21 Silver Hair Designs

Let’s face it, grey or silver hair designs were hardly the easiest predicted of hairstyles. A few years ago, if someone had told you to embrace the grey, you probably would have laughed in their face. But, these days, metallic silver, grey, and even rose gold and peachy-gold hair is a very serious must-have. And that’s why we’ve decided to take a closer look.

1 – Silver-Lilac All Over + Bangs

There are so any variations of these brilliant silver hair designs now, and you can add any number of differing shades to create a multi-tonal, balayage, and even ombre look.

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Grey is one of those shades that just so happens to go with basically every other shade on the palette, making it one of the most versatile colours you could opt for this season.

2 – Silver to Powdery Pink Ombre

We’re totally loving this silver and pink look, brighter and with more of a pop of colour at the top, graduated into those silver locks at the bottom.

Instagram / @taitkieuapril05

Why not play around with the colour palette a little while you’re in the silver hair designs stage of your life? While you have a shade that you can do basically anything with, it would b a shame not to take complete advantage of that!

3 – Dark Silver + Dusky Purple Balayage

When trying to achieve these grey and silver hair designs you may notice that your hair has a slight lilac tinge to it. When we tried to achieve luscious metallic locks like this, ours certainly had a purple hue to it, and we soon learned that we had been leaving out silver / grey toner in for too long.

Instagram / @loveisinthehair_byjanet

In fact, even the blondes in the CherryCherryBeauty den had a hard time achieving the silver shade. The toners we had always went lilac, and the best silver dye we found was spotted in Superdrug.

You can find those here:

4 – Naturally Brown + Silver Highlights

When you want to go grey (and not in the natural way), you need to be prepared for the work that will need to go into a look like this. To start with, you’ll need to make sure that your hair is in good condition, so that’ll mean using intensive conditioning treatments that are specifically designed for your hair.

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If you have dry hair, use products that are specifically deigned for dry hair. If you have coloured hair, use products that are designed for coloured hair. Do you see where we’re going with this? For a few weeks before making such a drastic hair colour change, conditioning and intensive treatments should be at the forefront of your mind. If you go to the hairdressers with badly conditioned hair, the colour you come out with may not be your desired result.

5 – Lilac + Silver Hair Designs

With the smallest of tweaks you could make your silver hair designs completely unique to you. You could add a slightly darker or lighter tone, or add another shade completely, just like the lilac tinges that you can see here.

Instagram / @tressesbytress

In fact, do you remember when we told you about the silver and grey hair dyes causing our hair to become silver with purple tinges? Well, this silver hair look is a great way to combat that problem, and work in the two shades.

6 – Wavy Long Silver Balayage

Overnight masks and hot oil treatments are a really great option for when you want to pump some life into your hair, and fast. However, if you don’t have any to hand, you can just use your regular conditioner. Here’s a little trip that we like to use, and one that’ll definitely come in handy before you start those bleaching treatment necessary for these silver hair designs.

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Have a shower in the evening before you go to bed, and wash your hair like you usually would. Rather than adding conditioner and then rinsing it out after a few minutes however, get out, towel dry your hair, and follow your regular before-bed routine. Just before you get into bed, smother your hair in your regular (or even a cheapie) conditioner, and put a towel over your pillowcase. Sleep with the conditioner in overnight, and when you wash it out in the morning, your hair will be super soft and with an added boost of nutrients.

7 – Dark to Light Grey

If you have darker hair naturally, you’ll need to bleach your locks first, and in fact, even blonde hair may need a little lightening before opting for these shiny silver shades. One trick that will prove especially useful if you’re a brunette, or have naturally darker hair, is to go for a balayage – ombre look with darker roots.

Instagram / @lana.mai.hair

This will make everything much easier to fade out – darker roots with lighter hair is never a good look when it’s done the wrong way, right?

8 – Rose Gold Silver Gradient

If you already have coloured hair, the first thing you’ll want to do if you want super shiny, glossy hair like the silver hair designs you can see here, is stop dyeing it. The more you dye it, the more product you’re putting on your hair, and that product will need to be stripped out before the lightening, and then silvering, process can begin.

Instagram / @taitkieuapril05

Dyeing your hair creates product build-up, a great reason to do a serious cleansing wash before you opt for the colour change. Product build-up won’t be even either – it’ll make your grey or silver hair designs come out patchy. In fact, if you try to add dye to existing dyed-hair, any look will come out patchy.

9 – Silver Grey Balayage Ombre

Once your bleaching process is complete, you’ll more than likely have yellow hair, and this isn’t a base tone that these silver hair designs will take very well to. In order to get rid of that brassy look, you (or your hair stylist) should apply toner. This is usually a really dark purple shade, but it won’t be purple once it’s washed out … (Unless you leave it in too long, as we mentioned earlier on.)

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The purple in the toner will help to completely get rid of those brassy yellow tones left by the bleaching process. When you look at a colour wheel, yellow and lilac are two opposite sides of it, so they’ll cancel each other out. After this, you should have a basically white base on which you can start to build your grey and silver tones.

10 – Brunette to Silver Ombre

When you go for the chop, opt for a good cut too. At the very least, have a good trim. There are many benefits to having a good hair cut when you want to go for a drastic colour change, but one of the most important ones should be hair-health.

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When you have lots of dead ends and hair in your mane, you’re wasting precious nutrients. The nutrients that you’re putting into your body are going to already basically dead hair, rather than focusing on the healthier hair around it which could be growing much stronger. In turn, that’ll get weak, brittle and broken too. In short, a good hair cut is essential if you want silver hair designs like these.

11 – Natural Dark Silver Locks

Once the bleaching is complete, it’s time for colouring, and that’s when you and your colourist get to have a little fun. What kind of look are you going for? What kind of silver hair designs do you want? Are you looking for a warmer tone? A cooler one? One with a pop of colour in it, perhaps?

Instagram / @lolaliner

The best thing to do to make sure your hair stylist completely understands you is take a bunch of photos with you. Rather then describe your perfect silver shade, show them. Complete understanding is necessary – communication is vital!

12 – Bright Pink Roots + Silver Hair

When you want silver hair designs that’ll really help you to stand out in the crowd, how about this pink-root and silver number? It’s bright, beautiful, and definitely bold – all the b’s we’re looking for in our next hair ‘do.

Instagram / @hairbyvanessanunez

This is a great idea when you have a big event coming up and you want to look your best, but can’t quite find the time to make yourself a hair salon appointment. You can achieve this look with temporary and semi-permanent dyes, and it’ll wash right out before you need to go back to work on Monday morning.

13 – Short Wavy Silver Lob

If you’re in the market for a new hair shade or colour, but want the most minimal of commitment, these silver hair designs really are for you. They wash out easily, nicely, and quickly, meaning you can switch it up once you’re bored of the colour without any problems.

Instagram / @glamiris

The one problem you will have with a look as bold as this one is that you’ll need to go through a lot of lightening and pre-treatments before you can actually go grey, so to speak. Your hair will need to be basically White before you add the cleverly blended shades of silver, grey, blue and purple that will cause you to go this beautiful silver shade.

14 – 50 Shades of Silver

It’ll only take around four weeks for these silver hair designs to wash or fade out, so if you want to keep the look fresh for longer, there are a few at-home tricks you can use.

Instagram / @hairbyshawna_russell

We used silver shampoo when we had grey hair, and that made the fade out really easy. In fact, this purple shampoo has given a great pastel effect to the fade-out of quite a few coloured we’ve rocked.

Also, adding some of your grey hair dye to your shampoo and conditioner can help to inject a boost of colour every time you wash your hair. Washing is quite bad for it though, and if you don’t want your silver hair to fade quick, you should wash your hair as little as possible.

15 – Peekaboo Lilac Roots

We showed you pink roots, and now we’re bringing you a hint of lilac. What do you think about this peekaboo purple and silver hair designs? It’s perfect for when you want to incorporate some colour into your look, but without something that’ll be too over-the-top.

Instagram / @valdoeshair

One thing we will say about hair looks such as these is that you should probably leave the hair dye on for longer than it says on the tub. Your hair stylist will know how long to leave the colour on your hair for, but at home it can often be trickier to work out. We always leave our hair dye for almost double the length of time that it states on the box in some cases, and because it’s super conditioning and there are no dangerous components in most of the coloured shades you’ll find, you’ll be doing your hair some good too!

16 – Silver to Dusky Pink Ombre

Another beautifully blended look, there’s a hint of pink in this one, perfect for when you want to be cute and girlie, but again, not too much.

Instagram / @josievilay

If you were growing out another colour, for example pink, an ombre like this is a great way of trying a new look, whilst at the same time growing out your old one. The pink would fade out and make itself further and further down your hair, and you touch up the roots with lightening and silver hair designs. It’s multifunctional, and we LOVE that!

17 – Blue-Dipped Silver Hair Designs

How about silver and blue? That’s one we haven’t really looked at in great depth before, but you must admit, there’s something super cool about this one. Another way of playing around with the ends, it just goes to show how something as different as a change of shade can change the whole look.

Instagram / @lisadoeshair

This is virtually the same kind of idea as the one before, but the colours have been changed – a darker grey, and the blue instead of the pink.

18 – Dark to Light Silver Ombre

Getting the right tone of silver hair designs is important to make sure that you are happy with the finished look. It is definitely well worth having a contusion with a hair colourist before you take any drastic action, and if you’re doing the look at home in your own bathroom, ask a couple of friends, co-workers, or relatives. You will need to get honest opinions on this – the wrong shade of grey or silver will make you look washed out, not fashionably in.

Instagram / @hairbyvanessanunez

One of the easiest ways to tell whether or not a silver or grey shade will work for you will be to look at your skin tone. If you have cool skin but quite grey or yellow veins, you have a warm tone, and this means that you are open to the silver colour spectrum. Warmer tones are better, so think darker shades of gunmetal grey rather than a lighter, brighter pop.

19 – Blue to Silver Blended Ombre

On the other hand, if, when you look at your veins, they appear to be either purple or blue in colour, you have a cooler skin tone. This means the lighter, brighter shades will look fabulous on you.

Instagram / @kimwasabi

We’ll be honest, we’re totally obsessed with the idea of this look – a wonderful denim blue balayage ombre into that bright and shiny silver shade at the bottom. It’s one of our favourites, and definitely one we’re thinking about recreating for ourselves. How about you? Which one has been your favourite so far?

20 – Silver Hair + Bangs

If you’re really not sure about that silver look, but for some reason can’t let the idea of having silver hair designs go, how about trying the look before you buy it? You can easily do with this with silver hair sprays, and there are plenty of temporary or semi-permanent dyes out there that you can play around with beforehand.

Instagram / @_missbo

Going grey is a big move if you’re not quite sure, and it’ll put your hair through a lot of stress, causing a lot of damage, if you get it done, decide you don’t like it, and then decide to go for a change.

21 – Lilac and Silver Multi-Tone

There are a few things you should bear in mind once you’ve walked out of the hair salon with your beautiful new silver hair designs, and these will make a difference to how long your colour lasts, and how good your hair looks.

Firstly – all that bleaching will have been very harsh on your hair, so conditioner is going to be your best friend now. We’ve been using an Argan oil spray on our hair for a while, and we must admit that it’s made a difference. It’s a leave-in spray, and we’d highly suggest that you check it out!

Secondly – make sure that you’re using either a silver shampoo, or a shampoo designed for coloured hair. It won’t take long before those silver hair designs fade out. Also, the less frequently you wash it, the longer your new hair will last.

Instagram / @glamiris

Thirdly – avoid white shirts for a few days after you’ve had your hair dyed. You should also put a towel down on your pillow. There is a good chance your hair will run a little for the next few days, especially if you’ve done your look at home, and you don’t want to ruin your bedding or your clothes.

If you’ve felt inspired by any of the silver hair designs we’ve shown you, make sure you come back and let us know about it. We want to know your favourites, and we want to see how great you look when you tried them for yourselves.

Happy hair-dyeing!