21 Red Lip Makeup Ideas

Are you on the hunt for new ways to wear those stunning and classic red lips? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. We found ourselves getting bored with our regular red lip routine too, and that’s what led us to investigate further. We’ve been looking at red lip makeup ideas that really think outside the box, using many more shades from your eyeshadow palette than you first thought you might.

Whether you’re looking for a first-time look, an updated look, or just something for a super special occasion, we think you’ll find some of these quite helpful:

1 – Silver Glitter Cut Crease + Red Lips

Before applying any lip products, you should always start with a clean, dry and freshly pampered lip. Exfoliation comes first, and you can do this very simply with a washcloth. Just make sure it’s warm (not hot) and damp, and give your lips a quick going over with soft, circular motions. The point of this is to make sure you have no dead skin on your lips before trying to recreate these red lip makeup ideas. Any dead skin and flaking will just leave you with lips that look as if they are in dire need of some TLC. Do yourself a favour and complete the prep work first. Your makeup really will thank you for it.

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 2

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We love these budget red lip products:

2 – Simple Red Lip + Black Liner Combo

One thing that is guaranteed to work really well when playing around with re lip makeup ideas, is black liner. It’s a classic, almost Hollywood-esque look, reminiscent of some of the most glamorous women in the world. Marilyn favoured this classic red lip look, as did many others, both before and after her. Start with the basics and work your way out from there. Add a bit more sparkle to start with, for example, or add a matte hue rather than the glossy finish you’re usually working with. It pays to think outside the box. Find your own way of rockin’ the red lip look!

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 3

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We love these budget black eyeliners:

3 – Cranberry Cut Crease + Red Lips

Who said you couldn’t wear red on the lips AND eyes? We certainly don’t agree with the ‘rule’. In fact, we’re telling you to pile the redness on, especially when it looks as super awesome as this one does.

The red on the eyes has been confined to the outer edges of that cut crease, a useful tip for when you want to look red and glam, rather than red, bloodshot and hungover. Add that slight red tinge to the bottom lashline, but make sure you blend it well. Red can be a difficult shade to work with, without looking like you’ve been crying all morning. This look shows you how to work both red lips and eyes the right way.

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 7

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4 – Gold + Red Lip Makeup Ideas

Gold eyes with lashes of liner were made for big red lips, something that has been very elegantly shown off with this sophisticated, Hollywood-glam look. When you’re working with lots of black, in this case, the lashes and liner, you will need to make sure that you’re adding some light touches in order to even it out. You don’t want to look gothic, we’re sure. The paler highlighter shade on the inner corners of the eyes has helped to bring some light to the occasion. A super sparkly and light-reflecting eyeshadow has also been used. With the lashes and liner thrown on over the top, it’s a classic go-to look that isn’t overly difficult to recreate.

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 10

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We loved these glam gold beauties:

5 – Glitter Red Lip Makeup Ideas

For those extra special occasions, simply add a touch of glitter. There are plenty of glitter lip products on the market now, and a lot more adhesives than there were a few years ago too. This means that your glitter will go on much better, and stay for much longer too. There’s nothing worse than saying goodbye to your glitter lips after you’ve taken a swig of your drink!

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 14

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Oh, and for the record, we’ve found some stunning red glitter lip products, and here’s a few that we think you should check out:

6 – Dark Eye + Ombre Dark Red Lip

One of the easiest ways you can liven up a typical red lip look, is with an ombre effect thrown in. The aim of the game is to have the outer parts of the lips in that darker shade, beautifully blended into a lighter shade of red towards the middle. It’s quite the dramatic look, and it’s also quite tough to get right. With the right tutorial and some practice, however, you’ll be an ombre professional in no time at all. If we can master the art (and we think we have), you definitely will be able to!

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 17

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7 – Summer Glam Red Lip Makeup Ideas

You can still wear bright red and bold lips in the summer, but you just need to know how to work it. We’ve already established that gold and red work well together, so look to your golden eyeshadow and highlighter palettes for today’s makeup inspiration. You can often use many of the products you have in your makeup bag in a number of different ways. Highlighter can easily be used as what it is meant for, as well as eyeshadows, and even lip colour / contour too. Is it about time your makeup bag was more versatile?

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 12

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8 – Red Lips + Smokey Eyes

If you have the time to do so, always use a brush to apply your red lip makeup ideas. You can apply it straight from the tube, but you are more likely to get an even, straight-edged finish when you’re using a precision tool, such as a lip brush. You will find that applying it in this way will also help the colour to last longer.

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 15

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9 – Dark Ombre Lip Tutorial

Just in case you’re still thinking about that ombre lip look (which we are), we’ve managed to track down an easy to understand tutorial. These steps show you how a complex look, such as the ombre gradient, can be much easier to understand. When you break it down into steps, it’s just a case of layering different products to create your finished lip look. It might take some practice, but these red lip makeup ideas really aren’t overly difficult to master! (That’s why we love them!)

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 18

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10 – Silver, Black + Red Lip Makeup Ideas

One of the worst things you’ll need to worry about when rocking red lips, is lipstick on your teeth. We all remember *that* interview on live TV with Holly Willoughby on This Morning, with Jodie Marsh. That purple lipstick blot will stay forever in our minds, and we will continue to ask the question – did Holly break girl code by NOT telling her what was going on? If you want to avoid lipstick on your teeth, there is one very simple trick to use. Simply pop your finger in your mouth, shut your lips around it, and then slowly slide your finger back out again. Any lipstick that would have ended up on your teeth will now be on your finger, eradicating the problem.

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 13

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11 – Glossy Red Lips + Gold Lined Eyes

For some people, glossy red lips can be too close to the eighties to wear. Aren’t the eighties back, however? We think you should rock it. Simply add a good gloss over the top of your red lips to give them that wet look. Combine them with black liner and gold glows for a summery look that everyone will want to get onboard with.

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 16

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We love these glossy glam red lip products:

12 – Bright Eyed + Red Lipped

If you want to make your lips appear plumper, you can use highlighter to do just that. Apply a touch to the cupid’s bow (the top middle lip) before using your pencil and then red lipstick, and also a touch to the centre of the bottom lip, after you have applied the red products. The placement will reflect the light and make your lips look much bigger.

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 19

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13 – Sassy + Glam Red Lip Makeup Ideas

If you’re scared of wearing red lips, don’t be. You just need to find the right shade to match your skin tone and hair colour, etc. Once you’ve found that, your confidence will go up. It sure will after all the confidents you receive!

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 20

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14 – Simple + Smokey Red Lip Makeup Ideas

If you have pale or fair skin, the best kind of red lip product for you will be on that has a slight blue tinge to it. We know that sounds frightening, but you can’t actually see the blue, of course. It just matches the cool tones in your skin.

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 6

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15 – Simple + Classic Red Lip Makeup Ideas

If you go over your entire lips with a red lip pencil before applying your regular lipstick or gloss over the top, the red colour will not only last longer, but look better too. Your lips will naturally be quite pink, and it can be tough to mask that with most red shades. Adding another, firmer layer with that red lip pencil will help your lip colour to pop. It’ll also make sure it lasts for as long as you need it to.

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 9

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16 – Nude Eye + Big Red Lips

If you want to make sure your lips have all the attention, it pays to keep the eyes neutral. A quick flick of mascara and a touch of concealer under the eyes makes a red lip a much easier daytime look to wear. You’ll also find that glosses can be more daytime friendly too. Of course, you can’t forget about your brows. How fleeky are yours today?

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 8

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17 – Glossy Eyes + Matte Red Lips

If you want to turn heads when you walk into the room tonight, your must-have makeup look is red lip makeup ideas like this one. Lashes are the perfect best friend for red lips, and with the right cat-eye liner thrown in, gives you an easy look that is also one of your safest bets.

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 5

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18 – Red Lips + Eyebrows on Fleek

Orange tones for your red lip products are perfect for when you have quite olive skin, but that’s not to say you can’t play around with the products you’re using. Try mixing a few together, working out which shades do match your hair colour, skin tone, eye colour, etc. and also eliminating those shades that don’t. There are plenty of palettes in the market that you could use to play around like this, and we would definitely recommend checking some of them out

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 21

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19 – Red Lips + Sunny Glow

If you want your colour to really pop, you shouldn’t live without a red lip pencil. In fact, it doesn’t matter what colour lips you’re trying to achieve, a lip pencil is essential. It stops the lipstick from bleeding into the skin around the lips, ruining your picture-perfect finish. It also helps to give you something to work with. If you have thin lips, for example, you can over-line your lips a little (using the outer line of the lips, rather than the inner line), and this will help them appear thicker and plumper.

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 11

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20 – Smokey Eye + Gold Glitter Flash

Creamy formulas of red lipstick are great to use when you have dry lips and need some hydration and moisture, but they don’t last as long as matte lipsticks. You may find yourself reapplying it throughout the course of the day or event, so you will need to make sure you pop your red lip product in your handbag. You can buy long-lasting red lip products, but make sure you pick one that has good reviews. There are quite a few out there that have a creamy finish, but still dry your lips out. The best thing to do is experiment with different finishes before you decide on the right one for you. That means buying and playing around with more makeup! Woo hoo!

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 4

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21 – Gold + Brown Smokey Cut Crease with Red Lips

You should know what kind of red lip formula you want before you go go about trying to recreate these red lip makeup looks. You will also need to work out if your desired finish will work over YOUR lips. Matte red lips, for example, look stunning, but they are very difficult to get quite right. If you have really dry or flaky lips, you may find that the matte finish isn’t quite as smooth as you would have hoped for. In this case, a cream based red lip product would have worked better. It also would have moisturised your lips more. Matte lipsticks are well known for feeling dry, and also for drying the lips out also.

Red Lip Makeup Ideas 1

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And there you have them – 21 red lip makeup ideas that we think you might just like. Don’t forget to let us know which ones were your favourite, and if there were any that made you tempted to grab your makeup bag (or box) and start getting creative. If you have stunning makeup looks of your own that you want to show off, send them in to us! We would love to feature you and your work. You can get in touch via social media, and all of those links are found at the top of this page, and also along the sides. We can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with, and we cannot wait to show off the magic you lot create!

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