21 Winter 2015 Trends You Can Totally Rock

Winter has definitely hit us and it’s proving to be a lot colder than we had imagined too! We’re all looking at all the latest winter 2015 trends wishing we could rock them ourselves and with these helpful and handy tips, you can.

From the latest shimmery silver streaks to the fluffiest of shoes, there’s a way that you can wear all the winter 2015 trends, inspired by some of our favourite celebrities!

Silver Streak
Source: myshowroomblog.es

The catwalks were a shimmering display of silver with every metallic tone under the sun being used in the latest trends. From metallic shoes to handbags, accessories and even skirts or jackets too, there are hundreds ways you can wear this seasons latest shade.

One of the simplest ways you can rock this latest look is by teaming a simple pair of silver brogues or flat ballet-style shoes with black tights and a simple grey knitted dress. Add a belt to show off your waist and you’re ready to go!

Source: Timea-Timbo.blogspot.co.uk
Source: timea-timbo.blogspot.co.uk

Knitwear is very much ‘in’ right now and the slumpier, scruffier, the better! Team a simply pair of boyfriend jeans with some classic brown brogues and a neutral cable knit sweater and you have an autumn / winter 2015 look that you can easily liven up with a coloured handbag for that added pop of colour, as you can see here.

Source: Timea-Timbo.blogspot.co.uk
Source: timea-timbo.blogspot.co.uk

The easiest and most classic of all winter 2015 trends, the button-down skirt 4is easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe and when it gets a bit colder, just add tights and boots for an instant way to layer up your look.

You could go for a brown suede such as this look but the easiest option to get things started is with a classic denim button-down skirt which can easily be worn with a white collared shirt, black tights and black knee-high boots. Layer everything up with a scarf and a jacket and you gave a winter-ready look in moments.

Source: Imnext.se
Source: imnext.se

The standard (faux) fur black coat is a must-have for your Winter 2015 wardrobe. It goes with everything – you could use it to jazz up a little black dress for a good night out or you could wear it more casually than that. Black jeans could be worn in place of the leather pants you see here, and just match it with a simple tea and simple accessories if you want to keep things simple.

There are plenty of faux-fur jackets around round now and fur is very on-trend right now. This should be one of your first buys this season.

Source: Bcnfashionista.blogspot.fr
Source: bcnfashionista.blogspot.fr

If you’re not quite brave enough to rock a full fur coat, opt for something with a furry hood just like this cute winter jacket.

The hit of fur is the easiest way to incorporate the winter 2015 trend into your closet so look for jackets with furry hoods and cuffs as well as matching fluffy hats, scarves and gloves. You don’t need to rock full-fur to wear the look well and often, it’s the smallest of accessories that could add the most impact.

Source: Miamiamine.com
Source: miamiamine.com

There really are no excuses! Here is your THIRD way to rock the faux-fur trend for winter 2015.

Adding a little bit more fluff than just the hood-trim or cuffs, the fur collar can often be bought alone to add to existing jackets if you don’t want to go out and buy a brand new jacket. If you’re handy with a swing machine, you could even reinvent an old jacket easily by adding fur.

Source: Beiconicblog.blogspot.fr
Source: beiconicblog.blogspot.fr

A pop of red is the perfect thing for winter, especially coming up to the festive season. This simple A-line red skirt is a must-have for the cold season and again, with tights and knee-high boots, you have the perfect five-minute look. Salvatore Ferragamo, Marni, Christian Dior and Hermes all rocked various shades of red on the autumn / winter 2015 catwalk and you could too.

If you fancy giving the ‘red snake’ look a shot as you can see here, keep things nice and simple with a plain black leather-effect jacket and opt for the most neutral snake-effect print you can find. If you go for anything bolder, you may find that the colours clash too much and the feel will change completely.

Source: Cirenea.com
Source: cirenea.com

Sticking with the whole red theme (we told you it would be big for this season), if you’ve mastered the little red skirt, why not look at upgrading to the little red dress? There are hundreds of ways you can wear it and if you’re not brave enough to try the knee-high socks that you can see here, team it with simple, knitted black tights instead. You can wear those black ankle boots everyone is wearing this year and throw on a black jacket. Alternatively, re-hash that denim cropped jacket you were rocking all summer and layer things up with a thick scarf instead!

Source: Fortheloveoffancy.com
Source: fortheloveoffancy.com

Colours are everywhere for winter 2015 so why not rock them? This beautiful blue is one of the easiest colours to wear and is flattering on so many skin tones. Pair it with simple tight or skinny jeans and some stiletto knee-high boots and you have a look that could easily take you from daytime to night. Just add a clutch bag and let your hair down for the evening, and maybe add a few big accessories too.

Source: It-Girlinitworld.com
Source: it-girlinitworld.com

Sharp tailoring is very much in right now and all you need to do is take the look at the latest collections offered by Victoria Beckham to see that. Keep things tailored but still casual by rocking a pair of smart trousers with a cosy rollneck sweater. The brogues or classic Oxford shoes help to keep the look masculine but there’s nothing to stop you from adding a pair of black pointed shoes to ‘sex’ the look up.

Another way you could wear these trousers is with a classic crisp white shirt and killer heels. Throw on some blingy and big accessories and you have a look that you could wear out on the town as well as impress your boss.

Source: Leathertolunch.com
Source: leathertolunch.com

They are EVERYWHERE right now and there’s a good reason for that – not only do these black ankle boots look great with virtually any outfit, they’re practical too!

The black ankle boot has evolved and no longer are you stuck with killer heels and a pointed toe that you couldn’t possibly wear out in the ice or snow. These days, the black ankle boot is more stable and reliable than that. And practical too! Who knew fashion could look great and be practical at the same time!

Team your black ankle boots, the chunkier the heel the better, with some skinny blue jeans and a simple white tee or shirt to keep things nice and simple. Add a big necklace if you want to add something a bit jazzier to the look, or even consider a thicker, warmer sweater if you want to keep things looking more casual.

Here’s another tip for you too – with thick, black tights, you could wear your classic black ankle boots with your summer dresses too. Just remember to layer up with shirts, sweaters, scarves and jackets so that you keep warm!

Source: Stephaniesterjovski.com
Source: stephaniesterjovski.com

The catwalks were full of bold, clashing patterns this season but if you’re not quite brave enough to go quite as daring as the likes of Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci and Jonathan Saunders, keep things nice and easy with one patterned item, just like these blue and white patterned jacket.

Teamed with a simple tee and some classic jeans, the look isn’t too ‘over the top’ making it easier for us ‘normal’ people to wear!

Source: Bighairloudmouth.com
Source: bighairloudmouth.com

Alexander McQueen and Giles were all about the gothic look on the autumn / winter 2015 catwalks but if their long lace dresses are a bit too much for you to wear, keep things simple by adding a touch of gothic lace.

It’s probably a bit too cold to have your legs out but some black tights would complete this look. Add some black shorts and those ankle boots we keep talking about, plus a big statement-colour necklace to stop things looking too bleak and black, and you have a look that will suit your mood on the darkest of days!

Source: Source: Marybellworld-Marybellworld.blogspot.ru
Source: Source: marybellworld-marybellworld.blogspot.ru

There’s no better time to wear your winter wellies than when you’re puddle-jumping your way through winter! Rock them with jeans or tights and dresses, and make them as colourful as you dare. The rubber boots everyone was rocking for festival season are going to make a come-back for the winter season, and with lots of bad weather predicted, you’ll be thankful you didn’t put them in storage until next year’s festivals!

Source: Jimmychoosandtennisshoesblog.com
Source: jimmychoosandtennisshoesblog.com

Cape’s are so in right now and it’s not surprising. They’re easy to throw on over an existing outfit plus they keep you warm and looking great too! If you’re body and daring, make your cape a bright colour, perhaps tartan or plaid patterns? If you’re not, just keep things neutral with blacks, beiges and greys instead.

Either way, you need a cape.

Source: Preppyfashionist.com
Source: preppyfashionist.com

One way to keep yourself warm this winter is to layer up and this makes life easier for you because you can wear all the clothes you wearing throughout the summer, just teamed together differently to make them winter-ready.

Your red jeans will go great layered up with scarves and sweaters for the winter, and you could subsitute those scrappy Valentino’s you were rocking all summer for some black boots, either ankle boots or over-the-knee.

A simple shirt is easily paired with a sweater over the top, and you can’t go wrong with a jacket and sweater combo either. Get investigating your summer closet – could you be layering your clothes to get more looks out of them?

Source: Themysteriousgirl.ro
Source: themysteriousgirl.ro

Pleats are just as in season for winter 2015 as layers are so what a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone than by putting them two into practice together?

A pleated skirt like this can easily move from summer to winter with the right change of shirt. Instead of the little white camisoles you were wearing throughout the summer, team your pleated skirt with a white collared shirt, and even a sweater if it gets cold. The ankle boots are the perfect finishing touch too!

Source: Ourfavoritestyle.com
Source: ourfavoritestyle.com

We were stealing out boyfriend’s jeans all through the summer and the trend is not said to stop any time soon. You can wear these comfy-casual, ripped jeans although winter by simply pairing them with a logo or emblazoned sweater and a pair of simple black pointed pumps or boots. Simple, easy and no fuss. That’s what you like, right?

Source: Simplyjo.com
Source: simplyjo.com

There isn’t an outfit out there that can’t be instantly winterised with the assistance of some black tights so if you haven’t stocked up yet, now is the time to start panic buying!

Shorts, skirts and dresses can easily be teamed with black tights and ankle or knee-high boots to add a touch of winter glam, and with the right cover-up such as the thick cardigan you can see here, the look is both cool and warm.

Source: Lookbookstore.co
Source: lookbookstore.co

It’s so in style right now and it doesn’t need to be as unflattering as you’d think either. Simply throw it on over leggings or skinny jeans and a simple tee, and if yours doesn’t have a belt, add one of your own to keep your waist nipped in. If you have a skinny waist, you can use this jacket as an opportunity to show off your favourite curves. The heels help to keep things nice and slimline too so there really is no excuse! Even chunky heels work well with a trench coat!

Source: Simplymathilda.com
Source: simplymathilda.com

Another look that was very popular in autumn and will continue right through winter 2015, riding boots are the season’s must have if you want an easy way to reinvent your entire wardrobe. Wear them with your jeans tucked in and a neutral cape thrown over the top for a simple, last-minute look, or add a white shirt and a furry sweater or vest if you want something a little more on-trend. There are so many ways to wear them but you won’t know until you buy a pair!

There are so many ways you can wear this seasons hottest trends but hopefully, these will be the right place to give you some inspiration and get your wardrobe reawakening off to a kick-start. If you ask my advice, the first things you should be buying are a simple cape and some black, classic ankle boots. Oh and make sure you stock up on those thick black tights! You’ll be wearing those with everything.

If you’ve copied any of the looks you’ve seen here on CherryCherryBeauty, or just want to show off some of your own winter 2015 trend creations, tag us with #CherryCherryBeauty on social media! We’d love to feature you and your style!