21 Shabby Chic Interior Design Ideas

Do you know what shabby chic interior design ideas are? You just have heard the term being thrown around lately, but do you know what it is? Have you taken a closer look at the beautiful options you have open to you, or thought about how you could transform your home?

You see, that’s the thing about the shabby chic looks we’re about to show you. For the most part they are things you can easily do at home, small changes made here and there, to completely transform the space looks. If you don’t believe us, keep reading. You’ll soon understand what we mean, and we guarantee you’re about to fall in love with some of these room styles.

Did someone say #homegoals?

1 – Mirror, Mirror

Using mirrors is a great way to make a small space seem bigger, and you can even use larger mirrors propped against the walls to hide areas you don’t like. There could be a door behind this mirror, you’d never know. Alternatively, there could be a hole from when you accidentally throw your shoe. Just saying, these mirrors are great for multitasking – they brighten and hide a multitude of sins, all at the same time!

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2 – Chintzy Cute

Do you remember all those old cross-stitch patterns your grandmother used to make over the weekends? Well, if you have some still, frame them and put them on your wall. If they’re floral, even better, because that totally sticks in with the shabby chic trend. You could use old frames, re-spraying them a different shade (such as white) if you wanted to. It’s all about re-using the beautiful old stuff that older generations used to own. Rock it – everyone else it!

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3 – Shabby Chic Bathroom

If you don’t think you can have a shabby chic bathroom, think again. No room is safe from this beautiful and stylish home design trend. An old chest of drawers discarded from a newly decorated bedroom could easily be used for a few more years. Just give it a fresh lick of paint, move it into the bathroom, and use it as a place to store towels. You could add a vase with some fresh flowers from your garden on the top, and maybe even an array of miniature cosmetics for gifts when they come to visit … Or is that just us getting carried away?

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4 – Lace + Lovely

Old petticoats don’t need to be thrown away, and neither do those old net curtains that your grandma used to hang. We know they’ve been replaced with voiles and blinds these days, but they work perfectly work in a shabby chic setting. This lampshade is a classic example of that. You could use a glue glue, or even a staple gun, to affix the lace in place over the top of a slightly smaller lampshade. Don’t forget the lampshade though – you don’t want the lace to make contact, or get close to, that lightbulb. Fire alert and all that.

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5 – Shabby Chic Interior Design Ideas – Kitchen

Also known as “vintage chic”, or even sometimes “country chic”, the dreamy and soft way of redecorating your home is very inviting. The light colours and pastel hues make it a happy, summery, and airy place to hang out, making it perfect for places such as kitchens. Doesn’t everyone usually congregate in the kitchen?

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6 – Shabby Chic Mason Jars

Mason jars are a cool thing to have when looking at shabby chic interior design ideas, and even if you don’t have old mason jars to upcycle, old food jars and tins can have the same impact. You can spray paint them in pretty pastel colours and use them as candle holders, or miniature vases for your table or desk, just like you can see here. Even old food tins can be reused in your new shabby chic style. See: 37 Ways To Recycle Old Cans

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7 – Shabby Chic Reupholstering

Reupholstering and covering is the quickest way to give some of the soft furnishings a new lease of life in your home. The good news is, reupholstering and recovering is not only easy and quick, but it fits in totally with the shabby chic interior design ideas we’re showing you here. Using light pastel colours and chintzy floral patterns, there are plenty of tutorials out there to follow, no matter what it is you’re trying to inject life into.

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8 – Palette Coffee Table

Old palettes are perfect for shabby chic interior design ideas, and just a few stacked (and affixed) together can be used as a coffee table for a more shabby and rustic feel in your home. There are hundreds of ways in which you can use old palettes too, we’re bringing you a list of them soon … Keep your eyes peeled, and remember to give our social media pages a cheeky like and follow too. Then you’ll be kept up to date with the latest CherryCherryBeauty news.

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9 – Shabby Chic Interior Design Ideas – Bedroom

Do you fancy a shabby chic bedroom? That’s easy too, and if you have wooden flooring, even better! Strip away the carpet – what does the floor look like underneath? Could it be sanded and painted? You might have a beautiful floor under there without even realising it, and although you might think the wooden floor will be cold, rugs can help those areas your feet will touch in the morning. See – your feet don’t need to be cold at all.

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10 – Classically Elegant Chair

Remember we were talking about reupholstering? Well, this is a classic example of how you can use new fabrics, or even pens and spray paints, to give old chairs and other furniture new life. You could have this entirely reupholstered, or you could give it a good and deep steam clean, and then use spray fabric paint and fabric paint pens to recreate the look. It doesn’t need to be handwriting – you could paint flowers or any design you liked on the chair. Get creative – that’s how the best pieces happen!

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11 – All Wood Everything

The wooden features in your home are often very overlooked, so before you think about pulling down that old wooden paneling that you can’t stand on the walls, it might be time to leave them where they are. Why don’t you give them a lick of paint instead? This quite small hallway has been made to look bigger with the introduction of bright and airy shabby chic colours and shades. Mirrors have also been used, in this case in place of a window, and once again this just helps to give the small space a bright, large and airy space.

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