21 Ways to Wear White Jeans

Right, we love white jeans. On top of that, we own white jeans. We know, in our heads, the different ways to wear white jeans, but for some reason the actual-wearing of them doesn’t seem to happen. Although we don’t know why, we just can’t put into practice the ideas we have in our heads. Perhaps it’s because we don’t actually know the ways to wear white jeans, and that’s why we’ve been doing some investigating. We’re going to share our newfound information with you, of course, because we’re nice like that.

Just in case you’ve been struggling to find inspiration to wear your light wash denim, here’s a little helping hand …

1 – With Attitude

One thing is for certain, if you’re going to wear your white jeans, you’re going to wear them with some attitude. Wear them like you mean them. You’ll be amazed at the power of fake confidence, and when you force yourself to feel good, sometimes you really do feel good.

If you’re rocking all the 50’s pinup vibes, we would definitely recommend following a theme like this one. You could wear loose or tight white jeans, and simply turn them up at the bottom a little. Add some cute Converse trainers, and then add that red tight top, and you have a look that any 50’s pinup would be proud of. It’s ways to wear white jeans whilst rocking your oh so damn fabulous curves at the same time.

And remember – WITH CONFIDENCE!

Ways To Wear White Jeans 1

Source: saffyneedham

2 – Blazers + White Jeans

For when the weather isn’t quite as warm as you’d like, you can still wear your white jeans. You just need to learn how to layer items up. By doing this, you can take off top garments when the weather heats up throughout the day, and then put them back on again when the evening comes and things get a little cooler again.

As you can see from this fabulous look, nudes work really well – white jeans with a stone-coloured blazer, but there’s nothing to stop you from using all manner of shades. We think pastel pops are a great touch, and pastel shades are a big trend for the warmer, summer weather.

Ways To Wear White Jeans 6

Source: Claire

3 – Ripped Jeans + Rock Tees

If your white jeans are looking a little worse for wear, why not consider customising them a little, adding slashing and rips? We’ve actually customised a few old pairs of jeans, using Youtube tutorials to teach us how to use small cheese graters to get the patchy effects. Add a rock tee, and some killer heels, and you’re bar ready in no time at all.

Ways To Wear White Jeans 10

Source: ASOS

4 – Easy + Casual Ways to Wear Jeans

If you’re feeling casual today, wear your white jeans loose and turned up at the bottom, and casually pair it with a loose-fitting tee. With some flat pumps, this is the cutest running-around-town summer look. Go one size up when you buy them, letting them fit slightly more loosely, and also making them perfect for *that* time of the month, when everything seems to get a little tighter!

(And yes, you can wear white jeans during *that* time of the month. Just be careful about it.)

Ways To Wear White Jeans 11

Source: Pinterest

5 – Gingham + White Jeans

Also rocking that off-the-shoulder look that is so very in trend for right now, this gingham and white jeans combo is the perfect five-minute look for summer. Pair it all with easy, boho hair and some super-sized sunnies, and you’ve basically got a look that will see you right through the summer. Add heels or flat sandals, depending on what kind of mood you’re in, and just make sure you’re protecting your shoulders in the hot summer heat with some decent sun block. Red shoulders won’t look good with this outfit.

Ways To Wear White Jeans 2

Source: meagansmoda

6 – Casual Ways to Wear White Jeans

We’re going back to casual again, and we definitely think one of the hottest ways to wear white jeans is with an oversized sports top and some super-cute trainers. Go Adidas all-round, or mix and match your labels. We don’t care, but the Kardashians made sportswear acceptable as every-day wear, and we’re jumping on that trend with everything we’ve got!

We LOVE a fashion trend that allows for comfort too.

Ways To Wear White Jeans 12

Source: Pinterest

7 – Cute Ways to Wear White Jeans

We have a lot of love for these adorable white jeans, slightly frilled and lace-edged. 3/4 length white jeans are the perfect length for adding a little customisable extras at the bottom, and we must admit, we love a little bit of lace. Throw on that super cute Gap sweater, bunny ears being an optional extra, and you’ve got a cute go-to look for when you want to be out and about town.

Ways To Wear White Jeans 7

Source: syd.hoff

8 – Pink + White

We love pink and white together, and that applies to both pastel pops and bright pink flashes of colour, just like this look here. These jeans were spotted on Dorothy Perkins, and they’re that super-cute ankle-skimming length too. Just remember, when you’re wearing white jeans – NUDE underwear goes underneath. Any other colour, even white, will shine right through and EVERYONE will be able to see your pants. If you invest in ANYTHING this year, make it nude underwear – a bra and pants.

Ways To Wear White Jeans 13

Source: Dorothy Perkins

9 – Black + White

Of course, black and white can’t be forgotten about seeing as it’s one of the classic looks. A simple black sweater with some white jeans is an easy look, and you can jazz it up or wear it down as you see fit. Throw on some black ankle boots, or some sandals for when the weather is really warm, and you can wear a black sweater up top. You can switch the black sweater for a cute black cami during the summer, and you could even glitz it up with a sequinned top and some heels too. One thing is for sure – the ways to wear white jeans are plentiful, and it’s definitely about time you invested.

Ways To Wear White Jeans 14

Source: Pinterest

10 – All White Everything

All white everything is rather a brave look, especially if you’re clumsy like most of us here in the CherryCherryBeauty den. There are a few tricks you can use to make wearing white easier. Carry a stain removal pain in your handbag, for example, and make sure you have baby wipes. They’re always handy for mopping up any spills. Just be careful too … Often much easier said than done!

(Whenever we wear white, coffee, spaghetti bolognese, and various other food and drink items are usually splashed all over our clothes in minutes … )

Ways To Wear White Jeans 3

Source: ElsaGervasi

11 – Inspired by Kylie J

Kylie Jenner has taken us back in time, somewhere in the 90’s, with these criss-crossed beauties. They’re a pretty brave statement, so keep everything around them relatively neutral if you’re braving the look for the first time. Kylie has worn hers with a nude vest-top and white kicks, and we definitely think that’s the way forward.

What do you think? Would you wear them?

Ways To Wear White Jeans 15

Source: Etsy

12 – Fifty Shades Lighter

Layer up white items with plenty of nude items and you have a look that is both elegant and sophisticated. In fact, we think this could just be the modern take on an office outfit. We’d definitely wear this to work!

Those killer heels could easily be substituted for comfortable flats – think brown ankle boots and you have the right idea. Nude bag, nude lips, nude nails and, of course, a nude shawl or long, sleeveless cardigan just complete the look. It’s a favourite of ours, that’s for sure.

Ways To Wear White Jeans 8

Source: nigarn

13 – Whites + Nudes

Didn’t we say that whites and nudes were a good idea? For when the weather isn’t as warm as we want (which is basically always in Britain), throw on a warmer sweater. You can add a loose and light vest-style top underneath, giving you an outer-sweater-layer to take off if it gets too warm. A Gucci handbag is just the perfect accompaniment to this look … Obviously. We’ll keep dreaming.

Ways To Wear White Jeans 16

Source: Pinterest

14 – White Jeans + Beatles Style

We love a slogan t-shirt. In fact, there’s only one thing we love more than a slogan t-shirt, and that’s a rock t-shirt. This sleeveless top might not be rock, being The Beatles and all, but it certainly fits the bill quite nicely with those off-white jeans and casual Adidas pumps to finish everything off. Another great daytime look that takes just five minutes to put together and can easily be layered-up with a denim / chambray shirt tied around the waist. We do love a good over-shirt that we can tie around the waist. This has turned into one of our go-to looks.

Ways To Wear White Jeans 4

Source: dellalush

15 – Flared Vibes

If you’re feeling all of those 70’s, boho vibes, how about flared white jeans? What do you think? Would you wear them? We kinda love them, and that’s why we felt they needed to be added to the list of ways to wear white jeans. With some platform shoes and a cute, free-flowing top, this is the perfect look for a summer BBQ or garden party. For the record, if you’re interested, these are from Miss Selfridge, and if you click the link beneath the image, you’ll be taken right to them …

*Not that we’re encouraging your spending habit, obviously …

Ways To Wear White Jeans 17

Source: Miss Selfridge

16 – Sleek + White Jeans

Need a look that means business? This sleek and white look is perfect, we think, and is a non-nonsense look that could easily be worn all summer through. White jeans, ankle skimming, with some sensible white brogue flats, and a cute white thin sweater … We love it. Layer things up with a cute jacket, and add a contrasting handbag to keep all your daily stuff in, and you’re pretty much good to go. Just don’t forget to add sunglasses!

Ways To Wear White Jeans 9

Source: lettersandbeads

17 – Embroidered Beauties

We definitely are going back in time to the 90’s and early 2000’s with embroidered denim, but this look shows you that embroidered white jeans are back, and they’re back with a vengeance! Keep everything else simple when you’re rocking an embroidered print – a simple white wraparound top, for example, and oversized sunglasses (which are a closet staple!). The killer heels really bring this look together, although remember that ankle straps can sometimes be less than flattering. (So we’ve learned … damn our cankles!)

Ways To Wear White Jeans 18

Source: chicisimo

18 – Hoodie Life

Some days you just need to throw on a hoodie and a beanie hat, throw on some oversized sunglasses, and be casual girl for the day. We love hoodie days. In fact, during the colder weather, we practically live in them. This look brings hoodies and beanies into the summer with one of the coolest ways to wear white jeans, and we think the entire look has been perfected beautifully with those black boots.

Ways To Wear White Jeans 21

Source: New Look

19 – White Jeans + Trench Coats

Trench coats have come back in style again, and we love the way that a light coloured trench coat has been matched with white jeans in this too-cool look. Throw on some casual white flats and a smart (ish) shirt, and you have a look that will take you from bed to kids-at-school chic in no time at all.

Ways To Wear White Jeans 5

Source: whaelse

20 – Underwear as Outerwear

What are your views on wearing underwear as outerwear? We’re undecided, mostly because our bodies are nowhere near beach ready yet, but we must admit we really do adore this look. It’s cute, pretty and perfect for a date. Team with nude heels for a slightly more dressed-up look, or with cute flat sandals if you wanted something more wearable. That large cardigan provides the perfect solution for when you want to cover up a little too. It’s actually an outfit we can definitely get on board with. What do you think? Are you sold yet?

Ways To Wear White Jeans 20

Source: Pinterest

21 – Summertime Chic

And last but certainly not least, how does summertime chic take your fancy? It’s one of the easiest ways to wear white jeans – throw them on with some cute pumps and an even cuter vest top / cami. Make the colours match, or mix them up and make them clash. It’s summer – you can get away with anything. Not that we need an excuse to rock an outfit as cute as this one.

Ways To Wear White Jeans 19

Source: chicisimo

And there you have them – 21 ways to wear white jeans that we think you’re really going to find useful this summer. Just remember that stain remover in your handbag, you know, just in case, and away you go. Wear your white jeans with confidence, and try them on with other things in your closet. You never know what kind of beautiful outfit you might come up with. Go on – wear the white jeans!

If you have a look that you love, send it in to us. We’d love to feature you in a future post for CherryCherryBeauty, and we’re always on the lookout for cute outfit, makeup, nails and hair looks that we can share with our wonderful readers. So … what are you waiting for? Get sharing!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to give out social media pages a follow / like. We can’t wait to see what you’re wearing today.