21 Winter Nail Ideas

The winter season is very much in full swing now. We’re all shivering our way through festive shopping for gifts and food that we probably won’t get around to eating, surrounded by a mountain of wrapping, green wreaths and trees, and rainbow shades of tinsel and baubles. But we want to look good as we do it, right? That’s why we’ve come up with a few winter nail ideas to use as inspiration for your next trip to the nail salon. (Or if you’re better than us, your next home mani!)

21 Winter Nail Ideas

1 – Grey Winter Nails

Grey is a great colour for winter, especially when you combine it with the frosty-looking embellishments and the featured black marble design. We also find those square-tipped much easier to work with when it comes to wrapping gifts too, but we want to know … what’s your favourite nail shape?

Follow the artist: zack_pn

2 – Pink & Gold Winter Nails

What if you’re in the mood for something more colourful than grey? These pink and gold snowflake delights might just light up your world. We’re absolutely in love with the slight light-to-dark ombré effect of these glittery, textured treats, and we can’t help but think they could be easily customised for all manner of colour palettes.

Follow the artist: mariepruitt

3 – Short and Blue Winter Nails

Need to keep your nails short and sweet for the festive season, to help with all of that wrapping, cooking, and celebrating you’re planning on doing? These nails are perfect for the job. They’ve got snowflakes to help bring in that snowflake, winter theme, and the blue and silver shades go so perfectly together, it’s like they were just made to be.

Follow the artist: judyrox

4 – White & Silver Leopard Print Winter Nails

A cold, crisp night calls for cold, crisp nails … and this nail look definitely ticks all of the right boxes! Throw in a little bit of leopard print to spice things up and you’ve got a look that will see you through every festive event and occasion.

Follow the artist: missnicolemaria

5 – Red Almond Snowflake Nails for Winter

For when you don’t have time for an intricate and complicated manicure, pick one or two nails as your featured nail(s) and then leave the rest of them neutral. Sometimes, just sometimes, less is more. (And when your nails are as pretty as these ones are, that is exactly the case.)

Follow the artist: naildesignbykamila

6 – Pointed Light Grey Ombre Manicure

We’re taking things back to grey with these gorgeous pointed talons. A frosty ombré makes for a great winter-themed look, and you could always add a touch of glitter to the tips (or wherever you wanted, really) to help add some sparkle.

Follow the artist: fiina_naillounge

7 – Nude Snowflakes

Keep your nudes … just send us nude nails! This simple snowflake design is easy to do with a cocktail stick and a hair grip (or bobby pin). The cocktail stick is super awesome for creating those small flicks when you don’t have a thin enough brush to use, and the bobby pin plastic ends make for great dot-makers. Just in case you didn’t know.

Follow the artist: hannahroxit

8 – White Winter Almond Nails

You can’t get much frostier or perfect for winter than white nails — and these white almost nails are awesome! You’ve got the two featured nails there, accessorised with silver foil squares, and it’s so simple and brilliant, we’re kicking ourselves for not having thought of the idea ourselves!

Follow the artist: an_krd

9 – Blue + Square-Tipped Winter Nails

It’s LOVE! We’re absolutely in love with these gorgeous blue and square-tipped winter nails. Glitter, snowflakes, sparkled, and stars … they’ve got virtually everything we could possibly want and then some. We’re adding these to our nail inspiration board, that’s for sure.

Follow the artist: naildesignbykamila

10 – Long Stiletto Chrome Winter Nails

Chrome nails are a hot look, especially when they’re combined with pastel matte finishes like these nails are. Stiletto nails are our favourite nail designs to look at, but we’re hopeless when we wear them. (And that’s definitely the case when we try and type ANYTHING!) But these nails are so gorgeous that we might just carry on and soldier through.

Follow the artist: fiina_naillounge

11 – Blue Snowflake Nails with Gems

We want icy-blue loveliness, snowflakes, and gems … and that’s just what we got when we found this gorgeous design on Instagram. We love the way that the gems have been used in the centre of the snowflake designs. It’s definitely something we’ll be using as a feature in our next manicure.

Follow the artist: justagirlandhernails

12 – Silver, White + Glitter Nails

We’re back to white and frosty with these glittery beauties. More rounded at the top this time (less ripping of wrapping paper), but so, so gorgeous that we think we might have found ourselves a winner!

Follow the artist: nailsbycambria

13 – Snowy Scene Winter Nails

Want winter inspired nails that depict an actual winter science? These gorgeous treats might just cover all of your bases. There are snowy-topped trees, some beautiful dark skies, and even a bit of glitter … What more could you possibly want?

Follow the artist: ldnailsxo

14 – Blue + White Polar Bear Nails

We’re sticking with blue and snowy with this cute manicure idea, but we’re adding a polar bear. because what kind of winter nails collection would be complete without one?!

Follow the artist: hannahroxit

15 – Stained Glass Nails for Winter

These nails are perfect for any time of year if you want our opinion, but we especially think the holographic pieces are going to pick up the Christmas lights so beautifully that it would be a total shame not to rock them at the brightly-coloured time of year!

Follow the artist: hannahroxit

16 – Grey with Silver Snowflake Winter Nails

These steely-grey nails reminded us of winter skies when it’s just about to snow, but hasn’t quite started yet. And that’s an exciting time, isn’t it? Before the snow, or right as it’s starting before everything turns to a sludgy, slushy mess? That’s what we think, anyway. We’re dying to hear your opinions!

Follow the artist: 4ubyu

17 – Icy Edges Winter Design

We’re featuring another snowy scene with trees here, but these have a slightly different feature: that snowflake, almost-frame detailing around the nails on the index and middle finger. It’s a fabulous idea, right? It’s definitely something you could use in other designs, at other times of year. How about a leafy frame design for autumn/fall?

Follow the artist: ldnailsxo

18 – Nude + Black for Winter

More nudes, but this time we’re featuring them with black snowflakes, rather than white ones. It’s a slightly different way of rocking a very simple look, but the contrast of dark and light really makes for an eye-catching design.

Follow the artist: thedotcouture

19 – Icy Winter Coffin Nails

Let’s take it back to the long side with these amazing long coffin nails. And although we love pretty much every feature and detail on them, we really love the way the gems have been used at the base of the nail on the middle finger. But, again, we’d like to repeat: we love every feature and detail of them.

Follow the artist: lafayette_nails

20 – Long + White Winter Nails

We’re sticking with long coffin nails with these white, rhinestone-tipped talons — and we’re absolutely loving the glossy, smooth finish of them. What’s your favourite finish? Matte? Or glossy?

Follow the artist: lafayette_nails

21 – White and Silver Winter Nails

And finally, we would love to present you with these: gorgeous white and silver winter nail ideas that sparkle and shine just as much as Christmas itself. Snowflakes, icy-coldness, loveliness. We’re sold!

Follow the artist: mariepruitt

Which ones of these are your favourite? We’d love to know — and we also would love for you to follow and show some love to the artists that created these wonderful winter nail ideas. What we have to use as inspiration if they didn’t?

And finally, don’t forget to let us know if you’ve created some winter beauties that you’d love featured here on CherryCherryBeauty. We can’t wait to see what wonderful creations you come up with.