21 Summer Wedding Ideas

Are you planning a summer wedding? If you are, you might be on the hunt for some summer wedding ideas to really make your big day stand out from the crowd. There are so many cool and unique ideas you can adapt too, as we noticed when we first started looking. We’ve put together a few of our favourite looks to show you right now.

1 – Summer Fans

As much as you would love for there to be a beautiful summer’s day breeze on your wedding day, there’s a good chance that the weather will be much hotter than you had anticipated. That’s always the way that the Great British weather goes – it never really knows what it’s up to.

Keep your wedding guests cool with summer wedding ideas like this one – a basket of hand-held fans. You can pick up these fans quite easily if you’re on a budget, and they’re a really cute finishing touch.

You could go one step further and use these fans as a personal memento of your big day for everyone who got involved. Everyone could have their own personalized fan. Each one could have a little thanks from the bride and groom to their guests on the big day. Great idea, right?

Summer Wedding Ideas 1

Source: Rock n Roll Bride

2 – Flip Flops

They’re cheap, cute and everyone gets a helpful momento from your big day. That’s why we love the idea of using flip flops attached to the wedding guest’s chairs. It also gives the females among them to give their aching feet a rest. We all know that heels are painful, and that’s definitely so for the bride.

If everyone else is wearing flip flops, it just makes perfect sense that the bride should dance away in comfort in flip flops too! You want to enjoy your big day after all, and you won’t be able to do that if you’re constantly moaning that your feet hurt.

Summer Wedding Ideas 3

Source: The Wedding Scoop

3 – Outdoor Rustic Ceremony Arch

We love this look, perfect for a rustic affair. If you want to incorporate some nature into your summer wedding ideas, this seems the perfect place to start. You’ll be amazed at what unique ceremony arch ideas you can come up with when you first start looking, and we’ve found that Pinterest is a really great place to start. Whether you’re digging the rustic look or not, you must admit that this looks like the dreamiest place to get hitched!

Summer Wedding Ideas 10

Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

4 – Rustic Outdoor Seating

It’s cute, simple, and easy too. Oh, and if you have someone with a big enough garden, the wedding day will be well within your budget as you won’t need to hunt around of the perfect (yet expensive) venue.

You can use chairs and benches arranged in a way that makes you — the bride — the centre of attention, and tree trunks are the perfect placement for some vases filled with flowers. If you’re looking for summer wedding ideas, you might as well make great use of the beautiful weather we (sometimes) have.

Summer Wedding Ideas 11

Source: Borrowed & Blue Weddings

5 – Say Cheese!

What a great idea, right? We think it is anyway. Add a disposable camera to each of the wedding guest tables at your wedding, and some fun photo props too, and wait for everyone to make their own fun. All you ned to do is wait and develop the photos at the end, and pray no one got too frisky with your camera when they were let loose in the toilets!

You never know what amazing wedding day snaps you might get when you put your own guests in charge of the photography, and it really does help to get everyone involved.

Summer Wedding Ideas 5

Source: Style Me Pretty

6 – Beer Canoe

Are you a big fan of water spots? Do you love canoeing in the summer? Why not bring your hobby to life on your big day, bringing in the idea of a boat-themed booze deck. This beer canoe is both pretty and functional, and more than that, it really looks like some serious effort has gone into making your big day as big and as beautiful as it is.

If you’re planning making your way through some beers, you might as well present them beautifully. You could even throw ice into the bottom of this canoe to keep the drinks ice cold in the hot summer temperatures!

Summer Wedding Ideas 12

Source: Boho-Weddings

7 – Stay Cosy!

Of course, things can get cold in the evenings, so if your big day is going to spill over into the night, provide blankets for your guests to make sure no one has a chance to complain about the cold. If you have plenty of time before the big day, you could consider making blankets. They’re pretty easy to knit and crochet if you have a few basic skills. You could even employ the grandmothers of your family to give you a hand too. Weddings should be family affairs!

Summer Wedding Ideas 16

Source: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

8 – Late Night Sparklers

If you really want your big day to go off with a bang, you need fireworks. Or, if fireworks aren’t quite your thing, how about sparklers instead? What a cute idea, right? And you could get your wedding guests to write funny words with their sparkles, the photographer taking just the perfect nighttime shot.

We loved this idea, and it’s also one of the summer wedding ideas that we think the kids would particularly love. How about you? Would you want your big day to sparkle?

Summer Wedding Ideas 18

Source: Pinterest

9 – Rose Petal Confetti

Make sure that the confetti you’re buying for your big day is biodegradable, otherwise certain wedding venues might not let you throw the stuff at all. We love the idea of having rose petals dried and in their own little cones, ready for people to throw over the bride and groom after they’ve just gotten hitched. Biodegradable, they smell good, and they match both your colour scheme and your flowers! We think its’ a genius idea!

Summer Wedding Ideas 19

Source: Shropshire Petals

10 – Hydrate Yourself

If you are having a big wedding in the great outdoors, you must remember that people are going to need to rehydrate themselves. There is nothing fun about being stood out in the baking heat for photographs all day, with nothing to drink and not even any chewing gum to speak of. Make sure your guests have nothing to worry about (or moan about) with plenty of bottled water nearby. You’ll often find it’s the small, comfort-touches that makes the biggest difference.

Summer Wedding Ideas 6

Source: Wedding Chicks

11 – Luggage Themed Summer Wedding Ideas

If you both love travel, we definitely think you need to add some cute luggage-themed summer wedding ideas to your big day. How do you feel about this small vintage suitcase, stuffed with hay and topped with a beautiful sign, displaying the important news about the big white day? Topped off with a few mini floral bouquets, it’s the perfect accompaniment for a real rustic wedding. It’s also an additional touch that won’t break the bank.

Summer Wedding Ideas 14

Source: Boho-Weddings

12 – Outdoor Games

Right, let’s get one thing straight, you are NEVER too old to play games. If you want to keep guests entertained on your wedding day, we think outdoor summer games are definitely a great idea.

You can get plenty of larger versions of traditional games. As well as ‘Naughts & Crosses’, you can also get things such as Connect 4, croquet, and much more besides. They’ll keep all the kids entertained – big kids and little kids alike!

Summer Wedding Ideas 20

Source: Pinterest

13 – By the Seaside

Take a peek at where you are getting married. What is around you that would make the perfect backdrop for your wedding day photos? If you’re having a summery big day and you’re getting hitched anywhere near the sea, you’ll be wasting a huge opportunity if you don’t incorporate that kind of scenery into your big day. With the wind blowing and your veil lightly flowing behind you with the breeze, there is only one way to describe the way those photos will look r-o-m-a-n-t-i-c!

Summer Wedding Ideas 17

Source: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

14 – Summer Wedding Evening Fire Pit

If your summer day wedding is going to be crawling into the evening hours, remember the weather is going to take a turn for the colder. We love the idea of having a fire pit on our big day, and this one has a great framework built around it to ensure that no one can accidentally fall in. You know what it’s like when you have kids and drunk adults running around the place.

Toast marshmallows and make some s’mores whilst snuggling up to your new husband in a large blanket … What could be more romantic on your wedding evening?

Summer Wedding Ideas 15

Source: Boho-Weddings

15 – Fun Factor Summer Wedding Ideas

Didn’t we say that outdoor games were the way forward for great summer wedding ideas? Well, how about incorporating some kids games into the mix? Most of them can be put up for the day and then taken right back down again, and you’ll more than often find that the big kids will have much more fun than the little kids!

Don’t you want your wedding day to be remembered for its fun-factor?

Summer Wedding Ideas 21

Source: Rocky My Wedding

16 – Photography Tree

All you need for this fabulous idea is a tree, some string, some tiny little pegs or paperclips, and photos. Add photos of the bride and groom through the years of their life, and maybe even throw some fairy lights into the mix for when the sun goes down. You could even bring a couple of Polaroid cameras to the party, letting the wedding guests add their own favourite photos of your big day.

Unedited AND un-Photoshopped … brave move, right?

Summer Wedding Ideas 13

Source: Boho-Weddings

17 – Watch Love Grow

What an utterly adorable idea?! If you’re having an outdoorsy summer wedding, and you need something cute and memorable for the guests to take away, how about seeds? What flowers did you have at your wedding? You could add those seeds to a wheelbarrow filled with soil, just like you can see here. If you wanted to take things one step further, you could even add empty pots so that the guests could take a pot, some soil, and some seeds from your big day.

You could even incorporate this into a remembrance piece for your big day. What were the favourite flavours of your grandmother who couldn’t be with you? You could have the seeds for those flowers in your wheelbarrow? There are plenty of ways in which you can personalise / customise this so that it is perfect for you and your big day.

Summer Wedding Ideas 7

Source: Brides

18 – Outdoor Seating with Burlap

Those Ikea chairs make for the perfect outdoor wedding chairs. You could even spray paint them white if they only have the (usually cheaper) coloured ones on offer. Add some burlap decoration to give it that really rustic finish, and a few sprigs of wildflowers of baby’s breath and you have summer wedding ideas that everyone will want to copy.

Summer Wedding Ideas 9

Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

19 – No Seating Plan

If you really want to take peace and love one step further, how about forgetting all about the seating plan on your big day? You know how it is – everything so structured and formal? Well, scrap that. Let everyone sit wherever they want to sit. Let them chat and laugh with whoever they want to. It certainly makes life easier for you – the bride. You’ll have one less thing to worry about planning for the big day. When you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to put the two aunts who hate each other is no longer your responsibility!

Summer Wedding Ideas 8

Source: Elegant Wedding Invites

20 – Sun Parasols

If the weather is going to be hot and sunny all day, and you’re also planning on having your entire wedding in the great outdoors, you might want to consider offering something in the form of sun protection. It wouldn’t be cool for the bride to get sunstroke. It wouldn’t be cool for your grandma to get sunstroke either.

Summer Wedding Ideas 4

Source: Style Me Pretty

21 – Don’t Be Blinded By Our Love

Last but certainly not least, how about adding some fun freshness to your big day? We love these retro-style sunglasses, and if you’re having a wedding outside, sunglasses are most definitely a necessity. You’ll be amazed at how much fun a group of adults can have when they’re messing around with some fun and colourful props. You could consider adding other items to the mix too. There are plenty of photo-booth style props you could get your hands on.

Summer Wedding Ideas 2

Source: Rock n Roll Bride

And there you have them – 21 summer wedding ideas that we definitely think you need to see if you’re planning on a white wedding in the sun. There are so many fun ideas here, but which ones are your favourite? Are there any that you’re considering adding to your big day? Have you had the most fabulous summer wedding that you want to show off? Send in your pictures and ideas – we’d love to offer them as inspiration to other brides-to-be.

Your wedding is the most special day of your life. It should be fun. It should also be everything that you dreamed it with be, and hopefully with crazy-cool ideas such as these, it will be all that and so much more!

Happy wedding planning!