21 Spring Nail Looks

It really does feel like the cold winter weather has been hanging around forever. The warmer temperatures and sunnier days are most definitely long overdue, and we think it’s time to celebrate the impending spring season. Flowers will bloom, birds will chirp, baby animals are born, and life is just better in general. That’s what we think anyway. There’s something quite magical about spring, especially when the trees and flowers explode into life.

Just in case you also feel like celebrating spring, we would like to show you a few spring nail looks that we think are perfect for the occasion.

1 – Green Ombre for Spring

We love the idea of using this wonderful mint green shade for our spring nails. Green is the colour of grass and the leaves that come with wonderful spring flowers. It’s a colour often used to symbolise rebirth, life, and empowerment. That means it’s perfect for your next mani idea! We’re utterly obsessed with everything about these nails, but that white to mint green ombré effect is something else, don’t you think?

Spring Nail Looks 14

Source: margaritasnailz

2 – Lilac & Mint Spring Nails

Lilac is a colour that is very commonly associated with spring, mostly because of the wonderful and colourful flowers that burst into bloom around that time of the year. When you add mint to lilac shades, you have a fab combination that looks as if they were made for each other. That’s what we think anyway. Add a touch of glitter to bring some sparkle into your life, and add that zig-zag design to make one of your nails look at bit Easter-egg-like, and you have a manicure that will be just perfect for whatever springtime shenanigans you find yourself in.

Spring Nail Looks 3

Source: angelkiss.naildesigns

3 – Buzzy Bee Nails for Spring

Insects burst into life when the flowers bloom in spring, and although they terrify many, bees are an insect that is desperately in need of our help. We need to stop killing them. We need to offer them sugar water to give them energy and plant more bee-attracting flowers. Well, unless you’re allergic to bee stings, of course, then it’s probably not the best idea. But, the point is, without bees, we wouldn’t have a lot of things, including flowers AND food. Also: they look proper cute, especially on your mani.

Spring Nail Looks 16

Source: nails4cocktails

4 – Pastel Pieces Nails for Spring

These nails were created with small pieces of pastel coloured pieces, usually plastic. You can get gold leaf-style materials to experiment with too, but we’re a little in love with this spring-themed mani idea. Sticking the colour on to your nails certainly makes things quicker, neater, and less time-consuming than painting the different colours and marking all the different areas off with tape. It also looks super cute, fabulously displayed by these spring nails looks.

Spring Nail Looks 4

Source: jeealee

5 – Pink & Grey Floral Long Nails for Spring

These beautiful, floral nail designs are perfect for spring when the flowers explode into life unlike any other time of the year. You could have your favourite flower in the midst of these muted delights, and we can think of a hundred and one ways to customise it so that it matches your outfit, mood, or even event/occasion. What flower would you like to have on yours?

Spring Nail Looks 21

Source: kandeenails

6 – Pastel Drip Spring Nails

You could use this drip-paint theme to go with almost every nail theme or idea that you could imagine. Use red shades and it could look like blood. Make it a brown tone and you’ve got something that looks a little like chocolate. Add pastel drips to white shimmering nails and what do you have? Perfect spring nails looks, that’s what.

Spring Nail Looks 5

Source: evy.novoa

7 – Glittertastic Nails for Spring

After the dark bleakness of winter, spring is the perfect time to get colourful. These glittertastic nails for spring are definitely colourful and, we think, the perfect thing to pick you up after that miserable winter has passed. With the right amount of glitter and a few rhinestones thrown on for good measure, you have the perfect nails to welcome the warmer weather!

Spring Nail Looks 15

Source: margaritasnailz

8 – Glitter Dotted Simple Spring Nail Art

Just to show you how simple your spring nails could be this year, a peachy-nude backdrop with the addition of some strategically-placed larger glitter pieces could be all you need. This is something you can easily do at home if you haven’t allowed yourself enough time for salon appointments. Just make sure that you have finished everything off nicely with a final layer of top coat so that those glitter pieces can’t move and pretty much good to go. Nice, easy, simple. That’s just what we like to hear.

Spring Nail Looks 9

Source: _cupcakenails_

9 – Butterflies & Flowers Nails for Spring

What reminds you of spring the most? Flowers? Green grass? Blue skies? Butterflies? Not only did that rhyme (by accident, we promise), but these nails tick every single one of those boxes. Oh, and they’re super cute too, which helps. There’s nothing better than bringing a life-like form into your nails when you head for your next manicure. After all, spring is the season of bringing to life, isn’t it?

Spring Nail Looks 7

Source: naq57


10 – Square-Tipped & Pastel

If you’re more of a square-tipped gal than a rounded or pointed one, these spring nail designs should be right up your street. Pastel shades are perfect for the turning of the seasons, and these have just the right amount of pastel in all the right places. We especially love the cute floral theme that has been mixed in here, especially with those glitter centrepieces. It’s just the tiniest amount of glitter, but the right amount. You don’t always have to go all-out to make your talons eye-catching.

Spring Nail Looks 10

Source: angelkiss.naildesigns

11 – Daisies & Flower Pot Nails for Spring

The typical daisy, yellow in the centre with those beautiful white petals, is often used to symbolise innocent and purity. They can also be used to signify new beginnings, which is why they are often used floral bouquets that are given to new mums. Whatever springtime celebration you’re getting ready for, we think daisy spring nail looks like this one might just be a good one to take some inspiration from.

Spring Nail Looks 17

Source: nails4cocktails

12 – Yellow Daisies

Here’s another fab fun daisy fact for you: the word ‘daisy’ actually means something to similar to ‘day’s eye’ in Old English, because the flower would close itself up during the night, opening again and looking all beautiful and innocent during the day. Fun facts out the way, we think that these spring nail looks are perfect for day or nighttime use. In fact, we don’t even think it needs to spring in order to rock them.

Spring Nail Looks 8

Source: evy.novoa

13 – Spring Cloud Nails

These blue and lilac nails are perfect for spring, with just a light dusting of clouds like the perfect spring day. A little shite swirl makes the perfect clouds in this look, but you could rely on decals or stamping techniques to ‘perfect’ things a little more. We love the rustic, hand-painted look on nails. What someone may consider being tiny little imperfections, we would consider the best things that make the creation unique and beautiful. There’s nothing imperfect about this look, of course. We’re utterly obsessed with it.

Spring Nail Looks 20

Source: kandeenails

14 – Pastel Gradient with Bohemium Overlay

Pastels were made for spring, and if you were looking to add more of a bohemian vibe to the occasion, you could do a lot worse than these cute pastel nails. Shorter and manageable than some of the looks that we’ve shown you today, these would be easily recreated using nail stamping techniques. The pastel ombré effect underneath is, once again, easily recreated with the help of a clean makeup sponge and stripes of your pastel shades. All of these spring nail looks are much easier to do at home than you’d think, although we must admit, there’s something wonderful about letting someone else pamper your nails for a couple of hours!

Spring Nail Looks 11

Source: _cupcakenails_

15 – Buttercup Yellow & Peachy with Gold

Looking for something sassy but sweet for spring? We would love to personally recommend these buttercup beauties. Firstly, there’s an ombré design and you know how much we love an ombré nail. Secondly, don’t you think that these are great colour choices for the changing of the seasons? We definitely think so. We also love the way that a floral pattern has been added in the form of those gold flicked lines.

Spring Nail Looks 14

Source: naq57


16 – Zesty Springtime Nails

These zesty springtime nails are giving us life, there’s no doubt about that. We love everything about it, from the multi-coloured glitter tips to the wonderful mix of buttercup yellow and lilacs. Pastel shades work so well for the season of spring, and the good news is that there are so many ways that you can wear them. What colours do you think you would incorporate into yours?

Spring Nail Looks 19

Source: empirenailsandbeauty

17 – Pink Tulip Nails for Spring

Different coloured tulips are generally known for different things, with yellow being the colour of spring and all things cheerful and happy. If you want to ask for someone’s forgiveness, you should use white tulips. Apparently, that’s what the beautiful white flower symbolises. Red tulips, on the other hand, are said to be a symbol of real, true love. We think it’s really smart to use the colour of the tulip on your spring nail looks to convey a deeper message.

Spring Nail Looks 6

Source: naillovebykylie

18 – Lilac & Lined

You could use stencils of masking tape to come up with a whole range of weird, wonderful, lined designs once You start getting creative. We really like this look for our next spring manicure idea, mixing pinks and purple shades in with differently- coloured glitter pieces. You could even use nail stamps to come up with similar layered looks. It’s amazing what cool creations you might come up with when you start playing around.

Spring Nail Looks 12

Source: evy.novoa

19 – Daisies & Glitter Spring Nail Looks

Did you know that daisies were said to symbolise cheerfulness? We certainly feel cheerful whenever we see them. These nails make us cheerful too, and that’s just why we think they would make the perfect manicure for the onset of the season. We’re a big fan of the baby blue shade used as the background for this one, but you could substitute for any of the lighter, pastel shades for a similar springtime look that matches whatever outfit you’re going with. Don’t forget the featured glitter nail too. It helps to catch the eye, and isn’t that what you want from your manicure?

Spring Nail Looks 2

Source: _cupcakenails_

20 – Blowin’ Bubbles

They’re cute and pastel and that’s why we think they’re perfect for spring, although we don’t really need an excuse or a time of year to rock these cute talons. Those bubbles are easily made using a water paint effect and you could get as colourful or imaginative as you dare. We really love these. They’re simple and that’s just what we’re looking for.

Spring Nail Looks 13

Source: evy.novoa

21 – Butterflies in Spring Nails

Butterflies on your nails in spring go together like … Well, butterflies in spring. In fact, one of our favourite things about spring is seeing the butterflies flying about from plant to plant. Why wait for them to fly your way? Bring the butterflies to you with these cute spring themed nails.

Spring Nail Looks 1

Source: naq57

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this just as much as we enjoyed piecing it together. We certainly got more than enough looks for ourselves to take some nail inspiration from for our next spring nail looks. Wasn’t that the whole idea?

We’d love to give thanks to the wonderful nail artists for allowing us to use their images today, and we think that you should go and show them some love too if you liked what you saw. You’ll find each artists’ link beneath the image.

Finally, thanks to you for reading. We hope that you have a wonderful day!

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