21 Ways to Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer

Nautical, seaside-style stripes seem to come around every spring / summer, but for 2017, they’re coming back with some serious vengeance. Banana Republic was just one of the big names bringing this in for summer 2017 fashion trends. We’ve also found a few ideas we think you should definitely take a peek at. If you were wondering what were the best ways to wear nautical stripes this summer, we’ve brought you some of the very best looks, items, and bargains to take a peek at. We’d love to know your favourites too. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments at the bottom of this post.

1 – Nautical Dresses

Vertical stripes are going to be more flattering than their horizontals counterparts, but that’s not to say you CAN’T wear horizontal stripes if you’re not a waif-like size zero. There are plenty of ways in which you can wear them to make them flattering for you and your body type / shape.

This dress pulls in at the waist, making it look like you have curves that Jessica Rabbit would kill for, even if you don’t actually have them. There really isn’t anything wrong with faking it. You could easily add a white cardigan over the top to help cover arms (if you don’t like yours), or even a white capped-sleeve t-shirt. It’s cute and simple, and effortlessly elegant too.

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 1

Source: gracefullyvintage

2 – Dark Nautical Dresses

Darker contrasting stripes are often easier to wear, just in case you’re not quite yet brave enough to rock a blue and white nautical combo quite yet. This dress, currently on sale for £22 at ASOS (regularly £50) is one of the perfect ways to wear nautical stripes this summer. It’s dark enough to be flattering and also to make you feel more comfortable, but you could team the dress with cute little pumps, Converse trainers, ballet shoes, heels, cowboy boots … in fact, any kind of footwear you like. It’s super versatile. Again, the top half is easily played around with too – a white cardigan, for example, for a light summer evening cover up, or even a denim jacket. In fact, we might just need to add this little beauty to the basket for ourselves …

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer

Source: ASOS

3 – Belted Beauties

A belt can help to create the illusion of a waist and / or an hourglass figure if you don’t already have one, and that’s a great tip for those with boyish, straight-up and down figures. Thicker belts, such as waist cinchers, can be added to kill two trends with one stone, or you could just add a thin belt to add some definition.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a shirt / dress like this one with the belt included, and that gives you all the reason you need to buy it. You could wear it as a dress with Converse trainers for an easy daytime look, and then kick those off and replace them with killer heels for a more party-ready get-up.

For the record, we found this adorable nautical stripe summer dress at Closet London, and it’s currently on sale for just £24 (was £48). Click the image, or the link below it, to be taken for a closer look …

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 3

Source: Closet London

4 – Block It

Where possible, avoid having those vertical stripes across the widest part of your body. You may find that the stripes make you look wider still. Break the pattern up with blocks of colour, in the form of a skirt or trousers, for example, and you’ll find yourself not only feeling more comfortable, but also coming across more streamlined when you look at yourself in the mirror also.

The rule of thumb is this – if you don’t particularly like the lower half of your body, stick the stripes at the top. If you don’t like the top half of your body, stick the stripes at the bottom. If you’re just starting out, start with accessories and work your way up from there.

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 4

Source: Closet London

5 – Nautical Stripes + Blue Blazers

One of the easiest ways to wear nautical stripes is to add a blazer over a relatively dark outfit beneath it. Classic blue jeans, for example, with a dark shirt, the blazer thrown on over the top. Flipping things around a little, you could also wear a nautical striped shirt, and throw a dark coloured blazer over the top of that. There are plenty of ways to wear nautical stripes and customise them to make them more YOU. The darker blazer worn over the top in this way helps to “dull” the effects of the stripes, so to speak.

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 5

Source: valeriamelnikova

6 – Simple Nautical Dresses

A great trip to know is that the wider the stripe, the shorter that path of your body will appear, and the wider too. Keep the little stripes to the areas of your body you’re not happy with, and the bigger stripes on the bits you think look great.

A dress such as this could easily be teamed with a jacket or cardigan, giving you a block of colour to help break things up. Add a statement necklace and a cute handbag, and you have a look tat could easily be worn to the office. Just add some cute flats for a comfortable all-day look. Great for all of that running around you’ll need to do.

For the record, this dress was spotted on Dorothy Perkins, and it’s £26. What a bargain, and great for this summer also!

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 6

Source: Dorothy Perkins

7 – Nautical Accessories

If stripes on your clothes seems a little too far and brave for you, start small – with the accessories. You could add a stripes headband or hair bow to start with, moving up to a striped scarf around the neck on sassy days. Add a handbag perhaps, or a pair of shoes. You’ll find that starting small like this – adding hints rather than going full on – will help to boost your confidence with the new trend over time. It’s fine to take things slowly – baby steps!

Here you can see that a red striped nautical bag has been added with a blue and white polka dot dress. You could also do the same with any outfit that calls for a bag!

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 20

Source: kittenhoods

8 – Nautical Striped Trousers

Horizontal stripes on the legs, particularly where leggings and trousers are concerned, can be quite a difficult affair. Every pair of vertically-striped trousers we’ve tried on has made our legs appear a thousand times larger than they really are. Even the size eight among us have said they’re not brace enough to do it.

If you’ve found a way to wear vertically-striped trousers and leggings with ease, please let us know about it.

Diagonal patterns, on the other hand, are a slightly different matter. They are slightly easier to wear, or so we’ve found.

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 21

Source: lurchhoundloves

9 – Nautical Stripes + Red

Red and white and blue nautical stripes work so well together, as shown by this fabulous summer look. It’s a look we’re dying to recreate for ourselves, and just in case you thought you wouldn’t get any other use for that bright red skirt, here’s another way you could wear it … with a denim chambray shirt! Add some ankle cowboy style boots and you’re on to a summer / autumn winner. That’s if you ask us anyway.

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 7

Source: marinafashionista

10 – Nautical Striped Maternity Wear

We’re not saying this blogger is pregnant, but we are saying that this could make the perfect maternity look for spring and summer if you wanted to incorporate those nautical stripes. It’s simple and elegant, and works so well with that hat and glasses combo too. If you were looking for effortless and elegant ways to wear nautical stripes this summer, pregnant or not, this is definitely a look to take some inspiration from!

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 8

Source: pslilyboutique

11 – Nautical Stripe Shoes

Didn’t we say to start with the accessories? These shoes are definitely a great way to stroll into summer, and they can be teamed with most of the dresses that we’ve shown you on this page, as well as turned-up jeans, just like you can see here. We actually found this adorable shoes on Dorothy Perkins, and they are just £20. Click on the image or the link below it to take a closer look. And don’t forget to send us in your snaps if you feel inspired by any of the looks we’ve shown you!

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 12

Source: Dorothy Perkins

12 – Stunning Rowing Dress

We spotted this beautiful dress on Ted Baker, and we must admit, it ticks every box as far as we are concerned. Well, that’s if we had a reason to wear a dress like this anyway. We’re just looking forward to the wedding announcements that everyone seems to spring on us, and then we’ll have the perfect excuse to not only buy this dress, but also rock it with total confidence. That’s if we ever get our beach bodies in order … obviously.

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 17

Source: Ted Baker

13 – Nautical Stipes Under White Waistcoat

It’s another look that we feel would be perfect for daytime running round in the summer, especially if you want something light, breezy and easy to throw on. You need leggings, an oversized nautical striped tee or sweater, and a white waistcoat or gillet. You could even go as far as to throw a white denim jacket on if you had one to hand. Believe it or not, we actually do. And now we have the perfect excuse to wear it. We knew we would find a reason one day …

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 9

Source: pslilyboutique

14 -Nautical Stripes + Skinny Jeans

It’s such a cool combo, we can’t think of a reason not to wear it, especially for, once again, running around in the summer. If your legs aren’t tanned or shaved yet, this is the perfect running-around outfit, and one that takes just a few moments to prepare too. Easy and simple, what more could you want?

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 10

Source: cravingclothes

15 – Dark Striped Nautical Trousers

They have vertical stripes, which ticks a box. They’re dark and not light in colour, which ticks another box, and they’re only £25 at Dorothy Perkins, which ticks a whole bunch of there boxes for us! Smart tailoring is really in trend right now, and this is a great way to rock it comfortably. Simply team the look with a white top and some fabulous shoes and you’re pretty much on to a winner! You know the drill – click the image or the link below it if you want to take a closer look for yourself.

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 13

Source: Dorothy Perkins

16 – Nautical + Shorts

When the weather is hot and you want to get your legs tan, shorts are a must-have. Just don’t forget the sun cream. You want to tan, okay, but you should also protect your skin. Burning is never fun. Who wants red legs?

This look is another simple and classic one – simple denim short with a simple red nautical striped vest top. It’s easy to throw on, and you could even throw your bathing suit or bikini on underneath it if you wanted a surprise dip throughout the day. We love it. How about you?

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 11

Source: shairaluna

17 – Nautical Loungewear

Now this really is nautical stripes that we can get on board with. Just because it sunny outside doesn’t mean you need to actually go outside. One of the ways to wear nautical stripes this summer includes loungewear – clothes that you can throw on and be comfortable with. Usually the kind of clothes you wouldn’t want other people to see you in.

You’ll be proud to answer the door in matching co-ord pieces like this, however, and we can’t wait to get home and get comfortable in ours.

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 18

Source: Very

18 – Nautical Stripes + Denim Skirt

There nothing more we love than to get out and rock our denim mini skirts. It’s time to get your legs summer-ready, ladies – exfoliate, shave, and fake n’ bake like you never have before.

Throw on your denim mini skirt with a nautical striped t-shirt and some shades, and you’ll be summer-ready in no time at all. Or, at least, your closet will be.

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 22

Source: huntercollector

19 – Nautical Striped Bikini

Our body is nowhere near beach ready, but we’re desperately trying not to think about that right now. If you are, congratulations on being one step ahead of us. We think you should take a peek at this adorable nautical two piece, which we found on Peacocks, believe it or not! Cute and it won’t break the bank.




20 – Stripes + Flares

We’re definitely feeling all of the seventies vibes with this killer look – ways to wear nautical stripes this summer done the right way if you were to ask us. And you’re here, so we’re assuming you ARE asking us! If you have the stomach for a cropped, belly top, please wear it so that we can look at you enviously and wonder how you got your stunning shape. We’re not brave enough to wear cropped tops. We wouldn’t imagine it would be all that pleasant to look at …

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 23

Source: jessimalay

21 – Nautical Bags

If you add just one nautical-themed item to your closet this year, can we suggest that you make it a bag? It’s versatile, looks cute, and fits the trend. Plus, it’ll go with a hundred and one other pieces in your wardrobe. We love this rucksack – it’s so practical!

Ways To Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer 14

Source: John Lewis

And just in case a rucksack wasn’t quite your thing, we’ve found a few nautical striped bags that you might like to take a closer look at. These are so cute, we couldn’t help but give them a special mention. Just click on the image if you want to check them out for yourself.

And there you have them – 21 ways to wear nautical stripes this summer. We can’t wait for that sunny weather to hit so we can finally wear the clothes that we’ve been eagerly being for months now. Which outfit hasn’t taken your fancy? Are there any ideas here that you’re going to take away with you? We’d love to know, so don’t forget to let us know in the comments below! (Hey, that rhymed!)

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