21 Matte Nails

Matte nails have been a big trend for a while, and that trend is set to stay. That’s why we’ve decided to take a closer look at the hottest matte nails for 2017. Whether you want them long, short, blinged-up, or elegantly matte-d down, we’ve got something for everyone.

As always, we can’t wait to her about which ones are your favourite. Make sure you leave your opinions and thoughts in the comments below. We’d vote to know what you thought of our picks.

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1 – Bright Matte Nails

If you’re going to go big you might as well go bold. What bolder way than with these bright matte nails for 2017? We’re in love with this colour, all the beautiful nail features aside. There are a few things you should know before you make the decision to choose these at the nail salon.

Matte Nails
Instagram / @nailsbyly

Although these nails do look stunning when they’re longer, shorter matte nails will be much easier to get on with. Especially as far as the length of your mani is concerned. Matte nails have a nasty habit of chipping away much quicker and easier than other finishes. The shorter they are, the less likely you are to bang them.

2 – Pecan Matte Nails

What do you think about these stunning pecan coloured matte nails? We’ve had nude, but what about going a tad darker? More a stony shade than a lighter one? We love this colour, and we’d love to know your thoughts on it too.

Matte Nails
Instagram / @gelnailsbynatha

Foil pieces have been cleverly used on nude nails to create that sparkly finish. By having them on just one or two of your nails, you can keep the sparkle to a minimum. We know how your boss likes to moan about your bright and bold shades. (Yawn!)

3 – Matte Nails + Shiny Tips

Adding a contrast to your nails is the easiest and quickest way to make them stand out, and you can’t get more of a contrast than adding matte alongside shiny. These shiny tips look great, especially with that almost-terracotta colour and the gold along the top.

Matte Nails 2
Instagram / @riyathai87

This is actually a lot easier than you’d have thought. You can even do this one at-home, without needing to resort to making an urgent nail appointment. First add your matte shade to your nail, not paying too much attention to the tips. Once that layer is dry, use tape to mask off the area, and then paint that in the shiny gold shade. You could even consider what the artist has done here, adding one full gold nail to the mix.

4 – Dark Purple Matte Nails for 2017

These dark purple matte nails are perfect for 2017, and we especially love the embellishments that have been added here. Just with the simple addition of a thin gold nail bracelet the entire look has been transformed. They would still look beautiful without the gold additions, but we think they just make these what they are.

Matte Nails
Instagram / @lindas.beauty.page

If you’re going to opt for embellishments to make your nails stand out, make sure you do the smart thing and carry spares on you. When a gem or whatever falls off your nails, you can simple replace it with the couple of spares you keep in your handbag, and that tiny bottle of nail glue too.

5 – Short Matte Nails

Just because you have short nails doesn’t mean you can’t jump on the latest trend’s bandwagon. There are matte nails for 2017 out there for you too, and these little beauties are just a classic example of how you can rock them well.

Matte Nails 4
Instagram / @kims_nailpage

Even with the shorter length, rhinestones and other gems can be added to jazz your manicure up, although we’re really in love with that almost dusky-purple shade. Does anyone know what the artist uses? (Or a similar shade?)

6 – Dark Red Matte Nails for 2017

If your nails are prone to being dry, brittle, or flaking, don’t just paint polish over the top. That just masks the problem, it doesn’t put it right. Peeling nails will lead to a peeling manicure, and there are things you can do to make things better.

Matte Nails 2
Instagram / @nailsbyly

You could start by using a strengthener for your nails, and moisturise but still make sure that your nails are dry from everything before trying to paint them.

7 – Khaki + Rose Gold Matte Nails

Rose gold has been such a big trend lately. As well as decorating our bodies with beautiful rose gold jewellery, we’re also rocking rose gold hair, rose gold shoes, and even rose gold homes too. Haven’t you seen our latest posts? (You should – they’re great!)

Matte Nails
Instagram / @riyathai87

How do you feel about this khaki and rose gold matte nail look though? It’s probably not two shades you would have thought of putting together straight away, but something about it works really well, especially the way this manicure has been jazzed up. If you’re looking for seriously on trend matte nails for 2017, these are definitely making their way to the top of the list!

8 – Stone Matte Nails

If you are finding that your nail polish doesn’t sit well on your nails, try using a nail primer first. There are quite a few on the market, and they work just as well as the primer that you’d put on your face before you apply makeup.

Matte Nails 3
Instagram / @kims_nailpage

The base coat and nail prep work you do can help fight back against excess oil on the nail. That’ll mess up your at-home manicure in no time at all. Try looking for sets that contain the base coat and top coat together. They will usually work really well together as they have been designed to work together. It just makes perfect sense really, doesn’t it?

9 – Royal Blue Matte Nails

This is such a seriously beautiful colour, we couldn’t help but put these nails on the list. Didn’t you know that blue was going to be a really big in-trend colour for spring 2017 too? If you don’t believe us, check out the Spring 2017 Fashion Trends. You’ll be glad you did.

Matte Nails
Instagram / @lexstasynails

Back to this beautiful blue colour however, and you’re going to want to start with a really decent nail bed to achieve super-smooth finishes like this at home. You don’t have all the tools at your disposal as they will in a nail salon, but with the right prep work, your at-home mani can look just as great.

10 – Matte + Glitter Nails

Do you remember we talked about contrasts earlier? Well, we’re bringing that concept back right now with these stunning matte and glitter nails. You could mix and match these up with any shade of nail polish that you liked, but we think the nude, red and gold mix works really well on these longer matte nails for 2017.

Matte Nails For 2017
Instagram / @joannasnails

Do keep things nice and simple and not too sparkly, leave the glitter safely confined to one nail, just like you can see here. It stops the look from becoming “too much” if you want something subtle. That’s the point of matte nails, isn’t it?

11 – Marble + Matte Nails

What do you think about marble nails and matte nails together? We think the two styles work brilliantly together. If you already have a marble manicure going on, you can make it matte nice and simply with just the quick addition of a matte top coat.

Matte Nails For 2017
Instagram / @classyclaws

We actually think that the matte top coat is a must-have for any woman, whether she regularly gets her nails done at the nail salon or not. It’s a really quick and easy way of livening up any manicure that’s in need of a little TLC. Rather than reaching for a glossy top coat, perhaps you should look at a matte one for touch-ups instead?

12 – Matte Monochrome Nails

Black and white – two colours that were meant to go hand in hand. When we’re talking matte nails for 2017, you just can’t beat it. It just matter how you try to design it – with different shades, finishes, rhinestones, and other embellishments, just make them monochrome and you’ll be on to a winner.

Matte Nails For 2017 6
Instagram / @laquenailbar

Black and white goes with everything, that’s what made us love these nail designs the most. When you’re getting a manicure done, you’ll want to know it works with everything you’re planning on wearing. This glammed-up look would also work great for more sombre and serious occasions as well as the more fun-loving ones.

13 – Nude + Negative Space Matte Nails

Negative space nails are cool nails, we’ve established that already right? But what about these nude matte and negative space nails? Would you rock them?

Matte Nails For 2017 5
Instagram / @riyathai87

They’re easier to do than you first may have thought, and these elegant designs can be done free-hand if you trust your own steadiness. If not, nail tape can be used to cut off the areas you don’t want to paint. Just make sure everything is super dry before you try to remove the tape otherwise you’ll end up with smudges.

14 – Nude Matte Nails for 2017

Go big or go home, that’s what we say about these beautiful matte nails for 2017. They’re everything we love all atone – long, negative space, black, nude, gems, sparkle, you name it. Perfect for a big occasion, but you must remember that those gems and embellishments will fall off over time.

Matte Nails 3
Instagram / @nailsbyly

It’s a pretty high maintenance look, and you will get those gems stuck in your hair if you’re a hair-player like we are. They sure look great though. We’re actually a little envious!

15 – Matte Pastels + Confetti Glitter

Contrasts are our favourite thing right now. Haven’t you already worked that out? We think hat’s why we love these matte nails for 2017 so much – matte combined with sparkle. In this case, it’s in the shape of confetti coloured glitter.

Matte Nails For 2017 7
Instagram / @becsnailboutique

It works because the colour of the glitter has been used in matte form on the other nails, and that’s what ties it all in. By having just that one sparkly featured nail, you’re drawing attention to your beautiful new manicure, but not in such a way that your boss might shout at you. We actually think these pretty pastel nails would be super cute for spring / easter. What do you think?

16 – Nude Matte, Gold + Black Nails

Nude and black works almost just as well as black and white does, one reason why we loved these adorable shorter nails. We all know that short nails are easier to work with when you have things to do all day. Just because they’re short doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on all the fun.

Matte Nails For 2017 4
Instagram / @noemihk

Chevrons are cool, and they’re easy to create with the help of nail tape. The glitter lining can be applied in the same way. It’s just a damn fabulous look, and definitely one that we fell in love with.

17 – Matte + Textured Nails

Talking of contrasts again, matte nails and textured nails brings together two nail trends which we absolutely adore. You won’t be able to help yourself from touching those sightly textured beauties. Just the right amount of sparkle has been added in the form of those gold studs.

Matte Nails 2
Instagram / @kims_nailpage

You could easily start with just the one gold stuff and add as you want to, just in case you’re worried about playing with these for the first time. We think you definitely should though – they can change the entire look of your manicure, even giving it a new lease of life when you think it’s getting old.

18 – Matte Nails + Glossy Tips

Matte and glossy work really well together, and we really like the subtle difference in this matte and glossy design. The best news is to come though – all you need for this look is two bottles of nail polish, and only a few minutes too.

Matte Nails For 2017 3
Instagram / @nailartguru

Paint your nails with the burgundy shade, or whatever shade you have decided to incorporate into your design, and then use tape to mask off just the very tip. You will leave that part glossy, and you could even go over it carefully with a sick of clear top coat if you wanted to. The rest of the nail – the bulk of it – will have a layer of matte top coat carefully applied. When it’s all dried and you peel the tape off, you should be left with something that looks a little bit like this.

19 – Modern Design Matte Nails

These modern designed nails are cool because they’re different. We’ve certainly never seen anything quite like this, and that’s saying something. We love it when someone comes up with something unique, and these matte nails for 2017 are most certainly that.

Matte Nails For 2017 8
Instagram / @varvarakravetc

We loved the idea of the almost stained glass effect on the featured nails here. With the release of the new Beauty and the Beast film coming ever closer, we’re wondering if there’s a way we could turn these into Beauty and the Beast nails. What do you think? Who’s up for the stained glass and matte challenge? (Please come back and show us!)

20 – Matte + Wet Look Nails

These wet looks nails are super cool, adding a slightly glossy and wet contrast to the dry and matte background. It’s definitely a unique and individual look, and we imagine it feels quite nice to run your fingertips over the top of them too!

Matte Nails For 2017 9
Instagram / @olgazebranails

It’s almost like that raised-effect metallic nail polish we were all going crazy for a few years back. To us that means probably impossible to achieve at home. We failed with that metallic stuff so badly!

21 – Matte Nails for 2017 + Glitter Tip

Last but by no means least, we come to matte nails with glitter tips, a very shiny way of adding something new and different to your matte finish.

Matte Nails For 2017 2
Instagram / @laquenailbar

You could replicate this tip-shape with a contrast of matte and glossy if you weren’t about the gold glitter that you can see here. You could even do the same with a completely different shade if you didn’t want to glitter things up too. It’s one of our winners, that’s for sure.

We hope these 21 matte nails for 2017 have given you plenty of inspiration to get super creative, and we can’t wait to see what crazy creations you come up with. Tag us with #CherryCherryBeauty on your social media. We’d love to feature your work!

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