21 Pretty Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

If you’re in the market for some pretty makeup ideas for blue eyes, you’ve come to the right place. We have found some truly beautiful makeup looks, from nightwear, club wear, and even every day wear. Whether you’re looking for a pretty in pink look, or perhaps something fabulously in blue to make your pretty eyes sparkle, there’s a look for everyone.

So, grab yourself a cup of tea, get your makeup bag to hand, it’s time to get creative. Prepare to be dazzled …

21 Pretty Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

1 – Rhinestones A’Plenty

Gold works with every eye colour, whether it’s blue, green or brown. That’s why you should definitely make sure you have a gold coloured eyeshadow in your makeup bag, and if you don’t, it mind be time to think about investing in one. Add some extra sparkle to your gold metallic look with rhinestones. It’s the perfect festival look, or perhaps a birthday look … or perhaps just a beautiful look to try because you felt like it?

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Source: emmavmakeup_

2 – Modern Renaissance Subtle Day Eye

A number of different products were used in the creation of this wonderful look, but you’ll be happy to know that most of them came from the same color palette. In this case, the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. We’ve been lusting after that one for a while, we must admit.

A wonderful and subtle easy day-time look, Ashton liquid lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills has completed the look. It’s an ABH day all round!

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 1

Source: brookesimonsmua

3 – Lashes, Liner + Lips

Let’s get one thing straight, if you get your contouring down to a fine art, and then add some matte red lips, and perhaps throw some lashes and liner in for good measure, you’ll be set for the day. A burst of makeup setting spray later, of course, and perhaps some of those fabulous curls too … In fact, we’d just like to look this pretty girl every day of the week. Wouldn’t you?

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 12

Source: Pinterest

4 – Simple Shimmering Silver Slick

Blue and silver work remarkably well together, and when it comes to pretty makeup ideas for blue eyes, silver is most definitely a great place to start. It doesn’t take much either, just a quick flick of silver liner, perhaps with a silver glitter liner flash over the top for added measure. If you have blue eyes, that silver flick is all you need to really bring them to life, so why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that?

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 10

Source: marisolbautistaa

5 – Pink + Silver Cut Crease + Dramatic Liner

If you’ve been playing around with cut creases for a while, and you think you’ve got it just right, add a slightly different feel into the mix, adding a silver sharp cut crease over a beautiful pink eyeshadow. The great thing about this look is that you could add more or less sparkle, depending on the kind of event you were heading to.

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 13

Source: swetlanapetuhova

6 – Black + Pink (Lower Lash Line)

Have you ever thought about adding a quick flash of colour to your lower lash line? No, we hadn’t either, but now we’ve seen this stunning contrast – bright pink against that deep black – we definitely want to try it for ourselves. Add a white line before you add the pink line to really make things pop.

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 2

Source: brookesimonsmua

7 – Brows + Wings ‘on Fleek’

In order to get the perfect winged eyeliner shape, make sure you’re drawing the outside line of the flick before then colouring it in. Once you have that basic outline in place, you can colour it all in, and then you can sort out any areas that need a little more attention. You can even use tape to help you. Just make sure that you have some concealer on hand to sort out any mistakes, and also smudging of your base when you tear the tape off again. We like to do our eyes first so that we can put concealer and foundation on over the top of any mistakes.

(So lazy, right? Is it just us?)

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 5

Source: makeupbyan

8 – Highlighter It Up

Highlighter makes the world of difference to your makeup, so if you’ve not found your perfect highlighter yet, it’s about time you started hunting for one. There are so many tones to choose from – gold, rose gold, yellow gold, silver shimmers, we understand that it can be hard to know which one better suits your skin tone. If you have a pale skin tone, champagne or icy finishes to your highlighter are a great choice, whereas more warmer and richer skin tones can play around with more golden and warmer, bronzed shades. Of course, you could just scrap all that and play around with whatever the hell you want to play with. That’s what we do, and we tend to get compliments more often than not …

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 8

Source: ellieeewbu

9 – Dramatic Pink + Purple Cut Crease

If you want a lip gloss shade that you don’t have, don’t be so quick to run to the shop or online to buy more. You can use Vaseline jelly mixed with whatever shade of eyeshadow you need to use. It really as simple as that – just mix your loose powder eyeshadow with some petroleum jelly and you’ll have your very own custom-made lip shade.

Doesn’t that make you feel important? Instagram-selfie-worthy, we reckon. (Show us!)

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 14

Source: valpham

10 – Sunny Shimmer Pretty Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

This absolutely beautiful look was created with a number of Anastasia Beverly Hills single shadows, and it’s a brand of makeup that seems to come up a lot with these brighter and bolder shades. You will need to remember that the slightly cheaper eyeshadows that you can buy are more than likely NOT going to be as highly pigmented as you need in order to replicate looks like this. As much as these luxury brands are just that – a luxury, and quite expensive to boot – they are often worth it, particularly if you want your makeup to stand out like this one does. You CAN recreate these looks with high street items, of course, but you may find that it takes a bit longer, and you may need to pack on a little more.

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 15

Source: glamorous_reflections

11 – Simple, Sheer Eyes + Glossy Dark Lips

If you were looking for an easy, vampy look for the weekend, this look pretty much has you covered. You’ve got a deep and dark rich shade on the lips, super glossed up, also giving you the chance to work your latest plumping lip gloss!

For the record, this beautiful deep shade on the lips is another Anastasia Beverly Hills classic, this time a lip gloss in the shade Potion.

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 3

Source: brookesimonsmua

12 – Blue Eyes + Dark Nude Lips

If you’re opting for a really bright shade, or that’s the look you’re hoping to achieve anyway, make sure you smear some white eyeliner over your eyelid first. Heat it up a little to make it easier to rub around, and then use your fingertip to smear the white shade over your lid, giving you what is essentially a blank canvas to then paint your wonderful and beautiful creations over. If you want bright and pretty makeup ideas for blue eyes, the white eyeliner trick is a seriously smart one to know about.

(For the record, if you don’t have a super-white eyeliner pencil that you can heat up, you can achieve the same effect with a really pale-coloured concealer.)

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 16

Source: paulinemartyn

13 – Poppin’ with Pink

This look was wonderfully put together using the Lime Crime Hi-Lite palette, with peach, gold and pinky tones to play around with. Don’t be afraid to use products that were designed for your lip on your eyes, and vice versa. Using liquid lipsticks as eyeliner, for example, seems to be a really big deal right now, and it certainly helps when you want to achieve shades that you don’t already own. What we’re saying here is that you should definitely play around with the makeup you have. Watch tutorials, take a peek on Instagram, and get lost in Pinterest. It’s loads of fun when you do!

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 17

Source: makeupthang

14 – Gold n’ Glossy

Plumping lip glosses do work if you look and buy the right ones. This look has been created using Lip Injection Gloss by Too Faced, but there are plenty on the market in which you could play around with. Add gold glitter with super glossy matte lips, and don’t forget the lashes too! You’ve got a party look that gets you from nowhere ready to party-ready in no time at all. It’s definitely one of the winning pretty makeup ideas for blue eyes if you ask us.

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 18

Source: bybrookelle

15 – Light + Shimmering Pretty Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

Golden tones work really well with blue eyes, especially when you opt for slightly icier shades, champagne-shade, if you like? Add it right into the inner corner to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, and add a darker hue to the outer corner to give you that slight smoky-eye effect. Plenty of lashes complete the look, just like they always do

We’re so in love with all of this beauty blogger’s tutorials, and just in case you wanted to check them out for yourself, you can find them here > An Knook

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Source: makeupbyan

16 – Pretty + Dark Blue Eyes Makeup

If you have a pencil eyeliner and you need it to be more of a gel-like finish when applying it, you can achieve it without having to go out and buy a bunch of new products. You just need to heat up your eyeliner pencil to get that gel look, and you can do that with a lighter or matches if you have them to hand. And, just as a little reminder, we’re not talking about setting fire to your eyeliner pencil, we’re just talking about heating it up a little. You can then apply it with a brush, if that’s what the look you want needs.

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 20

Source: Pinterest

17 – Shimmering Purple + Blue Eyes

If you want more lashes, but don’t really fancy using false lashes, there are a few tricks that you can use to fake the fake-lash effect. Firstly, use a couple of different mascaras. If you use one dedicated to lengthening, and then one dedicating to curling, you’ll get double the impact. Don’t you usually put on two coats of mascara anyway?

There’s another great trick you can use too – dust a very light coat of translucent powder on your lashes after coat one of your mascara. Give it a blow away and then apply your second coat. The first mascara will bond with the powder, which the second mascara will then bond to. The final result? Lashes that look fake and long even when they’re not!

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 9

Source: marisolbautistaa

18 – Loadsa Lashes

If you’re having a hard time getting lashes that could stop traffic, which, let’s face it, we all want deep down, here’s a great trick. Heat your eyelash curlers for a moment with your hairdryer before you use them. It’s like using curling tongs on your hair, except on your lashes instead. You just need to heat them up for a few moments before they’re warm enough to do the job, and you will notice the difference. Give it a try and let us know how you got on! We’d love to know if you agree or disagree.

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 21

Source: Pinterest

19 – Purple Sunsets

Wow, what a stunning look! Just for the record, you will find a full tutorial on how to achieve this stunning purple sunset look right here. Purple is a really good color to use on blue eyes, mostly because it really helps to bring out the bright blue pops, but just make sure you’ve got a good blending brush to hand. This one might take a couple of attempts before you get it just right.

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 6

Source: makeupbyan

20 – Spring-Inspired Pretty Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

We think it’s the lashes that really help to make these pretty makeup ideas for blue eyes, especially when you’re going for beautiful pastel shades. These pretty pink pops of color around the eyes and mouth work really well with long, luscious lashes, and the ones used in this stunning look were Iconic lashes by House of Lashes. Y’know, just in case you were interested. (We were!)

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 4

Source: brookesimonsmua

21 – Simple Eyes + Lots of Red Lips

Simple eyes and plenty of red on the lips, that’s one of the award-winning pretty makeup ideas for blue eyes, and one of the simplest too. To get big plump matte lips like this stunning makeup artist, you’ll definitely need to learn the art of over-lining. It’s well worth it when you get the hang of it, but we must admit to leaving the house looking like somewhat of a clown before we finally nailed it. Practice definitely makes perfect!

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 19

Source: bybrookelle

And there you have them – 21 looks: coloured eye makeup ideas for brown eyes that we think you could achieve at home with ease. If you click on the links, you’ll be taken to the original artist, and we’ve tried to find links to the tutorials where possible. You should definitely go and show them some love – we wouldn’t have any inspiration at all if it weren’t for them! (Plus, they’re very talented, don’t you think?!)

Don’t forget to let us know what you thought of our choices, and we’d love to know which one is your favourite … or which ones. Leave your comments below, or get in touch via social media. The links are all at the top of this page, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve been creating. If it’s a little masterpiece, send it in to us. We would love to feature you on CherryCherryBeauty.com