21 Short Wedding Dresses

It is only right that you feel like a princess on your big day, and that’s why you should look for short wedding dresses if you want short wedding dresses. Some people are often put off by the idea of having these shorter gowns, mostly because they break away from tradition, but these stunning bridal looks show you how traditional they really could look … and how beautiful too.

Are you ready? Get the tissues at the ready. We’re going to be showing you simply stunning wedding gowns that you’re going to want to wear yourself!

1 – Simple + Strapless

Underwear is important when you’re going wedding dress shopping, and that’s definitely the case with short wedding dresses such as this one. The dress might not look quite right in the mirror when you look at it today, but imagine it with the right underwear beneath, and then the right hair and makeup, and perhaps even the right shoes and a veil too. It’s often the entire look that makes everything come together, not just the dress by itself. Make sure you appreciate that underwear will make ALL the difference.

Short Wedding Dresses 1

Source: Dennis Basso

2 – Sophisticated + Short

It’s elegant, sophisticated and short. Perhaps not as traditional as Grandma might have hoped, but it’s still a very beautiful gown, and perfect for when you’re having a somewhat low-key affair. The dress will hide a multitude of sins, whilst still allowing you to show off your killer legs. And when you’re rockin’ short wedding dresses such as these, you might as well go all-out with the shoes that you’re wearing. There are some beautifully bold ones out there, and we can’t wait to see you wearing them!

We found this dress on Etsy, and you can find more information if you click on the link below the image.

Short Wedding Dresses 9

Source: Etsy

3 – Bodice + Ruffles

Long wedding dresses are often more expensive than their shorter counterparts, and that’s exactly why short wedding dresses, such as this wonderfully ruffled affair, are such a great idea. If you don’t want the extra material, don’t pay for it. It’s as easy as that. Plus, there’s another massive benefit to opting for shorter dresses too – they’re much easier to move around in. Don’t you want to have a good ol’ boogie on your big day?

Short Wedding Dresses 6

Source: Ellis Bridals

4 – Lace + Simple

We know that you want to spend a small fortune on your wedding dress, but make sure you set yourself up with a budget. Oh, and then stick to it too. Think about it this way – if you have a budget and a set amount for everything, spending a few quid extra on your short wedding dresses might mean spending less money on something else, or sacrificing something else entirely. Imagine how you would feel if you spent more on the dress and then couldn’t afford the photographer? Or the makeup artist you wanted? Or the bridesmaids dresses? We know you want to spoil yourself, and you should, but there really is no point in spending a small fortune on your wedding dress when you need to starve in order to do it.

Short Wedding Dresses 13

Source: John Lewis

5 – Modern + Minimalist

Do you know what shoes you are going to be wearing with your dress? If you already know, it’s a good idea to take them with you. Certain dresses may seem shorter when you’re wearing heels than without, and you may discard dresses entirely for not looking quite right, when they would have looked just prefect with the shoes in the end. If you have key pieces – shoes, a hair piece, etc., that you MUST have on your big day, take them with you. It’ll just make life a lot easier.

Short Wedding Dresses 3

Source: Austin Scarlett

6 – Bold + Bowed

Short wedding dresses such as this A-line beauty are great for those who want to show off those curves. The nipped-in waist is very flattering, and can help you to create the impression of a waist if you don’t actually have one. You can also wear tight, boned corse-style underwear too, helping you to create the perfect hourglass silhouette. That bow on the back just adds the perfect finishing touch for us. What do you think?

Short Wedding Dresses 10

Source: Etsy

7 – Lace + Covered-Up

If you don’t like your arms, don’t show them off. We’re all worried about the bingo wings, even though most of us probably shouldn’t worry about them at all, but this lace cover-up idea helps to stop your short wedding dresses leaving you with too much exposed flesh.

If you have your legs out, having the top half out can seem like a brave and daring choice. This helps to even things out a little, and may even help to keep Grandma happy!

Short Wedding Dresses 14

Source: John Lewis

8 – Ra-Ra Skirt Style

When you go wedding dress shopping, make yourself feel good before you go. Book the day off work. Get a manicure in the morning. Perhaps spend a few minutes longer on your hair and makeup. Why? Because when you look in the mirror and see a really tired bride in a wedding gown, you’re not going to be happy with the reflection. You don’t need to go shopping in the finest makeup you can find in your makeup bag, but making a bit of an effort will do wonders for your self esteem on the day. Plus, it’s wedding dress shopping day. It’s an important day!

Short Wedding Dresses 7

Source: Marchesa

9 – Pretty + Simple Short Wedding Dresses

If you have spotted a dress that isn’t a wedding dress, but you want to wear it on your big day, go ahead and wear it anyway. With the right shoes and accessories, any white or light coloured gown has the capacity to be a wedding dress. If you’re wearing it to your wedding, it’s a wedding dress. It’s as simple as that. We’ve seen similar dresses as this on the high street, and we think it would be a great dress for a simple, close-family, summer wedding. What do you think?

Short Wedding Dresses 11

Source: Etsy

10 – Textured Short Wedding Dresses

Before you go wedding shopping, make sure you eat something. Why? Because a grumpy bride isn’t ever going to be a happy bride, and the only thing you’ll be able to think about is food. Don’t worry about being bloated or whatever on the first date. There’s a good chance you won’t find your perfect short wedding dresses on the first attempt. Some brides need to go shopping a whole bunch of times before they find the perfect dress for them.

Short Wedding Dresses 5

Source: Lela Rose

11 – Custom Short Wedding Dresses

Another little beauty that we located on Etsy, custom made short wedding dresses are now becoming increasingly popular. There are so many designers out there these days (some not as good as others, admittedly) that getting a custom made dress is now easier than ever. If you have the opportunity to wear something that is entirely unique and personal to you on your big day, why wouldn’t you?

Short Wedding Dresses 12

Source: Etsy

12 – Layered + Sleeveless

For a modern take on short wedding dresses, how do you feel about this layered and sleeveless dress from John Lewis? Incredibly flattering and hiding a multitude of sins, the pregnant women in the CherryCherryBeauty den immediately proclaimed that this would make a great dress for a pregnant bride. We must admit that we agree, but with a contemporary knee-length hem and that round neckline, it’s a dress that would be super flattering on almost all body types.

Short Wedding Dresses 15

Source: John Lewis

13 – Mini Skirt Wedding Dresses

Do not be disheartened if you don’t find the perfect dress in the first attempt. It’s just an excuse to go shopping again and again and again … if you need to. Don’t settle for a dress you kinda like when there’s a dress out there you will fall in love at first sight with. Knowing the kind of dress you’re looking for before you go shopping is a good idea, but keep your mind open too. It’s such a minefield isn’t it? Make life easier on yourself by looking at pretty dresses like this:

Short Wedding Dresses 8

Source: Elizabeth Stuart

14 – Sassy + Sweet

When the lady in the dress shop brings out a wide array of dresses, don’t veto them until you have at least tried them on. There is a reason for this. This woman is more than likely a woman who has been doing her job for a while, and will also know what kind of dresses will work well on your body shape. This is if you use a decent and reliable wedding dress shop, of course. Make sure you do your research – Google them and make sure you look at bad reviews as well as good. Although not everyone will be happy with the service they receive, more negative reviews than positive ones will tell you something.

Short Wedding Dresses 17

Source: Mon Cheri

15 – Asymmetrically Modern

It’s different, that’s for sure, but we kinda love it for that. What do you think? Would you be tempted to rock something modern and slightly different? The lace overlay at the front really helps to add a more feminine edge to those sharp edges, but we must admit, it’s definitely a wedding gown that means business.

Short Wedding Dresses 4

Source: Romona Keveza Collection

16 – Cut Out Design

It’s described as having an “intelligent structure”, and we won’t argue with that, but it’s the cut-out designs that we think we love the most about short wedding dresses just like this one. That and the uneven hem-line, which adds a really cute edge to the dress. Those dyadic pleats help to make things super flattering, bringing the bride in at the waist, and it’s the perfect combination of both feminine and modern / edgy. That’s what we think anyway.

Short Wedding Dresses 19

Source: Kelsey Rose

17 – Low Neckline Short Wedding Dresses

Have you ever looked at a bride during a wedding before and thought, “Oh, that neckline is a bit low down …”? Well, someone might think that about you too, so remember that when you’re on the hunt for something with a cheekily low neckline. (As an example.) You should wear whatever YOU want to wear on YOUR big day, but just remember how judgemental you were at your friend’s wedding … ? Now imagine if you were to look back at photos of yourself and see more of a cleavage than you had anticipated. Test the dress before you agree to it – bend down, post, etc. You know the drill – get the camera phone out and get snappin’.

Short Wedding Dresses 20

Source: Justin Alexander

18 – 50’s Inspired Tea Length Gown

This 50’s inspired tea length wedding dress is the very definition of a timeless classic, a wedding dress style that has never really gone out of fashion. Tiny lace cap sleeves at the top help to make things more flattering around the arms, and you could still get away with adding a delicate string of pearls if you wanted something borrowed from your Grandma. Super flattering for curvy girls, this is one of those dresses that we feel should have been pushed right to the top of the list. A winner!

Short Wedding Dresses 21

Source: Cutting Edge Brides

19 – Lace Overlay Short Wedding Dresses

Longer at the back than it is at the front, this is a simple dress that would work really well on tall and thin brides. Very simplistic, you can let your shoes do the talking, although you may want to consider adding some accessories up top – a veil, for example, or a feature necklace.

Short Wedding Dresses 23

Source: Lela Rose

20 – Boho Short Wedding Dresses

Are you looking for something more boho inspired than your regular short wedding dresses? This Mon Cheri number might just have what you’re looking for, combining a beautiful A-line dress that falls to the knee, with detailed lace tiers that help to bring some life to the occasion. The wider straps and deep V-neck help to make it more flattering and wearable, and there’s a dropped waist too. Add the modesty patch right there in the front and you have a short gown that might just tick all of those boho, care-free boxes.

Short Wedding Dresses 18

Source: Mon Cheri

21 – Sweetheart Neckline

You’ve got a sweetheart neckline on this beautiful short wedding gown, perfect if you want a beautiful, feminine finish to your big day. The fitted bodice and A-line skirt are also super flattering, and being a full skirt, helps to bring the fairytale feel into the mix. The good news is that you can buy dresses like this in ivory and white, as well as black too. You could have matching dresses for your bridesmaids … or is that a thing you just wouldn’t do?

Short Wedding Dresses 2

Source: Sareh Nouri

And there you have them – 21 short wedding dresses that we’re going crazy for right now. Which is your favourite? Do you have any favourites? Have you checked out the websites beneath the images for more stunning short wedding dresses? Tell us if you’ve found one that you thinks deserves to be on the list. We’ll make another list! We’d also love to feature you and your beautiful gown if you’ve had a wedding day that you want to shout about. Can we feature you? Because we’d love to!

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