21 Stunning Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes

The owners of blue eyes are lucky people. Their eye colour has the power to look just as good un-made-up as it does with lots of and lots of makeup, with bold and bright colours, piled right on. It is actually believed that all people with blue eyes came from one ancient ancestor, which is a pretty odd concept when you think about it. But, just in case you’re looking for stunning makeup looks for blue eyes to go along with your fun and interesting blue-eyed facts, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve got a whole range of looks, from the natural and dainty to the rocky and modern.

Grab yourself a drink, curl yourself up nice and comfortable, we’re about to show you some beautiful makeup looks that’ll definitely end up on your lust-list.

1 – Unicorn Inspired Lilac & Blue Loveliness

A makeup look fit for a unicorn queen, this makeup design is certainly stunning. It’s something else too – a lot of fun. With various makeup artists and manufacturers releasing unicorn-inspired makeup ranges, it would be a damn shame NOT to jump on that bandwagon and sparkle with all your might. This hint of glitter look combines absolutely beautiful tones of lilac and icy-blue; a combo that you probably wouldn’t have thought worked well together. As you can see, it most definitely does.

Golden Retrievers With Blue Eyes?

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 1

Source: harbsy

2 – Pink Shimmering Splendor

Pink works really well against the backdrop of blue eyes, and this look is slightly different from the usual pretty and pastel tones, or even the dusky ones, that you’re used to seeing. Just because you’re playing with feminine and dainty tones, doesn’t mean you can’t pack a powerful punch with them. This pink look is certainly pretty, but it’s powerful too, and there’s no eyeliner involved. (Sometimes, it’s good to have those no-liner days.)

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 2

Source: victoria_gabrielxo

3 – Pink & Gold Stunning Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes

We would all love beautiful and large almond-shaped eyes, but not all of us are blessed with such a beautiful eye shape. (Sigh.) There is a way to fake it, however. It’s all to do with how you apply your black liquid liner. (Or whatever eyeliner you intend to use.) Creating that elongated shape is easier with a flick, and this flick is made all the more easier when you use tape to help structure the shape. We’ve seen so many amazing hacks for applying eyeliner, on Youtube and Instagram, and we would definitely recommend that you make it your first port of call when looking for ways to perfect your makeup at home. You could achieve looks like this pink and gold delight in no time at all, with a little bit of practice and dedication.

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 3

Source: smithadbeauty

4 – Frosted Diamond Eye Look

Need a look that shines bright, like diamonds? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This look is so bright, it might just shine your socks off! This one is often quite difficult to achieve at home, mostly because the glitter never seems to be as bright as you’d intended it to be. There is a way around that though, and it’s all about using concealer, and a light shaded one at that, on the eyelid, before the glitter is applied.

If you watch any YouTube or Instagram tutorial where they are working with light and bright colours, you’ll see that they apply the main bulk of the eyeshadow — the smokey eye crease and other parts, for example — and then they use a tiny brush to add concealer. This helps to clean up any mistakes, yes, but it also helps to create a light and black canvas, for the glitter and bright coloured shadow to sit on top of. Everything looks brighter and bolder when applied over the top of a white/light blank canvas.

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 4

Source: xsabrinanicole

5 – Romantic & Stunning Eye Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes

Warm tones are great for adding something cosy and inviting to the cool frame of blue eyes. That’s why we love this romantic look, a bit pinky-purple with just the right amount of gold. A fab look for blue eyes, there’s a really cool contrast between the cool eyes and the warm eyeshadow tones. Also: with just a flick of mascara, you have a look that is not only simple but relatively speedy to do.

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 5

Source: makeup_by_lib

6 – Double Lined Nude Eyes

Learning which coloured eyeliner works for your shade of blue eyes can work really well in your favour. You might think that there wouldn’t be much of a difference, but black eyeliners (or black tones around the eyes) will accentuate the metallic and silver hues in your eyes. This will make them appear more grey in colour, rather than blue. The following look, for example, would be perfect for wanting to bring out that silver shade in your blue eyes, perfectly blended in with those brown-nude shades.

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 6

Source: laurabrady_mua

7 – Glam & Dramatic Eyes + Glossy Red Lips

It’s glam, it’s fabulous, and it’s perfect for so many occasions; we’re thanking our lucky stars that we came across this beautiful makeup look. You really can’t go wrong with red lips, although finding the right kind of eyeshadow look to go with them can often be hard work. This look adds a slightly fun twist on a traditional favourite, which just goes to show that even the oldest and most classic of looks can be given a new lease of life.

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 7

Source: cinderillow

8 – Sunset Tones Makeup for Blue Eyes

If you have eyes that are more on the steely-grey side, rather than bright blue, you should definitely check out orange and brighter red hues. Funnily enough, just like this fabulous look! Bright, light coral and orange tones work really well with grey-blue eyes. Brown-orange tones also compliment the eye shade brilliantly. This sunset-toned look is a great one to take some inspiration from, but there’s such a wide range of colours and palettes that you could play around with. We literally can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 8

Source: lanagarcia.x

9 – Dark & Metallic Blue-Eyed Look

You are usually told to avoid blue eyeshadows if you have blue eyes, because then your eye colour hides behind the eyeshadow, rather than being accentuated by it. That doesn’t mean you can’t play around with slightly blue hues, however, such as this dark and smokey green-blue loo. It’s definitely one of the winners of stunning makeup looks for blue eyes. It isn’t overly complicated, but it is definitely bold. What do you think? Do you love this look as much as we do?

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 9

Source: meesharia

10 – Pink-Berry Makeup for Blue Eyes

Pink-berry tones are actually very easy for most eye colours to wear, but the more pinky tones seem to have been made for blue eyes. This beautiful babe has gotten things spot on with this berry-pink look too, everything kept nice and simple with just a flick of black liner used over the top. A perfect look for daytime, and a great base to add some sparkle to, for nighttime events, we have so much love for this.

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 10

Source: beautywithchelsey

11 – Liner-less Green & Sunshine

Did you know that blue eyes were more susceptible to the damage caused by the sun’s powerful rays than brown eyes? We didn’t know that either before we started doing some blue-eyed research for this piece. This means, if you have blue eyes, should be doing more to protect them while you’re out and about, enjoying whatever summer has to offer you. Not that we mind that, of course; we live for sunglasses. They’re perfect for covering up those tired eyes and making you feel much more fabulous than you really are! But, for those days when you want to take the sunnies off, wow your audience with sunny and stunning makeup looks for blue eyes just like this one.

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 11

Source: msyxmakeup

12 – Shimmering Pink Eyes & Matte Lips

A look that can be easily dressed up or down, shimmering and lighter colours are well known for opening the eyes up, making them appear brighter and lighter. They’re also good for accentuating beautiful baby blues, especially when you use these pretty pink tones. For the days when you’re feeling fun, flirty, or just damn fabulous, this look might just be right up your street, both feminine and edgy, all at the same time.

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 12

Source: markiemeghan

13 – Shimmering Metallics Look for Blue Eyes

Grey hues look great with blue eyes, giving you a smokey-eye look that isn’t as dark or dramatic as black. Creating a first-time smokey eye is actually a lot simpler when you use slightly less harsh shades, such as grey or brown tones. With the right mix of light and dark silver and metallics, this smokey eye is a tad brighter than you’re probably used to. It definitely sets those beautiful baby blues off perfectly.

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 13

Source: yasmin.impson

14 – Dramatic Red & Gold Look

We want fire, passion, drama!

And, if you’re looking for the same, this look might just tick all the right boxes for you. It’s a look that could be used for a number of occasions and events, throughout the year. It would look just as amazing for Christmas makeup as it would for Valentine’s Day makeup. In fact, we don’t even think we’d need an excuse to replicate this red and gold look for ourselves. We sure do love it, but what do you think? Don’t forget to leave your comments in the space below this blog post. Which one of these looks is YOUR favourite?

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 14

Source: missoonaaleksia

15 – Simple Nude Palette & Silver Liner Combo

If you’d like to make your blue eyes look bigger, this is definitely a look to opt for. The silver glitter liner adds an artistic structure to the look, but that’s not the only thing it does. It also helps to catch and reflect the light, much in the same way that a mirror helps to reflect light and make a small room or space look much bigger.

If you were opting for a nude day but decided that you wanted to add some sparkle to the mix, this addition of silver liner is a quick and simple change that could pack some serious impact. Sometimes, changing just the smallest thing about your makeup regime could be all it takes to create a brand new look entirely. Clever, right?

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 15

Source: darya_namonyuk

16 – Rosy-Pink Glitter Cut Crease Detail

If you’re going to rock a powerful eye, you’re going to need to rock some powerful brows. We’ve learned a trick or two that we’re willing to share with you … *Leans in closer* Have you heard of the castor oil trick? Just add some to your brows with a wand and leave overnight, before washing off properly in the morning. You can even use the stuff for your lashes too.

A common kitchen staple, particularly if you’ve heard the old wives’ tales and stories of inducing late labour, castor oil is also said to be rich in the nutrients that your eyebrows are screaming out for. There’s a bunch of fatty acids to start with, including Omega-9. There’s something called ricinoleic in there too. These might sound like made-up words and nutrients to you (and us), but they’re apparently rather good for encouraging the natural growth of your eyebrows, as well as promoting healthy, glossy, thick hair. If you’ve been personally victimised by the tweezers and some serious over-plucking, this castor oil trick might just work well for you!

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 16

Source: meesharia

17 – Glittery Rainbow Look for Blue Eyes

One thing that your stunning makeup looks for blue eyes just can’t live without is the right kind of highlighter, and you should actually be switching up the application of yours to match the kind of look you want to have when you finish. So, for example, if you were looking for a more casual and classic, dewy look, you’d add highlighter to your foundation to give you an all-over glow, before you put any more of your makeup on. You may even want to consider adding a touch to your foundation too, just to add a touch more sparkle to the occasion. You’ll find that that addition of highlighter can make the world of difference to how your look turns out. This one would look just as amazing without highlighter, of course, but we really think it helps to make it!

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 17

Source: elliehowell

18 – Dark & Rich Green Eye Look

Think you can’t wear green eyeshadow when you have blue eyes? Think again! This stunning look proves otherwise, and it does it in true style too. There was something about this one that reminded us a little of the Wicked musical posters; a little mean and moody, but still fabulous at the same time. Green is quite a tough shade for many women to wear (especially us!), but this look nails it.

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 18

Source: palefaceblonde

19 – Pretty in Pink for Blue Eyes Tutorial

Fancy something pretty-in-pink? It’d suit Mean Girls on Wednesdays, but there’s nothing mean about this pink look. And, just to make life even better, it’s in tutorial form, making it even easier to recreate when you need a makeup look to pop and sparkle. We loved this both with and without the glitter addition, and you could opt for something sans-glitter for daytime use, perhaps working at the office? Change things up when the lights go down and it’s time to hit the town, applying some of that glitter sprinkling to really liven things up. Simple, yet effective, we love this look for so many reasons!

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 19

Source: alannagellingmakeup

20 – Dusky Pinks & Sharp Liner Blue-Eyed Look

Did you know that you should be changing your summer and winter makeup products? Think of it a little bit like wearing a coat. You would wear a coat in the winter, to keep you warm, but you wouldn’t want a coat in the summer. You would need to air-out and be cool. The same applies to your makeup and beauty products. Winter makeup might call for something thicker and a bit more warming, but summer weather needs to be thinner, lighter, and more breathable. Getting the right products for the season will make a difference to how your stunning makeup looks for blue eyes end up.

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 20

Source: podobnopaulinamaluje

21 – Orange-Bronze Beauty

Do you remember that we told you the brighter and bolder orange tones work well if you’re looking for stunning makeup looks for brown eyes? This look proves our point; a simple bright and burnt orange tone applied all over the lids before a killer slick of black eyeliner is added over the top. It really is a damn fabulous and fierce look for blue eyes. Definitely one that we’ve added to the to-recreate list.

Stunning Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes 21

Source: looneylimner

They’re bloody fabulous and stunning makeup looks for blue eyes, aren’t they? We couldn’t get enough of them and actually had the hardest time trying to work out which ones to add. We simply saw so many of them. In fact, we saw so many of them that we have other articles to come — different eye looks for blue eyes. If you think you have a look that deserves to be shown off on CherryCherryBeauty.com, get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we’d love to take a peek at all of your makeup looks.

We hope you have a wonderful day today, thanks so much for reading! Happy make-up’ing!