31 Backless Wedding Dresses to Fall in Love With

Are you on the hunt for a bridal gown that’s a little outside of the box? Perhaps you’re bored of the conventional and traditional designs and want to rock something that’s a little daring, a little more unique? Well … how do you feel about backless wedding dresses? Because we’re about to show you 31 of them that we think you might quite like …

They’re a bold choice when it comes to bridal gowns, but if you’re brave enough to flash the flesh and get your back out on display, we think these gowns are just the dresses to do it in … We can’t wait to hear what you think about them too. Let us know your favourites in the comments below, and if you’ve found a dress to rival the beauty of these, send them into us. You can find us on social media, and all the links are at the very top of this page!

1 – Criss-Cross Backless Wedding Dresses

Do you dare to bare? This stunning backless wedding dress really will help you to stand out on your big day, but you must remember that you will need to do some prep work in order to get your skin backless-dress-ready. Do you want to wear fake tan? Is that going to run off on your dress? Will you use tanning beds? How many sessions will you need? These are all things you’ll need to work out in advance.

Backless Wedding Dresses 4
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2 – Low, Exposed Backless Wedding Dresses

As well as figuring out the fake tan / sun bed situation before your big day, you’ll also need to work out what kind of underwear you plan to rock underneath your gown. In fact, there are a few things you will need to take into consideration when wearing a dress as stunning and as exposing as this one. Your hair, for example, is an important factor. Are you going to wear your hair down? Will this cover the beautiful exposed detailing of your dress? How about wearing a necklace down the back of your neck?We’ve seen this a few times lately, and we think it’s a very clever and modern twist on an otherwise Hollywood-glam look.

Backless Wedding Dresses 5
Instagram / @grace_and_ivory_

3 – Pretty + Simple Backless Gown

Depending on how low your backless wedding dresses actually go, you could consider opting for a convertible bra. The criss-cross designs might work underneath gowns just like this one, but if the back was any lower down than this, you might find that a stick-on front bra might work better instead. Remember, you can always change your dress into a mover covered-up one for the evening reception shindig, and then you can switch up your lingerie also, opting for something more sexy for the nighttime event.

Backless Wedding Dresses 7
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4 – Backless Wedding Dresses + Sleeves

If you don’t like your arms, you don’t need to bare them. You can always have sleeves added to certain styles of backless wedding dresses, and they can range from the longer sleeves to even shorter, capped ones. You could also consider having the dress further customised to add a lace / sheer piece on the back, rather than leaving it entirely exposed.

Backless Wedding Dresses 2
Instagram / @dreamersandlovers_

5 – Short + Sweet

Do you fancy something short and backless? Well, this short and sweet little number might just take your fancy. It certainly did ours! That bow feature really adds something very cute and feminine to the dress, especially when it’s been teamed with that beautiful floral headwear. In fact, we just love everything about this cutesy bridal look. What do you think?

Backless Wedding Dresses 9
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6 – With a Bow

Why not have everything nicely tied together at the bottom of your back with a delightfully beautiful bow? This backless number is really pretty, and definitely very unique. Those sparkly straps add something really pretty to the occasion too – you could even make your shoes match!

Backless Wedding Dresses 18
Instagram / @truvellebridal

7 – Sheer Back Detailing

This sheer back detailing is a great way of doing elegant backless wedding dresses, without the need to show off all the flesh at the same time. It’s not generally considered traditional to have so much flesh on show, and if Grandma would never approve, this could just be the perfect compromise. It’s enough to be considered as one of the backless wedding dresses, but without all the skin on show.

Backless Wedding Dresses 3 @Dreamersandlovers_
Instagram / @dreamersandlovers_

8 – Cut-Out Back Detailing

This kind of dress doesn’t allow for much in the way of underwear, so if you’re a particularly busty girl, or would prefer to have all the support you can lay your hands on, it might be worth asking if you can have a bra sewn in to the dress itself. It’s a beautiful design, and one that you’d definitely want to wear your hair up for. What’s the point in beautiful backless wedding dresses like this one if you’re not going to show it off?!

Backless Wedding Dresses 15
Instagram / @romanticacollections

9 – White + Floaty

It’s like something out of a fairytale, and let’s face it, that’s what all girls want their wedding day to be – as perfect as it would be in their dream fairytale ending. Many of the backless wedding dresses you’ll come across will be slender and slinky, but this one shows that you can add some volume without it looking too much. In fact, with the lace bodice on this beautiful design, we don’t think it’s too much at all. We think it’s just right!

Backless Wedding Dresses 24
Instagram / @madison_james

10 – Lovely in Lace

As with most wedding dresses, the only way you’ll know whether or not you can actually pull off backless wedding dresses is to try them on. Take yourself wedding dress shopping with a couple of your most trusted friends or relatives, and start checking out what’s on offer. You can take images of the dresses you’ve found online with you for inspiration, but you may come across something entirely different that tickles your fancy instead. Try it on – you won’t know what looks great on you until you do.

Backless Wedding Dresses 25
Instagram / @huesofvintage

11 – Lace with Back Cut-Out Design

One tip we would give you when looking at backless wedding dresses just like this one, is to always take a friend with a camera. You will want photos of you from all angles so that you can make a note of the areas that you think need working on. If your arms are too much “bingo wings” for example, you can make an effort to focus on that area when you hit the gym to ensure you look tip top in your beautiful gown. You may even notice that a new style of dress looks much better on you than you thought it might … Just saying.

Backless Wedding Dresses 1
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12 – Romantic Backless Wedding Dresses

Another reason why you’ll want to take a camera as well as looking in the mirror, is because mirrors can sometimes distort the way you look. You may not also get a good sense for the look of your dress against your skin tone also. Not only that, if you’re paying particular attention to backless dresses, a mirror won’t help you to see what you look like from the back. And isn’t that the most important part?

Backless Wedding Dresses 11
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13 – Sequin Sensation

Backless wedding dresses work really well on so many body types, but if you are tall, toned, or slender, you are most definitely in luck! According to fashion experts, backless wedding dresses were made for body types just like yours. That’s great news if you were looking at beautiful bridal gowns just like this one.

Backless Wedding Dresses 12
Instagram / @cassiecorenphoto

14 – Sleek + Backless

Speaking of underwear, these backless wedding dresses leave room for very little in the way of underwear / lingerie. That’s definitely something you’ll need to bear in mind for your wedding day. Most brides would prefer to wear something sexy, sultry, lacy and white underneath their bridal gowns. This may not be suitable when you’re rocking a backless gown.

Backless Wedding Dresses 14
Instragram / @romanticacollections

15 – Lace Edged Detailing

There are plenty of ways in which you can “prepare” your back to get ready for some backless wedding dresses, and getting the right workout regime to combat that specific area is always a very good idea. Speak to the trainers at the gym about coming up with a plan that leaves you exactly as toned as you want to for your big day, and make sure you leave yourself plenty of time too. You won’t get the right results if you start working out just a week before your big day.

Backless Wedding Dresses 26
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16 – Backless + Detailed

There are so many styles of backless wedding dresses that you could choose from, but for such a revealing dress, a figure-hugging, simple and slender dress like this one is a great starting point. Not just elegant and sophisticated, it’s very pretty, although you may want to consider wearing some Spanx if you have areas of your body that aren’t quite as toned as you’d hoped they would be!

Backless Wedding Dresses 27
Instagram / @martinalianabridal

17 – Backless + Tulle Skirt

The delicate top of this beautiful backless gown has been contrasted wonderfully with the soft fluffiness of the tulle skirt beneath it, and it’s that contrast which really helps to make it stand out. With some beautifully and delicate earrings, and a wonderfully thin necklace, we think that’s all you’d need to make this dress beautiful. It’s just so beautiful by itself!

Backless Wedding Dresses 28
Instagram / @madison_james

18 – Button-Up Back

If you didn’t want to bare quite so much flesh when wearing your backless wedding dresses, a scooped and halterneck design might be a little easier to wear. You also have more of a chance to find suitable underwear choices also. This dress is a really pretty design. We’re actually a little obsessed with it.

Backless Wedding Dresses 13
Instagram / @romanticacollections

19 – Thin Straps + Backless

If you have opted for a backless gown, there are plenty of ways in which you can give the people behind you a beautiful view. You could choose a hairstyle that has more of a design running along the back, or even some hair accessories to go hand in hand. You could always leave things relatively simple, such as this easy and straight hair look. There is so much to marvel at with backless wedding dresses just like this one, you don’t really need anything else to bring it to life.

Backless Wedding Dresses 10
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20 – Strapless + Bowed

The bows on the sleeves of this backless gown really bring something new to the table, and it’s not a look we’ve seen anywhere else. Let’s just have a moment to appreciate the beautiful lace detailing and overlay on this dress also. We’d be proud to get hitched in backless wedding dresses like this one!

Backless Wedding Dresses 8
Instagram / @daughtersofsimone

21 – Strapless + Backless

Of course, you could go strapless AND backless, though the ‘backless’ tends to be more half-backless than full. This beautiful look has a chevron-shaped back detail, giving you plenty of opportunity to show it off, without the need to worry about sleeves if that’s not what you want. When the bottom of your dress fans out as wonderfully as this one does, you have no need for complicated fussiness around the sleeves of your gown.

Backless Wedding Dresses 6
Instagram / @grace_and_ivory_

22 – Tie-Up Backless Wedding Gowns

It’s simple yet very effective, but these tie-up backless wedding gown are not ones we would ever have considered if yo’d randomly brought them up in conversation. In fact, we’re pretty sure we would have gone entirely the other way. Who would ever have thought of adding a tie-up detail to a wedding gown? Not us, that’s for sure, but this design most definitely works. In fact, we thin it’s terribly romantic.

Backless Wedding Dresses 19
Instagram / @truvellebridal

23 – Feature Design Lace + Backless

What do you feel about this beautiful design? It’s backless wedding dresses done with sleeves, showing you another easy way of how it can be done. When you’re showing off the entirety of your back, it’s only natural to want to cover up other areas. Your arms are a great place to start, as it leaves the dress looking wonderfully sophisticated and seriously glam. You’d probably want to wear your hair up with a dress like this one though – it would be a shame not to show off that beautiful back design.

Backless Wedding Dresses 22
Instagram / @divineatelier

24 – Effortlessly Romantic

In order to get ready for your date with these beautiful backless wedding dresses, you’re going to need to exfoliate your skin. You’ll want it to be baby soft if you’re thinking of rocking a stunning design like this one, and that’s definitely the case if you’re adding tan too. If you find that you have pimples or spots on your back, you can use products that contain salicylic acid to try and speed up the killing off of the bad bacteria. There are so many tips you can use, but the most important thing you need to remember is that you should start early. The sooner you start taking care of your skin, the sooner it will look exactly how you want it to.

Backless Wedding Dresses 23
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25 – Sheer Panels

Sheer paneling, such as that you can see in backless wedding gowns just like this one, means that you can add other features to the back, such as a row of silky white buttons. It also means that you can have more intricate lace features on your dress, giving you even more ways to customise it and make it entirely your own. We think this dress design is beautiful, and we’re actually considering something like this for our big day … Not that we’re engaged or anything. *Awkward*

Backless Wedding Dresses 29
Instagram / @madison_james

26 – Sheer Panels + Lace

And here’s another beautiful example of how that sheer panelling used on backless wedding dresses help you to add something very beautiful and unique to your dress. Rather than focusing the lace areas on the outer areas of your back, they’re instead focused on the centre. This wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t have that sheer panel piece in the back of your dress to start with.

Backless Wedding Dresses 30
Instagram / @martinalianabridal

27 – Sophisticated + Glam

You should probably keep an eye on how low you’re going with these backless wedding dresses. Low-back dresses are sexy, mysterious almost, but when you get so low that you’re starting to see butt crack, you’ve probably gone too far. It’s a fine line, but you definitely won’t want to give Grandma a heart attack. Keep things classy, and not overly sexy. Remember – you’re going to be looking at this photos of yourself in that dress for the rest of your life.

Backless Wedding Dresses 31
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28 – Tied Up with a Bow

When trying on backless wedding dresses, there are a few positions we would definitely you try out in the mirror before you make your final decision. When you bend over, for example, to kiss your kids on the forehead, are you going to suffer with a serious gaping problem? Is everyone going to get an eyeful of something they shouldn’t? You should think about all the things you intend to do on your big day – all the ways you intend to move – and then work out if your dress is up for the challenge.

Backless Wedding Dresses 17
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29 – Backless Two-Piece

We know, we know, it’s a really brave idea, but there’s something about two-piece bridal gowns, especially when you throw in a small section of back flesh at the same time. They’re very modern, and probably not to everyone’s tastes, but we definitely think this stunning gown deserves its safe on the list. How about you?

Backless Wedding Dresses 21
Instagram / @juno_bridal

30 – Backless + Accessorised

There are plenty of accessories you could use to really show off those backless wedding dresses, and we love necklaces for the back, especially when used with the draped style of this stunning gown. It could be a regular necklace worn down your back, rather than down the front, and is a great way of incorporating an old piece of furniture that your Grandmother loved, for example.

Backless Wedding Dresses 20
Instagram / @theiacouture

31 – Portrait Backless Wedding Dresses

Portrait-style backs are a relatively easy way of wearing these backless wedding gowns, offering slightly more in the way of support than other styles of low-back or no-back gowns. It also helps to keep things slightly more conventional and traditional if certain family members aren’t happy with your entirely backless gown choice. Just remember – it’s YOUR big day, it should be YOUR dress decision.

Backless Wedding Dresses 16
Instagram / @romanticacollections

And there you have them – 31 backless wedding dresses we think you’re going to fall in love with. Which one is your favourite? Do you have a favourite? Have you found backless wedding dresses that you think we should add to the list? Perhaps you had an amazing gown on your big day and now you want to show it off? Send in your photos – we’d love to feature you on the site.