21 Stylish Maternity Looks For Spring

Dressing is difficult when you’re pregnant. Your hormones will be all over the place, and you’ll be too hot or too cold. You won’t know what to wear to go along with the Great British weather which, as we all very well know, never quite works out as they tell you it’s going to on the TV. You know you’ll need to invest in a few maternity staples, but you CAN still wear some of your regular wardrobe pieces too. To prove that, we’ve come up with 21 stylish maternity looks for spring.

Whether you’re looking to dress up or down, there’s something to suit everyone here. You may need to invest in a few key maternity pieces, but you might just be surprised at how flexible your current wardrobe is once you get a little imaginative.

1 – Little Black Dress It

Because, why wouldn’t you? You can make it more daytime suitable with a comfy faux-fur gilet, and as long as you don’t want to do it up, you can wear the one you’ve already got in your wardrobe! Add some cute heeled boots and some super-cool sunglasses for a really cool daytime look. The hat – you can take it or leave it, but a hat does work wonders for greasy hair days … Just saying.

Maternity Looks For Spring 3

Source: thebadstyle

2 – Pretty Maternity Tea Dress

If you’re going to invest in maternity dresses, we’d definitely recommend something like this beautiful maternity tea dress, which we found on ASOS. With a blazer, this could be quite a formal look, perfect for a day in the office perhaps? With flat sandals, you have a cute daytime look, and you could easily throw a little cardigan over the top if you wanted to sweeten the deal. Alternatively, throw on the highest heels you think you could manage, and rock some really big and glam accessories to make it great for one of those nighttime events you can’t wait to get home from.

Maternity Looks For Spring 10

Source: ASOS

3 – Little Black Dress (Again)

A stretchy little black dress really is a winner for anyone’s wardrobe, whether you’re pregnant or not. With some sheer tights, for example, you have a great office daytime look, and once again, a blazer will help to smarten things up further, and also cover up those bits you don’t like. If you had a more formal event, switch the blazer for a beautiful throw or pashmina, and add some diamonds too. A beautiful necklace would really help to make that neckline pop. This stretchy little number will help see you through your pregnancy, and will also prove useful for those formal events you don’t want to turn up for a while after you’ve had the baby too.

Maternity Looks For Spring 1

Source: eleonoraalbrecht

4 – Casual Skirts

If you have skirts in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn for a while, particular stretchy ones, why not wear them! If you’re pregnant for the warmer weather, keeping cool is going to be very important. This kind of skirt could be worn with a sweater when the weather is cool, a t-shirt when it starts to warm up again, and also a vest or body for when you’re feeling a little sassier. Add Converse trainers for a more relaxed feel, or throw them off and add some pretty sandals if you want to feel a little ‘prettier’. We actually found this maternity skirt on Dorothy Perkins, and you’ll find the link for it below!

Maternity Looks For Spring 12

Source: Dorothy Perkins

5 – Smart + Tailored

You can do smart and tailored office clothing when you’re pregnant, you just need to learn how. A pair of smart black trousers with an elastic bump front pouch is a must-have, as is an oversized white shirt. You probably bought one of those before you fell pregnant anyway – everyone was wearing them with corset-cinchers and thigh-high boots for the autumn and winter. You can still wear that shirt, you just need to learn how to make it work for an ever-expanding tummy. Wear it over a white vest for a more relaxed and casual feel, or smarten things up with a belt. We love the way a white tie-belt has been used with this white shirt, and it’s actually a really smart idea!

Maternity Looks For Spring 14

Source: Pinterest

6 – Denim Skirts

The denim skirt was everywhere last year, and it’s a trend that’s set to stay for the coming year also. For the earlier stages of pregnancy, you may find that you’ll get away with wearing your existing denim skirt, but the waist probably won’t fit quite where it did before. Pull it up over your bump for a more high-waisted look instead, using a bump band to keep things in check where necessary. You may find that you can get away with wearing a lot of your existing skirts by pulling the waist over your bump for a while. Not all of your pregnancy, sadly, but for the first few months at least.

Maternity Looks For Spring 4

Source: giseleisnerdy

7 – Black + Colour

We’ve mentioned the little black dress before, but we honestly can’t go on about those flared and stretchy wonders enough. Just adding a pop of colour can make the world of difference, not just to how you look, but also to how you feel. You can often feel quite low when you’re pregnant, hormones going wild and the pounds piling on, and sometimes a little pick-me-up is just what you need. Invest in some pretty pops of colour, like these red shoes and leopard print handbag. It’s a classic combination, and one that you can still wear even throughout your pregnancy.

Maternity Looks For Spring 15

Source: Pinterest

8 – Dungarees

It’s a look that’ll divide opinion, we’re sure, because dungarees seem to be a thing you either love or hate. They’re a little bit like Marmite! We love dungarees, and there’s something not only modern-cool about them, but also effortless. Worn with a simple white tee and some Converse trainers, and you have a stylish look that takes five minutes.

Maternity Looks For Spring 18

Source: Very

9 – Pretty Summer Dresses

Loose clothes are always great for a maternity outfit, and for the most part, many of your loose-fitting and pretty dresses will still fit for the duration of the first half of your pregnancy. After that, you probably will need to invest in some maternity outfits … Unless you have super-stretchy clothes, or you’re one of those lucky women who barely puts on any weight at all during their pregnancy.

Maternity Looks For Spring 9

Source: ninaerin18

10 – Bump Bands

If you don’t want to buy brand new trousers, a bump band is a great way of keeping your own wardrobe pregnancy-friendly. You can use this bump band as a way to disguise the fact you can’t actually do your trousers up! It is mostly during the earlier stages of your pregnancy that you’ll find this helpful, and some mothers have said they continue to use theirs after the baby is born too. A great investment if you ask us, and it means you can wear stylish maternity looks for spring like this one.

Maternity Looks For Spring 6

Source: ekulele

11 – Casually Chic

We love this look. Loose-fitting pants are a really great idea for the hot heat of spring and summer, and anyone who’s been pregnant throughout the warmer months will tell you how uncomfortable it can be. Opt for loosing fitting linen-style pants, just like these, and add cool cotton t-shirts. This look still looks stylish, but it’s an easy one to throw together.

Maternity Looks For Spring 20

Source: robynvilate

12 – Off-the-Shoulder

Maternity clothing has come a long way over recent years, especially with an increasing demand in cool and stylish garments for those going through pregnancy. Some clothing outlets have great ranges, with plenty of stuff to complete your maternity looks for spring, and we love this one from the Rochelle Humes range. The Saturdays’ singer has got quite a few adorable little dresses in her collection, but we love this off-the-shoulder one. It’s a look that’s taking the world by storm this year, and we wouldn’t want you lovely pregnant lot to miss out on the action! Check out her range with the link below.

Maternity Looks For Spring 19

Source: Very

13 – Knitted ( + Stretchy!)

Cardigans are a really great choice for when you’re pregnant, especially if you want to get some use out of your maternity wardrobe after you’ve had the baby too. Buttons can be left open, or just one fastened, and you can also add a belt around the waist too. Perfect for throwing on during the evenings when the weather starts to cool down, you can wear them in both dressed-up and dressed-down outfits, making them a great all-round investment piece. Alternatively, look for throw-style cardigans like this knitted wonder. It’s a great wraparound and we guarantee you’re going to live in it for the duration of your pregnancy!

Maternity Looks For Spring 7

Source: helloshopping

14 – Bright Kimono Cover Up

The humble kimono should be a staple item for any women’s closet, let alone the pregnant lovelies. It’s one of those pieces of clothing that you won’t be able to live without once you have invested, and it can be thrown on over a number of other dressed-up and dressed-down outfits. Not just to take the chill of a cooler spring evening, it’s also great for making yourself feel a little better and covered up. Sometimes it’s nice to just have something comfy and pretty to throw on over the top. The good news i that you don’t need a maternity kimono for that, but this beautiful one definitely is worth taking a second peek at. We found this one on the New Look website, and you can find the link below.

Maternity Looks For Spring 17

Source: New Look

15 – Belted-up

You might not think about adding a belt to things when you’re pregnant, but it’s actually a great way to utilise some of the clothes you may already have hanging up in your wardrobe. This oversized sweater, for example, is easily worn as a dress, a belt added just below your bust to help to give it some shape. We know that it’s not always pleasant to wear loose and baggy clothes throughout the spring, and you could adopt this belt technique with a number of things you already own – t-shirts, sweaters, and even mens shirts too.

Maternity Looks For Spring 21

Source: Pauline

16 – Pleated Skirt

You can still wear that pleated skirt you own, but you’ll need to pull it up a tad to make it more high-waisted to wear it throughout your pregnancy. You don’t need to wear heels with it either – a classic black biker jacket and trainers have completed this look, a sparkly belt added to help bring some femininity to the overall finish.

Maternity Looks For Spring 8

Source: lovebeingpetite.com

17 – Colourful Skirts

Listen, just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you need to rely on dark and black clothes. Those clothes attract heat and make you feel armer, and when the sun comes, you’re going to want lighter and cooler materials and shades to help make life easier on yourself. Many women say that they only really buy maternity clothes in trousers – jeans and tailored designs, for example. Skirts and t-shirts, especially skirts like this pretty one, can just be bought in one or two sizes up, and can easily be worn after the pregnancy for a while also. The idea behind pieces like this one is longevity – you want to get the maximum wear out of your clothes to ensure they were good value for money. Babies are EXPENSIVE!

Maternity Looks For Spring 16

Source: onelittlemomma

18 – Jeans and Tees …

… or vests. You could even consider wearing a body under your jeans with this look, to ensure everything stays in place quite nicely. Stretchy jeans and leggings can be purchased in a few sizes bigger, as we’ve mentioned before, but you can buy these items in maternity designs. These were from Dorothy Perkins, for example, and are actually from their maternity range. They’re also not that expensive, which means you won’t be spending a small fortune on things you’re only going to be wearing for a few months.

Maternity Looks For Spring 13

Source: Dorothy Perkins

19 – Skirt + Sweaters

We’d love the weather to be nice and sunny all through spring, but you know you’ll have those days where it feels like winter is coming back around again. For when that happens, how about skirts and sweaters? We’re a little in love with these maternity looks for spring, but this one is definitely super cute. Add some booties and tights, and also a printed bomber like you can see here, and you have an outfit that looks cute, is stylish, and isn’t uncomfortable.

Maternity Looks For Spring 5

Source: giseleisnerdy

20 – Ruffled Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a really great look, but the one thing you should remember is that there will be a toilet-factor here. Pregnancy is renowned for playing havoc with your bladder, and we’ve all worn a onesie or a jumpsuit and hurried to pull it down in time to use the loo. For short-term wearing however, we think this is super glamorous, and another classic example of how stylish your maternity looks for spring could be. For the record, we spotted this on ASOS, and you can find a link for it below!

Maternity Looks For Spring 11

Source: ASOS

21 – Floral and Fabulous

Florals always come out when spring comes to town, and we think this cute dress is spot on for the pending sunny weather. You could easily wear it with trainers – think Converse or Adidas – if you wanted something more relaxed and casual, and you could also dress it up further with heels and strappy sandals. In fact, there are more than a few ways you could wear this dress. With tights in the winter, for example, and you could even open the buttons at the top and wear a vest, laced camisole underneath. That’s what you want to look out for when buying clothes for your maternity looks for spring – how much use you can get out of what you are buying. Mixing and matching one piece with other items you already own will make sure you’re getting the most of out of your new part-time closet.

Maternity Looks For Spring 2

Source: eleonoraalbrecht

We’d love to know what styles you’re diggin’ this spring, and we’d also love to know any helpful tips you have for dressing during pregnancy. If you’ve got a look you want to show off, shout them out! You can get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and you can leave your comments in the box below. We’d love to know which looks are your favourite, and which of them you’re going to try and recreate for yourself. Let’s get social – share your fashion and maternity looks!

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