25 Pizza Nails That Look Good Enough To Eat

Did you know that British people spend around £4.4 billion on pizzas every year? That’s impressive right? To be honest, as impressive as our pizza-eating habits are, they still aren’t as impressive as some of these pizza nails we’ve fallen in love with… Obviously.

Seeing as it’s second most popular food item on the list when buying dinner in the supermarket, and if you go to a fast food outlet that sells a variety of cuisines, pizza is the fourth one on the list most opted for, we’ve decided that pizza nails are definitely the way forward and in case you were looking for some inspiration, we’ve found plenty.

Just take a peek:

In case you were wondering, the day most people order pizza in the UK is a Saturday. We don’t need an excuse to rock pizza nails though, or a specific day. We love pizza every day and one thing is for sure, these pizza design nails have certainly snapped up our hearts!

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @fiercenails1

In short, we love pizza. Which is probably why we also love these pizza nails. But then again, these pizza nails are just fabulous, aren’t they?

We loved these pastel pink pizza nails because they’ve got pizzas on them… Duh. We also love them because of that gold lips embellishment you can find, available from @hexnailjewelry on Instagram.

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @hexnailjewelry

We found some similar lips on Etsy and you can find them HERE.

62% of all people order a pizza with meat-based toppings on them. But that’s nothing compared to the USA where they are said to eat over 251 million pounds of pepperoni every year. We’d much rather than gold glitter toppings on our pizza nails, just like you can see here:

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @nailistayco

We love how simple these pizza nails are – simple yellow backdrop with the one featured glitter nail, and the one featured pizza nail too. You don’t need to worry about hand painting your slice if you don’t have a steady hand, you can find cheat-decals like we did. There’s loads on Etsy and our favourites can be found HERE.

We love space nails. We love pizza nails. What could possibly come next? That’s right, you guessed it – pizza in space nails.

No, it’s the not the name of another bad movie, it’s literally pizza in space on your nails. And to be honest, we love this design.

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @syd__knee

This look started a trend among nail artists and a few of them came up with their own inspired versions of this tasty creation. We found another version of this (in case you were looking for a little more inspiration) here:

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @emilysnailartt

Back in 2008, the average price for a pizza was about £13.03. If you buy the same pizza today, it would have gone up to £13.95.

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @nailstorming

If you go by the rate of inflation however, it should be over £15 so technically, although the price has gone up, we’re still getting a pretty good deal!

This adorable pizza charm was from @msnailgasm but you can find similar ones on Etsy if you fancy coming up with your own unique and wonderful creations. To be fair, you couldn’t get more wonderful than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @jamylyn_nails

Pizza and turtles, they just go hand in hand together!

Here in the UK, almost half of us are having one pizza per week. And apparently, we’re all eating about 46 slices of pizza each every year.

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @nailstorming

The world’s largest pizza ever weighed a whopping 12.9 tons and was made back in 1990 in South Africa, Norwood Supermarket to be exact.

If you wanted the best, most expensive pizza ever, you’d need to shell out over $2,700 but it’s all good, the pizza was topped in edible gold topping. You know, for when you have so much money you just want to eat it.

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @vanessabeezkneez

We don’t need edible anything for our pizza nails, especially gold leaf, not when you could have pizza in a pastel galaxy nails just like you can see here.

Dominos Pizza is one of the most popular pizza delivery names in the UK and there’s a good reason for that, they are one of the tastiest pizza makers around! (We should know, we order them regularly. Far too regularly…)

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @strawbrie

Would you pay homage to your pizza favourite with branded pizza nails like these? We wonder if we’d get a free pizza out of it?

According to polls, women are more likely to order a vegetarian / vegetable-based pizza although the favourite pizza toppings do differ as you travel across the globe.

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @apolishedcolleen

Anchovies generally tend to appear right down the bottom of the list (especially in the UK) and meat is always one of the winning options – pepperoni being number one.

Sorry but we found some more pizza nails / #TMNT nails and we just couldn’t help ourselves. We love that these are more pointed than the last ones though. And that they feature all the turtle gang!

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @deeceenails

We love the simplicity of the pizza on the thumb of this nail design too – it’s simple, easily hand-painted, and definitely something we reckon we could do with a little bit of practice!

If you were to travel to India, you’d be replacing pepperoni as the favourite topping with minced mutton, tofu and picked ginger, three ingredients popularly added as pizza toppings, and it would be squid if you went to Japan. Onion, fresh cream and bacon come together in a delicious sounding topping called Flambée in France.

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @kirstennailedit

We prefer ours meaty, just like these pizza nails. Did someone order the double pepperoni?

Since 1987, October was made National Pizza Month in the USA. We think having pizza nails like these would match the occasion accordingly!

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @banicured_

According to old reports, during World War Two, soldiers wanted pizza to eat when their ration packs were getting a little low. Don’t you see? Everyone loves pizza? Especially when they look as delicious as these pizza nails.

Whether you want to go for one slice, two slices, three slices, four slices, or the entire pizza, get a little creative. You would never have put blue and pink with the yellow of a pizza but on these nail designs, the boldness of the clash just works really well.

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @clawsbytiff

It just goes to show that when you think outside the box, it does just work brilliantly from time to time so don’t be afraid to get a little creative!

(Just don’t forget to show us what beauties you’ve come up with!)

Another colour you probably wouldn’t have put with pizza nails – a bright pop of purple. You could substitute that purple shade for any colour you liked really as the pizza design is on that white featured nail.

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @laluxenailsabq

It’s a great way of having pizza nails without having all pizza nails. Eight pizza nails and two pizza thumbs might just be a little too much for some.

We think that the red backdrop works perfectly for these pizza nails. Perhaps these would even make for great Valentine’s Day nails too? My one true love is pizza… What about you?

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @nailstorming

Another beautiful hand-painted creation, we’ve found some pizza decals on Etsy HERE that might be a little easier than trying to paint each pepperoni slice. We know you don’t have time for all that fuss and muss!

The modern pizza as we know and love it today actually originates from the eighteen century in Naples, Italy. (Obviously it’s Italian.)

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @cassis_p

Those crazy Italians started adding things to their flat breads, starting with yeast to make them rise, and then adding tomatoes and other ingredients. That’s where it all began – the humble pizza and all its glory.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that the American’s received their first pizza although you wouldn’t have thought it considering they are the country who eats the most pizzas!

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @the_nailguru

Apparently over ninety percent of them eat it on a ‘regular’ basis, including 33% of them believing it to be a perfect breakfast snack! Oh, and one last fact, over 300 slices of pizza are eaten every minute in the USA.

Pizzas are calorific sadly. Although to be fair, many of us already know that. If you went back thirty years, the average pizza slice would have contained around 500 calories but these days, it’s almost doubled with some being worth as many as 850 calories depending on the toppings you go for.

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @camizzzle

Pizza nails don’t count though. There are zero calories here!

(Best news ever!)

In case you weren’t aware, when pizzas were first invented, they were actually a sweet dish and not a savoury one.

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @denisselove

We’re thankful to the King of pizzas (or whoever invented them) for making them our dinner favourite!

Here’s another snippet of information for you too – the first pizzas were a ‘poor man’s’ food, made and sold on the streets for those who didn’t have enough cash to buy a ‘real’ hearty dinner.

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @nail.leeah

It’s funny how it’s often one of the more expensive items on the menu these days!

Although often considered as fast or junk food, when done the right way, you can actually make a pizza quite healthy. With the right combination of ingredients, you could turn your calorific favourite food into a much healthier one, and one that could even prove GOOD for your overall health too! Just a little cheerful fact to take away those pizza blues!

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @dailynailartpics

Tomatoes, for example, contains lycopene which has been shown to be effective in the right against cancer. You can even help to boost your fibre intake by switching from regular dough to whole-wheat dough (and making a tasty homemade delight).

To keep calories down even further, swap from your regular stuffed crust and meat packed variety to a thin crust ham and pineapple instead, or do one better than that and opt for more vegetable based toppings such as mushrooms and sweet corn with one meat topping rather than three or four.

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @onehundredbrushes

Alternatively, skip the order together and spend the night eating healthily and recreating these stunning pizza nails instead.

In case you didn’t know, even celebs love the pizza nails trend. Katy Perry rocked ten tasty slices on her hands in the pop music video ‘This Is How We Do’.

Pizza Nails
Spotted on Pinterest

If it’s good enough for Katy Perry, it’s good enough for us! Can someone pass us another slice?

Back in 2015, clever science-buffs discovered that pizza was one of the most addictive fast foods with many of us opting for an extra slice just because it was there.

Pizza Nails
Instagram: @monicahues

What better way to celebrate that fact than with gorgeous pizza nails such as these?

So… What do you think? Do you love pizza enough to rock this tasty trend? Are you passionate for pepperoni? Hankering for ham? Pining for some pineapple? Whatever your favourite topping, we know this much for sure… We’re ordering some Italian delight tonight and we’ll be taking ours with a side order of some of these pizza nails!