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21 Simple Makeup Looks to Copy

Are you on the hunt for simple makeup looks to copy in 2017? You’re in good hands, ladies. We’ve got a few of the most fabulous makeup looks you’ve ever seen, and some of them aren’t quite as difficult as you first may have thought to recreate. Are you looking for something simple? How about something sassy? What about a look that will enable you to show off your killer new skills? Like, a cut crease, for example?

We’ve got plenty of that and loads more. Grab yourself a cuppa and make yourself comfortable …

1 – Simple Silver Glitter Cut Crease

This simple silver glitter cut crease look is too cute for words. That’s what we think, anyway and, once you learn how simple these simple makeup looks to copy in 2017 actually are, you’ll be kicking yourself for not trying them sooner.

Weren’t you doing a simple, nude / brown smokey eye look for work anyway? A lighter shade swept over the main bulk of the eyelid, with a darker, shadowing shade used right at the outer edges? Keep the lines straight and sleek, using a template or plastic spoon as a guideline, and add a touch of glitter when you’re done. It’s cute, simple, adds on just a few moments to your regular makeup regime, and packs quite the punch.

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 1

Source: swetlanapetuhova

2 – Boldly Blue on Blue

This is a really stunning look, particularly for right now – the weather is hot and those bright and bold shades are DYING to be worn. Team your boldest blue eyeliner with your boldest blue mascara, and wear it with all the confidence you’ve got!

If you don’t have bold blue eyeliner, you can use bright blue eyeshadow instead, getting it a little wet and using it just as you would regular liquid eyeliner. Alternatively, of course, you could just go shopping for new makeup! ?

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 2

Source: Ssssamanthaa

3 – Highlighter n’ Glow

If you have no time to get ready in the morning, this highlighter n’ glow look is perfect! You don’t need lots of makeup to brighten things up in the morning, and summer is the perfect time to base your entire makeup regime around the latest highlight and contour palette. From eyes to lips, brows, cheekbones, and more, there’s no place you can’t add a little highlight too, and all with one easy makeup kit.

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 3

Source: MakeUpByEvva

4 – Matte Liquid Lips + Light Liner

Another beautifully simple look, matte liquid lipsticks are all the rage these days. We have even been sucked into the hype, with no fewer than 15 different matte lip shades in our collections, none of which we’ve worn yet. We are definitely sensing we should give them a shot, however, especially seeing as we’ve seen this stunningly simple makeup look.

Add a light touch of liquid liner with a light shade eyeshadow, and you’re good to rock for the rest of the day. Well, once your brows are on fleek, of course.

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 4

Source: OliviaHaworth_MakeUp

5 – Black + White Double Liner

Simple, yet effective, what are your views on double liner? How about monochromatic black and white double liner? We LOVE it!

It’s all very simple – do your makeup as your usually would, but keep your black liner slightly thinner. This gives you a bit of extra room to add that white line, just above the black one, and let them be seen. If you do the black liner too thick, the white liner could be too far back, and no one will get the chance to see it. What’s the point in that when it looks so fabulous?

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 7

Source: TheCutestBerry

6 – Lower Lined Glitter

It’s probably common practice for you to put glitter on your top eyelids. We’ve been doing that for years, although it hasn’t always looked as good as we thought at the time …

How about switching things up today? Add glitter to your lower lashline instead? It’s the simplest of changes but, you never know, you might just find your newest fab go-to makeup look!

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 8

Source: giuliannaa

7 – Simple Nude Gloss Lips

You really can’t go wrong with nude gloss lips, and we would always recommend carrying a tube spare in your handbag.

Not just great for adding some plump, glossiness to your lips, simple nude lip gloss can also be used to brighten up your cheeks, to add some shimmer and glow to your brow bone, and more. Your makeup could be much more versatile than you first thought.

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 9

Source: makeupshayla

8 – Simply Pink + Yellow

This stunning look was spotted on Makeup Geek, and you’ll find the link for the tutorial below the image. Who said you had to colour coordinate your top and bottom lash line? In fact, we think this stand-out pink and yellow look is exactly what the last of the summer calls for. It would also make a perfect look for spring. We’re already planning our spring makeup bag for 2018!

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 9

Source: Makeup Geek

9 – Classic Red Lips + Flawless Skin

Flawless skin is renowned for being quite difficult to achieve, particularly if you weren’t blessed with it naturally. In order to get flawless skin, you can’t just rely on makeup alone, sadly, although a good, full-coverage foundation will help you some way.

Make sure you’re drinking enough water, and look at taking daily vitamin supplements to make sure your body is well-nourished. When it comes to beauty and skincare, you’ll need to work from the inside out. Eat well, drink plenty, and work out every now and again, and your skin will thank you for it.

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 10

Source: jadeywadey180

10 – Rose Gold Romantic

Rose gold and romantic … That’s what we think this look is, and we also think that it’s one of the brilliant simple makeup looks to copy in 2017 for date night! A hint of something shimmery really helps to open the eyes up, and that lick of black liner adds an air of old-school glam to the occasion. It’s everything you’d need your makeup to be for a really big and romantic event. Don’t forget to share your date night makeup photos with us … We’re looking for inspiration for a future piece for CherryCherryBeauty!

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 11

Source: m7fx

11 – Gold, Gold, Gold

Moving slightly away from rose gold, into just gold, and we can’t get enough of the stuff. Use it around blue eyes to make them look wonderfully summery and exotic, and use the same product all over your face. That’s what we do! You’ll need some on the brow bone, and some on the cheekbones too, and then a touch on the bridge of your nose, a touch on the edge of your nose, a quick flick on the cupid’s bow of your lip … It’s safe to say that we’re a big fan of highlighter, and you should be too. It’s a miracle makeup product, once you’ve found the right one for you. It can help to make you look much more awake, even when you’ve only had an hour’s sleep.

(Trust us on this one, we know!)

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 15

Source: cakeyconfessions

12 – Love Natural

For those days when you just don’t feel up to slapping your face full of makeup, go for something more natural. It’s good to let your skin breathe every now and again, and recent, more-natural makeup trends make those actually-natural days much easier to work with. You just need to throw an eyebrow pencil in your handbag, which you apply quickly in a mirror as you’re commuting on the train. Then some highlighter. Because, you know, highlighter is life. And then you need a black kohl eyeliner brush. A bit of this smudged on will easily see you right through the day, and can also be used in place of your eyebrow pencil, if you learn to smudge it out a bit. Learn how to utilise your makeup products in all the best ways, and you’ll find your makeup regime will be much faster.

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 16

Source: roseandben

13 – Splash of Confetti Eyes

Are you feeling bold, brave and daring today? How about these fabulous and fun eyes? Splash of confetti eyes! If you’re looking for a way to spice up your makeup routine, fun and simple makeup looks to copy in 2017 are a definite winner, and you could mix up the colours and shades in whichever way you like. You can work with the palettes you have, rather than rushing out to buy the latest thing that everyone else has got. Some of these makeup products cost a small fortune, and it makes sense to learn how to get the most out of your beauty bag.

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 17

Source: makeupbyreginax

14 – Featured Eyes

One of the best makeup items you’ll buy this year is makeup setting spray. Whether you’re wearing a little bit, or a lot, of makeup, it ensures that everything is kept in place or as long as possible. When you’re rocking a look as fabulous as this one, keeping things in place should be at the forefront of your mind.

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 18

Source: beautypalmira

15 – Simply Peachy

Peach is such a great shade for right now, and there are a ton of palettes to pick from, varying in price, making it easier to start playing around. Peachy tones are very easy ones to wear for all skin types, so don’t be afraid to grab your brushes and get a little creative.

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 6

Source: OliviaHaworth_MakeUp

16 – Lightly Blue Does It

We’re totally loving the double liner right now, can’t you tell? We’re also really loving this light blue double liner look, a must-have for when you want to brighten up your own day! (Because we all know you can’t rely on anyone else to do it for you … )

Add a touch of the same (or similar) to the centre of the bottom lash line and, if it’s a lighter shade, it’ll help to open the eyes up even more. That’s a great tip for hangovers, by the way, as well as adding a touch of highlighter (or a lighter, shimmery eyeshadow shade) to the inner corners of your eyes.

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 12

Source: m7fx

17 – Highlighter Poppin’

Here’s a great new makeup tip we’ve learned for when you want dewy, beautiful skin, but you don’t want to apply loads of makeup. Use your regular foundation, but rather than slathering it on, lighten up the load with some highlighter. It dilutes the foundation into more of a tinted moisturiser, rather than super coverage, and it also helps to highlight those areas of your face that hit the sun. This gives you a more youthful approach throughout the day, even when you’ve forgotten to put highlighter on. Believe it or not, a few girls in the CherryCherryBeauty den have done this …

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 14

Source: cakeyconfessions

18 – Bold Lips

If you haven’t yet dared to do a really bold lip, we dare you to make today the day you actually rock it. You CAN rock darker and bolder lip colours, but you will first need to start by working out which shade is going to work best for you. Sadly, as with most makeup products, it’s not a one-size-fits-all type situation. Give the big makeup product counters a try in the big department stores. They’re usually super friendly, and they’ll even teach you a trick or two, alongside helping you to work out what colour you can most definitely rock.

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 13

Source: exteriorglam

19 – Chocolate Brown Vibes

Chocolate … Not just good as a tasty treat (and quite bad for your waistline), it’s also the perfect shade to try if you want new simple makeup looks to copy in 2017! Brown is actually a very easy shade to wear, as long as you know what kind of browns you should be looking for. Shimmery, gold, and rose-gold palettes are perfect for almost every eye colour and skin tone, but they work really well to brighten up blue eyes. It can be quite hard to rock a brown lip without looking like something thrown back (or thrown up) from the nineties! If you want to make life much easier, mix it up with pink shades to start with. You can also drop out the pink tones as you get braver with your brown palettes.

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 19

Source: beautypalmira

20 – Glitter Lips

If you’re having a hard time blending your makeup, don’t be afraid to use the brushes that aren’t meant to do the job. We use lip brushes to help us create the perfect cut crease all the time, and we use a thin blusher brush to help smooth out those really smokey eyes when a smaller brush just won’t do the trick. Learn what works well for you, and the makeup you’re using. Some girls still swear by adding their foundation with their fingers, which many wouldn’t advise. You need to figure out your own makeup rules. You’ll soon figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 20

Source: melissasamways

21 – Double Tone Eyes + Nude Lips

Dark browny/burgundy on the top, popping purple on the bottom. What’s not to love? Try switching things up, using different shades or colours, just like you can see here. It’s very simple but very effective. We bet you’ll get hundreds of compliments!

Simple Makeup Looks To Copy In 2017 5

Source: OliviaHaworth_MakeUp

And there you have them – 21 simple makeup looks to copy in 2017. Which ones were your favourite? Are there any that you absolutely fell in love with? Tell us all about it – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you think you have designed beautiful makeup looks that rival these, please feel free to send them to us. We want to share your looks, providing them as inspiration for the rest of us who are struggling to find our creative sides. You know the drill – get in touch via social media. We can’t wait to feature you on CherryCherryBeauty.com!

Don’t forget to show these makeup artists and beauty bloggers some love while you’re here. We wouldn’t have any inspiration at all if it weren’t for them. And thanks to them too – these looks are amazing.

Thanks for reading and remember, get creative and show us what you’ve done. We can’t wait to see! Have a great day! xo


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