21 Pink Eye Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, they were made to play around with pink eye makeup looks. In fact, blue eyes are great eyes to have when you want to play around with a vast array of shades in your eyeshadow palette. Those pretty pink pops are most definitely one of the best places to start. Ranging from bright pops of colour, to muted and easier-to-wear dusky, powdery shades, there is a tone of pink eye makeup to suit everyone. It’s just a case of working out which one works well for you.

If it’s time for you to take things over to the pink side, we’ve got a few looks that you might want to take a peek at …

1 – Shimmering Pink Eyes + Matte Pinky-Nude Lips

A little bit of shimmer helps to turn a muted daytime look into a nighttime one. Plus, every girl knows that a little bit of pink glitter goes a long way when it comes to really making a bold statement with your makeup. If you’re going to use glitter on your pink eye makeup looks for blue eyes, make sure you apply some translucent powder underneath the eye first. When the glitter inevitably falls everywhere but where you want it to fall, the translucent powder will help to literally brush it away. Glitter is seemingly impossible to get off your skin otherwise, but some tape can help to grab any last remnants.

Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 2

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2 – Ombre Pink Cut Crease Smokey Eye

An ombre works for every occasion. That’s definitely the case when you’re looking at pink eye makeup looks for blue eyes. Work things from dark to light, using a bright and dark shade from your pink eyeshadow palettes, and then give everything a good blending with the fluffiest blending brush you own. A quick flick of black eyeliner completes the look, along with some fluffy lashes. If you add a quick flash of white eyeliner pencil to the lower lash line, it’ll help to make your eyes look brighter, wide. You’ll also look more awake.

Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 5

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3 – Bright Pink, Top + Bottom

When you’re playing around with a bright shade on the top eyelid, why not add a flash of it to the lower lash line too? If you’re on the hunt for a flirty and fun way to rock those pretty, pink shades, we reckon this is a good one that take a little inspiration from.

21 Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 11

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4 – Bright Pink Top, Light White Bottom

We’re turning things around a little here, giving you a really artistic look. As far as pink eye makeup looks for blue eyes go, it’s definitely one of the more artistic versions, and perhaps not the easiest one to wear to your regular day job. It’s certainly pretty in pink though. Perfect for Mean Girls Wednesdays!

21 Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 14

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5 – Super Fleeky Liner + Pink Eyes

When it comes to eyeliner, go big or go home. One of the easiest things we’ve added to our makeup and beauty product collection recently, is makeup tape. A tiny bit of this applied to each eye and not only will your eyeshadow be super-fleeky and on point, but your eyeliner will be too. We’ve used a number of tape varieties, and you will need to remember to touch up any concealer that the tape may pull away.

Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 1

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6 – Dusky Pink Eyes + White Liner Cut Crease

If you’ve mastered the art of the dusky pink eye and fancy giving it a new lease of life, how about a white eyeliner cut crease? It might take you a couple of attempts to get the look as sharp as this, but is a makeup look that certainly stands out for all the right reasons. It takes just one quick flick to add that new twist to a makeup look that you may already have worn time and time again.

Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 3

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7 – Silver Shimmer + Bright Pink Cut Crease

Keeping the pink separate from your actual eye is a good way of keeping the look fresh and not too clown-like. It is very easy to overdo this look, but by keeping the pink confined to the outer corner of the eye, in a cut crease style, you can get away with rocking the pink, but not so much that it makes you look tired.

Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 6

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8 – Pink + a Flick of Liner

Adding a flick of black eyeliner is one of the easiest things you can do to make a shade that doesn’t work for you, work for you. Some people can find that pink eyeshadow makes them look a little bit like a white-furred, pink-eyed lab rat, but when you add something in between the two things – the pink shadow and the eye – you’ll often find the look is much easier to wear. Eyeliner is the quickest thing to make any kind of pink shadow much more wearable for you. If you didn’t want to wear black eyeliner, play around with different colours, and even consider using regular eyeshadows as liners if you don’t have the right colour too. Using an eyeliner brush, a small dish of water, and your regular eyeshadow palette, any shade could be turned into an all-round liner.

21 Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 12

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9 – Pink + Smokey

What’s the easiest way to wear these pink eye makeup looks for pink eyes? Throw the pink together in your regular smokey eye and then add a touch of glitter. What else? It’s a dramatic look, and one that we definitely think would make you the star of the show. New Year’s Eve is coming around again soon, and we actually think this look might just be perfect if you’re feeling a bit pink for it.

21 Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 15

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10 – Pink + Princessy

If you don’t have a pinky eyeshadow to play around, don’t be afraid to use different beauty products, such as blusher. You’ll be amazed by how many products can have more than one use. When you learn about such beauty hacks, you’ll find your beauty regime gets quite a lot cheaper. Imagine only needing one product instead of two!

21 Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 20

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11 – Smokey Pink Eye Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes

Adding pink to a smokey eye is a great way of livening up a look that you probably already rock on a regular basis. The central section of your upper eyelid is the perfect place to play around with different colours. Use the tip for pink eye makeup looks for blue eyes, or swap the pink for blue, green, gold, or a wide range of other colours.

21 Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 21

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12 – Plum Pink Prettiness

Darker pinks, amost plum shades, are much easier to wear than their brighter, bolder cousins, so why not try those to start with? You can use the same shades that you wear on your lips, and even using the same products in some cases. This look here gives you an idea of how versatile your lip shade could be, working it into the cut crease.

21 Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 19

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13 – Blue + Gold + Pink Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes

Fancy something that really stands outside the box? Well, this look is a great one to take some inspiration from, almost Egyption-themed or Cleopatra-esque. That’s what we think anyway. The combination of colours don’t work together, in theory, but as you can see here, when put together in this fashion, the three shades work together so well, we’re dying for an excuse to rock this makeup look ourselves. What do you think about it? Could it be one of your favourites?

21 Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 13

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14 – Sparkly Pink Eye Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes

When all else fails, add some glitter. And, when you’re bored of that, just add a bit more. Another look that would be great for a big event or occasion, such as Christmas, New Year, birthdays and anniversaries, there’s no eyeliner to worry about here, saving you a good fifteen to twenty minutes on your makeup regime. That’s if your’re anything like us. Most of the CherryCherryBeauty den is hopeless at applying their own eyeliner. This look eliminates all that hassle, just adding lashes to a sparkly pink base.

Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 4

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15 – Light Pink + Dusky Pink Contrast Cut Crease

If you ever have a slight redness to the whites of your eyes, something that can happen to all of us towards the end of a long day, then pinks that have purple tones in them probably aren’t going to work well for you. In fact, these might even make your dark under-eye circles bigger and darker, making you look more tired still. Try opting for a lighter and cooler tone of pink instead, just like this one. You may find that you have much better luck with it.

Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 7

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16 – Light on Top, Bright on the Bottom

If you have eyes that are blue or green in nature, really cool-toned pinks are said to work better for you. This gives you a great place to start, but you shouldn’t use this as an actual rule. You CAN play around with other tones of pink, even if they don’t traditionally match your hair colour, eye colour, or even skin tone.

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17 – Dusky Pink Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

When playing around with pink eye makeup looks for blue eyes, start off small and gradually increase the intensity. We would also recommend brushing the brush with the eyeshadow on over your hand to start with, before applying it to your eye. This is a great tip when you’re using a new product and you’re not sure how intense it will be when you apply it. The last thing you’ll want is a solid block of colour. Add a touch and then build it up from there. It’ll be much harder to remove too much shadow, but it’ll be easier to add more as and when you need to. We loved this tutorial. It’s super easy to follow. If you give it a shot, don’t forget to come back and let us know how you did. We can’t wait to see it!

21 Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 16

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18 – Shimmering Pink + Purple Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

If you’re adding pink shadows to your lower lash line but you don’t want to look like you have an eye infection, add a darker shade, much like the black eyeliner trick that we discussed on the upper eyelid. You don’t need to go for black or other dark colours as the separation shade either. You could easily go for purples, or even blues.

Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 9

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19 – Sheer Pinks

Sheer pinks are easier to wear during the day, such as to work, and you could also consider playing around with your pinky gel blushers on the eyes, rather than eyeshadows. We’ve already discussed the idea that your makeup products could be useful for more than just one job on your face. Playing around with universally traditional colours, such as pinks, is a great place to start.

21 Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 18

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20 – Pink + Purple (+ Lots of Liner)

If you aren’t sure what pink shade to buy to play around with, don’t be afraid to hit the makeup parts of the department stores to get a little advice. Those counters will often let you play around with some of the makeup before you choose to buy it. At least then you can get an idea for the intensity of the product, as well as how warm or cool the shade will look on your skin.

21 Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 10

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21 – Black + Pink Smokey Eye

Add some dusky pink on the lids, then add a duskier and darker shade to the outer corners of the eye, and also the crease giving you that soft smokey look. It’s easier to wear, and softer too, than a regular smokey eye. With lots of lashes and a flick of liner, you’ve got a look that could easily be worn for day or night events and occasions.

Pink Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 8

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What do you think? Which of these beautiful pink eye makeup looks for blue eyes rock your boat? Are there any you’re dying to try for yoursef? We love them all. We couldn’t possibly pick a favourite.

If you have recently completed a wonderful pink eye makeup look of your own, let us know about it. We’re looking for new looks to feature, and we’re think you’re the right fit for the job. Or, alternatively, if you know a great makeup artist that deserves a little shoutout, tell us about them. We want to feature their work too.

Thanks so much for reading, and we hope you have a wonderful day!