21 Soft and Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks

If you’re getting married soon, we cannot say congratulations enough! Are you getting stressed out yet? Are you worrying about makeup? Dresses? Shoes? Venues? Don’t worry, we’re here to make life a little easier for you. Today we’re focusing on bridal makeup. To be more specific, soft and romantic wedding day makeup looks.

Whether you’ve got blue, green, grey, or brown eyes, we’ve got something to suit everyone. We know that it is very important to get the right makeup for the biggest day of your life. Hopefully we can point you in the right direction with a few of these …

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1 – Peachy-Pink Soft Wedding Day Makeup Vibes

You can do your own soft and romantic wedding day makeup looks, but you should know that wedding day makeup isn’t the same as regular makeup. You might be a dab hand at doing your own makeup and taking a selfie, but the cameras present at the big day will be more powerful than your iPhone 7 camera. Don’t forget to take that into account when putting your makeup products together. Pick the products that work well under the camera and all those bright lights. You could consider booking yourself a tutorial beforehand if you do want to give you own wedding day makeup a shot. Just remember that practice makes perfect. Practice lots of different looks to find the right one that works for you and what you want to achieve on your big day.

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 1

Source: luxymakeupby_anna

2 – Soft and Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes

There are so many shades that work well if you have blue eyes. One that seems to work perfectly for soft and romantic wedding day makeup looks, is pink. The lighter and brighter, the more pretty and feminine the finish will be, especially if you add some of the lighter, whiter sparkle towards the centre of the lid also. And don’t forget those lighter touches on the inner corners of the eyes too. They help to make you look more alert and awake. Definitely not a bad thing on your big day!

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 2

Source: witneycarson

3 – Lashes + Lips

Your wedding day just wouldn’t be your wedding day without a good helping of lashes. They can be very uncomfortable for some women to wear, particularly all day. If you’re worried about this, take a different approach to your long-lash dilemma. Have individual lashes installed instead. It takes longer, admittedly, and it might cost a bit more than your regular disposal false lashes, but they often have a more natural and realistic finished look than the other strip lashes. Plus, it’s your wedding day. You totally deserve to treat yourself. You’re probably going to have your nails done anyway, why not book eyelashes in at the same time? There are plenty of salons that offer both. Just make sure the reviews are good and they’ve got all the right licenses and certifications.

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 5

Source: maliasmakeupartistry

4 – Pretty in Pink Soft and Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks

You will need to find the RIGHT makeup artist in order to show them the photos that you would like to recreate for your big day. Lots of different makeup artists will be able to offer lots of different things, but if you want soft and romantic wedding day makeup looks, you’ll need to be on the lookout for one that specialises in that particular area. If you have been to a wedding and you really loved the bride’s makeup, just ask her who did it. She’ll probably be incredibly flattered that you thought she looked beautiful enough to ask.

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 7

Source: pinkperception

5 – Sparkly Pink Wedding Day Eyes

You will need to make sure you’re complimenting your outfit on your wedding day. Think about it – if you have really pretty, flirty, and soft wedding dresses, features and accessories, a smokey eye with big, bold or dark lips probably won’t work. You may also wish to consider complimenting the shades of your makeup with the rest of the wedding day colours. If you have blue chair covers and bridesmaids dresses, a bright pink pop of colour in your makeup might not work, yet again. Work together with your makeup artist, and make sure that you’re booking the makeup practice session AFTER you have made the other important decision, such as picking the dress and colour scheme.

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 9

Source: sultrysuburbia

6 – Shimmering Eyes + Flawless Base

Powder is great to take away that shine, and you know that shine will pop right through in your wedding day photos. However, you must be aware that too much powder will be just as detrimental to your soft and romantic wedding day makeup looks. It’ll make you look older, with your makeup more caked-on, and under those lights, the layers of makeup will more than likely be really obvious. You don’t need to go crazy with the powder; just a tad under the eyes to keep your concealer in check, and some along the t-zone too. Anymore than that and you’ll be close to crossing that fine line into too much …

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 2

Source: luxymakeupby_anna

7 – Rhinestone Embellished Wedding Day Makeup

Your concealer goes on after your foundation, and it’s amazing how many women still get this wrong. The two different beauty products have different consistencies. The foundation is thinner and generally more sheer, although it does depend what kind you go for. Concealer is thicker or gloopier usually, and this is because it is not just giving a light coating over the skin, it is used to entirely mask imperfections, spots and blemishes. You’ll need a good base when recreating rhinestone embellished wedding day makeup like this one. Remember that ALL eyes will be on you!

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 10

Source: makeuphelene

8 – Simple + Fresh Soft and Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks

After primer, foundation is obviously going to be your number one concern for your soft and romantic wedding day makeup looks. Remember that you will be subject to a lot of photo-taking over the course of the day, so if you’re doing your own wedding day makeup, you will need to make sure you’re using a base – foundation – that stands the rest of time … at least for one day. Do you know what kind of coverage you want? Most brides opt for something matte, but not too matte, but also very smooth. You may find that airbrush foundations can work well for this, and it seems to be a trend that is growing in popularity among wedding makeup artists.

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 11

Source: chialimengartistry

9 – Nude + Peachy Makeup for Wedding Days

You will be told to avoid anything too glittery to shimmery when picking the right soft and romantic wedding day makeup looks, and there’s a good reason for it. When your photographer tries to take beautiful pictures of you, the flash or his (or her) camera will bounce off those reflective glittery or shimmery pieces. It’ll change the outlook of your photos, and may end up with you getting photos you’re not at all happy with. This is why it pays to go with a wedding makeup artist who knows what they are doing. The last thing you’ll want is a great big light flare on all of your wedding photos because of the big glitter particles you chose to adorn yourself with on the big day. Photoshop only does so much magic, you know?

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 3

Source: luxymakeupby_anna

10 – Red Lipped Wedding Day Makeup

The more photos you have that show what kind of soft and romanic wedding day makeup looks you want, the better your makeup artist will be able to put together the shades and tools necessary to give it to you. The internet is awash with makeup tutorials and images, and we would highly recommend putting together a few of the ones you loved the most. Start a Pinterest board with all your favourites, and maybe even consider linking your wedding makeup artist to your board. The key is communication. Communication and lots of pictures.

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 6

Source: maliasmakeupartistry

11 – Gold + Simple Wedding Day Makeup

You can get plenty of bridal makeup inspiration by looking around you, but bridal magazines are a really good place to start. If you don’t fancy shelling out pounds galore on magazines that you probably won’t ever get the time to flick through, head on over to Pinterest. Check out our ‘wedding’ board, and then take a look at the boards that are offered by Pinterest too. You will find plenty of inspirational looks, all based on ones you like, and it’s a great way to put together a ‘mood board’ of sorts, of all the things you love and would like to have on the biggest day of your life.

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 8

Source: pinkperception

12 – Elegantly Smudged Wedding Day Makeup

If you want to make sure you have everything you need to carry on looking bridal-beautiful for the entire day, have a few things to hand. Get your bridesmaids to have them handy for you. That’s what they’re there for, after all. Cotton buds will help to mop up any mistakes, and can also be used to smudge eyeliner a little. This helps to make it look like it was meant to be a bit smudgy the whole way along, even though it’s only smudged because the tears started to flow. Gloss or lipstick helps for those during-the-day touch-ups, and a bit of pressed powder will help to get rid of any shine. If you have chosen the right makeup artist, and the right soft and romantic wedding day makeup looks, you shouldn’t need anymore than that to make it the whole day through.

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 12

Source: chialimengartistry

13 – Soft and Sunkissed

You will want a certain kind of glow on your wedding day, but not too much glow. You will find that cream-based blushers are a great tool to use, giving that soft and romantic glow to your cheeks that was just made for wedding day makeup. Powder blushes have a habit of not bringing that glow to the table. They’re matte and flat, for the most part. We would recommend a few of these instead:

  • (4.5 stars out of 5, 5 reviews)
  • (4 stars out of 5, 3 reviews)
  • (4.8 out of 5 stars, 31 reviews)

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 13

Source: lauren_damelio

14 – Dusky + Soft Wedding Day Makeup Looks

Before the big day, you will need to take serious care of your skin if you want everything to come out exactly as you’d hoped. If you have been on a fast food binge over the last few days, not eating healthily, not getting enough sleep, and definitely not drinking enough fluids, your skin will show. Your face will look tired, your skin will look grey, and any makeup that you do put on will more than likely look cake and messy, rather than picture-perfect and flawless.

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 14

Source: mysheva_makeup_and_hair

15 – Easy, Soft + Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks

Of course, the one thing you cannot go without on your wedding day is a good helping of mascara … and a waterproof one at that. If there aren’t tears on your wedding day, did you really even get married though?

Leaving the area below your eyes relatively bare and neutral is a good idea if you know the whole day is going to be an overly emotional affair. You can still achieve plenty of prettiness with the top lid, but at least then you won’t have mascara running down your face from the bottom lashes. It’s a very simple tip, but one that very few people remember when it comes to soft and romantic wedding day makeup looks.

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 15

Source: nadeenhuntmakeup

16 – Flick of Liner + Flawless Skin

Drink plenty of water, and make sure you’re eating healthy. Choose a good moisturiser that you know agrees with your skin, and slap that on for a few days prior to your wedding. Any changes that you make to your skincare regime should be done a couple of weeks before hand. This is to ensure you don’t suffer any adverse reactions to the products you’re using. Imagine if you were to switch to a really luxurious moisturiser only to break out in spots right before the most important day of your life. We know, it would be utterly horrifying.

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 16

Source: refinedbeautyboutique

17 – Nude on the Eyes + Lips

If you want makeup that will last you for the entire day (and perhaps even beyond), you will need to invest in a really good primer. Every good wedding day makeup artist knows that you just can’t live without primer.

Primer does a number of things, all of which will be important on your wedding day. Firstly, it will help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to smooth over pores. Then the primer gives your makeup a great base to stick to, and because of that, it also helps to keep everything in place for the entire day. You don’t want your makeup sliding off halfway through the occasion, do you? No, we didn’t think so, and that’s why you need a really good primer.

Here are a few we have personally tried and can recommend to you:

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 18

Source: courtdappmakeup

18 – Rose Sparkle Wedding Day Makeup

If you aren’t sure what kind of makeup products you want to use in your soft and romantic wedding day makeup looks, don’t be afraid to get a bunch of samples and try them out. That’s what they were designed for, after all. The last thing you are going to want to do is spend a small fortune on something that doesn’t work with your overall look, skin tone and complexion. By using samples, you can wear them throughout the day to see if they last the whole day, and how they look at the end of it too. Some makeup can crack and flake off the longer you leave it on, and you’re going to want to know if your wedding makeup will do that before the big day comes around.

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 18

Source: styledbyhrush

19 – Elegantly Nude + Natural

When should you have your wedding day makeup trial? Well, this is down to you, but the experts suggest that you have it no later than three weeks before your big day, giving you plenty of time to change things around if you need to. You shouldn’t plan to have that trial any more than five or six weeks before your big day, on the other hand. A lot can change in that time, and you should also make sure you’re not going on holiday or spending too much time in the sun. A tan can change the way your makeup looks completely, and that might be something you aren’t prepared for.

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 20

Source: by_emilia Boudoir

20 – Shimmering Soft + Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks

You should make sure that you are being realistic about your wedding day makeup choices. Think about things logically. If you have the skin of someone like Kim Kardashian-West, quite olive and darker in nature, you might not have the same finished look as the model in the picture with porcelain-white skin. Be realistic. If you are dark skinned and you’re trying to achieve a makeup look you have seen on a much paler-skinned model, the end result might not be exactly the same. The same works for hair colour too, and you’ll be amazed by how much that can make a difference. It also works the other way around – makeup designed for olive or dark skinned women might not work in quite the same way on women with much lighter skin.

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 21

Source: marisarosemph

21 – All the Nudes + Natural

If you’re going for one of those trials that you have in a department store to test the various soft and romantic wedding day makeup looks, make sure you’re wearing a light coloured t-shirt or top. We would actually recommend that wear a white one. Why? Because you’re going to be wearing white on your big day, and you want to make sure the makeup you choose will actually work with that, as well as with your hair and your skin tone. If you know how you’re having your hair, you should also make sure that you wear it like that for your makeup trial / consultation too. Just as much as a tan will change the appearance of your wedding day makeup, so will how your hair falls too.

Soft And Romantic Wedding Day Makeup Looks 17

Source: refinedbeautyboutique

And there you have them – 21 soft and romantic wedding day makeup looks that we think you might just like. Don’t forget to let us know which ones were your favourite. Were any that made you tempted to grab your makeup bag (or box) and start getting creative? If you have stunning makeup looks of your own that you want to show off, send them into us! We would love to feature you and your work. You can get in touch via social media. All of those links are found at the top of this page, and also along the sides. We can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with, and we cannot wait to show off the magic you lot create!

Don’t forget to show these wonderful makeup artists some love in the meantime, however. We wouldn’t have anything to gain inspiration from if it weren’t for these beautiful peeps and their creative hands.

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