21 Winter Inspired Makeup Looks

It’s getting really cold right about now, isn’t it? We’re shivering as we’re typing this up, so we have absolutely no idea how we’re going to make it through the entire winter season without having at least one weather-related meltdown. Rather than focusing on the cold today, though, we want to focus on something else … still cold. To be more specific, winter inspired makeup looks — and we think we’ve found some really amazing looks for you to grab inspiration from!

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, peeps, because we’re about to show you a whole load of icy, blue, shimmering wonderfulness.

21 Winter Inspired Makeup Looks

1 – Bright Silver + Simple Liner

You can’t really talk about the snow and icy weather without bringing silver into the equation, can you? This one might tick the right boxes for you if metallic hues were the kind of thing you were thinking about. With slightly warmer tones in the cut crease and blended into the brow, you’re getting the best of worlds, along with a silvery-shimmering eyeshadow look that is just perfect for blue eyes.

Follow the artist: mrsboombasticmakeup

2 – Sparkling Silver with Warm Cut Crease

We’re sticking with cool and warm tones one more time with this look, which is a slightly more dramatic and pigmented version of the first one we presented to you. With fluffy lashes and a lick of black liner, this is a makeup look for winter that can pack some serious punch.

Follow the artist: makeupbymyrna

3 – Resting Frost Face

Winter is the harshest, worst time for your skin … and you thought summer was bad, right? Yes, it’s cold, wet and miserable outside, but your skin still needs serious hydrating, especially if you want to recreate some of the beautiful winter inspired makeup looks we’ve shown you here today.

(This one’s bloody marvellous, don’t you think?)

Follow the artist: _lahrin_

4 – Black n’ Glitter Eyeliner Look for Winter

If like us, you won’t want to wear truckloads of makeup over winter, but still want to look like you’ve got a bit of sass and sparkle about you, this glitter liner look might just be right up your street … because it certainly is up ours! You could recreate this look in two ways — one with the glitter line alone, layered up; and two with a layer of black liner to get the shape right, covered over with the glitter liner once you’re done. We personally find the latter easier. What about you?

Follow the artist: beccaboo318

5 – Festive + Snowman Inspired

You know, it is Christmas. why not make your winter inspired makeup looks Christmas inspired too? We’re loving many things about this look, but the bright and rich blue colour is definitely one of our favourite features. Throw in the pink lower lash line detail, plus the snowman with all of its snowy sparkles … it’s got pretty much everything! We’re sold.

Follow the artist: harbsy

6 – Purply-Blue on the Eyes + Lips

How about a purple-blue look for winter this year? We’re loving this one, on both the eyes and lips, which just goes to show that you don’t need to look super bright and bold when you’re rocking a lip shade that is slightly different from the norm.

Follow the artist: thegirlinthepaisleydress

7 – Frosted Eyelashes

We’re back with the super awesome details with this winter-themed makeup design. How do you feel about frosted, glitter lashes? We’re loving the way it looks, 100%, but we’re not sure we would like the way it feels … What do you think about the idea?

Follow the artist: harbsy

8 – Blue + White Snowflakes

If you’re finding that your skin is dull and lifeless during winter (that’s most of us, to be honest), it might be time to change up the kind of foundation you’re wearing. Why not look for one that contains the word ‘luminous’? It adds a bit of brightness to your base, which makes building bright and bold looks like this on top of it a breeze. (Well, easier, anyway.)

Follow the artist: alannagellingmakeup

9 – Plum Eye Look with Snowflakes

We’re taken a total sidestep from the blue and icy tones for this winter inspired makeup look, combining gorgeous plum tones with white pops of snowflakes for something that is both elegant and fierce at the same time.

Follow the artist: makeupxlur

10 – Ice Ice Everywhere

If you’re going for an all-over look just like this one, you’re going to need a really good setting spray that you can rely on. What’s your favourite setting spray? The one that actually lasts all day, doesn’t cost a small fortune, and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a layer of vinyl? We’re super interested in your recommendations!

Follow the artist: meesharia

11 – Blue on Blue on Blue

This look has virtually everything you could possibly want from winter inspired makeup looks. There’s the white to light blue to dark blue ombré, plus a cut crease and some killer lines, and then there’s the glitter line addition to both the lash line and the cut crease. There’s a lot there, but it’s a hell of a look. Definitely one that we’re going to try out this winter!

Follow the artist: wickedbeautification

12 – Cold Galaxy Inspired Eyes

Make it cold, but make it green … and make it galaxy/space-inspired too. We love the white liner addition to this eyeshadow look, but we’re pretty obsessed with the whole thing, to be honest.

Follow the artist: mrsboombasticmakeup

13 – Wintery Gitter Sparkle

Pack some large glitter pieces to the centre of your top lid and you too could have a look that is as beautiful as this one. (And we really, really, really loved this one!) With some pink thrown in to help blend and on the lips, it’s cool but warm and lovely all at the same time.

Follow the artist: elliehowell

14 – Simple White + Glitter Liner Look

Another day, another awesome liner look. We’re actually wholeheartedly obsessed with this one, a slick of white liner perfectly framed by a thin line of glitter. With the addition of fluffy lashes and some awesomely-hot brows, your face actually might not need much else!

Follow the artist: marisolbautistaa

15 – Light to Dark Icy Blue Ombre

Blue can be quite an intimidating makeup shade to try when you were around in the eighties … (You feel us on that one, right?!) As we think we’ve shown by the looks on this page, there are so many ways of wearing the look, matching all sorts of skin tones, hair colours, eye colours, and even mood. We’re digging this green-blue loveliness, especially with the peachy-nude and glossy lip. What do you prefer? Glossy or matte lips?

Follow the artist: _makeupbymacey

16 – Multicoloured Frosty Cool Look for Winter

Sorry, did someone call for some art? Because this look is ART! The rainbow shades make a change from the silvers and blues that you’re probably used to seeing over the winter/festive period, especially as there’s a negative space (main lid) and white liner addition too. And that white liner goes for the lash line, the cut crease detailing, and the snowflake designs. It’s a design that probably will take a little bit of practice, but it’s worth every minute of the effort, right?

Follow the artist: beccaboo318

17 – Frosty Shimmer Liner Art

You know those times when you accidentally end up painting your liner on too thick? This look is perfect for it! All joking aside though, this is simple and effective for the winter/festive period. It’s basically like you have a whole blizzard on your eyelids!

Follow the artist: anban20

18 – Sparkling, Shimmering Blue

Did you need a look that packs a serious punch?! Yep, this one’s got what you’re looking for. Aren’t those blue shades glorious? We certainly think so. Notice the glitter addition to the centre of the lids? It’s a common thing to do these days; you’ll notice it a lot if you take a peek at the beauty world on Instagram. In case you’re wondering why just the centre, it helps to open up your eyelids, make them catch the light, and make your eyes look bigger. A little dab of a lighter/shimmering shade on the inner corners of the eyes also helps with this.

Follow the artist: makeupbyvictb

19 – Black + White Double Liner

Call it liner, but make it art. Add a slick of white liner on top of your already existing black liner and you’ll have a brand new look that actually takes very little effort — and it’s certainly an eye-catching one, don’t you agree?

Follow the artist: looneylimner

20 – Sparkling Blue Ice

We’re loving the larger glitter pieces that we’re seeing on everyone these days, although you’re going to need a fairly decent glitter glue to keep things in check. In fact, if you’re going for any kind of glitter look this winter, especially with the rain, wind and snow, make sure that you have a glitter glue that you can actually rely on. What one do you use and why do you love it?

Follow the artist: elliehowell

21 – Frosty Smokey Eye

And now we come to a very simple yet effective upgrade to a traditional occasion makeup look … a frosty smokey eye, with the addition of a lighter shade on the inner corner, plus some glitter shimmer around the cut crease. You’ll often find that one or two tweaks to an existing makeup routine can instantly revive a look that you’re bored with. Give it a try tonight if you find yourself with a few minutes to spare.

Follow the artist: rocyroque

And we’ve come to the end of our 21 winter inspired makeup looks. What did you think of them? Do you have a favourite? Tell us about it in the space for comments below this post, and don’t forget to follow the artists that you find on this page. They deserve lots of love for offering up these gorgeous makeup looks!

Enjoy the rest of your day, thanks so much for stopping by!