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21 Unique Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

Unicorns are everywhere right now. They’re everywhere we look. People are rocking unicorn nails and even unicorn hair. We’re rocking unicorns on our clothes, and even around our homes. It just seems to make perfect sense that unicorn tattoo ideas are one of the next things we should look at. After all, who doesn’t love a good mythical creature anyway?

If you’re currently pondering the idea of having a unicorn tattoo yourself, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 21 designs that we think you’re going to love although, of course, we can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

1 – Glitter Unicorn Tattoo

Pops of white help to add a glittertastic effect to this magical tattoo look, which goes hand in hand with the cute and cartoon-esque unicorn design itself. Bright colours such as these need to be looked after the right way if you want to make them last, so make sure you do your research about tattoo aftercare before you jump in and make that appointment.

Unicorn Tattoo With Glitter

2 – Cute + Pastel Unicorn Tattoo

Unicorns are pretty feminine designs, a symbol of a mythical creature that goes back in folklore for as long as anyone can remember. It was way back in Ancient Greek times that the horned creature was first reported, but it has since become commonly associated with feelings of peace and purity, as well as magic.

Small Unicorn Tattoo Pastel
Source: Instagram / @cocoblacc_ink

3 – Green with Envy Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

Slightly more masculine than the average unicorn tattoo, you’ll be going green with envy once you’ve seen the classic lines with a modern twist in this one. The horn is what keeps the unicorn theme alive, and it goes to show that you really can create any kind of unicorn style and type that you want. You don’t need to stick with something cute and cartoon-like.

Unicorn Tattoo Ideas With Green
Source: Instagram / @rizza_boo

4 – Artistic + Beautiful Unicorn Tattoo

A brilliant and innovative design, unicorn tattoo ideas such as this one really bring a different feel to what would otherwise be known as a quite traditional design. Most of the colour is actually outside of the tattoo, rather than within it, and it’s a style that we could really get on board with.

Artistic + Beautiful Unicorn Tattoo
Source: Instagram / @dl.tattooo

5 – Unicorn Arm Tattoo

We’ve seen green, and now we’re looking at brown. It looks like a horse, but it has that wonderful, majestic horn so you know it’s a unicorn. With rainbows and stars surrounding it, this unicorn tattoo is a beautiful arm piece that we’re totally envious of.

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Unicorn Tattoo Ideas For Your Arm
Source: Instagram / @jennyarcus

6 – Unicorn + Castle Tattoo

Unicorns are like something out of a fairytale, so it just makes sense to add a fairytale castle to the background. The blue and pink shades behind the white and purple of the unicorn itself really help to make this design pop. Of course, we can’t forget about those stunning little blue flowers in the unicorn’s mane. It’s a little extra something, but a little extra something that really makes your unicorn tattoo ideas stand out.

Unicorn Tattoo Ideas With Castle
Source: Instagram / @karen_pop_

7 – Unicorn Silhouette Tattoo with Palm Trees

This is a very clever tattoo design and one that can be amended to suit anything that meets your tastes. If it wasn’t palm trees you wanted to add, but pine trees instead, the design could easily be changed. That silhouette scene could easily show whatever you wanted it to show.

Small Unicorn Tattoo Ideas With Palm Trees
Source: Instgram / @werona_wrona

8 – Rose + Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

You can always mix in a different idea with your unicorn tattoo ideas to make it not only more personal, but also more meaningful. A rose, for example, could be a symbol for someone you love, have loved, or perhaps lost. You could switch the rose for any other flower too, and, in fact, any other item, not just a different flower.

Rose And Unicorn Tattoo Ideas
Source: Instagram / @paulazki

9 – Hugging Unicorn Best Friend Tattoos

What about unicorn tattoo ideas when you’re on the hunt for a cute and pretty look to share with your best friend? This hugging unicorns tattoo, for example, is definitely cute, but colourful too, and you could amend the hair / mane colour to match the both of yours too! There are plenty of ways to switch this adorable look up, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Cute Unicorn Tattoo
Source: Instagram / @tattoosbymeri

10 – Rainbow Horn Unicorn Tattoo

Of course, there are many things to think about when you look at getting a brand new tattoo, whether it’s one of these fabulous unicorn tattoo ideas or not. You must make sure that you are going be happy with that tattoo design forever. Removal services are not just costly, but renowned for being incredibly painful. The alternative option, of course, is to cover the tattoo over. We’re sure that’s not something you’re going to want to do, so make sure you have your mind set on the design before you make the appointment, and always discuss the idea with your artist properly and in-depth.

Unicorn Tattoo Ideas With Rainbow Horn
Source: Instagram / @missletotattoo

11 – Geometric Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

You will need to make sure you’re using the right tattoo artist. If you’re looking for something colourful and pretty, for example, there’s not very much point in opting for an artist who specialises in black and white work. Again, realistic tattoo artists are probably not going to have a love for cartoon designs. There are plenty of different niches, and you will want to make sure you’re using the right tattooist.

Unicorn Tattoo Ideas Geometric
Source: Spotted on Pinterest

12 – Unicorn + Moon Tattoos

During the Renaissance period, unicorn horns were said to hold some kind of mystical and magical power. It could do remarkable things, if you were to believe those who told the tales, including turning poison water into something safe to drink and even having the capacity to heal certain diseases and sicknesses. A tattoo like this might not have the same effect, but it certainly would make your skin look pretty!

Unicorn Tattoo Ideas With Moon
Source: Instagram / @zann_marie

13 – Bold + Beautiful Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

Ancient Greek writers once told of unicorns, but it’s not an animal commonly known for Green mythology. Instead, they believed the magical creature was to be found somewhere in the exotic regions of India. The land, as a whole, was a distant and mystical land, in general, for them. A bit like this tattoo — also mystical.

Unicorn Tattoo Ideas Bold And Colourful
Source: Instagram / @anunnakitattoo

14 – Unicorn on a Stick

Once the Middle Ages hit, the idea of unicorns took a different turn. Some believed the creature were like horses with horns, as myths and legends depicted, but others believed the creature was more goat-like in appearance, and even had a goat-like beard too. It was also during the Middle Ages that the mythical being was linked to healing, medicine, and also magic.

Unicorn Tattoo On Stick
Source: Instagram / @costamnaludziach

15 – Heart Shaped Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

Royalty in the Middle Ages used to drink from the horns of unicorns, although that’s what they believed at the time. The reality of the situation is that they were likely drinking from the horns of other animals, such as rhino, perhaps? It didn’t stop them from thinking that they would possess the same qualities that the unicorn had become associated with when they drank from the cups though. These qualities included strength, courage, nobility, and even a pure heart.

Heart Shaped Unicorn Tattoo
Source: Instagram / @_koki_tattoo_

16 – Floral Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

Often considered to be somewhat of a ‘Western’ concept, the Chinese have a similar unicorn creature in their history also. In China, however, the unicorn is actually referred to as a “Qilin”, and the animal is one of only four beings who are said to have healing properties. To be more specific, the healing of the world.

Floral Unicorn Tattoo
Source: Instagram / @carolinederwenttattoo

17 – Colourful + Sparkling Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

These days, these unicorn tattoo ideas are associated with a number of different qualities, including healing, purity, and strength, as we have already discussed. Alongside these, the tattoo meanings can include chastity, power, grace, frivolity, and even spirituality and wisdom.

Unicorn Tattoo Ideas Colourful And Sparkly
Source: Instagram / barbitch666

18 – Unicorn Ice Cream Cone Tattoo

The majority of unicorn tattoo ideas are white in their bulk, mostly because the creature itself was generally considered to be white in colour. This look shows you that you can play around with the colour, but also the actual unicorn itself too. This is a unicorn ice cream, and we think it looks good enough to eat.

Cute Unicorn Tattoo Icecream
Source: Instagram / @arlovahtattoo

19 – Unicorn + Stars Tattoo

A frame always adds something of a vintage feel to any tattoo designs, and the frame surrounding this stunning unicorn tattoo is no exception to the rule. Heart shaped and almost lacy in nature, you don’t need to have an actual frame in order to frame your favourite piece of skin art.

Unicorn Tattoo Idea With Stars
Source: Instagram / @lamagatattooer

20 – Unicorn Ice Cream + Hearts Tattoo

If you love unicorns as much as we love unicorns, and, trust us when we tell you that we REALLY love unicorns, this tattoo might just be right up your street. With all of our favourite things in it — unicorns, ice cream, and red love hearts, we want this tattoo for ourselves immediately, if not sooner.

Unicorn Tattoo With Hearts
Source: Instagram / @anunnakitattoo

21 – Super Cute Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

And, finally, this little cutie. All cute and white and pastel purple. We love the flowers in her hair, and this big, purple eyes too. In fact, there isn’t much we don’t love about this cute inking, and most of the other unicorn tattoo ideas on this list too!

Super Cute Unicorn Tattoo
Source: Instagram / @cocoblacc_ink

Wow! What a beautiful display of amazing artwork! What did you think of these stunning unicorn tattoo ideas? We can’t wait to hear which ones are your favourites. If you’d like to be featured, feel free to send in your own ideas. We’d love to feature your artwork, whether you’re an artist, or you just love having the designs on your body. You’ll find our social media links at the top and side of this page, and we would love to hear from you. If you want us to show off your work, send them our way!

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