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21 Valentines Day Makeup Ideas


Do you want real show-stopping Valentines Day makeup looks? That’s good, because we’ve found 21 of them! Whether you’re looking for a hint of pink, a pop of purple, or just something classy and sophisticated to go with that beautiful new dress you’ve bought for the occasion, there’s something for everyone.

Make sure you let us know which looks are your favourite, and send your looks into us also. We’d love to feature your work!

1 – Pink, Purple + Turquoise Valentines Day Makeup

This pink, purple and turquoise look really stands out, and for all the right reasons too. It’s a slightly more colourful look than you’d usually wear on the day designated for pink and reds, but it’s still pretty, and definitely works some of the shades in the palette you haven’t used for a while … or ever.

Valentines Day Makeup Ideas Pink And Blue

2 – Blended Pink + Purple Pop

Lashes, lashes, lashes. We love them. We also hate them at the same time. If you want long and fluttery lashes for your Valentines Day makeup, why not consider having some semi-permanent lashes stuck on instead? They’ll last for a few days longer, they’ll generally look better and more natural, and they’ll be much less hassle for you.

Valentines Day Makeup Ideas Pink And Purple
Source: Pinterest

3 – Shimmery Pastel Pink Valentines Day Makeup

If you want to make your pretty pink Valentines Day makeup looks really stand out, start with a good eyeshadow primer. Once you’re done with that, use a white pencil eyeliner, or some white eyeshadow, and cover your eyelids with it. When you apply the pink on top of it, the white will make it really stand out. It acts as a blank canvas, and you know how everything works so much better when you have a blank canvas to start with.

Valentines Day Makeup Ideas Pastel Pink
Source: Pinterest

4 – Dusky Pink

If you want to a pinky shade for your Valentines Day makeup, but you don’t want to go as pink as the pretty pops we’ve shown you so far, how about going more of a dusky pink instead? This look goes really well with brown and hazel eyes, just like you can see here. It also gives you an excuse to rock those Mac nudes you’ve been stashing for a “special occasion”.

Valentines Day Makeup Ideas Dusky Pink
Source: Pinterest

5 – Silver Glitter Double Liner

What are your feelings on double liners? We love them so much, although we must admit we’re really not that good at doing them. This one looks damn fabulous however, and is a perfect way of wearing more natural makeup on the big day. Keep the rest of your makeup as neutral as you’d normally make it, and just add that smokey backdrop behind that sharp liner to bring it all to life. We’d definitely recommend checking out a bunch of tutorials before you give it a shit. There are loads on Youtube – we get carried away watching them all the time!

Valentines Day Makeup Ideas Glitter Liner

6 – Pretty Pink Hue Valentines Day Makeup

When you’re hoping to achieve Valentines Day makeup looks that marvel the beauty of this one, you don’t want dark circles to ruin the finished effect. Have you heard of colour correcting? You can use [quite frightening] colours to help balance things out, giving you a much better clean and blank canvas to work with. Green concealer will help to work against redness and dark circles – pimples, for example, or around the eyes. We know it sounds scary, but when you put your foundation and everything else over the top no one would know the weird rainbow colours you have below!

Valentines Day Makeup Ideas Pink
Source: Pinterest

7 – Shimmery Pink + Purple

How do you feel about shimmery pink and purple Valentines Day makeup? We’re hopelessly in love with this stunning look, and it’s definitely one you should opt for if you want to stand out. Here’s a little tip when you’re working with that pesky glitter too, because you know it always gets everywhere you don’t want it to … Put some translucent loose powder under your eyes, and when you’re finished, sweep it all away with a big dating brush. The glitter will dust right away with it. For any rogue pieces, wrap some sleep around your fingers and lightly dab over the affected area. It’ll pick up all those runaways.

Valentines Day Makeup Ideas Pink And Purple Shimmery
Source: Pinterest

8 – Dusky Kid

This is one of the easiest ways to jazz up your makeup if you’ve been guilty of wearing the same look every day for the last … we don’t know how many years. It’s a classic smokey eye, and it’s super simple to do. Use lighter shades on the inner eye and centre, and blend it all out into darker shades in the outer corner and crease. That darker shading will make all the difference, especially you’ve never done it before. It’ll change the shape of your eyes, and it’ll make you look younger too.

Dusky Valentines Day Makeup Ideas
Source: Pinterest

9 – Classic Red Lip + Gold Eyes

If you want sophisticated glam for your Valentines Day makeup, this is definitely a look you should use for inspiration. You really can’t go wrong with a classic red lip, and you know what classic red lips go with really well, don’t you? Gold eyes and classic black eyeliner, of course. Here’s a little tip, nicely exampled on this pretty face – use white eyeliner along the rim of your inner lashes. Why? Because it’ll open up your eyes, make them look bigger, and it’ll stop you from looking super tired too. Winner.

Red And Gold Valentines Day Makeup Ideas
Source: Pinterest

10 – Galaxy Valentines Day Makeup

Wow! We were going to make a pun then about your love being out of this world, and flying into the galaxy, or something like that, y’know. We won’t though, although technically we just did. It’s a bold and brave look, that’s for sure, and definitely one you’ll want to start with lightly. It’s easier to add more colour and blend, than it is to take away too much. Sweep the brush over your lids to blend this properly – no sharp lines here, please.

Galaxy Valentines Day Makeup Ideas
Source: Pinterest

11 – Silver Spell

When you want to put him under a spell, how about these spell-binding eyes? There’s no pink in sight, but that doesn’t mean it’s not perfect Valentine’s Day makeup. Do your regular smokey eye look, but rather than sticking with neutrals and nudes, opt for something with more sparkle instead. Use silver and white tones for your main shadow, and then dab your glitter powder over the top. This is a look that we were utterly obsessed with, and have even recreated ourselves a few times. It’s actually much simpler to put together than you first may have thought.

Silver Valentines Day Makeup Ideas
Source: Pinterest

12 – Picture-Perfect Valentines Day Makeup

If you have a hard time with your foundation but still want to get picture-perfect finish like this stunning Valentines Day makeup look, there’s a trick you can use. Apply foundation to the very middle of your face only, and then blend it out using your brush, fingers or beauty blender. It ensures that you’re not left with that “tide-line” around your jaw and hairline. Nobody likes that line.

Perfect Valentines Day Makeup Ideas
Source: Pinterest

13 – Dark Smokey Valentines Day Makeup

Let’s be honest about this, when you’ve got Valentines Day makeup that looks this good, he’d best damn well appreciate it. But you can encourage him to get a little closer with some clever perfume placement alongside your beauty choices. You should spray perfume in a few different places for maximum impact – your hair, for example, and also the backs of your knees and inside of your elbows, behind your ears, a tad down your back, and also on your stomach. Give it a try and report back!

Smokey Valentines Day Makeup Ideas
Source: Pinterest

14 – Flawless Makeup + Glossy Lips

Do you know how to get a super flawless look over your under-eye bags? It’s essential for a stunning look like this one, and it’s super easy too. It’s all about baking, and no we don’t mean a cake. There’s a process to follow to make sure it looks good. Start with hydrating the area – apply some under-eye cream. Then use your foundation, add your concealer, and “bake” with a translucent powder. Add a relatively thick but even layer under your eyes, leave for a few minutes, and then dust away.

Glossy Lips Valentines Day Makeup Ideas
Source: Pinterest

15 – Gold Eyes + Nude Lips

If you’re working on your eyes, keep your lips as nude as possible if you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing too much makeup. We understand that when you have big out-there eyes and big out-there lips at the same time it can all be a bit much, but nude lips are such a big deal right now. It gives you the perfect excuse to play around with shades in your eyeshadow palette that you haven’t played around with before.

Gold Valentines Day Makeup Ideas
Source: Pinterest

16 – Beautifully Red Valentines Day Makeup

It’s beautifully red and wonderfully romantic. Those are just two reasons why we loved this Valentines Day makeup look. The third is that it shows you how to do unusual shades on your eyes in a usual, every-day way. Would you ever have thought about adding red to your eyes? We’ve never been brave enough to do it before, but after seeing this look we’re definitely more than tempted to give it a try.

Red Valentines Day Makeup Ideas
Source: Pinterest

17 – Pretty in Pink Valentines Day Makeup

If you’re feeling pretty in pink, this look is definitely one that suits the mood. It’s pretty, pink, and definitely a Valentines Day makeup look we love. We also think it works really well with that pretty pastel pink hair too. It’s encouraging us to go a little crazy …

For the record, if all-over pink glitter is too much for you to take in, just dab a hint of glitter in the centre of your eyelid. Try it, we dare you.

Pastel Pink Valentines Day Makeup Ideas
Source: Pinterest

18 – Liner Upon Liner

If you can’t get enough of eyeliner, how about doubling it up a little differently? It’s a simple addition, takes us a few moments extra on top of your regular routine, and adds that Valentines Day makeup theme you were looking for. Nice and simple, and fast too. Well, if you’ve got a steady hand. We must admit that we did need a couple of attempts to practice before we got our lines as sharp as they needed to be.

Liner Valentines Day Makeup Ideas
Source: Pinterest

19 – Pink Glitter Valentines Day Makeup

Another great way to incorporate a touch of glitter into your look, rather than too much, what about this stunning Valentines Day makeup look? It’s basically a smokey eye using pink shades rather than the darker ones, all with a hint of glitter added on top. You know how you use highlight underneath your brown to pick up the light? Well, the light pink glitter on that inner corner crease will have a similar effect, really opening the eyes up.

Glitter Valentines Day Makeup Ideas
Source: Pinterest

20 – Silver Triple Up

If you want to not only double up, but triple on the liner, how about adding a secondary silver-metallic line in the middle instead? You have two choices here – you could buy a glitter liner, or you could use a silver liquid liner instead, adding silver glitter powder over the top while it’s still tacky. Just remember your setting spray to ensure nothing moves.

Eyeliner Valentines Day Makeup Ideas
Source: Pinterest

21 – Fresh Faced + Big Lashes

When using concealer, don’t use it in a “U” shape under your eyes. You should be applying it in a triangle for maximum effect. This helps to brighten up the entire area, and your face, and will prevent you from getting those zebra-stripes on your face that only ever seems to show up in photos that your friends upload to Facebook!

Lashes Valentines Day Makeup Ideas
Source: Pinterest

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