21 Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

Women with brown eyes are very lucky ladies because their eye colour goes with almost every shade and colour of eyeshadow that you could think of. For the most part, it’s simply a case of working out which shade best suits your skin tone and eye colour, but with so many products now on the market and more ways than ever before to customise them, there is going to be a shade of almost every colour that you can think of to go with your beautiful, big brown eyes. If you’re on the hunt for pretty eye makeup ideas for brown eyes, we’ve got a few that are definitely going to take your breath away.

Bold, beautiful, pretty, sultry … Every look you can imagine, and all perfectly wrapped around brown eyes. And if you have a brown-eyed look that you feel belongs on the list, let us know about it. Share your Instagram links with us and we’d happily feature you in future pieces!

1 – Pretty Green, Blue & Lilac Look + White Cut Crease

Okay, put your hands up high if you’re as obsessed with this gorgeous, colourful look as we are. (We’re expecting to see a lot of hands right now.) It’s rocking some serious peacock vibes, and we love the little addition of white cut create liner and those dinky little dots. There’s not much that we don’t like about this look, to be honest. You should totally check out the artist’s Instagram account if you get the chance. We promise you that you won’t be disappointed. (We most certainly weren’t!)

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 8

Follow the artist: harbsy

2 – Simple Flick of Teal

This one is sweet, simple, and adds just the right amount of colour to make an otherwise regular, day-to-day look really pop. We especially love that the line of teal colour has been added to the bottom lash line, rather than the top. Sometimes, just sometimes, we want to keep that top half simple, right, ladies?

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 10

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3 – Frosted Smokey Look for Brown Eyes

And for those occasions when only a smokey eye will do, we can definitely recommend this AMAZING look, combining different shades of silvery-grey and black for an eyeshadow style that will work for a wide range of events and occasions. We’d be just as happy wearing this look for a Christmas party as we would for date night, and you could switch up your lip shade if you wanted to add a pop of colour.

Which lip shade would you rock with these gorgeous smokey eyes?

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 11

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4 – Smokey & Pretty Eye Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes

Another smokey eye, but a slightly less dramatic one, we’re leaving the glitter behind and opting for something slightly more nude and brown-toned than that. This is simple yet still pretty glam, and it would be a great way to switch from nude and beige-toned brown eye shades for daytime wear to dark and sultry hues for evening occasions. We’re obsessed with that peachy-nude lip too. What’s your favourite peachy-nude shade?

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 12

Follow the artist: itsjusteviee

5 – Khaki Sunset Look

Okay, well, we are definitely here for this stunning brown-eyed look, bringing a different mix of shades to the traditional sunset look. That khaki-sunny mix is definitely not one to mess with, though, especially with that shiny pop of gold in the cut crease. We love this twist, how about you?

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 5

Follow the artist: biancanicole.mua

6 – Stormi Weather Eyes

Eyes are POPPIN’! We can’t work out what we love more, the gorgeous flick of yellow liner, or that stunning, almost gunmetal great shade used on the lid. What we do know, however, is that we are 100% obsessed with the look and can’t get enough of it.

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 17

Follow the artist: makeupshayla

7 – Glam & Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

Feeling pretty in pink today? How about this darker pink pop on the eyes and lids? It’s a great look for those gorgeous, rich, brown eyes, and we can see that sparkle of gold peeking through. Who wants to wait for Wednesday to wear pink when the pink looks this good?

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 14

Follow the artist: smithadbeauty

8 – Galactically Lilac

If you’re not in the mood for pink today, how about lilac? Galactically lilac? We were first shook from the shine of that highlighter, and then we were totally rocked by the wonderful lilac-purple tone used across the lids. With eyebrows so sharp, you could cut a French baguette with ease, we’d say this look was pretty much perfect … wouldn’t you?

Pretty Eye Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes 20

Follow the artist: jadeywadey180

9 – Purple, Brown-Eyed Look + Negative Cut Crease

That negative space effect cut crease really adds something new to the table in this purple eyeshadow look for brown eyes — and what an impact it packs! It is our own personal belief that everyone should have a lilac/purple-hued palette in their makeup box somewhere. It’s such a versatile colour range, and it looks good on so many people!

Shout out your favourite purple-toned palettes in the comments below. We’re ALWAYS on the lookout for new ones to try.

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 9

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10 – Black and Red Eye Makeup Ideas

We’re going someplace totally different with this red and black look, and it’s definitely one reserved for special events, such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, a date … or just because you can! (Isn’t that best reason of all to get creative with your makeup looks?) We were in utter admiration of the blending from red to black, but there wasn’t much that we didn’t love about this. Can someone just come and do our makeup like this all the time, please? Thanks!

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 2

Follow the artist: naomi_skyy

11 – Flick of Gold Simple Brown Eye Look

Want something that’s kinda special but doesn’t pop out too much? How about a wonderful flick of gold? This gold-flicked look is so simple, yet so very effective, all at the same time. And, being a fairly minimal look, it wouldn’t take too long to achieve once you’d gotten the hand of that delicate cut crease line. (Which most of our office definitely hasn’t!)

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 7

Follow the artist: robertavixen

12 – Daytime Glam Look for Brown Eyes

Daytime makeup, but make it glam. A hint of shimmer, a pop of colour, and a matte lip with slightly darker, ombré corners have us feeling almost Ariana Grande vibes … or is that just us? Either way, we’re here for the look, and this one was a unanimous favourite in the CherryCherryBeauty den.

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 4

Follow the artist: _m0nicaj124

13 – Wine Eyes + Bright Yellow Cut Crease Feature

Don’t you think this look would be totally fab for a summer holiday, or summer party event? We’re not sure if it’s the pop of shimmering gold in the inner corner, the bright yellow cut crease line, or the gorgeous light-to-dark shimmering wine tones, but it’s got us feeling summery and bright. You’ll see us all rocking this look tomorrow in the office, just watch!

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 6

Follow the artist: lizrenay

14 – Pretty Poppin’ Pink + Blue

Whoever said that pink and blue shouldn’t be worn together clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. This gorgeous look just proves that. Shining, shimmering, splendid, but more than that — easy to achieve! With some blending practice and a bright colour palette, you’ll be on your way to this amazing look in no time at all.

Pretty Eye Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes 19

Follow the artist: iluvsarahii

15 – Romantic & Pretty Eye Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes

Are you in the mood for romance? We think this look is romantic, and pretty, and dramatic too! In fact, it’s so many things, but that’s why we love it so much. When you can think of plenty of different events to which you’d wear the makeup look, you know you’ve picked a good one. Versatility is key when you’re paying a lot of money out for high-end beauty products.

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 15

Follow the artist: anban20

16 – Simple Fluttery Eyes & Bright Lips

A bright lip can take control of any makeup look, as shown by this toned-down treat. It’s definitely a look that we could feel we could wear every day, including to work, with fluttery lashes that make up for the nude and barely-there shadow and liner. We need to know which lip product this gorgeous gal used … and pronto!

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 18

Follow the artist: makeupshayla

17 – Pretty Pink & Purple Look for Brown Eyes

Gosh, this is beautiful, right? Pink and purple intertwined eyeliner is not something that we’ve given much thought to before, but now we are most definitely all over it. It’s such a great way to bring a new lease of life to a purple look that has been done a million times over (it feels). We love it when something new comes to the mix!

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 13

Follow the artist: _m0nicaj124

18 – Brown-Nude Eye Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

When you want a no-makeup look that isn’t exactly no-makeup, this one might just work for you if you have brown eyes. The right brown tones will bring out the chocolate hues in your eyes, rather than masking them, and this clever makeup look shows you how to do just that.

Your brown-nude palettes will come in handy for this design, and, of course, those killer brows are a must. Did you know that you could use the same products for different areas of your face? When makeup emergencies happen, you CAN use eyeshadow to help fill in your brows, and you can use brow powder as eyeshadow and even as an eyeliner when used with a thin-tipped brush and dipped in makeup setting spray.

You’d be surprised by how many of your makeup products have more than one use. We certainly were!

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 1

Follow the artist: jessica_hairandmakeup

19 – Frosted, Icy Blue Makeup Look

For when you’re in the mood to ice someone right out of your life, this blue look will give you all the frosty vibes you need. Elsa herself would have been proud of an eye look like this, and we think that it would be perfect for a winter party event. Where would you wear it, though?

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 17

Follow the artist: samanthajayyy_

20 – Teal Liner Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes

That teal liner shade is something kinda beautiful, isn’t it? We wouldn’t have thought about pairing it with that shining, almost orange-gold shade behind it, but it works so well we’re going to have to give it a shot for ourselves. This is definitely a look we’d pop in the Pinterest box for summer holiday inspo. How about you?

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 16

Follow the artist: _mariam.makeup

21 – Simple Striped Liner + Heart Detail

Makeup, but make it ART! Three simple shades used in the eyeliner flick, with a little cut-out heart design to add that negative space cuteness in there. This look screams spring at us, but what does it say to you? And what colours would you make your three liner-stripes?

Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes 3

Follow the artist: sophieannii.mua

There are some really gorgeous looks on the list, don’t you think? Very pretty eye makeup ideas for brown eyes indeed, but we’d love to hear from you if you’ve got a makeup look that you think belongs right here on this page. We’re always on the lookout for new talent to feature on the site, and we’d love to feature YOU next.

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Have a BEAUTIFUL day!