25 Crystal Geode Nails

There’s a new trend in town, ladies, and this time we’re talking about geode nails. If you don’t know what a geode is, it’s a beautiful stone, often found within another stone / rock (that isn’t as striking or beautiful). You can find them in a lot of gift shops and museums, particularly in tourist places, and they also have their place in spiritual healing and more natural / alternative forms of medicine.

The most basic way to describe these beautiful stones is that they are rocks that have another rock within in, usually in the form of a mineral. These rocks are named after a Greek word – geode – and in the Greek language it means ‘earth like’. You can almost understand why. When you cut these otherwise dull looking rocks in half, mineral formations that often look much like gems in the earth are revealed.

The trend has made its way into make up, hair, fashion, and even cakes too. It makes perfect sense to see how the stunning stone effect could be transferred to your nails. We’ve found a few looks that you’ll definitely want to see if you’re on the hunt for geode nails … Are you ready?

1 – Beautiful Geode Sparkle Nails

Did you know that another word for these beautiful geodes are thundereggs? What a cool name, right? Not as cool as these geode nails, of course, but still cool nonetheless. To be honest, scientists can’t actually describe the exact way that these mineral formations are created. They have been studied, studied and studied some more, but still we have a whole bunch of theories and absolutely no real answers. We won’t ponder this too much, however, we’ll be too busy pondering over our geode nails instead.

Geode Nails 1

Source: domblackfilenails

2 – Multicoloured Geode Nails

One theory that scientists have over the creation of geodes is that they are formed in igneous rock. Gas bubbles start to form in the rock, and over time, it is thought that the rock hardens around the gas bubble interior. In the same way that steam will turn into liquid (condensation) in a bathroom, the gas will turn into a liquid when it touches the surface of the interior of these harden rocks. The liquid is gone but the mineral is left behind, often leaving a beautiful pattern that is just begging to be recreated in these stunning multicoloured geode nails.

Geode Nails 2

Source: jeryls.polished.handcrafted

3 – Geode Coffin Nails

A number of different minerals can actually be found within these geodes or thundereggs, and the mineral that is left there will often determine the colour. The drusy (white) geodes are caused by silicon dioxide, but other colours will be formed by other minerals – chalcedony, agate, celestite, amethyst, and jasper. One thing is true for them all – they are each entirely unique. And so should your nails be too.

Geode Nails 10

Source: getclawed_fefe

4 – Beautiful Blue Geode Nails

Believe it or not, not all geodes that you can buy to decorate your home or in jewellery is in its natural form. Some of them, particularly the crazy coloured ones, are often dyed to make it look the way it does. Some of them are cut into slices and dyed different colours too. Bearing that in mind, it means you can really go crazy with the colours you pick for your geode nails. If you want bright and bold, go for it. If you want pastel and understated, go for it. In fact, you might just find that choosing the colours is the hardest part of this marvellous mani!

Geode Nails 11

Source: Pinterest

5 – Featured Geode Nail

Cracks and fissures appear in old rocks, and that’s when moisture can seep through. When that moisture is water with some silicon dioxide in it, these beautiful geodes can appear in the form of drusy or druzy geodes. The water dries off and, the minerals are deposited there, much in the same way that salt will be deposited after salt or sea water has been washed ashore.

Geode Nails 8

Source: nail_art_by_mimi

6 – Geode + Stone Nails

With stunning geode nails like these, it’s hardly any wonder that it has become one of the hottest new trends. Glamorous, daring and as bold or as muted as you want to make it, there are so many ways that you can customise the look to make it just perfect for you.

You can incorporate a wide range of tones, shades and even textures with these stunning geode designs for nails. Whether you’re a fan of purple, crazy for pink, or gaga over lilac, there’s a geode nail design to suit you.

Geode Nails 5

Source: taylornailedit

7 – Mermaid and Geode Nails

Wow, what a combination, right? Mermaid and geode nails together – something that sounds as if it won’t work, but actually works excellently. We want these nails for ourselves more than we can tell you right now, especially in those wonderful, summery tones. Add some shells and mermaid scales along with your turquoise, green and blue geode nails and they could look just as fabulous as these.

Geode Nails 3

Source: jeryls.polished.handcrafted

8 – Amazing Purple + Pink Geode Nails

Rose quartz is the same as the regular white quartz, but it just has other stuff in it. They are classed as imperfections, but when they are as beautiful as some of these pink wonders are, we would hardly call them imperfect. In fact, when it comes to your geode nails, don’t worry if they aren’t what you would consider “perfect”. They aren’t meant to be. A geode isn’t perfect. That is what makes them easy styles to recreate at home if you feel like getting creative.

Geode Nails 13

Source: Pinterest

9 – Pastel Blue + Lilac Geode Nail Ideas

They’re pastel geode nails, but with watercolour /marble effect thrown in for good measure. You must admit, it works, right? A few glitter touches here and there helps the talons to reflect the light, and you could even rock these designs on smaller nails too. We think they’re a winner, but what about you? Could these be in the running for your favourites?

Geode Nails 16

Source: sayitwithcolornails

10 – Traditional Geode Nail Ideas

If you’re trying these stunning geode nails for the first time, we would highly recommend that you leave them to just the one nail to start with. It’s easier to recreate a really good nail on just one, than it is to recreate ten stunning geode beauties across the board. Pick one nail, decorate it, and leave the rest a neutral or un-geoded shade. You’ve still got enough of the trend to make your nails count, but at the same time, you haven’t overdone things to the point where you could potentially mess things up, you know?

Geode Nails 17

Source: sayitwithcolornails

11 – Lovely Lilac Geode Designs for Nails

Lilac / purple and grey are two shades that work really well together when you’re on the hunt for the right shoes for your geode nails. When you want super smooth and glossy nails like these, you’ll need to get the base right, and the only way you’re going to be able to do that is with everything clean and even. Get rid of old nail polish, cut and file your nails to shape and size, and also make sure you’re giving your nails time to breathe occasionally. Covering them with polish all the time is only going to dry them out and make them brittle / easy to break.

Geode Nails 21

Source: pattieyankee

12 – Black and Red Geode Nails

If you weren’t into purples and greys, how about black and reds instead? They work just as well together in these geode nail designs, and more than that, the contrast between the two can be quite striking. If you’re on the hunt for super strong and powerful nails, these are definitely ones to take a little inspiration from!

Geode Nails 15

Source: Pinterest

13 – Watercolour / Marble Geode Nails

But what about when you want to take things lighter, rather than darker? You look at geode nails like these stunning delights, of course, and they really are stunning, aren’t they? Watercolour effects work really well when you’re trying to create these gemstone-like nail designs, and that’s a trend you should find quite easy to get on board with. Take a peek at some Youtube tutorials – that’s how we learn most of our new tricks and tips. Instagram is another great place to start hunting for inspiration too. Did someone say #geodenails?

Geode Nails 20

Source: naq57

14 – Dark + Matte Geode Nail Designs

For the days when you’re not feeling glossy, how about matte? These geode nails are very much on trend, rocking the matte coffin shape with those geode designs, and the dark shades, combined with licks of lilac and grey, work really together. They’re glam and elegant, and we definitely want them right now.

Geode Nails 19

Source: Pinterest

15 – Gold + Shimmering Geode Designs for Nails

Fancy something a little luxurious? These stone and gold geode designs are damn fabulous, decorating just the tips rather than one featured nail, or the entire nail on all digits painted. You could go really subtle, with just a hint at the tip, or carry things down a little further onto the rest of your nail. We like the way that these ones have bene dock – half n’ half. For when you want to be natural but you also want to shine, just like these stunning geode crystals.

Geode Nails 18

Source: sohotrightnail

16 – Flash of Geode Nails

These are geode nails, but they could almost be galaxy nails at the same time, and that’s just one reason why we loved them so. The space-age / universe / galaxy theme is very much in right now, with people rocking the look in hair, makeup, and now on nails too. Mix your geodes with your galaxies to create beautiful designs like these. Aim for the moon! (And beyond!)

Geode Nails 9

Source: nailartbycrystal

17 – Black + Purple Geode Nails

If you’re looking at things from a slightly more spiritual side, these dark black and purple, almost amethyst geode nails are perfect if you want something that’ll be good for soothing the soul. The gemstone is said to be very soothing, as well as being fabulous to look at obviously. If you’re rocking geode nails, you might as well rock them with style, and with a meaning behind them too! (Plus, anything helps to sooth the soul in the midst of the weird British summer heatwaves!)

Geode Nails 14

Source: ioccasionallypaintmynails

18 – Beautiful Nudes Geode Nails

It will be trace levels of minerals such as magnesium, iron, and titanium that gives pink quartz those “imperfections” that make it pink, rather than a clear or white shade. The more minerals, the deeper the colour usually, so these can range from a really light pink to quite a dark and rich pink tone. For the record, rose quartz is actually the state mineral of South Dakota.

Geode Nails 7

Source: nail_art_by_mimi

19 – Stunning Geode Tips

We showed you gold, and now we’re showing you a lighter, silver and stone geode nail look. Keeping things simple and left to just the tips once again, these use a clever blend or greys and blacks, swirled (almost watercolour’ed) together. Add a hint of silver glitter to try and capture the sparkle that comes off these stunning geode gemstones.

Geode Nails 12

Source: Pinterest

20 – Black Geode Nails

Like your nails long and spiky? We’ve got just the look for that! These black geode nails with purple and silver tiny foil pieces and glitter specks are really edgy, definitely not for the faint-hearted. Just make sure you give them a good top coat layer, and wait for them to dry, to endure they don’t get messed up.

Geode Nails 6

Source: purebeautyregina

21 – Stunning Geode Nail Collection

And for those days when you just can’t decide on one colour or shade alone, mix them up with rainbow geode nails, just like these. These designs are unique and beautiful, and are perfect for the rainbow lovers among you! Such beautiful nails … These are definitely on our lust-list!

Geode Nails 4

Source: jeryls.polished.handcrafted

22 – Drusy Geode Nails

Drusy geodes, also known as druzy geodes, are stunning formations of minerals that are usually white or clear to look at. It’s actually silicon dioxide, but it looks very much like glitter or snow. That’s why a silver / white / pale coloured glitter works really well when you’re trying to move the look onto geode nails.

Geode Nails 22

Source: zingernail

23 – Geode Embellished Nails

These have so many Jasmine vibes (from Aladdin), we couldn’t help but fall in love with them. These are slightly different to the other geode nails we’ve shown you, adding embellishments rather than painting different flecks of colour together to try and recreate the sparkled look. There’s nothing better than 3D / textured nails right now, and definitely when you’re mixing it with this season’s hottest nail trend.

Geode Nails 23

Source: stylish_mom

24 – Spiked Crystal Geode Nails

If you fancy taking your spikes to the next level, these spike systole geode nails might just take your fancy. They’re much too long for us to wear – we can barely live with nail extensions on as it is, but for one night only, we would LOVE to rock these fabulous and fierce nail designs. How about you?

Geode Nails 25

Source: nails_by_claire_3305

25 – Pink Quartz Geode Nails

There is actually quite a rare type of rose quartz called crystalline rose quartz, or pink quartz, and this one is given the pink colouring from trace levels of minerals such as aluminium or phosphate. These can be bright to start with, but are prone to fading over time. This is what makes them so rare. The good news is that you can have a stunning recreation on your nails any time you want. No rarity about it!

Geode Nails 24

Source: stylish_mom

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