26 DIY Christmas Gifts She’ll Actually Love!

DIY Christmas presents are a great way to give a gift that is both personalised and perfect. Christmas hampers for example, can be filled with exactly the things you want it to be filled with, and there’s not much you can’t upcycle to make something brand new entirely. Not just that of course, it’s a great way to save yourself a few pennies and right now, in this current economic slump that we seem to have found ourselves in, saving money is important.

Every little helps!

If you’re looking for DIY Christmas gifts that you know she’ll love (for once), why not look at some of these? Easy, simple, last-minute gifts you can easily make from home!

Image Source: Notonthehighstreet.com
Image Source: notonthehighstreet.com

For the alcohol lover in your life, why not look at this amazing lamp idea? Believe it or not it is actually very easy to make this bottle lamp yourself at home or you could just cheat and look at the ones available on NotOnTheHighStreet.com…


Find More: Thekeeperofcheerios.blogspot.com
Find more: thekeeperofcheerios.blogspot.com

Another super simple Christmas decoration or gift you can make at home – these adorable candle holders! Made from upside down wine glasses (which you can get super cheap in Ikea) you just need glitter, glue, top coat and enough accessories and embellishments to create the designs you want and you even have something the kids could lend a hand with. Just be careful with kids and glass… You know.

Image Source: Pinterest.com
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Women give themselves way too much of a hard time and if you know a girl who beats herself up too much, why not give the gift of higher self esteem?

This amazing gift is simply a hand painted set of weighing scales and you could add whatever mini -speech or words you like. You could even consider adding stencil designs too – perfect to get that Marilyn Monroe look.

Find More: Whatsonmyporch.blogspot.com
Find more: whatsonmyporch.blogspot.com

Although this one isn’t exactly a Christmas gift, it can definitely be adapted to become the coolest DIY Christmas gift she’ll actually like.

A gift of five senses – it’s a great way to show her that not only do you care but you actually listen to her too.

The “See” gift could be something visually pleasing, perhaps a piece of jewellery or even a photo shoot? On a budget you could even consider a camera (disposal is more retro) and taking a whole bunch of silly selfies together. Girls dig this kind of behaviour.

The “Hear” gift is perfectly completed with a mix tape. Yes it’s a little retro but a mix CD is just as good as an actual cassette tape. Plus who actually has a cassette player these days?

Smell” is easy with her favourite perfume. With “Touch” you could make things a little naughtier. And what better way to fill that “Taste” box than with her favourite chocolates.

Overall, this gift won’t cost you that much but it’s one she’ll love because it shows off a little of your romantic side.

Find More: 30Minutecrafts.com
Find more: 30minutecrafts.com

Almost all girls love chocolate and this DIY Christmas gift is a great way to add a little humour to the mix. You can buy thick glass frames like these from many places (check Amazon) and with a few bags of Smarties, M&M’s, Minstrels or whatever other sweet treats she seems to love, you have a jokey Christmas gift that might just come in handy one day! You could even add a mini-hammer (like the ones you get in hard toffee kits) to complete the look.

Image Source: Pinterest.com
Image Source: Pinterest.com

At first glance these look like cool ornaments or vases but when you take a closer look you’ll see they are just repurposed old wine bottles.

With glue and wool, string or raffia wound around the bottle, you have a great rustic interior design piece that could easily be given away for Christmas or a number of other occasions. Add your own flowers and embellishments to make them personal to the person you’re giving them to like family name initials.

The easiest way to recreate this look is with a hot glue gun and some rough string or thing rope. Starting at the bottom, wind the rope around adding touches of hot glue as you go. You can use the hot glue gun to fix the embellishments too.

Image Source: Pinterest.com
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Clocks are easily made and you can personalise one for the special someone in your life this Christmas with the help of a few tools. Using Modge Podge and a photo of your choice, you can create the base of this clock, adding your own clock bits to the centre. You could even create a Christmas themed clock with the help of some festive wrapping paper, taking the same Modge Podge approach as before.

Image Source: Pinterest.com
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Another simple. DIY Christmas gift, this is easily recreated with some small stones or pebbles, a family photo and a glass box or frame. If you don’t like the look of the stones, you could put coffee beans in the bottom for a kitchen or dining room ornament. You can even add your own glass etching with the help of some online tutorials making it even more personalised.

Hint: Great gift for Grandmothers!

Find More: Thediymommy.com
Find more: thediymommy.com

Hampers are perfect for DIY Christmas gifts because you can personalise each and every one for each person you give them too. I love thediymommy.com and she comes up with some amazing ideas for bits to put them in them, as shown by these pictures.

Image Source: Pinterest.com
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Simple yet effective, these mason jar gifts make for great adult stocking fillers. A mini bottle of booze with a mixer and some Christmas ribbon and you’re up and away.

Read More: Thegunnysack.com
Read more: thegunnysack.com

A mini spa in a jar is one of the easiest, last-minute christmas gifts you could make and if you don’t feel like making your own beauty products too, there are plenty of miniatures on offer from places like Superdrug. Add a hand scrub, a body scrub, some lip balm, nail file, nail clippers, miniature bottles of nail polish, soaks, face masks and more – whatever you can find. Pop it all in an old jar and add some christmas labels and you have a cute christmas gift that’ll definitely come in handy from time to time!

Read More: Gluedtomycraftsblog.com
Read more: gluedtomycraftsblog.com

Did you know that with the help of a white mug, some Sharpie markers and your oven, you could make your own hand-painted cups and mugs? This is a great way to personalise a gift for a loved one this year and with the help of a cut-out or stencil of letters or shapes, apply dots of different coloured markers to get this spotty design.

You could try this with any design you look – add christmas shapes, different coloured pens, squiggles instead of dots – you name it! You could even let the kids join in on this one, making great gifts for grandparents.

Instagram / Diy.christmas.gifts
Instagram / diy.christmas.gifts

Easy, cute, funny. What more could you want from a last minute DIY christmas gift? A simple six-pack of beer, wine or whatever you like, add brown pipe cleaners for reindeers antlers, plus red fluffy nose and goggly-eyes. You have a christmas-inspired gift that is both practical, fast, themed and clever. She won’t care that you forgot about her gift if you can rustle this up at the last minute!

Instagram / Mrstamih
Instagram / mrstamih

Once you’re done with those hand-painted mugs we suggested earlier, why not fill them with a few things to make a slightly bigger, more thoughtful gift? I love these manicure-mugs! Just add nail polish, embellishments, top coat, nail files, clippers and even miniature hand creams or cuticle lotions.

Instagram / Johlene_Flavoursandfrosting
Instagram / johlene_flavoursandfrosting

It’s such a simple DIY christmas gift idea but one she’ll love if she enjoys baking or making a mess in the kitchen! I’ve found a great video tutorial on how to make these christmas cookies in a jar:

There are loads of ways you could recreate this cute hot chocolate too. Just take a peek:

Hot Cocoa Kit

Instagram / Mrstamih
Instagram / mrstamih

Sticking with those hand-painted mugs again and we have another great DIY christmas idea here! Just add Ferrero Rocher! All girls love these chocolates and with a big Christmas bow on the handle and a couple of candy canes stolen from the christmas tree for good measure, you have a great last-minute stocking filler… If you can refrain from eating the chocolates yourself.

Instagram / Neesaamran
Instagram / neesaamran

Why not stop at mugs, clocks and boozy-bottle lamps? Why not make your own beauty products? With the right ingredients, a bit of knowledge, and some basic understanding / research of what foods and other components you can and can’t use together, you could make your own range of beauty products for loved ones. You could personalise the gifts for everyone too – a DIY beard oil for him, a DIY foot scrub for your grandmother, a range of products for your mother… There are plenty of recipes online you could use, and there’s some great tutorial books on Amazon too!

Instagram / Alex_Ride
Instagram / alex_ride

What goes better with christmas than deliciously delightful hot chocolate? Just like you made your own cookies in a jar, you could make your own sinfully sweet hot chocolates in a jar too! You can buy these mini-jars in bulk online and you could fill them with cocoa, marshmallows, candies and much more. Twi it all together with some pretty festive ribbon, add a christmas label and you have yourself a super quick DIY christmas gift she’ll love! (And he will too…)

Diy Christmas Body Scrubs

Christmas is the time to use those beautiful smelling herbs and spices around the home – cinnamon, nutmeg, that kind of thing. Why not use them in sugar scrubs? This is one of the easiest DIY beauty recipes you could come up with and it’s the easiest to personalise with christmas inspired fragrances too.

Using old jars and festive ribbon, you could make sugar scrubs, coffee scrubs and more!

Food For Thought
Originally found on buzzfeed.com

Do you make a delicious food item that everyone seems to love? Maybe you make the best bacon-peanut caramel corn (odd combination but it’s tastier than you’d think!)? Maybe you make the best chocolate chip cookies? Cupcakes? Muffins?

Why not consider making a bulk load of that food everyone loves so much and popping them in jars or boxes, festively decorated? It’s simple, works great for those last minute gifts you completely forgot about, and you can always eat the leftovers!

Diy Scented Pine Cones
Originally found on eHow.com

We all have that one woman in our life who loves room sprays, plug-in air fresheners and candles, don’t we? I know at least five of them! Well, rather than looking at candles and other expensive plug-in’s, look at DIY scented pine cones instead. Collect them throughout October and November, mix together your favourite festive essential oils and get fragrance-ing!

You can mix and match smells to get the perfect personalised combination and it’ll make your own home smell delicious in the process. Home-made pot pourri is so easy to make and with the help of some (shop-bought) stuff with your own pine cone additions (if you’re too lazy to make it all from scratch), you have a home ornament that smells lush too!

(Women love this stuff!)

Practical Presents
Image Source: Pinterest.com

It could be a house-warming gift or it could be a Christmas gift (with the right mixture of components) but one thing is for sure – practical gifts are ALWAYS a great idea.

If you know that woman doesn’t have half the things she needs in her kitchen (it’s a running joke in my house), get them for her and wrap them all up super cute in an oven glove as you can see here. It’s an easy way to make a practical gift seem a bit better-looking. There’s only so many ways you can wrap a wooden spoon… Right?

Diy Photo On Canvas
Image Source: Pinterest.com

You may remember earlier that we mentioned something called Modge Podge? Well, with the help of that craft fluid again, you can make your very own DIY photo’s on canvas. You’ll find plenty of tutorials on the internet to make this great momento for christmas, and you can even pick just the perfect picture too.

Diy Mirror Art
Image Source: Pinterest.com

While we’re on the topic of DIY art work, why not look at this fabulous DIY mirror idea? Using a plain mirror which you can get pretty cheaply from most places, simply stick stencil letters over the top and spray paint. When it’s dry, remove the letters and you have a great reverse effect mirror art piece that’ll look great on anyone’s wall. You could have the gift-receiver’s favourite saying on the mirror too!

Diy Christmas Candles
Originally found on thehappierhomemaker.com

Christmas is the perfect time to give candles as gifts but you can make your own and save a small fortune!

Have you ever bought a super expensive Yankee candles and realised there was so much wax left in the jar once the wick had burned out? Well, by melting this candle wax down you can mould it into a brand new candle with old jars, tins and wicks. You can buy kits online to get things kick-started and you can upcycle / recycle all those glass jars you keep for no reason…

With the help of some beeswax or candle wax and the right combination of fragrance oils, you could create candles with christmassy scents, or even the favourite scents of the person you want to give the gift too. The possibilities are limitless!

Diy Bottle Art Gifts
Image Source: Pinterest.com

We showed you earlier how you could easily reuse an old wine bottle, cover it in rope and make great DIY home ornaments. You can make things simpler than that!

With the help of some tape and spray paint, you can recreate this silver and blue look, or any look you wanted! Let’s face it, it’s not like you don’t already have enough empty wine bottles… Is it?

So there you have them – 26 DIY Christmas Gifts that she’ll actually love! Give us a shout if you many any of these crafty christmas creations yourself – tag #CherryCherryBeauty on social media! We’d love to feature yours!