21 Rose Gold Hair Ideas

Everyone has been rocking rose gold hair recently. In fact, the entire world seems to have gone a tad bonkers for rose gold everything, so it was only a matter of tie before the hair, nails and makeup followed suit. Poppy Delevingne rocked the look, and now we all want a piece of the action.

If you wanted to recreate the stunning look for yourself, but aren’t sure where to start, here are a few ideas to get you started …

1 – Peony + Rose Gold Layered Short Long Bob

The lob, or long bob, is a great hairstyle for when you want to cut your hair short, but not too short. It’s a bit decision to make, and we definitely understand that, but it’s really good to go for the chop every once in a while, because then your hair gets the chance to grow back healthier, happier and full of life.

Instagram / @larisadoll

If you were ever looking for an excuse to go for the chop, rose gold hair ideas like this one are great to look at. You can still let your personality shine through and, as you can see, you can still play around with colour too.

2 – Rose Gold – Blonde – Silver Ombre

This look isn’t an easy one to go for, so your safest option is to visit a salon where you can go through the appropriate treatments in order to rock this hair as best you can. You will need to go through lightening treatments, and this will often include bleach.

Instagram / @guy_tang

The lighter the color of your hair when you start, the lighter and more vibrant your end result will look. And when it comes to rose gold hair ideas, you’ll want vibrant and bright.

3 – Pink Toned Rose Gold Hair Ideas

Before you book yourself into the salon, you should be aware of the timing that goes into a look like this. You can expect to be sat in that chair for at least two or three hours, and maybe even longer if you have darker hair to start with.

Instagram / @matt_waldron

You may require more than one session to get the look you want. We would highly advise you to book in with your local hair salon for a consultation. Then you’ll know how long the look will take you to achieve, and whether or not you’ll even be able to get your desired effect at the end of it. Sometimes you will need to admit that a color is just too much for your hair to go through.

4 – Fifty Shades of Rose Gold

For the first three or four days after having your hair done, whether you’ve done it at home or in a hair salon, you should avoid washing it. This will make the door wash out, and this will cause your look to fade quicker than it should.

Instagram / @jacquie_beauty

There are ways that you can make your hair color last longer, and your stylist will be able to tell you about the best ways. One method that we found especially useful was to mix some of the color in with our shampoo and conditioner. This is something you can talk to your hair stylist about. Perhaps he / she could prepare something for you to take away and use at home?

5 – Gold & Rose Hair

When you are washing your rose gold hair ideas, make sure you don’t use hot water. The colder the better, as horrific as it sounds, and you should also make sure that you’re using a shampoo and conditioner designed for colored hair.

Instagram / @shelleygregoryhair

Other shampoos can have clarifying properties, something you definitely don’t want. This will forcibly wash the color out, making all your hard work and money spent virtually pointless.

6 – Rose Gold Bombshell

If you’re wondering why we suggest for you to wash your hair with cold water after you’ve gone for a coloring treatment, it’s because warm water will cause the cuticle to open.

Instagram / @kyliejenner

In turn, this can lead to the color being literally rinsed away from the hair. Cold water causes the cuticles to shrink, therefore keeping the color intact.

7 – Brunette to Rose Gold Hair Ideas

If you’re worried about the whole not washing your hair business, invest in some good dry shampoo. This can work magic on the days where you can’t find the time (or energy) to completely redo your ‘do, and it will soak up grease as well as keeping an updo in check.

Instagram / @hannashairandbarber

There are some really good dry shampoos on the market, and we highly recommend you take a peek at some of these:

8 – Peach Toned Rose Gold Hair

If you’re tempted to try this look at home, you should be prepared for all the things that could go wrong. you might end up with more of an orange tinge than a rose gold look, for a start, and if you don’t have great condition hair to start with, it might even end up looking patchy.

Instagram / @pavosalonspa

If you’re in any doubt, just make a salon appointment. Just be sure to take plenty of photos with you so that you can correctly show and tell your stylist how you want your finished look to come out.

9 – Subtle Rose Gold Tint

With Elle Fanning and Emma Roberts rocking these fabulous rose gold hair ideas, we don’t blame you for wanting it yourself, and the good news is that there are plenty of shades for you to pick from.

Instagram / @hairandharlow

Mixing coppery tones with pink and rose gold in a balayage (or hand-painted) blend, there are a hundred ways to rock it. There’s also a hundred different shades to try. No excuse to give it a shot for yourself!

10 – Curly Rose Gold Bob

These rose gold hair ideas will suit a number of different skin tones, although yellow-based tones work especially well. People with darker eyes tend to wear the rose gold hue really well too.

Instagram / @tonyaauclairhair

This is why we would suggest that you go to a stylist or colorist. They’ll know the right hues to use to make sure you look vibrant and glowing, not washed out and pale.

11 – Dark to Rose Gold Blended Dip Dye

If you want a little something, but not an all-over something, what do you think about this rose gold look? The roots are kept naturally dark, and the ends are tinged with a beautiful rose gold blend.

Instagram / @hairbystevie

We love the way the waves have been used to show off all dimensions of the color. You can achieve this with your hair straighteners with the right flicks of your wrist. Who said your heated styling tools couldn’t be multi purpose?

12 – Blonde to Rose Gold Hair Ideas

If you want an easy, simple and refreshing way to try rainbow shades in your hair, or you just want to go pink but not really a bright in-your-face pink, these rose gold hair ideas are perfect.

Instagram / @amberm_hairstylist

You’ll find that the look can take on a natural ombre-style look, especially if parts of your hair are more dyed than others (fresh roots, for example). You need to take into account how these multicolored roots will look when you’re finished, and also as they fade. You may find that you’re in the hair salon more often than you’d like to be for touch-ups.

13 – Natural Rose Gold Fawny Waves

If you’re already blonde / fair-haired, these rose gold hair ideas are a great way of thinking outside the box and trying something new. Darker natural hair tones are much more difficult to get to these lighter and brighter colors. If you have the opportunity to rock it, perhaps you should?

Instagram / @allurehairbar

Pink is quite a cool shade, whereas gold is a rather warm one. The two counteract each other perfectly in the right amounts, and you’ll also find that the shades blend really easily into more natural shades if you wanted the more subtle approach.

14 – Cute Rose Gold Bob

If you have a warmer skin tone, the best rose gold hair ideas for you are going to be warmer shades of gold and peach, rather than icy cool shades of pastel pink.

Instagram / @glamiris

This look is a great way of rocking the new shade – keeping the tops natural and the ends with that beautiful rosy-gold glow. Who said you couldn’t play around with color when you had short hair? This one is amazing!

15 – Rose Gold + Dusky Purple Space Buns

Space buns are a great way of getting another day out of your hairdo before you need to wash it again. All you need to do is give your hair a good once-over with some dray shampoo, and perhaps a touch of backcombing if you think it needs it, and then separate the top layer of hair. Split that into two, and wind them around each other, securing with pins, until you have two buns like you can see here.

Instagram / @nealmhair

Give the buns a good tousle with your fingers to make them look a little ‘un-ruffled’, and let all the shades of your rose gold hair ideas shine through. What’s the point in having them if you’re not going to show them off?

16 – Fiery Sunset Rose Gold Hair

If you want a look that is fierce and fiery, you could do a lot worse than this rose gold delight – a wonderful blend of more orange-toned gold shades.

Instagram / @techniquesbycarl

It’s a great way to get rid of an existing bright shade, such as copper and red tones, without the need for harsh bleaching treatments. You could fade the look out gradually, going through a stage like this in the process.

17 – Naturally Blonde + Rose Gold

If you’re a natural blonde, you’re very lucky. It means that you can achieve these rose gold looks with only the minimal of pre-treatments. It also means you’ll have better luck with an at-home dye box.

Instagram / @jesseloveshair

If you want a look that’ll last for the week or so you’re off work and on your holidays, you can get a rose gold hair dye from places such as Superdrug. It’ll fade out in just a few washes. By the time you eventually need to walk back into the office, it will have faded to a point where no one will need to know about your wild time off.

18 – Barely There Rose Gold Blends

Coconut oil is a great thing to have to hand when you have dyed hair. It’s a totally natural product, and it nourishes without rinsing, clarifying, or cleaning any of that beautiful coloring out of your hair.

Instagram / @hairandharlow

If you have some to handy, use a mixture of two parts coconut oil and one part regular conditioner for an in-shower treatment that’ll leave your hair feeling as soft as anything. You’ll have diluted the ‘bad’ products in the original conditioner too, so any damage or clarifying they might be doing to your shade is minimal.

19 – Rose Gold Hair Done 5 Ways

If you’re shopping around for rose gold hair ideas, there are a few other things you will need to be aware of. To start with you might need to shop around for new makeup. Your regular eyebrow shade might not work with this new, pinker tone to your hair, and your regular palettes may not work that great either.

Instagram / @avbsalon

Warmer tones of orange, peach, pink and magenta are wise when you have this new color hair, but remember to keep reds to a minimum. These may overpower. Also, as a final note, you should probably try to avoid matching your makeup to your hair. You don’t want rose gold overload.

20 – Rose Gold + Purple Tones

Cooler tones of these rose gold hair ideas are perfect if you have a cooler undertone to your complexion. If you have a natural ash-blonde tinge in your hair, a lilac / lavender tinged pink / rose gold is great. It’ll look amazing once it’s been hand=painted into your natural tones.

Instagram / @nealmhair

We’re totally in love with this unicorn blend of pinks and purples. It’s a great way of showing just how imaginative you can be with these rose gold hair ideas. Would you be brave enough to rock this multi-tone look?

21 – Dark Hair to Rose Gold Long Curls

If you have length on your side, we definitely think you should rock this dark hair to rose gold long curls look. It’s been perfectly achieved with a hand-painted (or balayage) blended ombre. You’d never know where one color began and the others end in this cleverly designed rose gold style, and that’s why we love it so much.

Instagram / @hairbymandielynn

Even if you don’t have long hair, you could play round with hair extensions to try the colour before you buy, so to speak. If you have dark hair, add lighter, rose gold extensions to the underneath to see how the two would look good together. It’s a great way of faking it for a short-term purpose.

Which of these rose gold hair ideas were your favourite? Which ones float your boat? We’d love to know which ones you’re dying to recreate, so make sure you come back and give us a shout. We can’t wait to see what creative masterpieces you present.

Rose gold hair – it’s a big trend, we promise you.

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