21 Pretty Pink Makeup Looks to Copy

If you want makeup that really stands out, these pretty pink makeup looks to copy in 2017 are definitely for you. Pretty, feminine, cute, and those are just three words that can be used to describe these stunning makeup looks. Whether you’re looking for something bright or bold, or pastel and muted, we’ve got something for everyone.

It’s time to grab your makeup bags and boxes, ladies, because things are about to get colourfully creative …

1 – Pink-Gold Glitter

Achieving these pretty pink makeup looks to copy in 2017 can be hard work when you don’t have the right knowledge or tools. After all, you want beautiful pink eyes, not actual pink eye … There’s a fine line between the two. It helps if you have super clear, white eyes to start with, and for this you’ll need eye drops. These really do help to make you look more awake when you’re having the roughest of days, and they can make quite a bit of difference to how your pink makeup looks actually turn out.

We would personally recommend Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops, available at Boots for just £4.29. Once you’ve tried this trick, you won’t be able to live without it!

(Oh, and for the record, these eye drops work perfectly at giving you a few more uses out of that almost-dry mascara tube too … Just saying, it’s a great investment.)

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Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 13

Source: amysmakeupbox

2 – Barbie Pink Pomade

To ensure your pretty pink makeup looks to copy in 2017 stick for the duration of your event or occasion, use a primer on the eyes to start with. You should also make sure you use a decent makeup setting spray when all is said and done too. Both of these together, when used with a really good quality eyeshadow that is packed with pigment, will give you a pretty in pink look that will really pop. Isn’t that what you’re looking for?

For the record, this look was achieved with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade in Barbie Pink.

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 20

Source: jos_dollmua

3 – Slick of Pink

One of the easiest ways you can inject a bright pop of pink colour into your makeup looks is to use a quick slick of pink eyeliner. If you don’t have pink eyeliner, you can use something else … liquid lipstick. Those matte finish beauties are perfect for substituting as eyeliner when you don’t have the right shade to hand. Use a thin eyeliner brush to apply it, and make sure you use both primer and a setting spray so that it doesn’t move. You could match your lip looks to your eye looks!

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 5

Source: paulinemartyn

4 – Pink Crown on the Lips

Makeup artist to the likes of Chrissy Tiegen and Bella Hadid reckons that the trick to finding the perfect foundation for you, is by looking at the colour of the skin on your wrist. If you can spot purple or blue shades of veins under the skin, it means your skin is cool-toned. You are warm tones to your skin if those veins look more green than blue or purple, and if you’ve got a crazy-cool combination of all of them, you’re “neutral”.

Knowing your skin tone will help you find the right shades to play around with in the palette. If you’re brand new to the world of playing around with makeup and colour, you’ll feel a lot braver if you know you’re working with the right shades to start with.

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 4

Source: Pinterest

5 – Pink Smoky Eye with Cut Crease Detail

If you’ve mastered the smoky eye and are trying to find a new way to rock it, how about adding a pink smoky eye, and then throw in some cut crease detailing for extra va-va-voom? The pink smoky eye is easy enough to recreate if you have a good fluffy blending brush, just use different shades and intensities of pink, rather than shades and intensities of dark brown / grey / black or blue, like you would usually use to create that smouldering look.

We really liked the NYX Professional Makeup Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette from Boots, just £17.00. It’s designed for cheeks, but there’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching your makeup products around. We’re always using highlighter as eyeshadow and vice versa. Didn’t we mention earlier on about using liquid lipsticks as eyeliner? Learn to make the most from the products you have in your makeup bag, using them around the face in different ways.

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 1

Source: swetlanapetuhova

6 – Sharp White Liner over Pink

The one thing that you will definitely need to hand for pretty pink makeup looks to copy in 2017 like this one, is concealer. You’ll need a super thin brush and plenty of concealed to help clean up those mistakes. Trust on this, the first few times you attempt the beautiful makeup look you WILL make mistakes. These things just take some time and practice. Maybe it’s time to get all the girls around for a night of makeup practice and prosecco? We can’t think of anything better!

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 7

Source: bybrookelle

7 – Pink Cut Crease

There are lots of different shades of pink to play around with, and there are now more pink-based colour palettes out there than ever before too. If you’re new to the world of beautiful coloured eyeshadows, try one with a lot of different shades mixed in. You will often find that mixing your own colours together will bring up really pretty end looks that you won’t have otherwise achieved. We love the Lottie London 12 Piece Eyeshadow Palette – The Rainbows, available from beautyexpert.com for just £9.95.

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 8

Source: s.w.beauty

8 – Glossy Lips + Bright, Bold Pink Eyes

We think this is a perfect combination of colors if you’re on the hunt for pretty pink makeup looks to copy in 2017 – glossy nude lips and bright and bold pink eyes. There’s a cut crease thrown in there, in case you hadn’t seen that yet, and it’s been elegantly lined with a metallic / shimmery almost-purple colour, just to round things all off nicely.

For the record, those lips were achieved with a Makeup Revolution lip kit – the Original Glossy Lip Kit.

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 9

Source: makeupbytammi

9 – Pink Lipped

There’s no better way to add a pink hue to your makeup for the day than to add a really pretty pastel matte lip shade. We loved this look, and you can find this lipgloss at Sleek Makeup. It’s the Matte Me liquid lipstick, and this shade is called Crushed Lavender. We LOVE it!

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 10

Source: charlottejonsie

10 – Dusky Pink Loveliness

A beautiful light and dusky pink works so well on those who have a pale complexion and light-coloured hair. Just remember to avoid too much of the pinkness in the outer corner of those eyes. Try it – you’ll soon see that it actually makes your eyes look a little puffed-up. We’re sure that wasn’t quite the look you were going for.

For the record, we love Clinique’s Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes, which you can buy from allbeauty.com right now for just £14.75. (It’s on sale!) We particularly love shade 07 – Pink & Plenty.

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 2

Source: swetlanapetuhova

11 – Rhinestone-Encrusted Cut Crease Design

What an absolutely fabulous look! We have a birthday coming up, and we’re definitely planning on rocking this stunning creation. As pretty pink makeup looks to copy in 2017 go, this one has got to be one of our favourites! What do you think, is it one of yours?

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 6

Source: makeupthang

12 – Bright Pink Everything

On Wednesday’s we wear pink, and if that’s the kinda mood you’re in today, pretty pink makeup looks to copy in 2017 like this one are definitely what you should be looking at for inspiration. That mate pink lip look is such a hot look for right now, especially with the bright summer sun and the need for all things outdoorsy and bright. What do you think? Is this a look that you would want to recreate? And if you do, will you show us?

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 11

Source: shelly_cochrane

13 – Pink + White Shimmer + Sparkle

To really make that gradient pop, use a really light, almost-white highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes, working into a pretty pink shade in the middle, and then working out to a darker, almost berry-look towards the outer corner. The highlight of the centre corner will help to make your eyes look wider and brighter. Don’t forget to add a slight pink dusting to the lower lash line too. It helps bring the entire look together. Try it tomorrow – you’ll love it! It’s like a brand new look that just takes a couple more seconds.

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 14

Source: amysmakeupbox

14 – Pink Glitter Lips

Pink glitter lips are super easy to achieve. In fact, the hardest part of the journey will be picking which pink look you will be going for. Do you want something bright and bold? Perhaps something simple and pastel? Just like pretty pink makeup looks to copy in 2017 such as the one below.

Add your lip liquid lipstick. Wait for it to dry. Add some glitter adhesive, or even some sticky lip gloss, and then brush your glitter over the top. You may need to touch it up a couple of times throughout the event, depending on what kind of products you’ve used, but for a video or photograph moment, it’s perfect!

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 15

Source: TheCutestBerry

15 – Pink + White Matte Makeup

Really bright, electric pinks work so well on those with dark hair colours, and also those with darker / more olive skin tones too. This one is such a fabulous look, and almost cartoon-esque. That’s what we think anyway. How about you? Add a matte white line around your matte pink lipstick and you have a brand new look that really goes outside the box. If it’s your first time trying such a look, how about picking one – the eyes or the lips – and feature on that?

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 21

Source: depechegurl

16 – Pink Crown Eyes

You can use tape that has been cut to look exactly like this in order to achieve this pretty crown look, which we personally think is perfect for a big birthday affair. After all, don’t you deserve to wear a crown on your birthday? In fact, scrap that, don’t you deserve to wear a crown every day?

Those cute little rhinestones have added the perfect touch to that crowned beauty, and that’s why this look most definitely belongs on the pretty pink makeup looks to copy in 2017.

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 3

Source: swetlanapetuhova

17 – Summery Pink Beauty

This summery pink beauty is so easy to recreate, we don’t understand why more people aren’t doing this. You start with your primer. Then you add a bronze / rose gold effect shade on the outer corner, going across the outer ‘cut crease’ section of the eyelid, not quite getting to the inner corner again. You then clean the entire eyelid up with concealer, and then add some white pencil eyeliner, all over the lid. Why? Because this will make the bright pink colour you add next really pop. Lashes and liner complete the look, and you could keep lips nude, or add a pretty baby pink matte lipstick to finish it off.

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 17

Source: Pinterest

18 – Liquid Pink

Bright pink eyes and glossy lips … How do you feel about this? We can imagine our hair getting all sorts of stuck in that sticky lip look, but for a photo on your Instagram page, you just can’t beat it. You’ll need plenty of gloss for a look like this, and you’ll want to add a couple of layers too.

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 18

Source: giuliannaa

19 – Pink Eyes + Lips

If you just want a hint of pink to wear throughout the day, you can achieve it with pretty pink makeup looks to copy in 2017 like this one. A light pink dusting has been applied over the eyelid, and a slightly darker hue has been added to that beautiful matte liquid lipstick. It works because it’s muted, only a slight touch more colour than your regular makeup.

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 19

Source: makeupshayla

20 – Baby Pink to Powder Blue Pastel Gradient

Well, we don’t really know what to say about this look, apart from the fact that it reminded us of unicorns. These are obviously our favourite thing right now. A wonderful glittery pink pastel shade, perfectly blended into a sky blue shade with that same dusting of glitter / shimmer over the top … It’s a cracking combination, and one that would work perfectly for the spring. Or summer. Or, in fact, any damn time of the year because it is just THAT beautiful.

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 16

Source: TheCutestBerry

21 – Pink-Eyed Beauty

You’ll need to get a flawless base if you want pretty pink makeup looks to copy in 2017, but that can be quite difficult. This is even more so the case when you haven’t yet found your perfect foundation. We would definitely recommend heading to the department store so that they can colour-match you, and we would always recommend trying a couple of stores before spending your hard-earned cash on an expensive foundation (or other beauty products) that don’t end up being quite right for your skin tone.

Pretty Pink Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 12

Source: shelly_cochrane

And there you have them – 21 pretty pink makeup looks to copy in 2017 that we think you could achieve at home with ease. If you click on the links, you’ll be taken to the original artist, and we’ve tried to find links to the tutorials where possible. You should definitely go and show them some love – we wouldn’t have any inspiration at all if it weren’t for them! (Plus, they’re very talented, don’t you think?!)

Don’t forget to let us know what you thought of our choices, and we’d love to know which one is your favourite … or which ones. Leave your comments below, or get in touch via social media. The links are all at the top of this page, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve been creating. If it’s a little masterpiece, send it in to us. We would love to feature you on CherryCherryBeauty.com