21 Neon Nails

We’re a big fan of bright pops of colour on our nails when we’re heading into the summer, and that’s why we’ve decided to take a closer look at neon nails for 2017. We’ve been rocking nudes and light shades for a long time, and we really feel the need to make our nails stand out from the crowd. If you’re on the hunt for nails that will really make a statement, you should check these out for yourself:

1 – Print Neon Nails

These print neon nails are fabulous beyond words, their coffin shape wonderfully adorned with bright neon geometric shapes. A few rhinestones have been thrown in for good measure, and they’re so fabulous, we think we might just need to add them to our nail lust-list for this summer. What do you think?

Neon Nails

Source: nailsbyly

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2 – Green Neon Nails

Feelin’ green? They’re definitely bright, although perhaps not to everyone’s taste. Too bright for us? Definitely not. Too bright for you? Let us know in the comments below … Tell us what you think.

Neon Nails
Instagram / @gelnailsbynatha

3 – Black + Neon Nails

If you want a contrasting shade to really set your neon nails up, black is definitely one to consider. Black splats over the yellow are easy enough to do, and we love the pinky edge those little nail spikes and the chain has added. It’s kinda marble effect, kinda punk watercolour. Whatever it is, we love it!

Neon Nails 2
Instagram / @kims_nailpage

4 – Neon Blue, Pink + Yellow Nails

This look is actually much easier than you’d think to recreate. To start with, paint a white base. When that has dried, use nail tape to mask off the three geometric (triangular) shapes that you will then paint a different colour. You can customize this idea, of course, adding whatever shapes you liked, but these triangle geometric designs are great to start off with. Once the nail tape is down and you have painted those shapes a different neon colour, wait for it all to dry before peeling off the tape again. Once you are done, finish everything off with a good, strong top coat, and let dry completely before you go about your day.

Neon Nails For 2017 4

Source: monalyn_lim

5 – Rounded Neon Nails for 2017

If you’re going to be painting your nails these bright and bold shades, you’re going to need to ensure you have everything you need to hand when it comes to taking the paint right back off again. With bright shdaes, particularly yellow and orange based ones, you may experience some staining on your nails once the polish has been removed. There are products you can use to help fight back against this – base coat is one of them, followed by a white base. This helps to give an extra layer of protection, but also prevents some of that staining.

If you do have staining, lemon juice can help to get rid of it. It’s a natural whitening / bleaching agent, so by soaking your hands in the juice for just a few moments, you may find some of the staining is removed. Just make sure you use plenty of moisturiser afterwards. As well as bleaching, lemon juice can be very drying.

Neon Nails For 2017 5

Source: thecolorbar_nailstudio

6 – Yellow Unicorn Nails

How do you feel about textured nails? Unicorn nails are a new trend, a process of building up polish until it is … well, quite literally textured. Add swirls, spots, whatever you like really, but these diagonal stripe designs work really well with glitter if you’re opting for a unicorn nails effect.

We must admit, as bright and as bold as these nails are, they certainly stand out. We also love the way that glitter has been added to one featured nail in these, as if they weren’t already bright and sparkly enough as it was. What do you think? Neon yellow? Yes or no?

Neon Nails For 2017 6

Source: nailfuel

7 – Yellow Neon Nails

Yellow is so on-trend for spring and summer 2017, and that’s what makes these yellow neon nails so perfect. They’re bright, fun, and definitely eye-catching. Isn’t that what you wanted? Add a geometric design, or a watercolour one, or both, as shown by these fabulous neon nails for 2017. Just make sure you finish everything off with a decent top coat. This will protect your nails, and your new manicure, from being chipped or ruined.

Neon Nails 2
Instagram / @nailsbyly

8 – Short + Pointed Neon Nails for 2017

Do you want neon nails for 2017 that scream PARTY? These definitely do that, perfect for that up and coming Ibiza trip you had planned. We particularly love the embellishments on these, adding a more punk and modern edge, rather than a pretty and feminine one. We are dying for an excuse to rock these short and pointed neon nails for 2017. Perhaps we should book a holiday? (We’ll keep dreaming … )

Neon Nails
Instagram / @kims_nailpage

9 – Different Shades of Neon Nails for 2017

For those days when you can’t make up your mind which neon nail shade you want to go for, how about having them all? Use a different colour on each nail, or just mix and match with two or three different shades … It’s up to you how you customise it, and that’s the thing you must remember – you CAN easily customise these and make them unique to you. What kind of look are you hoping to achieve?

Neon Nails For 2017 9

Source: adifferentshade

10 – Leopard Print Neon Nails

It doesn’t matter whether you’re opting for neon nails or regular leopard print nails, it’s a nail technique it pays to learn. One coloured dot in the centre, a few splodges of a contrasting colour around the outside, and a wonderful ombre rainbow in the back to bring it all together. Maybe it’s time for you to start practicing your leopard print? It’s all about those brightly-coloured spots.

Neon Nails For 2017 10

Source: victoriac07

11 – Glitter + Neon Nails for 2017

Two things that are guaranteed to work together, and bring a sparkle to your face, is neon nails mixed with glitter. If you have a steady hand, you can easily mark off the areas you want to separate, but thin nail tape can help if you don’t. Bringing bright colours together like this makes the look modern and fun, and also makes it easier to achieve these brighter pops on smaller lengths too. You don’t need long talons for cool neon shapes like these!

Neon Nails For 2017 11

Source: Pinterest

12 – Mermaid Neon Nails for 2017

The mermaid trend is one of the hottest trends for right now, and seeing as we’re coming in to summer, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to mix our neon nails for 2017 with mermaid nails. There are plenty of ways in which you can incorporate these water-themed look into your new summer nails, but we really love the blue and mermaid themed tips that have been used alongside the full yellow neon pops. Add some glitter and gems and you’re on to a winner. That’s what we think anyway. What are your views?

Neon Nails For 2017 12

Source: vanessa_nailz

13 – Neon Nails + Silver Chevrons

We have some new love for yellow and silver. It’s a combo we wouldn’t necessarily have thought of, but after seeing these delightful neon nails for 2017, we can’t help but want them for ourselves. It’s a very simple addition – just two simple silver chevrons painted over a neon yellow base. Those chevrons really do pick up the light wonderfully though, no other features necessary.

Neon Nails For 2017 13

Source: vikkanosalonexpressgdl

14 – Watercolour Neon Nails

We really have a lot of love for these watercolour neon nails for 2017. It’s a process of adding or layering up different techniques, until you have something that ticks all the boxes. There’s glitter, the watercolour blends, and even some lace designs and rhinestones to really add some bling to the occasion. These designs go perfectly with those coffin shaped nails, but we can’t help to think that square and shorter nails would also work just as well.

Neon Nails 3
Instagram / @nailsbyly

15 – Glow in the Dark Neon Nails for 2017

How do you feel about glow in the dark neon nails? It’s probably not the kind of nail we would rock up to work wearing, but for week-long vacations in Ibiza, or festival-themed weekend vibes, we can’t help but think these nails would be just perfect. Add some tie-dye apparel to the occasion and you’ve got a festival-winning combination that looks as cool as it does summery.

Neon Nails For 2017 15

Source: _nail_ninja

16 – Glamorous Yellow Neon Nails for 2017

They’re bright yet still glamorous, and that’s what we loved the most about these fabulous yellow neon nails for 2017. Things have been kept simple with a matte finish. (You can buy matte top coats if you don’t have a matte yellow polish to hand.) They’ve then been livened up with those rhinestone featured nails. It’s simple, elegant, and we can’t think of a single reason why these nails wouldn’t work for your next summer nail inspiration.

Neon Nails For 2017 16

Source: Pinterest

17 – Two Hands, Two Colours

Who said both hands had to match anyway? We love that these nails think outside the box, incorporate neon pops of green and an orange / gold / red look together on the two separate hands. Ombre glitter neon gradients – that’s one look that definitely deserves looking into. What do you think? Which of these are your favourite?

Neon Nails For 2017 17

Source: salongredcarpet

18 – Yellow, Green + Silver Neon Glam Nails

They’re bright, bubbly, bold, and just a bit glam too. the silver swirls on these neon nails for 2017 help to bring them back to some level of class. Sometimes, neon nails just won’t work on their own, and this is a way to add a little something to make them more wearable. It also gives you a handy little extra that you can easily add in no time at all. Perfect for when you want to go from day to night but have NO time to do it in! Neon Nails For 2017 18

Source: taurusgirl87

19 – Neon Nails, All Dressed Up

What if you’ve been rockin’ neon nails for 2017 for a while and you’re looking for a way to add something new to the mix? You could look to neon nails like these, of course! Adding something as simple as a contrasting-coloured swirl could make all the difference, particularly if you just want to dress things up a little. You could buy nail transfers and decals for a quick, two-minute addition, or you could use stencils and / or paint pens / thin brushes if you feel you could give this a shot freehand. Just don’t forget to come and show us what beautiful looks you came up with!

Source: kristina.berzinaschafer

20 – Neon + Geometric Drops

It almost looks as if the geometric shapes are trickling down these neon nails, and that’s one reason why we loved them. We also loved them because they’re a really cool idea, obviously, and much easier to do than you first may have thought. A gold nail polish pen will easily help you to make those gold square outlines, and we almost think they look a bit like photo frames. What do you think? Fill some of the shapes, or none of them, it’s entirely up to you. Just make sure you come back and show us what you did … purleeeeeeease!

Neon Nails For 2017 20

Source: azusa

21 – Neon Lime Green Tips

Of course, for those days when you don’t want entirely neon nails, how about just neon nail tips instead? We really like this green shade, slightly lighter than some of the other bright pops we’ve brought to your attention. We also love the way that a few rhinestones has been added to really help catch the light. It’s like jewellery for your nails. And don’t your nails deserve some bling?

Neon Nails For 2017 21

Source: nailfuel

So … What did you think of our 21 neon nails for 2017? Which ones stood out to you for all the right reasons? We’d love to know what you thought. You can leave your comments below, or getting touch via our social media pages, the details for which you will find at the top and at the side of this post. We can’t wait to get the conversation started.

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