21 Purple Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes

21 Purple Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes

We always suggest that you break the rules when it comes to your makeup, mostly because breaking the rules really is fun! Plus, who wants to be boxed-in by rules? However, when it comes to brown eyes, one rule that you should most definitely pay attention to is the purple rule: purple eyeshadow for brown eyes is a makeup combination that you’re going to want to pay attention to. So if you’ve been wondering what colour eyeshadow for brown eyes is the best; purple is the best option every time!

Just in case you needed proof that this most definitely was the case, we’ve done some research. We think these are some of the most fabulous purple eyeshadow looks for brown eyes, but we can’t wait to hear your opinions. You’ll find a link to each artist underneath the image too — don’t forget to show them lots of love!

1 – Purple & Warm Metallic Tones

Warm metallic tones around the eyes will really help to bring brown eyes to life and make them glisten and shimmer under the light too. If you have undertones of gold, or lighter flecks in your brown eye colours, the warm gold and metallic tones in your eye makeup will help to pick them up, literally enhancing your natural eye colour. Add those warmer metallic shades in the palette to the purple you plan on using and you might just end up with a look as stunning as this one!

Warm And Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes
Source: anban20

2 – Coppery-Brown & Purple Tones

Coppery tones are perfect for brown eyes, alongside those bright purple shades, so why not look at combining the two? This brilliant makeup for brown eyes, for example, combines that pop of purple across the bottom lashes, with the top lashes kept that brown-nude tone that has become your go-to summer shade. It’s just a quick colour change from the regular, but it just does make those brown eyes pop and pack a punch in terms of effect, it must be said.

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes With Copper
Source: _mariam.makeup

3 – Purple-Pink Peepers

A cut crease with a difference, this purple-pink look for brown eyes is giving us all sorts of feel-good vibes. Purple has long since been connected to celebrities, royalty, and wealth, and this pretty look is definitely worthy of all three. Leave the black liner alone for the night, substituting it for a sparkly silver number along the lash line instead. A silver slick is just the perfect addition to this purple makeup look too, working with the fab highlighter to bring it all to life.

Pinky And Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes
Source: instabeautybyjess

4 – Artistic Dusky Purple Cut Crease

For when you’re feeling particularly artistic, and you have a few more moments to dedicate to your brown eyes makeup today, what about opting for a purple look like this dusky one? Bring more mauve than bright purple tones into the mix, we’re playing around with the cut crease idea once again. A steady hand, a thin, angled brush, and your best concealer is the trick to getting this look spot on. Oh, and practice. Lots and lots of practice. Practice makes perfect, as they say.

Dusky Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes
Source: robertavixen

5 – Pretty Purple Eye Tutorial

Brown eyes are actually the most prolific eye colour — more people have brown eyes than any other eye colour. Whether you have dark brown eyes or light brown eyes, brown eyed people are actually lucky people, because they can wear pretty much any colour combination they wanted. Almost every shade in every palette will work well as eye makeup for brown eyes, especially when they have been used together in both simple and complex ways. This pretty purple eye tutorial shows you how to build up both pink and purple shades to create a look that is both simple and dramatic, all at the same time.

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes Pretty Purple
Source: serenity_vanity

6 – Full Moon & Purple

This look reminded us of the moon, almost space-inspired, and we instantly looked up when the next full moon/event was happening to give us an excuse Tory something as pretty as this. We’re sure that this purple and blue eyeshadow brown eyes design will be interpreted into many different things, by many different people. That’s the beauty of makeup — it’s very much like art and can mean or be interpreted in so many ways. How will you be expressing yourself via the power of makeup today?

Purple-Eyeshadow-Looks-For-Brown-Eyes With Three Colours
Source: makeupby_calista

7 – Purple & Blue Blended Eye Look

Purple and blue are two shades that you might not think to combine in your eyeshadow looks, but as this beauty makeup artist shows, it’s a colour combo that just so happens to work really well. It’s dramatic, yet playful, and that’s the perfect mix for when a date or other colourful occasion. In fact, we don’t really need an excuse to rock eyes as beautiful as this. Any excuse will do!

Blue And Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes
Source: baileysarian

8 – Gold n’ Purple Smokey Eye Look

Gold and purple make a great eyeshadow for brown eyes combination, elegantly shown by this pretty and eye-catching design. These are the perfect colors if you have warm brown eyes like in the photo below. Gold might not be the first shade you’d think of mixing with purple, but the two contrasts definitely have the potential to sprinkle a little magic over any occasion. Sometimes it’s the colours that you DON’T think will work that actually pack the biggest punch. This one might be a little outside of the box, but we sure do love it.

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes Smokey
Source: zoemexiamakeup

9 – Buttercup & Lilac Eyeshadow Look

Yellow and purple — what are your views on that for a colour combo? It’s one that you might not have thought about putting together, but this buttercup yellow and lilac mix really stands out for all the right reasons. That’s even more so the case on that beautiful brown-eyed backdrop. A hint of silver sparkle on the inner corners of the eyes completes the look, and what a damn cute look it is too!

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes Buttercup
Source: lizrenay

10 – Smokey Sparkly Purple Look

If you are looking for purple eyeshadow looks for brown eyes that mean serious business, what about this sultry look? Mixing black, pink, purple, and even light glittery tones, it’s a look that was made or a celebration. In fact, we’re probably going to need to add this makeup look to our Pinterest board of birthday makeup. What do you think? Great idea, right?

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes Smokey And Glittery
Source: laurabrady_mua

11 – Cute & Pretty Purple Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes

We’re not saying that you should go in the sun without any protection because we definitely wouldn’t advise that, but brown eyes are known to have more melanin in them. This means that they are better at protecting themselves from the harmful rays of the sun than blue eyes or green eyes. Now that we’ve got that fun brown eyes fact out the way, how does this beautiful makeup look take your fancy? We certainly love it!

Y Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes
Source: beautybybda

12 – Romantic Purple Nights

Looking for a dramatic yet romantic purple look for your brown eyes? How about this look? It’s one that we think would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any other romantic occasion, especially with the cute love-heart shape on the inner corners of the eyes. Mixing lighter and darker shades of pink and purple is a very effective way of creating a sassy, smokey eye. Is it effective enough to be your next makeup look? We can’t wait to find out!

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes Bold
Source: samanthajayyy_

13 – Simple Purple Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes

Picking a different colour from your regular neutral-shaded palette might seem like a really daunting experience, especially if this is your first time getting experimental. You don’t need to do really complicated and intricate things with your different colour choices, however. A simple slick of colour with lots of black liner and lashes will often do the trick quite nicely. Just remember to grab that large fluffy blending brush and blend, blend, blend. Block colours are much more noticeable than cleverly blended and worked shades.

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes Simple
Source: oribelface

14 – Pinky-Purple Glamour

Looking for some pinky-purple glamour to add a pop of colour to that extra special occasion? This look might just tick the right boxes for you, one that combines pink and purple together for a romantic design. Clever blending from light to dark makes this look nice and dramatic, building up the colour. That’s the trick for a look like this one — start with a little and then build up. It’s so much easier to add colour than it is to take away excess product when you’ve added too much.

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes Step By Step
Source: serenity_vanity

15 – Nude & Purple Makeup Inspo

When you’re on the hunt for something more daytime friendly than some of the brighter and bolder purple eyeshadow looks for brown eyes that we’ve shown you, this makeup of the day might just tick all of the right boxes for you. A light dusting of a pale lilac shade has added a real feminine touch to an otherwise muted look. With the right nude lip and a sprinkling of nighters, you are most definitely good to go. You could even add a brighter or more intense more purple hue and darken up that lipstick for when you want to go from day to night. Office party? No problem! Purple saves the day!

Nude And Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes
Source: d_glam_beauty

16 – Dramatically Glam Purple & Silver Cut Crease Look

We love a good cut crease, and if you’re having a hard time nailing yours, we’d definitely recommend checking out a few YouTube tutorials. That’s how we learned our skills, although we can’t exactly say we have perfected the art just yet. This simple cut crease looks includes that bright pop of purple that you wanted but also uses a bright slick of silver line to create the cut crease detailing itself, as well as a wonderful nude-taupe shade to really bring everything together. We told that brown and purple were two shades that work together perfectly, and we’re talking about eyeshadow colours as well as actual eye colour!

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes Dramatic
Source: velvet702

17 – Glam Purple Look With Cut Crease Feature

This cute silver flick in the cut crease adds something super sparkly to the purple and nude-brown blended shades here, a clever way of adding something, but not too much. If you were hoping to go from office-chic to nighttime-ready in no time at all, adding a slick of colour or shimmer to the cut crease is one of the fastest ways that you could do it. Glam up your lips with a beautiful lip shade, and you’re ready to go in mere moments.

Glamourous Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes
Source: biancanicole.mua

18 – Highly Pigmented Purple Pop

If you’re finding that your purple eyeshadow looks for brown eyes aren’t quite popping quite as much as you’d like it to, there are a few tricks to try before you give up all hope. To start with, get yourself a really good eyeshadow primer. This helps to give you a nude base to start working on, and a smooth one too. When you’re adding your bright purple tones, use a damp brush, first spraying it with your makeup setting spray. The moistness of the brush will work with the colour in your purple eyeshadow, making the whole thing much more pigmented than it would otherwise be. Once you’re all done, finish things off with your makeup setting spray and you’ll be good to go for the entire night. Check out this beauty’s Instagram page to find out which products she would recommend!

Highlighted W Looks For Brown Eyes
Source: samanthajayyy_

19 – Precisely Purple

We talk a lot about clever blending, but this purple look calls for a slightly different approach. You can use tape to get sharp and precise lines, such as the tapered edges that you can see on the underside of this purple pop. In fact, tape comes in really handy a lot when you’re doing your makeup. It can be used to give you a precise eyeshadow shape, as well as perfecting those eyeliner flicks. You can also use tape in the same way as you would use it remove fluff from your clothes before you leave the house. Simply wrap some of it around your fingers and then use it to remove little pieces of eyeshadow and glitter that have gone everywhere but where you’d like it to go.

Cute Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes
Source: beautybybda

20 – Purple Top, Pink Bottom Eye Look

For those days when you can’t make up your mind whether you’re in the mood for pink our purple, how about mixing them both? Add purple to the top lid, pink to the bottom, and lashings upon lashings of lashes to complete the look. It’s pretty, colourful, and effective. What more could you ask for? It’s a winning combination if you’re on the hunt for purple eyeshadow looks for brown eyes!

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes With Pink
Source: harbsy

21 – Lighter Lilac Hues

The most complimentary tone for brown eyes is purple, and this toned-down look is perfect for when you don’t want something overly bright. Add a lighter hue to the centre of your upper eyelid, and also on the inner corner of the eye. This helps to bring everything together (with clever blending and a fluffy blending brush), and also helps to keep you looking more awake too. What a great combination of benefits, right?

Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes With Lighter Tones
Source: oribelface

What did you think? Didn’t we do good? There are some absolutely exquisite purple eyeshadow looks for brown eyes here, and definitely more than a few ways to give you the inspiration you need. We would love to give thanks to the amazing Instagramers and beauty/makeup artists that have allowed us to feature their images. Don’t forget to check them out using the links below each image for more inspiration and details on the products used to create the brown eye makeup designs. If you’ve been playing around and have purple eyeshadow looks for brown eyes that you think we should feature, or any other makeup look, get in touch. We would absolutely love to feature you on CherryCherryBeauty, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.

Thanks for reading. Have an absolutely fabulous day! ?