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21 Stunning Glitter Nails

Are you in the market for some stunning glitter nails but don’t really know where to start? You’ve definitely come to the right place, as we’ve found some absolutely wonderful designs that we think you might just love.

Whether you want long or short nails, square or oval, rounded or pointed, there’s a little something for everyone. Don’t forget to let us know which ones are your favourites.

When lots of glitter isn’t really your thing, how about incorporating the tiniest bit of glitter into the mix with these floral lovelies? Just the tiniest bit could add a big impact. You know how just one particle of glitter always catches the light and shines on your face?

Stunning Glitter Nails 1
Instagram / @aanchysnails

It’s a very simple floral design done in all of our favourite shades of pink and purple, and the glitter has been confined to the centre section of the flower. We think it’s a brilliantly smart idea, how about you?

Red has always been known as a luxurious colour, and one that works as a symbol for passion and elegance. We definitely think those words can be used to describe these stunning glitter nails.

Stunning Glitter Nails 11
Instagram / @glambymeli

The shimmer at the tips works really well with the red matte behind and below it. It’s a contrast thing, and the contrast between matte and shiny has always been a great one.

How do you feel about rainbow confetti glitter nails? We love them, obviously, that’s why we featured them in the list. You could easily replace that pastel pink backdrop with baby blue, or even a really light minty-green colour, or yellow … the possibilities are endless. Any pastel shade will work.

Stunning Glitter Nails 2
Instagram / @littlef218

The top half is a multi-sized and coloured glitter, and you could use a sponge or brush to achieve this look. The brush would work well if you’re looking for something more scattered. Always make sure you’re using a top coat when working with glitter. It works as a sealant and stops it from moving around. You just need to make sure it’s all dry before you go doing anything silly. You know, like doing the dishes.

It’s a very simple glitter nail idea, but one that packs a big impact if you do it the right way. First use a light coloured gold glitter nail polish. Wait for it to dry, and then use nail tape to tape off the centre of your nail.

Stunning Glitter Nails 10
Instagram / @my_forever_nails

The top and the bottom – the bits not covered by the nail tape – will then be painted a bronzer or brighter shade of gold – anything with a contrast to it. It’s eye-catching without being too eye-catching, and we love it for that.

The point of using a base coat is to protect your nails. This stage in your manicure might seem like a pointless one, but we promise you it’s not. It will stop your nails from staining, especially if you’re using a bright or dark shade just like this one.

Stunning Glitter Nails 9
Instagram / @naildecor

Not only that, but the base coat will also give your actual colour of polish something to stick on to. It’s like a primer you would use for your face, but on your nails instead. Why would you miss that vital step out?

If you’re playing around with your nail colours for the first time in a while, you’ll probably have found that some of the polishes may have started to thicken and go gloopy. If this is the case, don’t fear. You don’t need to throw them out and buy brand new nail polishes. You can still save them to achieve these stunning glitter nails.

Stunning Glitter Nails 3
Instagram / @bdettenails

You can either add a few drops of acetone-free nail polish remover to the bottle of polish, and then give it a good shake to make sure it’s blended well together. This will thin-out any polish that has become gloopy. You should also ensure that before you start any paintwork, you should roll the bottle of polish between your warm hands first. It’ll stop it being gloopy once again, and make sure it’s a room temperature. This will often make it much easier to work with.

If you haven’t yet invested in liquid latex, but you really enjoy playing around with stunning glitter nails like these, you’re missing a trick. That clever stuff isn’t just great for special effects makeup artists, it would seem.

Stunning Glitter Nails 8
Instagram / @paulinaspassions

If you paint a thin layer of liquid latex around the edge of your nail – on the skin, rather then the nail itself, once you’ve finished with your manicure session you can peel it off. It’ll take all the ‘mistake’ polish with it – the stuff that shouldn’t be on your skin at all. It’s a much cleaner way of giving yourself an at-home manicure.

What a beautiful look, one that we definitely can’t wait to rock in the spring or summer. There’s something very ice-creamy about these stunning glitter nails, and rather than alight spattering of glitter, precise glitter dots have been used instead.

Stunning Glitter Nails 9
Spotted on Instagram

Paint your three nail polish colours on a makeup sponge, and press onto your nails. Before you do this, you should apply a thin layer of liquid latex around the skin to make it easier to mop up spills. Once that’s dried, use a dotter to affix those glitter pieces, and finish with a top coat to ensure none of it moves. Another simple look – much simpler than it actually looks right?

If you’re still using a brush to apply your glitter bits, you’re doing it the wrong way. We all have, for our entire lives apparently, so don’t worry. We won’t give you too much of a hard time about it.

Stunning Glitter Nails 7
Spotted on Pinterest

But we should apparently be dabbing the glitter onto our nails with a sponge, rather than using the brushes that come with the bottle. The sponge helps to absorb some of the liquid that the glitter is sitting in, and this means it’ll spread more evenly over the nail bed. Don’t we have the best tips for you?

Painting your nails with these stunning glitter nails gives you the chance to be a little creative in a world where you may have to otherwise dress without quite so much sparkle.

Stunning Glitter Nails 10
Instagram / @lexstasynails

A smart and tailored outfit looks perfect for the office, and you can easily add a touch of the shiny with glittered-up nails to accessorise it.

The average woman was reported to spend over £450 every year on getting their nails done in 2015. In the UK alone, the sale of nail polish shot through the roof in the same year, with close to £300million being spent on the stuff.

Stunning Glitter Nails 6
Spotted on Pinterest

It turns out we’re all obsessed, and with stunning glitter nails like these, who could blame us?

This look is a super easy way to take your nails from day to night with minimal effort. Keep a bottle of glitter nail polish in your handbag, and after a long day at work you can easily place a few well-placed dabs of glitter on your talons to get you right in the party mood.

Stunning Glitter Nails 11
Instagram / @thenailtrail

Finish everything off with a good top coat to keep all those glitter bits in check, and you’re good to go. Easy, peasy, what more could you want?

Nail polish as we know it as today – the modern-day stuff – was actually inspired by the same paint that gets sprayed onto cars.

Stunning Glitter Nails 12
Instagram / @aanchysnails

Back in 1916, Revlon decided to have a shot at it, making a nail polish that had no colour at all. It would have been essentially what is now known as our top / clear coat.

Your’e conquering three on-trend nail styles here – nude nails, matte nails, and glitter nails. That’s multitasking to a brand new level, although we will be honest with you … applying those gem details can take a bit of time, especially if you’re a perfectionist who wants to pay attention to detail.

Stunning Glitter Nails 5
Spotted on Pinterest

You can buy accessories and kits to make all of this a lot easier. They’ll contain the rhinestones that you need to recreate this look, as well as the glue, tweezers, and wooden stick to help you put everything in place. They’re quite cheap, and definitely worth it if you want to get into playing around with your own at-home manicures.

For when gold just isn’t enough, how about gold on top of gold on top of gold? We’re so in love with this nude plus look, and it’s not that difficult to achieve at home once you have the know-how!

Stunning Glitter Nails 13
Instagram / @badgirlnails

To start with, add your nude polish. Let it dry. Use nail tape to mask off those chevron designs you’re hoping to achieve, and add your glitter, dabbing it on with a sponge rather than using a brush. Add your top coat, and while it’s still the tiniest bit tacky, use nail glue to affix your embellishments, just like you can see here. Or, in fact, whatever pattern you damn well feel like.

Here’s a damn fabulous new way to wear your nails, the glitter design underneath rather than on the top. It’s definitely unique, although quite hard work to achieve. We know this because we’ve tried it ourselves.

Stunning Glitter Nails 14
Spotted on Pinterest

We had a ‘Louboutin manicure’ with red underneath and black over the top. Red tips made it easier, as painting the underside did get quite messy. They’re definitely well worth the hassle though. We got so many compliments about them!

Do you know when nail polish first came about? We know it’s a weird and wonderful fact, but the origins of painting your nails actually dates back to as far as 3,000BC.

Stunning Glitter Nails 4
Instagram / @nailsbynemo

It’s said to have come from ancient China times, and back then the mixture would be a combination of ingredients, such as beeswax, gelatin, egg whites, and dyes, usually vegetable dyes.

Here’s a fun tip for you too … If you want really bright and eye-catching nails, have your bright pop of colour alongside white. The white shade works as a primer, and gives the colourful shade on top a completely blank canvas to shine on.

Stunning Glitter Nails 15
Instagram / @heathervettemakeup

It works the same way as using white eyeshadow over the top of a white base shadow on your eyes. It really helps to make bright colours be as bright as they can be – it makes them POP!

If you’re looking for a sophisticated way to wear your stunning glitter nails, how about alongside lace? It’s a combination you might not have thought about, but as you can see it works splendidly.

Stunning Glitter Nails 16
Instagram / @lipstickkissesbeauty

We like to think this is really grown up way of wearing glitter. The kind of thing your boss might actually approve of, you know? What do you think?

Mirrored nails, chrome nails, metallic nails, whatever you want to call them, they’re a really big deal right now. We just can’t get enough of them, and this shows you how well they work with glitter. Mirror nails and glitter nails were made for each other!

Stunning Glitter Nails 17
Instagram / @thenaildresser

They’ve been given a super modern twist by adding that negative space effect to just one of the nails on each hand. It’s like the backwards way of adding detail or focus – you’re detracting, but because the mirrored glitter is shiny enough to hold its own, the contrast is pretty amazing.

You could rock all of these stunning glitter nails at once, or just pick your favourite and work with that. We love all the details in this look, from the simple silver / pearlised glitter nails, to the black tips with a glitter line, and definitely the black nails with glitter effect at the base.

Stunning Glitter Nails 20
Instagram / @vanessaricostruzionimakeup_

This look just goes to show that you can rock stunning glitter nails even when you have short nails, and there’s a couple of features here that you could pick from too. Whether subtlety is your thing or not, these are truly fabulous.

We hope that you’ve managed to find some new nail inspo from these stunning glitter nails, but if you think you can do better, just shout out and let us know. Get in touch via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. We’d love to feature your work.

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