. Using a very thin liner brush, add a touch of glitter to the inner corner of the eye, just on the black eyeliner. Also add a tiny bit towards the outer flick too. Those tiny glitter pieces will catch the light and make a big impact, and you won’t have needed to cover your face in glitter to achieve a glitzy look. Smart, right?

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 19

Source: shivangi.11

16 – Getting’ Peachy With It

When it comes to getting the right foundation to enable these makeup looks for spring 2017 to look as fabulous as possible, you’ll need to understand and purchase the right kind of foundation for you and your skin type. There are three different main kinds of foundation, and they will give you different finishes. Understanding these, and using the right one, will ensure a much better finish, and an even base to then layer the rest of your makeup on to.

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 15

Source: lustrelux

17 – Freckles + Modern Renaissance

Rather than trying to hide your freckles, covering them over with concealer and color corrector and foundation, let them roam free. Embrace them. They’re so cute, and so many girls out there would die to have them. In fact, faking the freckles is one of the newest makeup looks for spring 2017. It’s a key trend we promise you’ll all be trying!

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 11

Source: jamiegenevieve

18 – Simply Nude

For those days when you don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror and actually enjoy the spring sun, keep things simple with nudes like these. A quick hint of a darker nude shade in the eye socket will look as though you’ve made much more effort with your makeup than you actually have. A quick flick of eyeliner will allow you to forgo the lashes for a change. Add a quick slick of a nude gloss to liven up those lips, and you’ll be ready to go – tackling a busy day ahead!

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 9

Source: ssssamanthaa


19 – Terracotta on the Lips

We love those darker nude shades, almost orange / terracotta in color, and the lip shade has been matched amazingly with similar nude shades on the eyes, but with a slight lilac tinge to feminize things a little further. We really are quite obsessed with this lip shade.

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 3

Source: emilysusanah

20 – Blue Lips

How do you feel about blue lips? We must admit, we were taken aback when we saw this look for the first time, but those big and bold lips are one of the key makeup looks for spring 2017. The trick is to keep the eyes relatively simple at first, especially if you’re trying bold lips for the first time. Nudes are a great start, with brown and orange tones. You could also try substituting your regular black eyeliner for the brown stuff for a change too, to give things an even softer finish.

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 8

Source: _missbo

21 – Pastel Eyes + Lips

And, seeing as it’s spring, how about these wonderful pastel shades? In fact, out of all the makeup looks for spring 2017 we’ve shown you, this is by far one of our favorites. We just wish we had an excuse to rock such a fabulous look, although easter is just around the corner so perhaps we should use that as our excuse. You should most definitely check out this babe’s Instagram and Youtube channel. She’s one of our favorites for right now!

Makeup Looks For Spring 2017 2

Source: baileysarian


And there you have them – 21 makeup looks for spring 2017 that are going to be everywhere. Things have moved on from the pastel shades you’ll usually come across when the warmer weather peeks out. Big and bold lips are definitely one of the key looks to keep your eyes on.

If you’ve created a makeup masterpiece, send it in to us. You can DM us on Instagram, send us a message on Facebook, or Tweet us. Get in touch, show off your work. We want to show it off too! Don’t forget to show the artists we featured today some love too. We wouldn’t have anything to show you at all if it weren’t for their fabulous creations!