21 Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks

There’s nothing we like more than a bright flash of colour, and that’s why we’re utterly obsessed with the 21 rainbow eyeshadow looks we’re about to show you. Hand-picked from the best and most beautiful bloggers on Instagram, we found a few rainbow looks that we hope can give you plenty of ideas for your next makeup creation. It’s a season made for colour, so colour is what we will to add … to pretty much everything.

If you want to inject a little colour and rainbow into your life today, here’s a few beautiful creations that we think will inspire you:

1 – Beautiful Rainbow Eye Look

Can we just have a moment to appreciate this beautiful rainbow beauty? This Canadian beauty has absolutely nailed the rainbow eyeshadow idea, using the BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil palette. Of course, you’re going to need a really good primer for your eyeshadow when you have a look as bold and bright as this one. Which primer do you use? Shout it out in the comments below this post. We’re always looking for new recommendations!

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 1

Source: ashleyjordan.beauty

2 – Pretty Rainbow Cat Eye

For when you don’t want to go super bold and bright, you could always tone things down with a more pastel hue to your rainbow eyeshadow looks. This one has used some wonderful colours, all nicely brought together with a black liner flick and lashings of lashes. We’re a little obsessed with this rainbow look … How do you feel about it?

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 4

Source: mua.maggierose

3 – Shimmering Pastel Rainbow

Add some shimmer to the occasion and you have a look that would go just as well at a festival event as it would at a birthday bash in a club. Add more glitter for some serious sparkle, tone it down with more shimmer than glitter for when you want to light up, but not get too lit. It’s amazing how many different variations of these stunning rainbow eyeshadow looks we came across.

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 5

Source: serenity_vanity

4 – Androgyny Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks

Bold, brilliant, and beautiful. Those are three words that we would use to describe this rainbow eye look, completing the rainbow all the way around the eye, rather than just across the top lid. We’re totally digging the glitter eyeliner flick that’s been used here. It’s giving us all the rainbow vibes!

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 7

Source: kelloggkkosmetics

5 – Zulu Rainbow

Metallic and magnificent! Here’s a rainbow look that’ll see you through the holiday season, and you could easily customise this one. The colour could be left to just an eyeliner-style layer, or you could cover the entire lid, much like you can see here. When you’re rocking this kind of colour, there really is no need for an extra lick of black liner. That’s what we think anyway.

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 8

Source: bobbie_blade

6 – Rainbow Eyes & Red Lips

We featured this Canada beauty before, but she seems to get these rainbow eyeshadow looks so spot on. We’re not jealous about that in the slightest … (Okay, maybe we are a little bit.)

This look has been achieved using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism palette, which, of course, we’ve all gone totally crazy for. We’re absolutely loving the looks we’re seeing on Instagram, using that palette, but this look is given us all sorts of rainbow inspiration. How colourful are YOU feeling today?

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 2

Source: ashleyjordan.beauty

7 – Stunning & Colourful Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks

Keep both eyes the same or split them up, spreading the rainbow across the two. That’s what you can see here, and we’re not going to lie, it’s a look that we totally love. Glam has been added in the form of a tiny lick of a silver liner, and that really helps to catch the light when you don’t want to rely on shimmer or glitter. Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 9

Source: nessa_aesthetics

8 – Bold & Bright Rainbow Eyes

What’s the one thing guaranteed to make your rainbow eyeshadow looks really sparkle? Rhinestones and gems, of course, and lots of them! The actual lid of this look hasn’t had the rainbow effect applies at all, instead using the colouring all around – the cut crease, the lower lashline, and also below the lower lashline too. Who knew there were so many ways to rock this stunning and colourful makeup idea? We sure didn’t!

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 10

Source: lizrenay

9 – Rainbow Eyes & Black Lips

When you’ve made your eyes pop in a really rainbow way, it can be hard to know what to do with the rest of your face, right? That’s the case for us, anyway. We end up giving up on the rainbow eyeshadow idea entirely, mostly because we never know what blusher to wear, or what colour bronzer, or what lip shade. This look sorts out that problem. Black lips. It’s stunning, and with the colour on the eyes, really works!

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 11

Source: nic_the_magnificent

10 – Rainbows & Feathery Lashes

One thing that your rainbow eyeshadow can’t live without, is lashes. Lashes and lashes of lashes. Actually, your rainbow makeup will probably look just as good without the lashes, but we do love wearing them for a very special occasion. If you don’t like wearing false lashes much, you can achieve a pretty good effect by using different types of mascara, layered up. That’s what we do on the days that we can’t be bothered to ‘faff’ around with falsies. We’ll first use an eyelash primer, then a lengthening mascara, and then a curling and volumising mascara. You may need to play around to get the right combination for you, but it’s always fun to play around with makeup, right?

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 14

Source: fleurvmakeup

11 – Enchanted Rainbow Eye Look

There is something really beautiful about this rainbow look, very enchanted, and not quite using all the shades that you would expect to find in the typical rainbow design. It still works very well for us, however, and we’re just dying for an excuse to wear it. In fact, we think it almost looks a little festive, which means we’re definitely adding it to our festive makeup looks!

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 15

Source: jessica_mua.ewp

12 – Cute & Colourful Rainbow Vibes

Tone things down and add a pastel hue for a beautifully feminine rainbow look that’s not too much for every-day wear. A touch of liner and some lashes has been added to perfect the look, with everything else left relatively neutral. It’s a great combination of makeup products, that’s for sure. We’ve got serious #makeupenvy!

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 16

Source: meesharia

13 – Stars & Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks

For when only the stars will do, we would like to present to you this stars and rainbow eyeshadow look! You could use small star stickers to leave a blank space, if you don’t trust your own hand-painting skills. The stars themselves will be easily added wht white eyeliner afterwards, but you may need to give them a double coat to ensure the white really shines through. Don’t forget to finish off the entire look with a good makeup setting spray. This look is not one that you will want to run after a couple of hours.

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 21

Source: rocioceja_

14 – Fierce Rainbow Eye Look

It’s fresh and it’s fierce, and those are just two reasons why we love rainbow eyeshadow looks just like this one. Don’t forget to use your eyeliner in your rainbow creation, just as the yellow has been added as a double-liner effect over the black here. In fact, we think the colours have been used together beautifully in this clever rainbow look. This one is most definitely one of our absolute faves!

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 22

Source: chellythemua

15 – Circus Rainbow Eyes

These are bloomin’ fantastic, aren’t they? We’d love to wear circus-inspired makeup like this to the actual circus, but we don’t actually think anyone needs a reason to rock makeup that’s this happy and bright. Go ahead – try something colourful today. You might just lift your own mood and, who knows, you might just lift someone else’s spirits too. (Oh, and while you’re there, share the love and give this beautiful artist some Insta-attention. If you liked this look, you’re going to simply love the rest of them!)

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 13

Source: nic_the_magnificent

16 – Amazing Colourful Rainbow Eye Idea

Blending is the trick to getting a look like this one right. It’s colourful and wonderful, all the colours placed and blended in their own special way. When you learn how to mix them together so that they’re not a patchy mess (much like the last time we tried this using just one brush), you have many more colour options open to you. There really are endless possibilities. We’re so excited to see them all!

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 18

Source: amandamitch2

17 – Smokey Rainbow Eye Look

If you’re on the hunt for a way to spice up your regular smokey-eye look, how about adding a few rainbow touches to it? Much like fabulous smokey and rainbow eyeshadow likes like this one. Note the grey lip with this darker, rainbow look too. It just works so well. It’s giving us all #makeupenvy, once again.

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 20

Source: sensayshanal.makeup.artistry

18 – All the Shades of the Rainbow

The more pigmented your eyeshadow, the brighter and bolder your rainbow eyeshadow looks will turn out. There are quite a few tricks and hacks that you can use to make less pigmented shadows and makeup products really pop, however. One of the best (and one that we can’t share enough) is to use a neutral primer and base, and then to use a white eyeshadow or eyeliner to create that blank canvas to build the colour up on. The colours will always stand out much brighter when they are put over the top of a pale/white backdrop.

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 19

Source: amandamitch2

19 – Rainbow Glitter Eye

If you don’t want to pile on the rainbow colours up-top, add them down-below instead. By that, we mean adding them to your lower lashline, rather than your upper eyelid or lash line. Keep the lighter shades to the inner corner if you want to make your eyes look bigger and brighter, and don’t be afraid to get experimental. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 17

Source: beautybymoni7609

20 – Beautiful Rainbow Cut Crease

Of course, you don’t need to go all-out if you don’t want to. This one adds just the right amount of rainbow beauty to a makeup look that is actually otherwise quite muted. The silver glitter eyeshadow could easily be replaced with something less sparkly if you wanted a design that would be easier to wear during the day. We think the more shimmery and shiny, the better. But that’s just our personal opinion …

(P.S. We love this clever rainbow look!)

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 6

Source: serenity_vanity

21 – Glam & Simple Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks

And remember, you can always add some of that gold glitter to a cut crease to make your rainbow eyeshadow looks really stand out. Is it about time that you were more colourful with your makeup looks? We definitely think that you should take some inspiration from this pretty design.

Rainbow Eyeshadow Looks 3

Source: thegirlinthepaisleydress

And those are the 21 rainbow eyeshadow looks that we have for you right now. Of course, we can’t wait to see what you lovely lot come up with now you’ve had a nudge in the rainbow-inspiration direction. Please don’t forget to tag us in your wonderful creations, or send them to us via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. We would love to share your work.

Thanks so much for reading, as always. Don’t forget to show these amazing artists some love today. You’ll find their Instagram links beneath each image. We wouldn’t have anything to share if it weren’t for them, so massive thanks to them all!

We hope you’re feeling inspired now. Have a wonderful day!